Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Thapki that she will ruin her life and blames her for snatching old lady Vasundara from her. Thapki smiles. Shraddha says I will ruin your face, how dare you to laugh on me. She then sees that Thapki is not there. She thinks to take Vasundara on her side through Dhruv, but then thinks the more she tries to get Dhruv, she fails. Dhruv comes to his room and sees Shraddha looking for pills in the medicine box. HE asks what you are doing? Shraddha says I don’t want to live anymore. She says I have fallen in my own eyes, and couldn’t see my face in mirror. You said that you did a big mistake. Your said that you need time, but it is not ending. Dhruv apologizes to her and says I don’t want to hurt you, but what to do? Shraddha says I have become unwanted

wife. Dhruv hugs her. Shraddha thinks Dhruv will become hers soon and then she will settle Vasundara pandey score.

Vasundara comes to Thapki and asks is it aching. Thapki says no, you should have called me. Vasundara says I came myself, its Mata Rani’s visarjan, I read Durga Chalisa every year and Dadi gives me nek, this year you will read Durga Chalisa and I will give you this nek, take this. Shraddha looks on. Thapki asks is it because I proved myself. Vasundara says no, I m doing this to prove myself, you proved you are ideal bahu and now I have to prove I m ideal mother in law, just think this is beginning of saas bahu friendship, read this Durga Chalisa and come. Shraddha says you are being partial, I m eldest bahu and I should get this right to read Durga Chalisa and get this nek. Vasundara says you got enough rights before. Thapki says if Shraddha wants, let her do. Vasundara says no, I don’t want any mistake to happen, our respect gets low infront of society, you will do Paath. She goes. Shraddha thinks I have to do something, Vasundara will not help me, there is just one person who can support me against Thapki.

Later, Thapki gets ready and Bihaan looks at her. O ranjhana…..plays………. her dupatta falls on her. They have an eyelock. He holds her dupatta. He recalls Shraddha’s words and gets angry. He gets a call and gets his anger out. The man says I vacated the house, I called to inform this. Bihaan looks at Thapki and crushes the water bottle. She cries seeing him.

He goes out. Shraddha gives yellow rose to Bihaan, and says enemy’s enemy is friend, we should get friendly, as Vasundara and Thapki got friendly, Thapki is going to read Durga Chalisa today instead Vasundara, which we both don’t want. She says Thapki will feel bad if she can’t read it, and we will be glad, shall we join hands, such chance does not come again and again. He goes. She says its fine, I m enough alone to stop Thapki.

Aditi says its easy to fool Diwakar. Krishnakant says this is fake as you made fake papers of our house. Diwakar says you did wrong, I spent 25000rs to make fake papers and got this house, you got this house back, I will not leave you. Krishnakant holds his hand angrily and stops him from touching Aditi. Krishnakant scolds him. Diwakar says I will not go anywhere, will you call police. Aditi says I got your statement recorded and now you will go police. She makes him hear recording. He gets worried. She says you worked hard and all that got waste, leave this house in 24 hours or else go to jail. Shraddha takes Thapki by excuse to storeroom, and asks her to get jaggery as Vasundara said. She goes out and Bihaan sees her. He asks for keys. She asks what is it, did you come to lock me and free Thapki. He says no, I m with you, I will stop Thapki here. She asks are you serious, it means you accepted my friendship, great, you are sensible and took right decision on time, take these keys. She says make sure Thapki should not come in visarjan. She goes.

Bau ji and everyone wait for Thapki. Vasundara asks Suman to see Thapki. Thapki finds the door locked and worries. Shraddha asks shall I read Durga Chalisa. Vasundara refuses. Thapki knocks the door. Shraddha says I know I did mistakes, but I can do this. Thapki says Shraddha I know you did this, open the door, I have to read Durga Chalisa. Dadi asks Vasundara to hurry up. Suman tells Vasundara that Thapki’s phone is in room and she is not there. Thapki shouts for help.

Shraddha reads Durga Chalisa and stops being stuck….. Everyone get shocked as Shraddha sings Dum maaro dum….. Shraddha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • savi

      New track
      Shraddha script needs to switch.
      Tired seeing her with ego jealousy it’s very lamo lol
      Track should be more on Thapki and Bihaan or Dhruv.

  1. swasan

    In the current track the biggest villain is dhruv. Because of him treating shradha arbitrarily she becomes angry on thapki because it is because of thapki that dhruv isnt accepting shraddha. Dhruv must learn to move on rather than chewing on the same old grass when everyone has moved on. Even vasu seeing dhruv sad plots against thapki to remove her from his life.

