Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihana getting ready and leaving from the room. Suman and Preeti get inside room and get that slipper. Preeti says we will go. Suman says no, we will just take pic and go, else Thapki and Bihaan will doubt on us. Preeti likes her smartness. They leave. Nurse asks Ashwin to get medicines. Ashwin asks constable to be alert and goes. The burqa clad person comes there and lights some crackers. Constable and Ashwin run to see what happened. Burqa clad person goes to Bau ji’s ward. He injects something in the glucose. He runs away. The machines beep starts.

Everyone at home is sad. Thapki and Bihaan look on. Dadi cries and says we did not celebrate Balwinder’s birthday like this. Vasundara cries and says we did not expect this would happen, and misses him. Dadi hugs Vasundara

and consoles her. Vasundara says why does he not get fine and come back soon. Dadi says he will come, he will wear this kurta after coming back. Bihaan feels sad.

Dhruv comes to them worried and says I got a call from hospital, Bau ji is getting unwell, he got an attack. They all get shocked. Bihaan stops himself and recalls Vasundara’s words. They all leave. Bihaan says Thapki, tell them to get Bau ji fine. Thapki asks Bihaan what did Bau ji tell you about cake. Bihaan recalls Bau ji’s words, that he loves cake so much that he can come back from Yamraj if anyone feeds him cake. Bihaan tells this to Thapki and gets the idea. The family reaches hospital. Vasundara and everyone worry. Dhruv says everything will be fine. Doctor checks Bau ji. He tells Dhruv that maybe medicine was changed, or he got overdose, now I have changed medicine again, lets see how his body reacts, I can’t say anything. Dhruv asks Vasundara to trust him, nothing will happen to Bau ji. They all cry.

Thapki prepares to make the cake. She says I have to make cake fast and make it reach Bau ji. She recalls Bihaan’s words. Bihaan comes and asks why are you worrying, you always made things well, this cake for Bau ji won’t be spoiled. He holds her hand and says my courage is firm by your trust, if your trust breaks….. we will not let anything happen to Bau ji.

They together make the cake. She gets worried. Bihaan holds her. Thapki gets the cake from oven. She says our belief and prayers are in this cake, we have to make this cake reach Bau ji soon. Bau ji gets critical. Doctors attend him. Family stands outside ICU and cries.

Dadi asks Suman for puja plate. Suman and Preeti say we forgot. Bihaan and Thapki are on the way. Thapki asks him to driver faster, they have to reach hospital soon. Bihaan looks at her in the mirror and speeds up. She holds him. The road gets rough and has stones spread. Thapki screams Bihaan. They both fall down the bike.

Bihaan asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, see the cake is also fine, we shall go to hospital fast. He asks her to come. He starts bike and they leave. They reach hospital and she asks him to come fast. He says I won’t come, you go, if I go there, they won’t let Bau ji eat cake, do anything, make Bau ji eat this cake. She goes to everyone. She looks at them and recalls Bihaan’s words. She holds the ICU door and Vasundara stops her. Bihaan prays for Bau ji’s life. Vasundara asks whats this. Thapki says I made cake for Bau ji. Vasundara says he is not able to breathe properly, and you guys thought to make cake. Shraddha asks Thapki are you mad, Bau ji is treated by doctors, he will get more serious after having cake, go from here. Bihaan cries and prays. Thapki looks at Bau ji and cries.

Thapki sees the slipper marks and says how are these marks here. She tells Dhruv and everyone that real culprit has changed Bau ji’s medicines.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    what a Cake drama
    making us fool
    ha ha ha
    love thahaan scene
    precap i know no one will trust thapki
    bihaan holds thapki hand gajabbb

    miss today epi
    no electricity
    Thundering & raining
    Want to dance on Cham cham song
    so cool weather
    sad & happy
    sad coz miss the epi
    happy bcoz of this beautiful weather

    • ash

      Hey, where are you? Raining! U r lucky. We are boiled by sun . Don t worry. Today episode is
      0 rs episode. So enjoy your chilly dark and dance.

      • anu

        in UP east dont worry soon u will also enjoy the cold weather
        i have watch thahaan scenes only on youtube
        me fully wet
        enjoyed a lot

      • ash

        In youtube, how its possible? Colors blocked all their serials, then how could you watch by youtube? Any secret break.

