Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Thapki what are you doing with Dhruv, you both were dancing here. Dhruv says actually……. We both….. I mean…. Bihaan says Ghazab, this would be Thapki’s surprise for me, she may have got cheated by this mask, I understood when Preeti has asked me to go to storeroom, but now there will be no cheat. He removes her mask and asks Dhruv to move. He says I won’t let Thapki’s surprise fail, and asks her for a dance without any mask and cheat. She nods. They both dance on Haan hasi bangaye……………..Dhruv gets angry seeing their romantic dance and smiling faces.

At night, Thapki says I will say entire truth to Bihaan today. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv in her room. He says you came, I was waiting for you. She asks where is Bihaan. He reminds

he danced with her first. She says you cheated me, I will say truth to Bihaan. He says sure, check this short video first. She sees the video. Dhruv on his show presents the story about killing humanity. He tells how Bihaan behaved with a mentally retarded guy, he is my brother but I want you all you raise voice against him to support truth and humanity. She gets shocked seeing video and says its not true. He says I made this video and Bihaan does not know, if you say my truth, I will show this video to the world, lets make a deal. Bihaan walks in there. Dhruv asks is all work over. Bihaan says yes. Dhruv says sorry, I m making you work, I was busy in imp work of exposing truth. He asks Thapki to say what she wanted to tell Bihaan.

Thapki says I wanted to say I gave Bihaaan’s sherwani order, don’t worry. Bihaan says I won’t worry if I have a wife like you. Dhruv asks them to rest and goes. Bihaan says I forgot to say something imp to Dhruv and goes after Dhruv. Thapki says I could not say truth to Bihaan, but I won’t lose and won’t let Dhruv come in between our relation.

Bihaan smiles and then his head starts bleeding. He is dresses as groom and falls down on the ground. Vasundara wakes up from the bad dream, and tells Bau ji that Bihaan is going to fall in danger, I won’t let this happen.

Its morning, Bau ji talks to Bihaan and asks him to pay extra money but get best decorations done. Bihaan messages Thapki that he loves her. Ranjhana……………plays…………. They smile. She replies me too. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan asks Thapki to reply well, and talks indirectly.

Vasundara gets pandit and says he will say fortune seeing face, I wanted him to see Bihaan and say that there will be no danger on Bihaan, so that my fear ends, I have seen bad dream. Pandit sees Bihaan’s face and says some bad sight is on him, his grah nakshatra are not right. Vasundara worries and asks him to do something, to get bad shadow away from Bihaan. Pandit says we have to make Bihaan do grah shaanti puja. Vasundara says we will do it today, you find mahurat, I will do arrangements. Thapki worries. Dhruv looks on.

Thapki gets Dhruv’s message. Dhruv comes there. She says don’t you think you are going out of limits. He says why, whats wrong if I message my feelings, how many messages will you delete, I will send messages all day, no use of this puja, I have changed his grahs. She says you are human, not try to become Lord, this puja is for Bihaan and it will happen. Vasundara asks Thapki to apply ghee on the wood, as puja can’t happen without fire. Pandit comes and lights havan kund, but sticks don’t catch fire, Dhruv recalls how he added water in the ghee. He messages Thapki that he added water in ghee, and now wet wood won’t light, there won’t be any puja without fire.

Vasundara worries and tells Bau ji that this is hurdle in puja. Thapki says there won’t be any hurdle and goes. She gets more wood and says I got more wood and kept. She gives the wood. Pandit does the puja and says puja got completed. Bihaan has to now purify house with ganagajal, go and freshen up. Bihaan freshens up. Thapki asks him to wear other kurta. Dhruv asks Bihaan not to go out, his life has danger risk. Bihaan calls his friends and asks them to manage all work. Dhruv messages I love you to Thapki. She gets shocked. Bihaan sees the phone and is about to take it.

