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Kosi was indifferent saying she doesn’t care about Bihaan or his love, if she is a peacock that he made a peacock feather for her. She asks if they people are less of a filth that she must gather some more. She changes her tone at once, crying and pleading Thapki that Bihaan brought this for her with much love and she is burning this. Bihaan walks in to look at Thapki in shock, he says he saw this with his own eyes that she was burning these papers. He wonders what happened to Thapki. He wasn’t ready to listen to any explanation from Thapki, considering her to have changed. Till today she was only against his mother, but today she is against him as well; he will never trust her again. When Bihaan has left, Kosi claps over her face saying they make her do a lot of drama. Hadn’t Thapki come

to her room spying, nor should she have bear his anger. Thapki questions what will happen when Bihaan will come to know about her truth, it will hurt Bihaan a lot. She has played with Bihaan’s sentiments a lot, she points a finger towards Kosi warning her but Kosi holds the finger and twists it, warning if she would dare talk to this again. She can break her ego in front of everyone and drags her outside. Bihaan comes to the hall, Kosi cries that Thapki pointed a finger at her accusing that they have come to rule this house. She agrees that from today Thapki will rule the house, Thapki challenged her that she will now live in Thapki’s life. She doesn’t allow Thapki explain, and says now both families will participate in the fair competition. Bihaan would belong to the family which wins the game. She looks at everyone, then cries that if they don’t accept she is ready to leave this house right away. She tells Bihaan he already lived a suffocating life; she can also live suffocating without him. Bihaan stops her from leaving, announcing that they all have to accept Thapki’s challenge now. Vasundra nods at Thapki. Thapki says she had neither disgraced her, nor challenged her. When it’s about truth or lie, they all accept this challenge. Kosi says Thapki has stood against her husband and mother in law, they will now see who wins.
At night, Bihaan stood in the terrace. Thapki comes beside her saying she accepted a huge challenge for him today, but putting him in stake. She is unaware what tomorrow morning will bring to her, but no matter what he must always remember she loves him dearly. Thapki is only Bihaan’s and she will be known with his name forever. She asks if he wouldn’t say something. Bihaan says for him, on one side stands his mother and on the other his wife. He has left it upon nature to decide, what fate contains for them both. Thapki walks downstairs but both turn to look at each other.
The next morning, all families were present for the competition. The announcer describes the first game, a person had to hold a spoon with mouth and balance a ball in it. They had already told the families to bring temple’s spoon. Thapki and family were worried as they were unaware of the rule, Kosi comes to taunt if they didn’t know. Thapki speaks to the manager who recognizes Kosi and says they had told her. Kosi recalls calling the management to ask about any rules, she had promised to tell everyone else in the house as well. Kosi makes up that she was so tired with the work and forgot. Vasundra was worried if they will be defeated without taking part in this competition. Thapki leaves to get the spoon from home, as there are still 15 minutes left. She was determined to win at any cost, as it is now about right and wrong.

PRECAP: Thapki drove the scooty, while only 5 minutes were left for race to begin.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pls…. it’s enough ……stop this nonsense track….otherwise we will lose our patience….?

    1. Athannenn nth pranth ith

  2. Thahaans part is really awesome and touching…Iam sure Thapki will win the competition.waiting for that moment.Anyway…HAPPY ONAM…dear FRIENDS,TPK team and special wishes for MANISH…

  3. Crap crap.. full of nonsense n crap stories by the cv’s.. the worst show which i hv watched so’s pls be matured dont b like kindergarten students.. stupidity overloaded

  4. hello to all of my tpk family pooja kumutha suhana and all my all frnds who left this page I had spent too good times here with my frnds Hi to all new ones i knw many of u forgotten me or many didn’t know me bt I always miss u all my mineey my roshni my vinlo my manyasa bro santosh frnd prtibha and juggu my arru jan my true love my love nusz I always miss u all be happy eid mubarak ganpati bappa morya

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    Hi every one dear.
    Happy onam n eid mubarak to all
    Roshni where r u.?

  7. I really miss you shradha

  8. Dashing thapki

  9. stpp this non sense yaarr plzz its enough..!!!!hi roshini ..santhosh..fatarajo..where hv u hidden nd all my other frndzz.

  10. this story is becoming fake and the acting is questionable. I do not wait to watch the epi. any more..every 3rd or 4th get you back on track. Don’t miss much.

  11. Im getting annoye ?
    If I were thapki, I will leave bihan. And see what will he do when seeing thapki leaves him!

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