    • sag

      don’t be sad actually u just missed crying bihaan n uncomplite recipe of magical cake….

      actually no special scene in today’s episode…

  2. sag

    Today’s episode was normal with some nonsense element as always nd I think I don’t need 2 explain those elements because it will be explain better by Roshni… Just wait n see. M I right Roshni ?? 😉

    Gajab !!! No not again chappal n slipper clue !!!
    I don’t know where this story going….
    cvs at least try to increase trp…
    because truly this chappal is not helping to increase TRP. try something else…

    N I think the burka guy is coming from poor background that’s why he use knife instead of gun nd poor qualities poison.

    Santhosh u was right this stabbing drama not over in week. Actually it needs months.

    I hope ki next time thapki phirse killer ki chappal chhin le or isbaar wo killer ko mandir se chappal churate pakkad le or case khatm 😛 😛 😛

    • santhosh

      Hai sag. ..
      Funny line yaar chappal and trp…ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Cvs ne chappal wala scene create karke kuddh chappal ke jage per kada hogaya…….
      THAHAAN wala love scene create kareng na tabi tho Kuch trp increase hoga….

  3. Sam

    Just saw it. Well it was a fine episode. At least they both get to make the cake. Bauji get well soon. Sharddha and everyone else full in makeup. Full maching jewelry. Torah to natural hojaow. Thaaahaan love u lots

  4. Simran

    Thanks for d update…. ws waiting so badly…
    But really!!!@ thapki ll save bauji wit cake.??? Don’t tell me…… thn y hospitals n doctors…. y din’t thy take him directly to a cake shop

  5. vinlora

    Cake khane se serious patients teek ho jate hai tho doctor hospital ki kya zaroorath hai. ..??? Kya logic hai yaar….Hehe. …lagta hai CV’S ki kami hai… tho aaj kal thapki ki story primary ke bachche likh rahe hai. …
    But logic ho ya illogic I’m enjoying the current track. …kyunki mere thahaan tho saath hai na….mein tho kush. manyasa. ..thahaan forever. .

  6. Thapki

    I loved this show but now loosing interest all i do while watching is only pointing out blunders i think the writer is a 5 yr old child oh but a even a child would not write such crapy story which makes no sense??
    Seriously this is height of stupidity no one can enter ICU like this no matter what the situation is how can doctor and medical staff bee this much irresponsible
    And that burkha man didnt wash his sandals but i remember he lost one…..he must have bought/wore a new one then how the mud from previous night was there ???
    Wow thapki baked the cake in few minutes that’s practically impossible if she had that much strong faith in cake ? why the hell she was baking at the nick of time,coukd have easily bought frm any near by bakery(as if bauji said thapkis hand made cake will save my life frm YAMRAJ )
    Now we all know that cake will as a medicine and will save bauji hahaha…….chlo now there is no need to go to doctor/hospital just eat your favourite dish and tadaaaaaa you ll be fit and healthy as ever buhahahah ????

    • sag

      thapki u r also capable to expose the writers 😛 😛 😛

      N by the way

      thapki what’s ur name ?? o_O

      • Thapki

        Yes its very popular here ..trp mostly on 3 rd and 2nd place for its repeating time slot 8.30 to 9 here on paki channel

      • Roshni

        Ah so thapki is javeria. I thnk manishs forefathers had shiftd from pakistan side to punjab and then to rajasthan.
        Santhosh… hegidiri? Jus noticed today tht u speak kanada

    • Roshni

      Hey guys…been a bit busy…yet to see full episode..saw last part n precap…..uske sadme se mein abhi tak vapas nahi ayi. From today onwards no bloopers from me … n u guys also shud stop it. Arey… ye (thapki) to devtha hai devtha… inka mazhak udaana paap hai dhoston. her handmade cake is like a jeevan dayak amruth….i wana kiss her divine hands??? .
      hmmmm kahi dabur amla chyawanaprash ka asli naam thapki amla chywnprash to nahi?!…. thapki (serial vali)… aaj bahut kamar dard ho raha hai… mujhe ek cup chai piladho bas!??

      • Thapki

        Hahaha?? kal tk we have baba bihaan pandey now we have baba thapki ??
        Why no more bloopers roshni i really enjoy reading your comments.8
        This show is getting drepressed day by day so i think we should make our selves happy by making fun of small things ??