Dhruv says you think puja will get completed, here we go, 3 2 1……. Bihaan gets hurt by a nail on the stairs. Bihaan screams. Preeti says our puja will be incomplete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sriranjani

    You Idiot Dhruv You hve turned Psycho and You will not Understand Thahaan’s Love and You will recognize after thahaan’s slap to You and your state will be similar to Sahil of Swaragini.

  2. Muja pahala say hi pata tha ki bihaan thapki ka shath daga. But kya koi mujha bataiha ki fan faction kaisa banata ha?

    1. go to tellyupdate page,at top menu an option submit,click,fill necessary details and choose what you want to write,type article,submit it

  3. +ive nahi huva -ive bi nahi huva totally bada bakwas huva……

    kushi ki baath hai ki thahaan???? ke beech kohi misunderstanding nahi huva…..

    mein ne socha tha thapki laveda ne sapola ?ko pakad legi lekin a sapola tho king cobra???? nikla???? …..

    aaj ki episode mai muje ek baath samj mai nahi aaya
    water aur oil mix othe hai kya?????…????

    dhruv ne tho bihaan ke kilaaf bahuth bada inzaam lagaya hai????…..
    wo bi sabuth ke saath????….
    dhruv sabuth lekar direct supreme court javvvvvvvvvvv……
    bihaan ko definitely moth ka saja milega….??

    sab CVs ki kamaal hai
    jai ho …jai ho…jai ho….?????????

    1. Hey santhash…. cvs hum viewers ko budhhu banate ha pehli bar jab vasu ka dream dikhaya and ab jab bihaan ne tharuv ko ek saath dekha. And mujhe lagta ha ki dhruv ke paas kafi free time saazish karne ke liye Isliye vo office nhi jaata aur koi notice bhi nhi karta and todays epi was 🙂

    2. Lightsabre

      MA thapki is sacred of telling truth to bihaan???!!!! Ahhhh interesting.
      Normal women vs thapki.
      for demo purposes lets say … me and vinlo r best friends. santosh is my neighbr. Katrina kaif (???) is vinlos neighbr.

      Pihoo: hey roshni… wats goin on yaar . I saw santosh with katrina ystrdy .wat a couple

      Me : wat? They r datin?! No way. Katrina is vinlos… kya zabardast news diya hai tum ne☺☺☺?
      Pihoo: hey…dont tell ny1 though. San wil killll me!!!! Secret pls!!!
      Me : dont worry abt it pihoo. Mein aur gossip?! Ur secrets safe with me???? ( evil smile).
      That evening……
      Tring tring:
      Vinlo: hello
      Me: hey vinlo.. kya chal raha hai waha
      Vinlo: nothin yaar.same borin life.
      Me: wat man.. u dont knw nythn abt the world. San is dating ur neighbr katrina
      Vinlo: wat??!!! R u sure??? Woww!!! I wana tel my cousin manyasa
      Me: no yaar… pihoo told me tht san told him nt to tell ny1.
      Vinlo: ur secret is safe with me??
      That nyt….
      Tring tring
      Manyasa: hello
      Vinlo: hey… san is dating katrina!!! But its a secret!
      Manyasa: wat?!! Oh ok. Secret secret.
      Tring tring
      Luvleen: hello
      Manyasa: sans datin katrina!!!!!! Secret secret!!!
      Druv: dont tell bihaan. Il show this video
      Thapki (thots): oh no… wat do i do? Now lets do a mahan atma wala drama and wait for anothr 300 episode for truth to come out on its own.
      Y on earth cant she tell bihaan and ask him to keep it hidden frm druv tht he Knows alredy?! Uffffff

      1. Lightsabre

        Day 2 of keepin secret
        Tring tring
        Katrina: hello mandal. Kaise yaad kiya
        Mandal: hey katrina. Tumare colony mein San kisi ko date kar raha hai kya ?
        Katrina (thinks:oh noo thats does he know .shish.who else knows. Il pretend like i hav no idea) : no.. i dont knew. Kyon? Tum ne kuch suna kya? I thot san is single
        Mandal: hmm. I herd so. Don’t knw hu. But dont tel ny1 hes dating. Pihoo told roshni told vinlo told manyasa told luvleen told renu told vani told juggu told kan told …………. who told me not to tell anyone tht san is dating??.
        Katrina( thinks: oh no.ab koi bacha hai kya jan ne keliye?????): ok mandal i wont tell ny1.
        Tring tring
        San :hello…..
        Btw… a big hi to all the gossip membrs i way of sayin hi? new style

