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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki unable to read Katha. The guests make fun of her stammering and laugh. Bihaan thinks what happened to Thapki, she was practicing reading in room. Vasundara tells Shraddha that tThapki’s voice was not come out now, I will say you will read Katha. She tells Dadi that maybe Thapki is unwell, its fine, Shraddha will…. Bihaan says no, Thapki will read the Katha. Thapki cries holding her neck. Bihaan says I will read from her side and Thapki will hold the book. Dadi smiles. He asks Dadi can I read. Dadi says yes, its very auspicious if a couple reads together. Bihaan sits beside Thapki and holds her hand to seethe book. He reads the Katha of Satyavan and Savitri’s marriage. Mangalam…………..plays………… Thapki looks at Bihaan. Vasundara and Shraddha get

angry. Everyone smile.

Dadi says this is husband and wife’s relation, Bihaan showed husband and wife complete by each other, I wish you both always stay together and blesses them. They all clap for Bihaan and Thapki. The doctor checks Thapki. Bau ji and Bihaan ask what happened to her. The doctor says sindoor was consumed, so she has lost her voice. They all get shocked.

Bau ji says how can she have sindoor. Preeti and Suman ask did Thapki get mute, will she not speak anytime. The doctor says no, sindoor did not harm much, she will get her voice back, it will take some time, I will give her strong medicines, Thapki has to try to talk, her will power will help, she should have warm things, like milk and tea. It will soothe her throat. Bau ji asks how did sindoor go in her throat. Vasundara says maybe sindoor fell on Prasad and Thapki had eaten it. Kiran asks how, Thapki would have seen it.

Bau ji says it means sindoor would be inside something, which she ate. Preeti says I know everything, how this happened and who did this. Bau ji asks who. Preeti says Bihaan has made Thapki eat sindoor. Bihaan gets shocked. They all look at Bihaan. Preeti says sindoor fell on Thapki by Bihaan’s hand, maybe it went in her mouth. Bau ji says sorry Thapki, I want you to be happy and healthy in this house, and all this happened, you will be fine soon, take rest. Bihaan goes to Thapki and tells how he lost voice when Bau ji got his tooth removed, when you can’t speak, people make you feel special. He pacifies her. She writes and shows she wants her voice back.

He apologizes to her. She thanks him for reading Katha by signing and shows him to understand. He asks what. She writes and tells him. She shows Katha book. He asks shall I read it now. He keeps it in cupboard and asks happy. She signs him. The suitcase on cupboard slips. He says he does not understand anything. She sees the suitcase slipping on his head and worries. She tries shouting Bihaan and her voice does not come.

Thapki pulls him and the suitcase falls down. They have an eyelock. Music plays……. She leaves. He says what happened to me…. Vasundara gives cooking tips to Shraddha. Shraddha gets angry and thinks why should I learn cooking. Thapki comes there. Shraddha asks what Thapki wants to sign, and says she wants milk to get well soon. Vasundara says I thought Thapki came to teach you cooking, as Dadi wants Shraddha to cook like Thapki. Vasundara asks Thapki to teach Shraddha and then taunts on her mute state. She says Thapki will teach after her voice gets fine. She sends Shraddha to go on shopping and asks her to spend well, my bahu should get all luxuries that people get jealous. Shraddha says fine, shall I get something for you Thapki. Thapki signs no. Shraddha leaves. Vasundara thinks she is very lucky as Thapki’s voice is gone, and she won’t let Thapki get fine soon.

Vasundara makes Thapki wear the cow’s bell asking her to ring the bell if she agrees to her solution of making Thapki’s presence known by the bell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid vasundhara… God is great … that’s y he made urself to ruin ur life by losing thapki…

    God is now punishing you by making shraddha as ur bahu… Cry alot throughout ur life…

  2. What nonsense??? Vasu idiot if I come noida then I myself do not know what I will do!!!!!!! thapki get up at least now..

  3. Bihaan think well recall what all happened.. I was eagerly waiting for today’s epi…but nothing happened excitingly except bihaan helping thapki to read katha….if u made her consume sindoor,then how she would have asked u to have paan …recall everything man recall…….
    Support her always like this…….

    1. I totally agree with u …hp bihaan soon finds out

  4. I just enjoyed d today episode…after a long time full thahaan scene.while reading kadha bihaan looks sooooo cute…and very first time thapki looks bihaan with cute feel I can’t describe her feeling but it was awesome….in a room thahaan look cute together…..bihaan killing me in acting….finally both d devil go to hell.precap is nonsense see vasu one day u will get big punishment and I m eagerly waiting to see u

  5. Oh no!! I thought it was just a pic….but they have taken a scene itself…bechari thapki…worst precap ever seen…….

  6. Vasu and shraddha , u will surely not get forgiveness for what all u do…especially from god…may be thapki can forgive but not god…ur sins will always follow u…even when u regret… God will not leave u..u should u will pay for all these….

    1. @puppy
      Its just a serial…

  7. Bihan and thapki wow made for eachother..oh now i got this bell thing

  8. Wow…. Thahaan rocked today..??? Feeling sad for Thapki. ?? Hate these two Chudel and Dayan of pandey house. Vasu need a tight slap from Ballu. And shraddha need it from Thahaan.
    Precap is really irritating

  9. Vasu n shradha go to hell vasu u deserve shradha only worst precap i cant see thapki in that state,thahaan made 4 eachother love them.