    • Ally

      Right yaar….. she is selfish and attention seeking.. Done wrong with boyfriend. But all her calcution about life spoiled because of Druv’s attitude
      But here Druv don’t have a feeling that such a human being is living in his home

      • Swasan

        Best thing would be if a truck ran over shraddha and thapki trying to save her gets hurt badly. Then bihaan’s love bursts out and he takes care of her. Then bihaan forgives thapki and they unite !
        Suggest anything for dhruv ?

  2. aliza khan

    Dhruv is also a victim….nd shraddha should change her mindset…she can get dhruv but not by troubling thapki….she can do this as thapki did this….how she wins others hearts so easily thats how shraddha can do that also…

  3. Ayushri

    I think Bihaan might have done something to the recording shraddha was playing and thats why he closed Thapki and maybe he will free her at the right time and then she will recite the chalisa…… Aisa kuch hona chahiye….

  4. Ally

    Bihaan is now with Shraddha!!! ???

    He is vacating people from house; all goodness in him gone all of a sudden because of Thapki’s lie. Thapki has the right to know the truth. Why he don’t consider that
    Creaters have really amazing crazy thought ???

  5. Mridula

    OK, Bihaan will take thapki out only bcoz of vasu. For her respect to be maintained.? I mean how can he be like that. Why is he is becoming so heartless towards thapki. Sometimes he stares, he cares too for her but then suddenly believing shraddha’s words start hating her. Some ppl still take it positive,saying he is doing this to make her realize and all. I don’t think the character is thinking that way too. He is neither spying on shraddha as some say. I thought first this is all his plan but bihaan has no plans like that.?? He was the one who first was fighting with thapki, telling her that shraddha is bad, then thapki was not believing. Now thapki knows how she is but bihaan has just closed his eyes.?Now he does not even relate anything bad happening with shraddha as he used to earlier.. ? Silly writers. There are still so many things which no one tries to find out. ??And that divakar..Bihaan had kicked divakar out.. but he never happened to come to know that he is back.Lol???

    • Mridula

      I don’t feel like commenting also or seeing this also now-a-days.? Just to see that one thahaan scene I some times see it. Otherwise who cares.? And Jigyasa is so awesome. I see it to see her. ? OK one thing coming up, thapki will come to know that shraddha made that idol fall and will also save vasu from her evil plan of making vasu deaf. And one thahaan scene where bihaan will save thapki by preventing the book shelf falling on her. ?But after that he will again be angry and all..?

  6. Maansee

    Its high time now thapki should leave the house …. Ghar chorney par hi bihaan ko uski important pata chalegi

    Or writers pls stop this divakar track its just waste of time

    Vasu ka sach to sab ko nai pata chalney diya par shardha ka kuch karo yaar cant see her….. Grrrr

  7. Rosa

    Thapki is still not aware of Bihaan falling in love with her….she still thinks he is angry because of her lie and regrets it. But Bihaan on the other hand forgot that Thapki never expected a love relationship between them , she was just playing along for family. Thapki misses his support and friendship and, he lost his beautiful dream with love.

  8. well Thapki said all she wanted was to prove her self worthiness she had no intentions of living in Panday’s home. . Why would some one want to live in a situation where one had to cry every day of one’s life. It’s like she’s glutton for punishment. Girl time to wave Adios and leave that troubled life and more on.

    • Rosa

      Ur right I would say she should move out get a life and then Bihaan will realize how selfish he was behaving… poor girl trying to do everything right and one or d other is always hating her. She deserves atleast a Lil bit of consideration..

    • april7 your thinking is so logical i think the kind of friendship Bihaan wants he should get a puppy or maybe move back to the shed with his pet animals he definitely don’t need wife.

    • Lucy

      I think if the truth had been something different, Thapki would have left but because Bihaan did it for his mum she doesnt blame him anymore and also she wanted to prove to Vasu her stammering is a part of her but doesn’t define her and proved Vasu wrong.

  9. Fatarajo

    I saw this show after about a month and I loved thahaan dupatta scene a lot, missed thahaan badly, Manish as Jigyasa are good actors, but current track is not good which makes them underrated actors. And precap is kinda funny lol

  10. .vinlora

    It seems like bihaan is not happy with shraddha’s deal…He accepted her deal bcoz to protect thapki from shraddha cheep tricks…shraddha said that we can both hurt thapki. ..maybe for this reason bihaan join hands with that evil woman only to protect his chuk chuk gaadi. ..