      2. Vinlora

        Roshniiiiiiiiii ??????Rofl???? kamaal karthi ho yaar tum tho. …
        @SANTHOSH tum jaldi se apne liye jodi doondke settle ho javn yaar…nahi tho sab tumhare Jodi Making mein yi lage huye hai ?kal thapki aaj katrina kal aliya aur parso……..?? pata nahi leg pulling ke saath saath tumhara baal bhi keenchna shuru karenge ???????Bali ka Bakra ???

      3. Manyasa29

        Hello roshni…loved ur new way of saying hi??

      4. Lightsabre

        **dont know**(nt knew) forgv typing errors
        @vinlora…. hahaha… yeh… aaj kal santosh ke taang kheechne se mujhe badi khushi milti hai. Hes single redy to mingle.??

      5. hai BBR??….
        SILENT ho jav??…….!!!! Verna VIOLENT ho jaa hoonga??????????…..!!!!!(abi maine R RAJKUMAR movie dekha)…..

        mera itna leg pulling ??kar rahi ho ki mere leg tho UAE tak pahuchegi✈???……

        abb Mai bahuth kush hoo….. ek nahi a tho doosra…..THASAN? ya KATSAN?…..

        jai ho ?????

      6. Lightsabre


      7. Luvleen

        Lol Rosh you are too funny. ?

      8. Lightsabre

        @santosh. Sag said hi . His email id is [email protected]

      9. Hello roshni n every1, waise liked ur new style of saying hi 2 every1

      10. Lightsabre

        Hey vani.long tym. Moderators r removin al the hi msgs thse days. ?wr u bin.hw r ya

    3. Manyasa29

      @santhosh….sach me main bhi khush hu ki at least misunderstandings toh nahi hui iss baar??
      But agar zyada time tak yeh sapola track chalu rakha CV’s ne toh tpk dekhna band karna padega shayad??
      Waise ….supreme court idea ?????
      U r too funny !

  4. Ooh wht will be the rraction of bihaan on seeing the message of Druv omg…. Interesting……

  5. Rocking Thhaan scene .but confusing precap…

  6. Kill dhruv character, making the whole episode boring beyond the extreme level (devar torturing bhabi). I am sure , TPK trp is going to become very low if dragged the current irritating track like this. Here after , Iam not going to watch TPK due to this stupid track.

  7. Awesome track lovin it? Let’s see what will happen next!!??

  8. No misunderstanding between Thahaan. ??? Loved dance of Thahaan but just few minutes only… ??
    Dhruv insulted his own professional by making Bihaan’s vedio for trapping him and thereby blackmailing Thapki He forgot professional ethics.. ??

    And where is Shraddha bhabhi…
    Now a days she is not showing her creativity of making new new plans??
    Hope she will be stunning show stopper at Thahaan marriage ceremony. ??

    Bad precap Bihaan hurted… ???

  9. Please anyone tell me how to make fan faction .

  10. upcoming track……
    cvs ji ……..aap ne tho tharuv ki dance bi dikha diya bihaan ko kuch shakk nahi huva … !!!!!!
    next ….
    thahaan ke shaadi karo uske baadh thapki ki SUHAG RAATH? bi banado lekin SAPOLA ke saath,…
    uske baadh bihaan (in front of thapola room )bolega thapki thum teek hoo…….!!!????
    chalo mere saath thum galthi se yaha aya hai (thapki still standing….) phir ek minute ke baadh chalo chalo hare chalo na michach thapki bihan pandey mere room mai….!!!

    aisa scene banadona cvs pleazzzzzzzzz

    1. sorry dostho mai thoda besaharm hogaye?????….

