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Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara talking to Bau ji. He says he is not happy with this marriage, as Thapki will find tough to be with Dhruv. He says he is glad that Thapki is becoming their bahu. She says but Thapki’s stammering. He says you accepted her with her problem, so I respect you more. Suman and Preeti talk in kitchen, and think why did Vasundara not do anything, is she in shock. Suman says she will stop the marriage. Vasundara comes to them. She asks them to grind mehendi leaves and they have to go Thapki’s home. They get stunned.

They all go to Thapki’s house for mehendi function. Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki. Everyone smile. Vasundara says I would like to apply mehendi to my to be bahu. The pandit comes there and stops Vasundara. He asks them to stop the marriage functions,

as girl has big dosh in her kundli, if they do this marriage, Dhruv’s life will be in big danger. Bau ji asks how can this happen. The pandit says I have matched both kundlis and came here to stop you. Vasundara says this is our family pandit, he does puja in our home. Bau ji says I respect pandit, but I can’t believe this, Thapki can’t be risky for Dhruv. Vasundara says yes, she brought happiness for Dhruv. The pandit says her kundli is saying this, and asks did anything happen with Dhruv, when Thapki was around.

Vasundara says Dhruv met with a big accident and Thapki was with him. Thapki recalls the accident and cries. Dhruv says Thapki saved me that day, it was small fracture. He asks them to do what they want and leaves. Vasundara talks to pandit. He asks why did she do this, when she always supports truth. She gives him Dakshina. He says I don’t want it, and leaves. She says she did not make him lie, she did this for Dhruv’s happiness. Dhruv says he won’t believe all this. Bau ji says Vasundara decided that this marriage will happen, then nothing else will happen. Bihaan says problems won’t come, as I m with Dhruv. Vasundara says she does not believe this. They all hear some sound and go outside. Vasundara mixes something in the mehendi while everyone went out. She does abshaguns there. She puts some spray there and throws the bottle in the lamp.

Everyone come out and say don’t know why people drive so bad. Vasundara makes excuses. The liquid from the bottle falls in the lamp. Vasundara asks Thapki to take blessings from Lord and keep mehendi there. Thapki agrees. Vasundara asks her to make swastika with mehendi. The mehendi slips from the wall and Vasundara says how can this happen, and calls it abshagun. They all get worried. Vasundara thinks she is sorry to Dhruv, she is hurting him, but she is saving him from lifetime sorrows. Dhruv says this mehendi is bad. Suman says I have grinded this mehendi. Vasundara asks Bihaan to get good mehendi. Varun says I will get it. Vasundara says no, its from groom’s family always.

Thapki cries in her room and recalls pandit’s words. Thapki pyaar ki…………plays………….. Dhruv comes to her and asks does she have to say anything. She tells Dhruv to end this relation, she can’t risk his life. Dhruv gets teary eyed.

Poonam says we don’t want to risk Dhruv’s life and requests Vasundara to break this relation. Everyone is shocked. Thapki saves Vasundara from the lamp burning and falling over her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is good

  2. Vasu that wasn’t good at all

  3. Thapki you should be Carefull.Cause,your mother in law is not a very good person.She can do anything for her own satisfection.Vasu your nature is gonna be something negative.And guys you all noticed that Bihaan is too much carefull about Vasu than Dhruv.

  4. Bihaan love vasu… very much than druv but vasu loves druv more than bihaan

  5. I am really shocked about vasuji behavior.i felt are 3 next episode are very clear way.
    bihaan role are good.

  6. Dhurv and thapki are get married in future. thapki. thapki father are a really great dad.twhole show i am personally attach. jab bhi mai unko dhkta hu rota hu ……………………….!

  7. mujhe pata hai aage kya hone wala hai .thapki ki abba jab bhi rote hai tabh mujhe taklif hoti bahut dil se . aap ko rona nahi chhhiye chacha.

  8. Goodmorning every TPK fans.Waiting for today’s episode.

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