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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihana getting ready and leaving from the room. Suman and Preeti get inside room and get that slipper. Preeti says we will go. Suman says no, we will just take pic and go, else Thapki and Bihaan will doubt on us. Preeti likes her smartness. They leave. Nurse asks Ashwin to get medicines. Ashwin asks constable to be alert and goes. The burqa clad person comes there and lights some crackers. Constable and Ashwin run to see what happened. Burqa clad person goes to Bau ji’s ward. He injects something in the glucose. He runs away. The machines beep starts.

Everyone at home is sad. Thapki and Bihaan look on. Dadi cries and says we did not celebrate Balwinder’s birthday like this. Vasundara cries and says we did not expect this would happen, and misses him. Dadi hugs Vasundara

and consoles her. Vasundara says why does he not get fine and come back soon. Dadi says he will come, he will wear this kurta after coming back. Bihaan feels sad.

Dhruv comes to them worried and says I got a call from hospital, Bau ji is getting unwell, he got an attack. They all get shocked. Bihaan stops himself and recalls Vasundara’s words. They all leave. Bihaan says Thapki, tell them to get Bau ji fine. Thapki asks Bihaan what did Bau ji tell you about cake. Bihaan recalls Bau ji’s words, that he loves cake so much that he can come back from Yamraj if anyone feeds him cake. Bihaan tells this to Thapki and gets the idea. The family reaches hospital. Vasundara and everyone worry. Dhruv says everything will be fine. Doctor checks Bau ji. He tells Dhruv that maybe medicine was changed, or he got overdose, now I have changed medicine again, lets see how his body reacts, I can’t say anything. Dhruv asks Vasundara to trust him, nothing will happen to Bau ji. They all cry.

Thapki prepares to make the cake. She says I have to make cake fast and make it reach Bau ji. She recalls Bihaan’s words. Bihaan comes and asks why are you worrying, you always made things well, this cake for Bau ji won’t be spoiled. He holds her hand and says my courage is firm by your trust, if your trust breaks….. we will not let anything happen to Bau ji.

They together make the cake. She gets worried. Bihaan holds her. Thapki gets the cake from oven. She says our belief and prayers are in this cake, we have to make this cake reach Bau ji soon. Bau ji gets critical. Doctors attend him. Family stands outside ICU and cries.

Dadi asks Suman for puja plate. Suman and Preeti say we forgot. Bihaan and Thapki are on the way. Thapki asks him to driver faster, they have to reach hospital soon. Bihaan looks at her in the mirror and speeds up. She holds him. The road gets rough and has stones spread. Thapki screams Bihaan. They both fall down the bike.

Bihaan asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, see the cake is also fine, we shall go to hospital fast. He asks her to come. He starts bike and they leave. They reach hospital and she asks him to come fast. He says I won’t come, you go, if I go there, they won’t let Bau ji eat cake, do anything, make Bau ji eat this cake. She goes to everyone. She looks at them and recalls Bihaan’s words. She holds the ICU door and Vasundara stops her. Bihaan prays for Bau ji’s life. Vasundara asks whats this. Thapki says I made cake for Bau ji. Vasundara says he is not able to breathe properly, and you guys thought to make cake. Shraddha asks Thapki are you mad, Bau ji is treated by doctors, he will get more serious after having cake, go from here. Bihaan cries and prays. Thapki looks at Bau ji and cries.

Thapki sees the slipper marks and says how are these marks here. She tells Dhruv and everyone that real culprit has changed Bau ji’s medicines.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At the time of writing all that about keeping it positive I was eating cake, that too a chocolate one. It’s finished now so no doubt will be back to normal after its feel good factor wears off.

    1. Hmmmm cake. ?????

      1. Nimisha….U really luv cakes, dont u!!!! ?…join the club. Me too!!! Damn… now i hate u for remindin me of cakes.. ur makin me crave for a rich chocolate cake! ?wat am i gona do…its the middle of the nyt. I want cakeeee!!! Now!!!???? .

  2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Only thing watchable in this show is thahaaan scenes but besides that everything is so boring. And that cake scene remiss me of Raju Rastogi wala scene in 3 idiots don’t know why 😛 and this Bihaan when will he stop crying it’s doesn’t look good to see him cry like a joker is crying 😛 everything Bihaan crying whenever I see TPK uff . And I thought I will stop watching because I m getting very impatient but The comments here of Roshni and others are making me laugh good job can someone please show this to makers. And TPK have very very high chances of going off air

    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Or maybe time slot change that seems more possible to me

      1. Thx..dats so sweet of u. so nice to hear tht we r contributin to increasing trp??

  3. Thaapki might end soon but wouldn’t it return next season sometime next year? Or that’s the end of it? I’m not sure new to Indian serials…

    This whole murder mystery is annoying but if they had dragged Shradda fake pregnancy plot any longer, I would have cracked it! I reckon they ended that plot cause she was hospitalised or going through stress n given her a lesser role to play till she recovers fully and ready to continue her fake pregnancy plot. What do you reckon?