      • sag

        what No bloopers from u ??? nd we also should stop….

        then I want to say a famous saying..

        “agar P 4 pappu P 4 pizza se dosti karega
        to khayega kya ¿ “

    • Wow thapki brilliant analysis ☺☺so true she cud purchase from nearby shop as I need 2 -3 hours in collecting ingredients n then baking. Also previous night one blue slippers had fallen so today he was in blacj slippers but how cme that dust stains only in icu n not anywhere else seriously nonlogi . ??

      • Nimisha

        Hey renuuuuuu lovely to see you over here. I was just about to come over there and invite you all over here to read what ROshni and Sag and Thpki write,

        They are hilarious! ROshni, you make me laugh out loud every time I read your words. Where are you from? I neeeeed to know more about you!

  7. Santhosh

    I think …..
    Every hospital must need first CAKE CORNER next MEDICAL SHOP …………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thoda cake baaki hein tho muje dedijiye…………main bi meri gaavu(village) walo ko thoda thoda kilake jaan bachana chathi hoo…..!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tintu mon

    To Thapki,……
    Better call ur Rats ?or Rampyari ? bcoz i’m sure they will somehow make Bauji eat a piece of cake
    Bihan ,rats rampyari these R the 3 main pple who always helps u in ur problems. But dis tym bihan is helpless soo.. Think trying this way okk.
    By ur ,,,??

    • Roshni

      I hope the rat dosnt bite thru bau jis oxygen tube. na rahega baas na bajegi closed! (like all the 1000s of cases in india)?

      • Nimisha

        Did anyone notice that his mask had holes in it,,, that can’t be right can it??

        Also burka walla man woman had firecrackers stashed inside there,mi mean how did he know he’d need them! What else does he have in there. Looks like a handy item of clothing,, (goes of too Google multi functional burka almari topntypenthing walla thing)

  9. santhosh

    Vote for TRP……..
    YES r NO

    TPK TRP again falling down in next week……….!!!!!?????????

  10. mekha

    what a cake yar.. …. i want to order the special cake. is anybady know the addres of thapki the baker pls send me…

  11. dev

    Wat the hell is this all episodes lik this guys I am the new member its just only a few days I have joined this group my name is devika and I am studying in 10 standard I want to know whether I am the smallest member or not .its vaccation time 4 me &my whole vaccation got spoiled by the cvs

    • anu

      hey devika i think u r smaller member of this lovely tpk family.
      here the most talented writers & various thahaanian
      i m sure u will like our lovely family here some made u emotional by there ffs and some make u laugh by there funny jokes on cvs
      study well enjoy ur holidays
      and last thing keep watching TPK

  12. I hope babuji will get well soon nd at last moment he will come at court to save his son bihaan like others serials “mera beta baguna hai jadge shaab ??”nd the real culprite in jell …mujhe lagta hai kii woh burkhe wala guy aur kohi nai pritty ko dhakha dane wala hoga…woh bauji sa badla lane chahata hoga aur use sharddha na bhaja hoga..???

  13. aliza khan

    Just dragging….dragging…dragging…!!

    I think ab cvs ko story m agay kuch smjh nh araha tbhi break denay k lea so much dragging……

  14. Lovely(helly)??

    3 serials will be coming soon on colors.I don’t know which will they replace.Anyone having any idea about it??????????????

    • akash

      Not 3 my dear, 5 serials comming up on colors shani,kawach,shakti,24 season 2,bb10
      serials to be replaced ikrs,tpk,nagin,igt,krisnadasi

      • Kana

        If tpk goes off air i will not watch any drama on colors 🙁
        We want nxt generation story of tpk,it means we want chotti motti buddhi and chotti chuk chuk gaadi 🙂

      • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

        hai guys. How are you all… i have read your all comments.. its too funny yaar… i dontt know hindi but i can understand little… you are all guys comments written in hindi. i cant understand correctly.. but its okay… i will learn hindi as soon as poosible ..

