Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan recalling Dadi’s words. He gets angry seeing Thapki holding his watch and scolds her. She cries. Suman and Preeti write letters for Thapki from Bihaan’s side, that he apologizes for everything and he wants to make a fresh start. Suman says I will write one letter from Thapki’s side too, and then they will be united. Thapki hears them. They get shocked seeing Thapki. Everyone come there. Thapki tells Vasundara about Suman and Preeti writing fake letters for her and Bihaan. The elders get shocked.

Thapki asks Vasundara what big mistake she did, that she is getting punished till now. She says my stammering made me lose my name, my name was Vaani and it became Thapki, today I m losing my identity. Dadi asks what is she saying. Thapki shares her heart out

and cries. She says she can’t make a new start and accept this relation. She says I talk to you all and look happy, but I m not happy from within. She says they all love her as her parents and she is thankful. She says Suman and Preeti are lucky to get a true relation, but don’t make fun of my fate, I m broken and maybe I will shatter now.

She says the one who broke her heart, her heart can never link with it, she has no complains with Bihaan, maybe he did what a brother could do for a brother, he did not wish his brother to marry a stammering girl, he thought good for his brother, but it turned bad for her, maybe this was my fate. She tells Bau ji that she has come to do a job here, what did this happen with her. Bau ji says we all are with you. Thapki says I know, when I go from here, I will hold all relations in my heart…..

Dadi asks Suman and Preeti why did they hurt Thapki’s heart. Suman says we did not wish to, we were told to do this to unite Bihaan and Thapki. Dadi asks who told you. Vasundara gets tensed. Vasundra asks them to shut up and scolds them. She raises hand to slap them and Thapki stops her. She says don’t slap them, its fine, bahu is Laxmi of house. Vasundara apologizes to her and says they will not do such thing again. She hugs Thapki.

Diwakar and Raghav plan to make Aditi and her family cry. Raghav says I also want revenge. Diwakar and Raghav laugh making plans to trouble Aditi. Krishnakant sees Diwakar leaving from Raghav’s cabin and thinks what was he doing here. He sees Raghav and gets worried.

Vasundara gives the ring to Suman and Preeti, and asks them not to tell anyone that she made them do all this. They say we have forgot everything and love the diamond ring. Thapki cries and recalls Diwakar humiliating her. She recalls how Sakshi and Bihaan insulted her and then Dhruv told her that Bihaan married her. Thapki pyaar ki…………..plays………….

Few goons surround Dhruv. Ghanshyam and his son attack Dhruv. Dhruv gets beaten up. Thapki comes there and gets shocked seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dragging… Dragging… DRAGGING… Oho… How long will take to cut this track???

  2. ehh..boooringgggg…i dont like it.. Tapki se no feelings for bihaaan..plz plz i want tapki and bihan together…i lve bihaan…

    1. I agree with you, I too want Thapki and Bihaan to be Together. I like their pair. Bihaan is very good by heart, since childhood he is not got true love from his mother which he miss’s. His true reason of marrying thapki should he brought out. Most misunderstood person in the serial should in limelight by Baan. Thapki and Bihaan should unite. If Bihaan can do for his mother so should Dhurv do it. Thapki and Bihaan are basically good by heart so they will be a good for each other.

  3. Nice epi…

  4. Dont separate bihan thapki i like them most

  5. plzzzzzzzzzz……i want thapki bihaan unite.not dhruv thapki

  6. plese reunite DHRUV and THAPKI

  7. I want Druv and thapki… Druv loves him her the most…..pls Druv and thapki…

  8. Though there s a good chemistry btwn bihaan and thapki, it s fair to unite dhruv and thapki.plz reunite dhruki

  9. Currwnt track lookslike they are going to unite thapki n Dhruv…
    But i like Bihaan n Thapki…Bihaan was forcrfully married thapki as per his moms wiah…till now he dint utter a word against Vasu…hs cud have easily escaped by putting on her head…but he liatened everything wat thapki told about him…only bcoz he has a very big heart;)

  10. Rockstar Khaza

    Make story more interesting with bihaan & thapki

  11. Bihaan saves thapki and druv from goons .goons pulls bihaan on the hill he fell down. thapki crying for bihaan..
    eagerly wtng for tmrw..
    thapki fall in love with bihaann..
    thahaan rocks

  12. kch bhi ho jay mgr ab bus thapki or vihaan ek hi hone chaiye jbi kch programm m ayega mja

  13. Haan thapki n bihaan shud be together or else trp will go low n not only me bt i m sur all bihaanki fans n lovers won’t watch d serial if they seperate thapki n bihaan…BIHAANKI U ROCK…

  14. This story might take a dirty turn very soon as I guess writers will have to end either dhruv’s or bihaan’s character to get thapki settled in life. She can’t hang around with choices both fitting well ! May be dhruv will die and bihaan will get as matured as dhruv managing his office with thapki’s help etc

  15. i like dhruv.but i luv so much thahaan

  16. bihaan thapki so cute pair

  17. Sachme I love BIHAAN &THAPKI pair. PLZZZZZZZZ writerji DONT SEPARETE THEM.
    I dont want druvu&thapki.

  18. Plz unit druvki… Don’t unit thahaan. Druvki is the best jodi, not thahaan

  19. oh wat s tis yaar…everyone wanted druvu and thapki to get married b4…and now many wanted bihaan thapki pair…i dont no on wat bases they telling tis…injustice is done to thapki she shuld not accept tis life blindly for t sake of her family….she shuld fight to get her happiness…since t mistake s not druvu s and he still loves her….

  20. I think Thapki will fall for Bihaan,he is a cute badmash….

  21. we want thahaan unite

  22. best episode …dhruv n thapki hav an awesome chemistry…best on screen couple

  23. Well said Priya. Dhruv n Thapki loved each other. They have been betrayed. Justice is needed. Both should get their love. True love should win. Bihaan n Thapki got no feeling besides hatred. Dhruv n Thapki love each other. They should be one.

  24. well said nisma

  25. Hello i m new here may i join u

  26. Ye to is serial ko bhi purani raah par hi le ja rahe h chehra khrab ho jana dead bidy ka na milna wagera wagera ye theek ni h yaar bihaan nhi mrna chahiye

  27. i love thahaan.plzzzzzzz…………….unite together…..dont want dhruv thapki

  28. i love thahaan.plzzzzzzz…………….unite together..

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