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The Episode starts with Ghanshyam asking Thapki who has sent her here. He asks what is she hiding and checks the bucket. He says camera, you came to do my recording to expose me, tell me who has sent you, come I will do your recording now. She starts running. Dhruv gets worried. The goons run after her. She locks herself in a store room and has the recording tape in her hand. The goons hit the door to break it. Dhruv says he will get Thapki and goes. Ghanshyam asks the goons to break the door. He asks Thapki to open the door, else he will kill her. She gets tensed and sits crying.

She recalls she was once locked in a school classroom and asks Krishnakant to open the door. He asks her not to be afraid and try to open the door, as she has locked it herself. He sees her through window and asks

her to hold his hand and come out. She says what if you did not come. He says if not me, then anyone else would have come to help her, true people always get helping hands, someone hears their heart voice.

Dhruv comes and breaks the glass. She says they are breaking the door. He says don’t worry, I have come and asks her to give her hand. She holds his hand and leaves through the passage window. He lifts her and brings her out. The goons open the door and do not see her. The goon says I think she has run from window and run out to find her. The goons see Dhruv and Thapki and follow them. Dhruv holds her hand and they run far. They hide under a small bridge. The goons leave. Dhruv says now they can’t catch us, we will get taxi and go office. He sees she is shaking being very nervous, and crying.

He holds her hand and asks her not to worry, he is with her, he will not let anything happen to her. She gets hiccups. He recalls she gets hiccups when she is hungry. He sees a snacks stall and asks her to sit here, he will come. He gets samosas and tea for her. He asks her to have it, her hiccups will stop. He makes her have the samosa by his hand and she looks at him. He says you are very brave, and pats on her shoulder. She starts crying.

He gives tea. She drinks it and eats samosa. They start walking and get a taxi on some distance. They leave for office. Sakshi tries calling Dhruv. Dhruv comes with Thapki. Sakshi asks where was he. Dhruv says talk later and asks Vivek to do editing of the sting operation. He asks Thapki to go and change. Thapki talks to Poonam and says Dhruv helped me, it will come on tv, see it. Poonam says yes, I will see it, your dad will be happy. She sees a call coming and ends the call.

She goes to attend the call in his cabin as he is busy. Vasundara asks about Dhruv. Thapki says he is busy. Vasundara asks can’t she speak without pause. Thapki asks who is she. Vasundar asks her to do her work and ends call. Thapki says don’t know who she was, but she was very angry. Rachna asks who made her angry. Vasundara says people who stop and talk, are liars and bad hearted people, don’t know how Dhruv kept such people. She sees Dhruv and Thapki’s pic and smiles, saying she is very nice, her face shows her heart is pure. Thapki says the news will come on air soon.

Dhruv gives the credit to Thapki and Sakshi gets jealous. Dhruv says we will always remember her bravery. Thapki says you always say that fear loses when we face it. He nods. Sakshi thinks Thapki is happy, but I know how to control you. She says Thapki intentionally bumped into her else she would have done this sting operation. Dhruv asks what is she saying. Sakshi says I m saying the truth, she has pushed me when I was entering the shop, she took this shortcut to success. Thapki cries and asks what is she saying, when did she push.

Vivek says it means Thapki has done this intentionally, else Sakshi would have done this as always. He asks Thapki to apologize. Sakshi says she is doing many mistakes, she can say a sorry. Thapki says I m saying truth, I did not do anything. Vivek scolds her. Thapki says she did not do any mistake, she will not apologize. Dhruv says she did brave thing by sting operation, but what she did before was wrong, if they leave her like this, it will be wrong message to interns, she has to write sorry on office board 100 times.

She says her dad taught her to apologize if she did mistake, else not. I don’t know why is Sakshi saying so, she is mistaken, and it can’t become my mistake. Dhruv says you have last chance now. He asks her to decide either she will write sorry, or not come office from tomorrow.

Thapki says she will not come office from tomorrow, she did not do mistake and can’t say sorry. Shubh tells Poonam that their shop and home are gone. Poonam cries and tells Thapki that there is nothing fine there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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