        Hai kana… wats your full name? i wanna tell you something.. R u watching indira serial daily? Monday super scene varapogudhu… that is… shyamli irukala ava thapkiya tease panuvala adhan… blue color saree la bollywood night nu oru drama onnu pannuvangaley..adhula shyamli thapki kita prachana panuva appo bihaan vandhu super entry koduthu thapkiya kapathuvan.. andha scene vara pogudhu. im waiting… nee daily paakirila?
        Apparom where is reji… namma whatsapp la chat group form panlama nu ? oru doubt..
        ok sollu ….illana vidu…

      • Kana

        Nasreen en peru kavitha,en peru “k” la start panuthilla,tamilla “k” ya epidi pronounce pannuvom kana appidinu thane athan short ah appidi 🙂 hehe
        Bcz naan first ah comment panum pothu tamil aalunga irupanganu nenaikala athan,apurom naan watsapp use panurathilaye,india forumnu onnu irukila athila member aaki group form panuvoma?
        indira naa daily parpen,i’m also waiting for tat scene
        Namma bihaan entry eppavume sema mass thane,avanoda ovoru entryum appidiye pullarikum

      • Roshni

        Hey nasreen..eppadi eruke?
        Sorry tht we al joke n discus so much in hindi. But enna panna mudiyum…. we watch it in hindi so the jokes come out better in it.? In nycase u can ask us if u want nythn translatd.alwys happy to break regional n language barriers?

  15. mekha

    yes santhosh you are right. the TRP will fall next week also. i think the writers making us fool. the scens are full of idiotism how they mae this without any .logic

  16. dev

    Its druv bcoz he was not there in the family pic he might have got mad by the pandey zoo so only he did that. I really its druv other wise there won’t be any fun if we see a stranger attacker no use trip won’t increase also so by seeing all of pur comment CVS decide who it shud b so most voted 4 druv . also hats off to mans and Jiggs bcoz in this hot Tory day he is wearing jacket according to the CVS and jiggs she had to lie on the hot sizzling road thanq god she didn’t get sunburn:-) 🙂

      • Burka wala person scene ko 1 person acting nahi kar raha hain …….!!!!!!!!!!!
        Day by day change the burka wala guy……..
        Iss liye finally wo person kohi bi wo saktha hain……..

  17. Now a days we can find that Bihaan shows so much of affection towards Thapki….which means he is willing to consider her as his wife…iam so thrilled to see their confession day.but,todays episode is a senseless episode….THAHAAN ROCKS…

  18. mekha

    akash is that true. i can’t belive this if TPK will go off air what we will do . oh my dear scriptwriter and the director pls do somthing to save our TPK.

  19. Rachana

    Thapki jaldi jaoo aur bauji ko cake khilao….ab balwinder ki jaan cake ke haatho mein… I mean taste mein…seriously if thapki has used her brain properly she would have bought the cake from bakery and reach hospital earlier….??? and bauji wish you happy birthday…..???

  20. Qtr93

    OMG! Y they are making evry scenes slow motion? It was 15mnts ka episode. Its really iritating simpl scne keliye they are wsting all 22.30 mnts.
    Is TPK goin off air soon??
    Btw.. thahaan scenes was as alway
    s Gajab!

  21. Sujoy

    even i think that after seeing all the drama going on in the Pandey Zoo and after being the victim of so many conspiracies and the innumerable times being backstabbed by his own family members Dhruv might somehow lost his mind and mistakenly stabbed bauji.
    Showing some random stranger as the culprit will surely not increase the falling trp.
    If and only if Dhruv is shown to be the master mind behind all these then i think there is some chance that trp might increase.

    • Roshni

      Hi. I think if bihaan had a dog is insted of a goat then he/she wud hav trackd the culprit frm the scent frm the chappals. Ab to thapki ko hi ye kaam bhi karna padega. Hu knws… lawyr…dr… now dog squad?

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ooh God …..boring except for Thaa/Bhan scenes…y use burqa n copy zee n I tink its a fat man with ugly feet!!!! Lol…..dnt mk mockery of others respectable clothing attire…Writers move on…

  23. mekha

    dev i have one dought if druve is the master mind
    behind all this how can he hurt thapki. druve is still loving thapki then how he can attack her. i think the culprit is some one else….. our grate script writer will make some conection with the culprit and PN
    only the Thahaan scens can protect the serial from getting down.
    all the TPK fans in kerala are patiently waiting for thaahaha episode
    we are praying that pls start the thaahan scens before this rainy seson . if rain starts in kerala there is no cable and current here….. so galdi thaahan scens shuru karo yaar……….