  11. Anisha

    Yes why should thapki put up with all this nonsense after knowing her marriage truth. Is it because she too is in love with bihaan but not realized it and so is unable to leave.

  12. Appy

    Too much yrr. I hate shradhha. Pls dnt unite shradhha & dhruv. C iz too horrible. I cant tolerate her anymore. Enough iz enough. Nobody can luv her. C cheated wid her bf. C lied to evryone. C iz drunk. & now she totaly changed!!! Actly she dint love dhruv. its her gealousy towards thapki. Bcoz dhruv still lvs thapki that c cant bare. Thats y c wantd to win dhruv.

  13. moni

    Coming episodes..bihaan saves thapki from falling books shelf almira…n guys also check dis link out in which der is exclusive inyerview of manyasa n der coming….track

  14. Lovely

    I’m quitting this show.Just a waste of time.
    I saw a news that kiran also quitted the show after aditi’s by one will leave the show with this foolish track.
    Only gulabo and rampyari will be left.
    Better to watch zeetv or anything at this time.
    What a foolish track yaar….

    • panchi

      Hey lovely I like ur comment… everyone will leave the show n only gulabo n rampyari will be left… loll… 😀 so funnyyyy…. seriously… bcoz kuch dhang ka to ho nai Raha haI is serial me…

    • Fatarajo

      Yes lOvely true since 1 month at 7pm instead of Thapki Pyaar ki I m watching Kaala Teeka. Only yesterday I watched TPK, reading the updates only for now when I find something good happening in this show will start watching it again , but this show did made a special place for me as this was the one of the first shows I watched after my exam ended. But now it’s too much

  15. Fan

    Hey guys I stopped watching..thapki for some days coz of my xam..cld anyone tell me..why bihaan hate thapki now??

    • Fatarajo

      I am not surprised if this show is getting off air this month or may. But one thing is sure once it ends I will miss this show a lot even though I m not watching it for a month. I think tey will show thahaan reunion in te end. Then makers will realize that dragging this show was their biggest mistake as not all shows r lucky like Kumkum Bhagya. And two news shows r on line shows on the danger line is Tpk(consistent drop in trp) .
      IKRS also in danger line but they are non- prime time slot. (I like IKRS more much more). BV, Udaan, Ashoka may have same trp as TPK but they r having a leap on mind. So these shows won’t go off air. Swaragini have immense popularity. Krishnadasi and kasam are new shows. Conclusion TPK is the show likely to go off air only way makers can save it is leap which no one wants

    • Lovely

      I think this is a false news yar..but not so sure friend santhosh.
      I think balika vadhu is going off air.

    • sag

      See, I have doubts on Shakti replacing TPK. First, its a
      Rashmi Sharma show and she already has SNS on Star
      Plus at the same time slot. Two shows from same PH on
      same time..highly impossible.
      Second, it’s a high budget show, Vivian Dsena (bohat
      paise leta hai.. ), to earn money, Rangeela will give the
      show an evening/night slot.
      But BV is safe as for now..ratings are not bad compared
      to TPK.
      Lets see..

  16. Prabha

    Writer pls do one thing WO Jo gurumata ko aap lekar aaye they unko dubara leker aao plss fr smthng new.

  17. VS

    hahahaha oh god dum marro dum now, shardha is so fuuny she conspires against tpki but fails always…

  18. bala chitra

    Thapki has proved that she is the ideal bahu than y she is still in that house?? plz unite thapki with bihaan or with dhruv.

  19. moni

    Becoz bihaan arranged a date with thapki to confess his love to thapki but before her shraddha came der n told bihaan dat thapki does’nt love her infact she has also lying him dat she wants to give him another chance to der marriage…she is only staying der to know her n bihaan’s marriage truth n who is behind it…now she knows it was vasu…but unfortunately bihaan hates her now n vasu loves thapki coz she saw how innocent n pure she is..this is not digested by shraddha n she wants bihaan to be on his side to torture thapki…but eventually in dis situation thapki will fall in love with bihaan seeing his ignorance n anger towards her…

  20. Nimisha ?

    Not much happened today that we hadn’t already seen in yesterdays precap…. But the precap god,a was brilliant, I laughed out very loud when shraddha started singing dum macro dum… And pulling her funny faces. Was hilarious. The rest… Well just more dragging really.

    Oh no poor Dhruv. He looks scared of shraddha. Serves him right tho fr marrying her!

    Dear makers of the show, pleeeeease can we move the story on a little bit more quickly, and pleeeeease can you tell me where Preethi is. Thank you.