      1. Lightsabre

        Haha… khud hi thali baja di.jai jai ho

      2. hare BBR…. a thali nahi maafi hai….aap sab simiys ka sound mute karo…..??????

    2. Vinlora

      ??????epic comment??
      Cvs ka koi bharosa nahi …eaisa bhi kar �ss
      Sakte hai ?

  11. I will give todays episode a 7 out of ten

    Hey friends you also give your opinion about todays episode

    1. Manyasa29

      I would give this episode a 5 on 10.

    2. only 2 wo bi sirf bihaan ke liye

  12. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update

  13. hai dostho aap sab ko patha hai…..!!!???

    jigs??? apni insta post per ek IV bathakar hungama kada kardiya hai????……

    Manish ne ek IV mai jigs ko teek hi kaha a BACHCHI hai???……

    jigs character ke baare mai baath kar rhi hai tho soch samaz ke bolna chahiye…..kaha hai ki DHRUV IS GENTLEMAN ?????….aisa hai tho BIHAAN kya hai….!!!!???

    more post’s about this topic in IF…..

    1. Lightsabre

      Oh really? Arey… pls forgiv her.i spoke to her. She ws tired from work. It was a typing error. She meant “Mental-man”????????

      1. chalo mere thapki ?hai na maaf kardiya ….lekin agli baar aisa huva☝☝☝ tho Mai kabi maaf nahi karoonga (shaadi karoonga)?????

    2. Vinlora

      Jigs ne Dhruv charecter ke baare mein jo bhi bola wo teek nahi tha….lekin iska matlab ye nahi ki fans jigs ko personally bash kare. …? story tho writer likhtha hai na??? Actors tho sirf uss story ko potray karte hai. …jigs ne ye kaha ki Dhruv ka charecter shuru se yi gentleman tha …ab dhoke ke wajah se wo negative ban gaya hai …lekin wo samaj nahi raha hai. …bas itna….☺ jigs ne kal ke episode mein Dhruv ka jo behaviour tha wo samarthan nahi kiya. ..☺ lekin thode fans bhi na bahuth over react karte hai. ..jahan tak ki jigs ke charecter ke baare mein bhi bala bura kaha. ..aur tho aur jigs ankit ke baare mein bhi…??? jigs tho IV mein sirf ankit ke side pe baiti thi ussme kuch ajeeb kya hai yaar…???usse jyada close tho wo Manish ke saath hai. ..?tab kisi ko koi problem nahi (ab muje maaro math ..?muje koi problem nahi uss mein….im also MANYASA
      Shipper ?) I’m just telling why fans are creating issues for small reasons…? and i feel bashing personally is too bad…???? actually we should respect their hardwork ☺Day night they are working to entertain us☺

      1. Manyasa29

        Agree with u vinlora???

      2. Lightsabre

        Oh… al tht happned huh vinlo.? well…. beinga part of social media… fb twitter insta…..etc… is like puttin urslf out there in a platter… the worlds gona cut u up n eat u ! Theres no way u can pls evry1. Bt she shud hav been smart enof to see ths cumin 2.
        Nywys…. shes ankits gf. Its natural to b a lil supportive. Bashin is kinda too much. Perhaps thts y shes avoidin interviews with ankit. Its a tricky situation wen ur bf is turnin into an antogonist .hmm… wel… some ppl get their brains drowned in fiction than reality. U cant do much abt such narrow its the same ppl hu stay addictd to the show n raise the trps despite the collosal errors inthe script. Double edged sword!

      3. Vinlora you are absolutely right.
        We can talk about Dhruv, Thapki and Bihaan whatever we feel.
        No one should feel bad.
        But talking about these actors personal life is too much.
        Its Jigyasa’s personal life and choice whom she wants to be.
        People should understand that like we have a personal life they too.
        Like the way we will not like people interfering on our personal stuff, same goes for them.
        But i guess most people here are school or college going girls.
        So they will not understand all these ethics.