  24. Sujoy

    the writers of this serial are the worst writers i have ever seen in my lifetime till date.
    no reality at all only Alice in Wonderland Fairy tales.

  25. Delina

    Anyone who likes korean serials like hindi serials…..who likes descendants of the sun too

    • Sivagami_

      I love Decendants of the sun also????
      The storyline is the best one that I ever seen… I hope It will be remaked in bollywood … Manish as the lead??

  26. Sujoy

    @mekha: obviously dear it is not Dhruv.
    even you know and accept that Dhruv loves her more than anything in this world.
    his love for Thapki is so true and pure that nobody else can love her the way he does.
    even after everything that has happened to him he deserves to know the truth about his marriage and he believes and trusts Thapki so much that in one of the recent episode when he confronted her about his marriage, she simply lied to his face and he still believed him.
    True love doesnt mean that you will always get what you love.
    It means how much you love it when you know that you have lost it and and will never get it back

    • sag

      sujoy in trp point of view also if by chance they show dhruv as culprit then also trp will decrease because there are so many tharuv fans yes not equal thahaan fans but this peoples have contributions in trp

  27. dev

    Thanx anu di i dont hav any prob of calling me chotu but happy only.we all r waiting CVS to stop the drama and start new happy scenes now vacation wen school opens I am only going to watch TV 4 half hour so its tpk and it will b disappointing if they don’t show some sensible story and tintu Mon which class u r?

  28. Sam

    Yaar i have read all the comments. U all are very funny
    I m laughing so loud. Superb comments. Yaar i think burqa wala is doctor who tells everyone that sharddha is pregnant

  29. sag

    what No bloopers from u ??? nd we also should stop….

    then I want to say a famous saying..

    “agar P 4 pappu P 4 pizza se dosti karega to khayega kya ¿ “

  30. Roshni

    I was jokin thapki…? how can i not write bloopers… ye log tho bloopers ka treasure box hai. Points likh likh ke mein dhak jati hu….. mere haat bhi patle hogaye ?.
    Todays episode ws sort of intolerable…esp knowin that thapki has made a magic cake. Hw much of nonsense do hav to tolerate?!

    Im not gona jump the gun…lets see wat hapens tmrw (rgardin the cake and the muddy chappal… but gota say… thapki (comment sectn thapki?) ur brain worked
    like a detectives regardin chappal point.

    Sinz i skipped thru much of the nonsense… thse r the bloopers i picked up.

    Oh b4 dat… it ws so nice to see sag..thapki… sumera n al wonderin y i
    havnt msgd yet? … even if trps r fallin…atleast we r all bondin?.

    1) i fast forwarded thru beginin… hmm did chutki say shes gona buy a similar chappal n…do wat??!!! Frame shradda??? I sure hope it dosnt fit bihaan??
    2) ok… i neednt even mention this. Did i just see 2 adults honestly believin that a cake is gona save a mans life?? This serial
    wud make a a lota sense with a 6 yr old thapki n bihaan n it shud be played in disney channel. Bihaan, writer ko ek thappad maro and take a broken tooth
    and put it under the pillow…the tooth fairy
    wil make ur wish come true! Uff
    ?? frm legal blunders lets move to other fields…

    3) hosp scene: (medical bloopers)
    Gooddd!! Mujhe hi uss chappal se maro. Wat all nonsense is goin on. Apart frm the cake joke (reserved for tmrw)..
    Wat the hell is goin on in this SHITTY hospital…sorry sory i mean CITY
    hospital??!! i need to divide this into further points.
    3a) like our thapki said…. critically ill patients such as bauji shud be in
    icu…and icus not isolated rooms with no staff arnd.

    3b) i thnk they herd our coments n appointed a constable
    outside.but…in bihaans style “arey…jhe ka.. ye to chuk chuk gadha
    nikla be”. Single constable hears a sound from elsewr n levs the patient thinkin ” yeyyy diwali hai…patake!”.if there ws a threat he
    shud inform colleagues or height security outside.