  21. Bea

    Will someone please explain the significance of Dum mara dum to those of us with no Indian heritage. What does it mean and what is its derivation ?

    • Mishani ?

      H Bea… I typed a long post last night but it git stuck in moderation and the went pfft!

      If you Wikipedia the name you,LTL get more info.

      It’s basically a song from a 70’s Bollywood film and is about hippies and smoking funny stuff.

      It’s hilarious, in that Miranda way where she sings at inappropriate moments and can’t stop herself. Shraddha knows it’s wrong but can’t stop herself, the only religious ref in the song is the hare Rama Hare Krishna bit.

      I did link to the Wikipedia site but nit sure if that’s why my post disappeared. So not linking again here. Sorry.


  22. savi


  23. prachi

    Watever bihaan doing is correct..because thapki deserves it..
    He helped shraddha only to lock thapki..nothing else..
    Thapki the mahaan aatma easily forgave her sasuma but with bihaan wat she did…called him cheater again and again don’t know for how many days..
    Dumb and stupid girl..

    • Mishani ?

      The thing is Prachi, she does forgive Bihan for the wedding betrayal. She is dumb in that respect. As dumb as Bihan as they both believe their ma can do now wrong. Which is of course totally untrue as we all know, Vasu is wrong most of the time! She has hurt Bihan more, much more than Thapki. Thapki is the only one who would love Bihan unconditionally but she is in a difficult situation as she does still love Dhruv.

      I think a love triangle between Dhruv Bihan and Thapki could be interesting. Shraddha can be give a saw and lots of wood and she.ll be a happy bunny boiler lol!

    • sag

      Exactly I m totally agreed with you but I hope they both understand feelings of each other n only this resulted in our THAHAAN.

  24. Thapki

    I hope news of this show getting off air is true as i predicited before ..story is so boring and dragged no one wants to watch it .its just a waste of time i have quit watching this show about a month ago..shradha and vasus extremely boring scenes are the reason if the show goes off air.
    They should start a fresh track shift the focus on thahaan and show thapki pursuing her dreams instead of having competitions with shraddha thats the only way to save this show .

  25. Bea

    How can Vasu claim to wanna be an ideal mother in law to Thapki when she doesn’t regard Thapki’s husband as her son? First she needs to accept Bihaan as her son then she can be Thapki’s mother in law.Similarly Thapki needs to accept Bihaan as her husband so she can be a bahu. She refused to accept the marriage , washed of the sindoor and broke her mangalsutra how then is she a daughter in law without being a wife?

  26. oh!i can’t believe this…..i think BALIKA vadhu getting off air….the first part of the episode is nice otherwise dragging.waiting for to see BIHAANS helping scene.MANISH you are a promising actor yaarrrrrrr.

  27. Bihaan

    , bihaan hates her now, then why dont he gave her divorce, throw her away, and whats the need of thapki to be in pandey niwas, she lied for the first time to stay in PN , then she should leave that oandey zoo,she got to know the truth ,also prove her to vasu and neither she wants bihaan, now just leave and …..CVS are showing crap , they forget everything after the episode ends

  28. sayli dhule

    Serial khatam nahi hone wali hai kyoki shraddha had said that it is not the end of the show the show will contine she had said it on fb

  29. ash

    Olv – thahaan to go for holiday.This is Latest news. Dadi to bring Thahaan Close !. Thahaan fans happy!

  30. .vinlora

    Wow ..thahaan go for holiday..if it is true news it will be interesting track… it should be like this… thapki realises her love for bihaan but bihaan still angry with her…same attitude….thapki misunderstand s that bihaan hates her..then dadi plans for thahaan a holiday…for dadi’s sake thahaanagrees…then go for holiday..then lost in forest…goon attack…their nok jok. .thapki gets hurt..Finally confession of love of thahaan. ..well it’s my dream sequence…hahaha. ..

  31. this story puts a different spin on my understanding on adoption and love people share with adopted kids
    do they really love them as your own? because what Vasu thought was NOT good for her own son was good enough for Bihaan when will he realise that .

  32. .vinlora

    Hehe..kya kare pooja prabha current track tho bahuth boring hai na…tho imagination se hi kush hojayenge. ..

  33. Parvini

    ok so i gave in and watched the episode, is it just me or does Sharrada look like she will have a mental break down. And druv might give into her just because she is nuts. Why show the constant drama at thapki’s parents home..that makes no sense it just shows good people always get kicked at.

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