  10. Where does roji went…fed up wit tis track ah me too…tharav fans r nt happy wit t current track

  11. Thapki u should give a nice slapping ans insulting…..writers we want vasu to be exposed…..when thapki ko patha chalaega ki asli dhokha tho uski saasu maan hi diya aur bihaan ko vo hi force kiya…????????????JAL se JAL sach ko bahar laavo…agar na ho tho trip neeche gir saktha…
    Its enough that she get a clue or a doubt on vasu….but when she will….

  12. I really hate that vasu more then that evil sharda.

  13. Vasu,what a cruel character you are…….but,dont worry Thapki… Bihaan is always with you.I hope the coming episodes will make a powerful relation between Thahaan.M for Manish…M for Mindblowing yaarrrrrrrrr.

  14. I think now when thapki’s voice comes back she won’t stammer 🙂

    1. I too thought about that
      Hoping …. Fingers crossed….

  15. U will surely regret later evil vasu…….
    Thahaan is getting closer…….. Thahaan rockzzzzz….

  16. Are va Ajka episode to acha hain. Bihaan bhaia ne Thapki didi Ko help kiya so cute.
    Thahaan scenes were awesome. Dadi is absolutely correct.

  17. Oh ho now I get it why people were unhappy about the title pic, just saw it today
    Are precap/title pic main sirf ek change chaye, vo hain vasu ki hath main Ghanti ki badle gold medal. Vasu Ko Thapki ke gale main gold medal dena chaiye, Ghanti nahi.
    I think after this Ghanti thingy, thapki
    May start doubting vasu

  18. I wish ye show aur mera fav show
    IKRS ek Maha Milan to Banti hain

  19. One thing I notice today dhruv never care for thapki… before marriage is thapki get hurt he were care n worry for thapki but Nw he doesn’t care…hw selfish dhruv and I think mom like son….he doesn’t get back thapki so diesnt care..but bihaan always take care thapki even she hurt him many time

  20. people are losing interest in watching thapki pyaar ki…. They should Watch iksf where evil does not win all the time…. big flop of a series

    1. Ya u r correct . This is quite evident in the online ratings of the show which is decreasing every week. I only watch this show for thahaan and Dhruv. The concept is just lost.
      Btw, what does iksf stands for is it Ishq Ka Rang Safed. I also love that show a lot. Thapki Pyaar ki is nothing in front Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

      1. I agree with u S and puppy. The only thing TPK needs is not to drag the truth thingy and start showing Bihaan helping Thapki in fulfilling her dreams and Thahaan romance n love story

    2. I agree with you. This serial has lost its charm and now with Shradha and Vasundara team, it is worst. I am unable to understand why did they introduce Shraddha. They have messed up every persons life Thapki, Bihaan, Dhruv, Aditi. At least IKRS they have some happy moments And some social message.

      1. All soaps will be very very very superb good whatever in the first 100 to 150 epi…but then writers will start dragging…. Even thapki was good initially…only if she get the truth then it will be in right track…..

  21. Fab episode…total thahaan episode…love u bihaan 4 d help u did 4 thapki was just so awwwww…..lovely man….n d way first time thapki saw bihaan with a surprised n so much innocense n loved eyes …n yes tears of love……i was just spellbound. There was also there romantic tune…..when she was staring her…..gr8 epi….go on like this n support each other always like thapki saved bihaan from d falling suitcase….thapki dnt worry bihaan is d man who can bring ur voice back coz he is really concerned about u….n i m sure like this incident again bihaan will be in danger or act to be in danger to bring her voice back….she will surely call out his name n save him…..thahaan rockzzzzz as as well as tpk…hate those two chudail vasu n shraddha…..oh yess one more added dhruv for behaving like a brainless n arrogant man….

  22. Oh finally thahaan scene loved todaya epi

  23. I just wish when her voice is back… she won’t be stammering..

  24. Bad epi,Bad precap????Bihaan u r awesome ………I think the serial is now its worst track…..viewers want something special now the serial is confined with in the 4walls of Pandey Nivas .Plz change the title pic……..plz!!!!!!!!!

  25. Superb episode..special for bihaan and thapki…nice pair…cute relationship….thahaan rocks…bihaan s so smart…nice exp..Manish u r awesome man…all the best..

  26. Mujhe to lagta hai…thapki aawaz wapas to ayegi bt tb ye ruk ruk kr nhi bolegi.. Or tb ayega asli maza
    kaash aesa hi ho

  27. Why are they complicating this series so much? Now the home politics is untolerable…. can you bring back life to Dhruv’s character he somehow has lost his place in the serial. All he does is make faces.

  28. Worst spoilers have come out in times of india for thapki!!!
    We will be seeing thapki crying whole week….bihaan supporting her..shrundhara humiliating her extremely……

  29. thapki and bihaan is super couple :*

  30. Thahaan scenes super

  31. Nice episode

  32. Bihaan support thapki wow it was nice one their relation progress .
    devil shraddha

  33. Love in thahaan cute scenessss………
    keep rockinggggg
    wtng Vasu bihaan confronttation of Vasu wear ring in thapkis neck

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