  14. Thapki pyar ki has always copied swaragini.
    From marriage not happening with loved person to falling in love with the brother.
    Then living in a tent outside the house. Then the boy realising love and then huge fight between the two.
    Then some drama and girl also realises. Then some psyco lover falls madly in love with girl. Then misunderstanding and reunity of couple….oh god

    1. Lightsabre

      Yeh… even i see similarity. Swaragi got psycho sahil… n nw we hav psycho druv! I hope if ny1 loses their memory…it wud b druv n he goes bak to bein nice?

      1. aaj me episode mai tho sahil psycho ,swara se shaadi karneke liya plan bana raha hai…..

        abb SWARAGINI mai dragging shru hogaya dekh me ka maza hi nahi a yaarrrr…..

  15. one more evil plan,, and im sure i will definitely kill dhruv.. :/ its a request to the writer and the director plz, plz stop this dhruv drama.. and if something happens to bihaan then im sure all the thahaan lovers will stop watching Thapki pyaar ki.. wen want Thahaan love story not dhruv in between them. plz let him be happy with his wife shradha..

  16. sonia chauhan

    Sha is just like a toy in both brothers hand . How disgusting story is this ?. But I must say that dhruv sir your personality is completely mind blowing whether in suits or casual dress. I just love your smile ? so amazing. You’re good looking gentleman but don’t worth your true love.

  17. Please
    Any one tell me fan faction banata kaise ha

  18. What will hAppen next ?? Am waiting badly!! My opinion is nothing is wrong with dhruv as he is true in his love and he is fighting for it..but moreover thahaan rockzzz

  19. Juggu

    Wwat happened daily my comments doesn’t reach the forum…..

    Guys [7:06pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Bihaan vandhu koba padra maadhiri apdiye “oo nee naanga rendu perum ore maadhiri dress potrundha naala kolambitiya”
    [7:07pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: “Sari vidu ennoda dance aadu” nu solli dhruv munnadi rendu perum dance pannunanga
    [7:08pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Ippa dhruv thapki ah black mail panran
    [7:08pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Thapki oda bed la dhruv poi paduthu kittan
    [7:09pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Thapki poi avana thittitu “naa poi Bihaan kitta unna pathi solla poren”
    [7:10pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Dhruv bihaan andha loosa keela thalli vittadha video eduthu vechu kittu telecast panniduven nu maretran
    [7:11pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Marubadiyu vasuku night mare
    [7:12pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Adhula Bihaan thalaila blood vandhu keela vilaran
    [7:12pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Ippa Thahaan phone la love msg
    [7:12pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Idha dhruv paathutan
    [7:13pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Bihaan: I love you Mrs.Thapki Bihaan pandey
    [7:13pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Thapki: OK, me too?
    [7:14pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Astrologer vandhrukanga
    [7:14pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Avaru Bihaan ku edho vara pogudhunu sonnaru
    [7:24pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Ippa bihaan kaaga Veetla poojai nadakudhu
    [7:25pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Dhruv nei la edho kalandhu vechutan
    [7:25pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Adha Thapki ku msg pannirukkan
    [7:25pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Ippa ad
    [7:37pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Thapki nei eduthu kudukra
    [7:37pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Adhoda mudichitanga
    [7:40pm, 13/07/2016] Kums: Precap
    [7:42pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Adhula dhruv count panran
    [7:42pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Dhruv: 3..2..1
    [7:43pm, 13/07/2016] Shobi: Bihaan steps aeri pogumbodhu keela vilundhutan

    Shobi version wat ungaluku therium

    1. Jugguuuu enna chellam ithu,ippa yaaru unkidda tamil ah written update keddathu????

      1. Idhu shobi oda timing update in whatsapp summa copy panni paste panniten……venumna padi venati vidu…..

      2. Ohoo apdiya!!! Ethuva irunthalum sollitu sei naama confuse aayiromla 🙂

  20. RANdomfANCreationz

    Am the only one here who finds Bihaan cute in a tie? Usually I find him ok ok but in tie he looks sooooooooooo cute

    1. yea…..he’s looking super cute.