    3c) wat treatment is this?? TOUCH THERAPY?? Y ws the nurse n dr
    rubbin baujis hands and feet (btw…kudos to the actor playin bauji…i
    wud hav started laughin if someone did tht…im ticklish). Nope… pls dont thnk medical staff r gona do tht… vo tho maa baap karte hai
    pyaar se ???

    3d)a doctors medical education is much more complex n detailed
    than a nurses. Nurses r fantastic but they r not given the medical
    education required to “decide” wat is to be the best treatment option. A nurses,can administer drugs..but often he gives orders to nurses( both to bring and giv the medicine). So wat im tryin to say is… wen a patients condition is deteriorating and a dr goes out roaming to fetch drugs..that can even amount to medical negligence coz a nurse is not trained to manage such a situation alone.
    Its the nurse hu fetches the medicine unlike wats shown in tpk
    3d)… small 2 monitors of same kind unnecessarily with absolute normal recordings except a higher bp. But dats k…we can ignore such intricate details.
    Hmmm well..dats all for today… tmrw the cake blunder (hope they cut out the scene) and chappal stuff may make us laugh more.??
    Til then my best wishes to thapki fr transitionin frm overnyt lawyr to munni bai mbbs.

    • Roshni

      I wana ad promo for tmrws episode?
      Inspired from old movie deewar.
      SCENE: Thapki tries to enter the hosp room…dr sees thapki and approaches
      Dr : u cant come inside. We r tryin to resuscitate him.
      Thapki: please dododoctor… mein bau ji ko bacha sakti hu

      Dr: (annoyed) dekhiye..ham vahi kar rahe hai and we r better equipped to do it than u. Hamare pas nurse hai… sophisticated equiments hai.. shock dene keliye
      defibrillator hai… anginath davayiya hai. Tumare pas kya hai
      Thapki (with gajab ka confidence) : hamare pas…. ca ca cake hai
      Dr :??????????????
      “Dekte rahiye thapki pagalpan ki”.
      Btw.. tht hosp scene with vasu n thapki ws ridiculous.. imagine ur relative is dyin and someone says “mujhe cake khilana hai”… il say “beta… jake electric socket mein ugli daal..shock lag jayegi to shok bhi poori hogi”. Shraddas reply ws most logical

      • Nimisha

        This is toooo funny! The ca ca ca cake cracked me up! ???

        You should all write comedy ! Seriously! I would pay to come and listen to you all!

        Thank you for the belly laughs today!


      • Thapki

        Hahahah mere pas cacacacke ha????
        Ungli shock???
        Way more better than actual promos
        Good job?

      • sag

        Hahahehaha superb promo….

        I try to describe full episode 😛 😛 😛 hope guys u like it.

        Continue to same line of thinking…

        Scene continue….

        Thapki: (with gajab ka confidence)
        hamare pas…. ca ca cake hai…

        (All family members shocked n thinking what thapki want to do)

        Dr. : dekhiye… Ye hospital hai yhan nonsense nahi ek doctor hu or me science me manta hoo, Yhan hum hai, hamara staff hai, nd I m enough experienced to handle such cases….

        Thapki: (Without wasting a second) Ufffff tu tu tumhara a hospital, tumhara a experience… Ki ki kis kaam ke hai tumhara a staff…?
        tumhare saare staff or tumhare e e eexperience ko goond kar mere bauiji ko think nahi kiya ja sakta…

        (Before Dr. Replayed to thapki vasu said)

        Vasu: (looking at thapki n said) dactar saheb rook rook kar bolne wale aksar Der se hi samjte hai… Aap apna Kam kare..

        (Shrda thinks this is the time)

        Shrada: ( put her hends on dhruv’s shoulder n said ) Yeh thapki ek third class ka dibba ban gayi hai …
        Sochti bahut kam hai, or pakati zyada.

        (Dhruv nods n said)

        D: thapki Main aaj bhi aise giri huvi tricks nahi manta…

        ( tears rolling from thapki’s eyes but she wiped it n politely replying to vasu)

        Thapki: g g Jis raaste par main chal rahi hoon uska anjaam
        shayad bu bu bura bhi ho sakta hai … lekin jis raaste pe
        Aap sab ch ch chal rahe ho uska anjaam sirf bura hi hota hai
        (Now turn towards dadi n said)
        Kam se kam aap to samjiye dadi ma…

        Dadi: vasu bahu kar ne do usse ek baar jo wo chahti hai (now look towards Dr n say) Dr. Thapki cake samaj k de rahi hai, aap medicine samaj k khila do ballu ko…

        (Dr thinks now I get, all family are mad. nd he ask dhruv)

        Dr. : tum log treatment karne do ge ya nahin?