    I don’t think the burkha person is family…could be an old enemy of the family. I don’t think Dhruv will stab his own father. I don’t think Shradda is behind this.

    Anyhow I will continue watching till it ends…not looking forward to it ending though. ?

  4. I think yeh itne dino se trishakti episodes thapki ko kuch sikhaya hoga I mean ssk ka simar se thapki ne magic sikha aur cake concept use hua.. udhar simar poison drink kar k v matarani bacha deti hai aur idhar cake se… waaah bhai waaah…. aur chappal ki impression ki baat kare toh pure hospital me sirf ICU me footprints dikha…. gr8 CVS… I only like thahaan jodi that’s why I am still tolerating the serial… :O

  5. Roshni…u r superb………” mujhe cake khilana hai ”…hilarious……seriously kahan toh wo coma mein hai aur wo cake khilane ko bol rhi hai….v r emotional people but tpk team is playing with our emotions….if cake will make bau g stable then i will surely use this therapy ….but in Return i will Get a tight Slap instead of appreciation..if they show these nonsense continually Then V Guys will definitely Get into Coma…..N u Guys r Fantastic…no-one can stop laughing after read ur Comments..

    1. I hope the show keeps going just so I can read what Roshni, Sag and Thapki come up with next, they are very very very very funny! Love em! Xxx

    2. Haha. Thnx prthiba n nimisha????

  6. Nimisha , my life has become so sad and pathetic I have even started dreaming of Thapki pyaar ki.
    Last night I had this dream that Thapki and Bihaan madly and passionately consummate their marriage but next day have a serious misunderstanding which leads to Bihaan getting on his bike and riding off into the sunset on his own.
    Turns out Manish Goplani has been offered a 2 movie deal, one , playing second lead to Salman Khan and the other playing lead so he wanted to leave TPK

    There is this scene where Shradda is walking on some kind of ledge and three goons are stalking her and they kidnap her. One of the goons is, surprise surprise, Shahrukh Khan in a bad silicone job who it turns out has bought a 70% stake in TPK’s production and is trying to generate interest in TPK by guest starring in it himself.

    Next scene we have is Thapki serving food in a very busy restaurant/ diner come thing. At that time even in my dreams I wondered why a lawyer would be working as a waitress but it turns she owns it. It is convenient for her because it allows her to earn an income and to look after the most adorable 4 year old boy you have ever seen. Yes that’s right, the result of a passion filled night 5 years previously with Bihaan Pandey.
    We get a shot of Dhruv sitting at some corner table watching Thapki with lust filled eyes . (He is responsible for Shradda’s kidnap and subsequent murder because after Bihaan’s departure he wanted Thapki)
    The last shot I had was of the door to the restaurant opening and a man’s well shod feet entering through the door. The camera is just panning up to his face when stupidly my alarm went off and I woke up.

    I sincerely hope it’s Bihaan.
    So there you have it. What I dreamt of last night. By the way I am from Leicester (CHAMPIONS ) Yay.

    1. Bea, you should also write!

      You said at the start it’s a dream but I got yo the Bollywood but and was ???? he,s leaving!! ?????

      That’s brilliant! A very good dream. The passionate consummation bit sounds very steamy!

      I’d have gone back to sleep to finish the dream. Lol!

      And yayyyyyyy for Leicester, was really hoping they do it and they bl*^dy well did it in style! COngrats! That’s was such an awesome story and love that they beta all those over rich clubs,

      Looking forward to the next instalment of the dream!

      Also loved the positives suit found in the show. I’m watching a s I’m enjoying it or at least I was until the ridiculous burka man woman turned up.

      Take care lovely. I’m from London way,

      1. We should write one together.

  7. Touch therapy ?????????????

  8. bihaan always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………cute hero…………i want to see thapki wore mangalsutra n sindoor with lovely bihaan….but it happen next birth only ah…writer dont drag too much..especially silly things like chappal…dont overtake kumkum bhagya for dragging

  9. I just wonder why they both are not living like normal husband and wife … I just love thahaan and want that they live a good life.. Its something different from the track so don’t mind…

  10. Sag… gud work with the cacacake extension..?.. i wish thapki wud really muster the courage to say tht. Hmmm tellyupdates team seems to hav eithr dozed off or got ovewhelmd with our rest msgin…tmrw.gnyt

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