    2. Manyasa29

      I find bihaan super cute in every avatar …???

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have already stopped watching tpk (no thahaan scenes these days so no reason left to watch tpk also, only showing tharuv) Areh if they wanted to make tharuv a pair why they bring thahaan in between so unfair to both tharuv and thahaan fans. Anyways I will be reading all of ur comments won’t comment much as nothing to comment on TPK.

  22. Dhruv is worlds stupid and dumb man, he do not deserve Thapki and she looks very cute with Bihaan. Dhruv should not succeed in his evils and Bihaan should come to know the truth about Dhruv’s plans.

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    It’s time now they should get thahaan remarried since June se inlonga ka shaadi ke preps chal Raha hain Areh they r already facing budget problem once shaadi happens no budget problem. Haha. Best is that will also save their budget let thahaan go to a temple and then suddenly they decided to get remarried in advance in temple 😛

    1. Lightsabre

      Thse 2 r alredy married. They r borin us with thiz weddin drama. They shud jus do a photoshoot. Thts all

  24. Adapavi bihaan,dhruvku oonki oru ara viduvenu patha ipdi palla ilichu yemathitiyeda paavi!! Athu sari poovoda serntha naarum kailasam pokumaam un pondatti kooda sernthu sernthu unakum soodu,sorana ellam illamale poittu 🙁 sari polachu poo 🙂
    @ash-naanum intha tpk ah pakka madden pakka maddenu pona intha manish vaa vaanu koopirrane naan enna than panrathu,unaku onnu theriyuma nee nampa madda sathyama nethu episode ah pathittu vantha kovathila straight ah mayank guptha ku msg type pannitan mulusa type panrathukulla veeduku visitors vanthudanga athanala send pannama viduden,antha manushaku nalla neram pola thappichittan .innaiku paravala konjam santhamayittan illana innaiku confirm ah msg anupirupen 🙁

    1. Hi sis…..romba boring ga irukku sis epi eppa interesting ga change agum…..eppadi irukkinga sis…

      1. @fira-fine dr 🙂 h r u????
        Interesting ahh!!! Tpk fan ah irunthukidu apdi oru vishayatha ethir pakalama nee?? Thappilla 🙂 kannathila poddukoo 🙂

    2. Nee instala iruka thana e poi solra….unaku insta photos msgsla epdi d kedaikudhu…..enaku sharan kaur kitarundhu 2 months kaprm 2naal munnadi tha reply vandhadhu serinu apdiye manish ku oru msg anupi vachurke insha allah reply vandha un kita solren…..ella dhoti and photo matter tha……na inno marakala…..

      1. Hey juggu mummy promise instragram nejamave use panrathilla,nampuma plz 🙂 manish,jigyasa,monica,ankith intha 4 peroda instrgramum public ah ellarume pakalam,resham takkar account private paka mudiyathu.and india forum la ella news um fans share panuranga athila pathu therinjukuven,aprom naan mayank gupthaku msg panna porenu sonnathu instrgram la illa muganool la 🙂 ippa doubt clear ah??

      2. @juggu-adikalli sollav illa,manish ku msg pannirukiya!!!! Appa nee manish friend ah??Haiyooo haiyoooo ennala santhosam thanga mudilaye en mela ivlo paasama unaku thank u chellam 🙂 aprom mukkiyamana vishayam antha vishayatha naan than sonnenu
        sonniya?? Sari epdiyo antha sampavam maddum nadanthichu unaku enga oorla sela vaikiran 🙂 🙂

  25. in starting of episode…… the way bihaan says “kabhi kabhi mukhote bhe dhokha de jate hai….” i think bihaan got doubt on dhruv.

  26. This is great news for tharuv fans ? there should be something in thapkis kundli saying she should marry dhruv and to end bihaans bad time he should marry shraddha or some one else…

    1. Vinlora

      Hein??? ab ye kya syappa hai ???
      @tejaswi is it a new spoiler or its your imagination? ????