        (Before dhruv going to answer thapki said loudly)

        Thapki: Jao pehle maa ki zid ka treatment karo, Jao pehle shrada k di di dimaag ka treatment karo uske baad
        tum jo kagaz pe jo prescription likhoge main wo medicine la kar de Doo doo doongi.

        Dhuv : bas thapki bohut bol liya, abb chup or Dr. U start the treatment.

        (Thapki angrily stopped Dr n grab his stethoscope form his back n put it on his hand n said)

        T : Isse apni jeb mein rakh le Doctor…
        ab yeh treatment main apne cake se hi kk karoongi.

        (Then thapki feeds cack to bauji n suddenly dauji become more healthy and fit with in 6 seconds n come in corridor n said after putting his hand on thapki’s head)

        B : aaj hum jinnda hai to hamari thapki bitiya ki koshiso ki wajah se tum sub maafi mango thapki bitiya se (looking towards to Dr.) Haa doctor tu bhi maafi mang thapki bitiya se.


        Next precap

        Dr to thapki “khush to bahut hogi aaj tum..”

    • Thapki

      Hahaha thank god u were joking
      Such a detailed and accurate analysis a laughed so much ??????
      our brain has more potential than writers/directors/creative team etc
      Well chuti and barki are there to add some light moments so we can ignore them as they are as fool as our tpks writer???….
      But for the rest of the points i would say full of stupidity and pagal pan jo bolo kam hai ???they think we are fool and dont understand anything …and that’s why trp is decreasing day by day..

    • sag

      wow…. wow….


      F 4 fantastic and F 4 fabulous

      all point r perfect
      nd point 3b, I think same when I seen constable

      “arey…jhe ka.. ye to chuk chuk gadha nikla be” and “munni bai mbbs”

      for that 100 out of 10

    • Nimisha

      ROshni! You are brilliant. I have just sat here reading like this ??????

      Agree with everything,

      The footprint thing was really odd. Has burka walla man woman been walking around with only one chappal? So why didn’t it show one foot and one chappal print?

      Respectfully I have to disagree, I honestly think I would come back to life with cake therapy. ????.

  31. Bea

    My comment for today’s episode is a ‘Hmm’. Can’t think of anything else.

    Henceforth I’ve decided I’ll only look for the positives in the show and on that note I liked that today Thapki initiated the hand holding.
    Also she got a ‘Pat of Love'( of sorts) from Bihaan when she was all stressed up about the cake.

  32. Bea

    At the time of writing all that about keeping it positive I was eating cake, that too a chocolate one. It’s finished now so no doubt will be back to normal after its feel good factor wears off.

      • Roshni

        Nimisha….U really luv cakes, dont u!!!! ?…join the club. Me too!!! Damn… now i hate u for remindin me of cakes.. ur makin me crave for a rich chocolate cake! ?wat am i gona do…its the middle of the nyt. I want cakeeee!!! Now!!!???? .

  33. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Only thing watchable in this show is thahaaan scenes but besides that everything is so boring. And that cake scene remiss me of Raju Rastogi wala scene in 3 idiots don’t know why 😛 and this Bihaan when will he stop crying it’s doesn’t look good to see him cry like a joker is crying 😛 everything Bihaan crying whenever I see TPK uff . And I thought I will stop watching because I m getting very impatient but The comments here of Roshni and others are making me laugh good job can someone please show this to makers. And TPK have very very high chances of going off air

  34. Loveleen

    Thaapki might end soon but wouldn’t it return next season sometime next year? Or that’s the end of it? I’m not sure new to Indian serials…

    This whole murder mystery is annoying but if they had dragged Shradda fake pregnancy plot any longer, I would have cracked it! I reckon they ended that plot cause she was hospitalised or going through stress n given her a lesser role to play till she recovers fully and ready to continue her fake pregnancy plot. What do you reckon?

