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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling everyone that Dhruv and Aditi’s love story reach destination late, but reached at right station. He congratulates them. Shraddha fumes in anger. Thapki is surprised. Sankara thinks this is the right moment to search that letter. She searches for the letter in Kosi’s room. She finally gets it in a box. She reads it and thinks it is the same letter which Thapki wrote for Bihaan. She says now I will see how Thapki will marry my Bihaan. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s love confession for Aditi. She looks at Aditi’s pic. Dhruv comes and tells Thapki that he gave her tears unknowingly. He says I didn’t want Aditi to have a failed relationship at second time. He asks her to tell what is her decision. He says I don’t have any right and will tell everyone that

this relation can’t happen. He says I don’t want to break your trust, it is most important for me. He is about to go. Thapki stops him and says if I hadn’t trusted you then you would not have been standing with me here. She says I prayed for you that you shall get your life partner. When I have forgotten about my past with you, why don’t you. She says I am feeling worried and asks him to give happiness to Aditi. Dhruv promises to give happiness and love to Aditi. He says life is also giving you a second chance and asks her to ask Bihaan about the letter.

Thapki comes to Bihaan’s room and says I want to talk to you. She sees his wallet on the bed, and thinks he will never change. She opens the wallet and sees her letter which she had written for him informing about her pregnancy. She gets emotional and keeps back his wallet angrily. Sankara comes inside and takes the letter. She says I was searching for this letter so that I can keep in his wallet and that you can see it in his wallet. She says now you will not marry him, and I can do anything to get him. She says nobody knows that I did your accident to kill you, but you was fortunate to get saved, but now you have to live without him.

Bihaan comes and asks why you are touching my things without my permission. I don’t know you will stoop so low. Sankara says she came to clean his room, and will not come again. Bihaan sees his wallet and thinks surely she did something wrong, but what.

Thapki angrily comes to Dhruv’s room and tells that she was right and he is wrong. She says Bihaan is stone hearted and have killed his baby. Dhruv says may be what you have seen is wrong. Thapki says no, and says big drama will happen in the marriage. She says I will give him big pain which will be painful for him. She tears her marriage card and throws in air. Dhruv looks shocked. Sankara keeps back the letter in Kosi’s almari. She turns and sees Thapki standing. Thapki tells her that this is the bridal dress which Kosi brought for me, and says you will wear this dress. She says Bihaan will be yours, but don’t let anyone know about this until you marry him. Sankara is confused. Thapki says congratulations for Bihaan and marriage. She turns and is teary eyes. She controls her tears and goes. Sankara smiles happily looking at the bridal dress.

Aditi, Dhruv, Bihaan and Thapki sit for their haldi rituals. Kosi comes and says she will do the rituals first. Thapki signs Sankara. Kosi tells Bihaan that she is happy that he is getting married to Vani. Sankara thinks she is getting married to Bihaan and not Thapki. Vasu asks Bihaan to change his decision if he wants. Bihaan tells her that he is happy with his heart thinking it is God’s made Jodi. Vasu says if you are happy then okay. She applies haldi on his face and blesses him too. Preeti says there should be double dhamaka.

Suman says we shall dance. Both of them dance on the song Banno Rani tumhe sayani……Dhruv looks at Aditi. Everyone is happy and enjoys the dance. Sankara changes the haldi bowl of Thapki while everyone is busy dancing. Shraddha is angry and thinks Aditi can’t snatch her Dhruv. She says you won’t be alive to marry him. Vasu says we will apply haldi on the brides. Kosi says I will apply first as Vani is my bahu. Vasu says I was just keeping the bowl. In the room, Thapki applies haldi to Sankara and says it is your right. Sankara says God supports true love. Bihaan comes there and sees Thapki applying haldi on Sankara.

During marriage, Pandit ji asks bride and groom to forward their hands….Bihaan sees Sankara’s hand and asks her to get up. Kosi says you was ready to marry Vani. Bihaan says yes with Vani and not with Sankara. Kosi and others are shocked as Bihaan lifts her ghunghat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vinolin.d

    boring episode.but very nice precap.I am waiting for tomorrow episode.really Sankara is irritating fellow.hai my all tpk friends comments plz…

  2. What a dreary episode…bride swapping!!!Thapki…really I hate you,you never deserve Bihaan like life partner…you just go to hell or anywhere with the accompany of the idiotic Shankar…its a highly a superficial plot which make us the state of utter desperation…

  3. Absolutely brilliant acting by Manish, Bihaans happiness on marrying shines through you can feel the happiness radiate of him. I guess this is Thapkis revenge on him, making him marry Shankar. But it can’t have been her initial plan because it’s only after the dance that Bihaan is convinced that she’s Thapki. After everything they have been through all the misunderstandings they still are not communicating. That was a shock to discover that Thapki was deliberately run over!!!

    All credit to Monica Khanna as well even though shraddha can be so evil I actually felt sorry for her when she walked away but she still doesn’t learn and is still plotting. I think with her is she can’t bear too lose, she’s like a spoilt child

  4. Well i don’t like that shakara she is to annoying. I think now will see shakara and sharada will join hands to fight with tapki so we will get to see more evil plan of shradda and shankara’s. Tapki needs to get herself sorted with behaan as I miss their love and romance. I want to see thahaan together supporting each other.

  5. Sankara is really really on my nerv, please someone tell me thapki and bihaan are gonna be together again in tomorrow episode and Sankara alonge that evil kosi will be in jail or dead, please tell me

  6. Is it true that bihan will marry shankara? Omg how sad….

  7. I knew shankar was evil..she tried to kill thapki..never..never liked her..evil witch??

  8. Sankara i really hate you,, Thapki please believe in the words Dhruv. Dont make the same mistake as Bihan because it does not seek the first truth

  9. Garima

    oh you are right pooja i hate you thapki she don’t deserve bihaan.


    another shocking news after this marriage track NEW ENTRY in TPK i mean THAHAAN LIFE…???
    link here, MUST WATCH…

  11. sad story if vani want bihaan get merried with sankar; be sad if all this happened .

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