    I don’t think the burkha person is family…could be an old enemy of the family. I don’t think Dhruv will stab his own father. I don’t think Shradda is behind this.

    Anyhow I will continue watching till it ends…not looking forward to it ending though. ?

  35. Rinka

    I think yeh itne dino se trishakti episodes thapki ko kuch sikhaya hoga I mean ssk ka simar se thapki ne magic sikha aur cake concept use hua.. udhar simar poison drink kar k v matarani bacha deti hai aur idhar cake se… waaah bhai waaah…. aur chappal ki impression ki baat kare toh pure hospital me sirf ICU me footprints dikha…. gr8 CVS… I only like thahaan jodi that’s why I am still tolerating the serial… :O

  36. Prtibha

    Roshni…u r superb………” mujhe cake khilana hai ”…hilarious……seriously kahan toh wo coma mein hai aur wo cake khilane ko bol rhi hai….v r emotional people but tpk team is playing with our emotions….if cake will make bau g stable then i will surely use this therapy ….but in Return i will Get a tight Slap instead of appreciation..if they show these nonsense continually Then V Guys will definitely Get into Coma…..N u Guys r Fantastic…no-one can stop laughing after read ur Comments..

    • Nimisha

      I hope the show keeps going just so I can read what Roshni, Sag and Thapki come up with next, they are very very very very funny! Love em! Xxx

  37. Bea

    Nimisha , my life has become so sad and pathetic I have even started dreaming of Thapki pyaar ki.
    Last night I had this dream that Thapki and Bihaan madly and passionately consummate their marriage but next day have a serious misunderstanding which leads to Bihaan getting on his bike and riding off into the sunset on his own.
    Turns out Manish Goplani has been offered a 2 movie deal, one , playing second lead to Salman Khan and the other playing lead so he wanted to leave TPK

    There is this scene where Shradda is walking on some kind of ledge and three goons are stalking her and they kidnap her. One of the goons is, surprise surprise, Shahrukh Khan in a bad silicone job who it turns out has bought a 70% stake in TPK’s production and is trying to generate interest in TPK by guest starring in it himself.

    Next scene we have is Thapki serving food in a very busy restaurant/ diner come thing. At that time even in my dreams I wondered why a lawyer would be working as a waitress but it turns she owns it. It is convenient for her because it allows her to earn an income and to look after the most adorable 4 year old boy you have ever seen. Yes that’s right, the result of a passion filled night 5 years previously with Bihaan Pandey.
    We get a shot of Dhruv sitting at some corner table watching Thapki with lust filled eyes . (He is responsible for Shradda’s kidnap and subsequent murder because after Bihaan’s departure he wanted Thapki)
    The last shot I had was of the door to the restaurant opening and a man’s well shod feet entering through the door. The camera is just panning up to his face when stupidly my alarm went off and I woke up.

    I sincerely hope it’s Bihaan.
    So there you have it. What I dreamt of last night. By the way I am from Leicester (CHAMPIONS ) Yay.

    • Nimisha

      Bea, you should also write!

      You said at the start it’s a dream but I got yo the Bollywood but and was ???? he,s leaving!! ?????

      That’s brilliant! A very good dream. The passionate consummation bit sounds very steamy!

      I’d have gone back to sleep to finish the dream. Lol!

      And yayyyyyyy for Leicester, was really hoping they do it and they bl*^dy well did it in style! COngrats! That’s was such an awesome story and love that they beta all those over rich clubs,

      Looking forward to the next instalment of the dream!

      Also loved the positives suit found in the show. I’m watching a s I’m enjoying it or at least I was until the ridiculous burka man woman turned up.

      Take care lovely. I’m from London way,

  38. abi

    bihaan always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………cute hero…………i want to see thapki wore mangalsutra n sindoor with lovely bihaan….but it happen next birth only ah…writer dont drag too much..especially silly things like chappal…dont overtake kumkum bhagya for dragging

  39. thahaan

    I just wonder why they both are not living like normal husband and wife … I just love thahaan and want that they live a good life.. Its something different from the track so don’t mind…

  40. Roshni

    Sag… gud work with the cacacake extension..?.. i wish thapki wud really muster the courage to say tht. Hmmm tellyupdates team seems to hav eithr dozed off or got ovewhelmd with our rest msgin…tmrw.gnyt

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.