      1. 8th wonder….????

    2. Lightsabre

      Lol…. n sanjay shud marry preeti and ashwin shud marry suman. Ab inn logon ko kyon chode. Oh… n vasu shud marry makkhanlal.? koi bacha hai kya. Serial ka the end thab hi hojayega.

    3. hope this is true. But i doubt it.
      Am a die hard Tharuv, Jigan specially Dhruv fan.
      I saw in twitter and instagram and even in inida-forums many Thahaan fans are bashing Ankit and Jigyasa for their intimate sensuos dance and started commenting bad things on their personal life.
      This might have forced the actors, writers and directors to think otherwise.
      Today i read in india forums that recently Jigyasa had posted a selfie of herself in instagram wearing the dress she wore in the masquerade party.
      And people were bashing he so much about her personal life that she had to remove that pic.

      No hard feelings for anyone. This is what i have read and seen.

      1. Lightsabre

        @mandal. Its the unfortunate side effect of being a celebrity .Remmbr al the jokes on anushka kohli relationship. Salman khans adopted sister receivd a lota “ur ugly” “ur fat” bla bla comments too .countless many examples . Personally i feel strangers shudnt be allowed to comment under pics on insta etc. Coz there wil alwys b an idiot whos jobless enof to probe their nose into other ppls lives and comment as though it affects them personally !

      2. Mandala, i think u dont know what really happened. Thapki said that dhurv is acting like gentlement in responce to a question asked by reporter to thapki about dhurv character in the show. If any person harrassing his bhabi the way dhurv is doing then that women will call him as a gentlemen. We r not borthered about what ankit & jigyasa is doing in their real life. But thapki said this word in context of the show & not ankit personal life. So definetly people will get anger in her statement because she is portraying negative message to the audience. With this guilt she had removed her pic frm instagram. So she must be careful nextime & nobody bash her regarding personal life. Mandala tum story ko twist karke logon ko ullu mat banao?.

      3. And another thing, nobody bash jigyasa regarding the thaurv dance or pic posted by jigyasa on insta. Mandal u study the story first what actually happened & then post a comment.

      4. Lightsabre

        @syed. Oh .hmmm ??Ok.. i hv no clue wat originally happnd. Im nt on insta. So lets al drop the topic b4 it turns into a debate.????

  27. I am totally disapointed on crnt trck, bcse I love thahaan and many as a Jodi. Pls stop ths trck

  28. Today episode was OK…… But Bihaan always awesome…….

    Bihaan mathiri oru husband yarukum kedaikum, kedacha avanga lucky than..

    1. Ama yaruku kidaikum ipdi aniyayathuku nallavana irukira purushan 🙁 Pinna Pondatti kooda dance aadum pothu ethuku ivlo distance!! Appa antha distance la dhruv varama enna pannuvan 🙁

  29. Goms

    Hii Tamil ponnunga sangam..
    kana, Nasreen akka, Nages akka, Kumutha, shobi, Ash, Adithi, Reji, Juggu,
    Fatarajo, roshini & vinlora..

    All thahaan and dhruv fans..

    How are you people.?

    After a long break I can’t control myself from I came to comment today..
    What’s happening in tpk.??
    Y the writer’s are spoiling dhruv’s character??hate this current track..

    1. Hi goms akka I’m fine how are you??

      Unga studies epdi pogudhu??

      Aprom innonu neenga inime daily comment pannuvingla?at least ella commentsu padipingla??

      1. Nalaila irundhu ellaru olunga tpk pageku vandhuringa…..becoz. successfully tpk off air podhu enbatbai nejamagave oru oru insta pageil official news aga pathu viten…….yea ……ana neenga manyasava miss panreengalo illayo na unga ellarayu romba miss pannuven pa………..alugura smiley……

      2. Hey juggu nejama than solriya?? Ipdi than ponavaddi shobiyum neeyum sernthu oru vathanthiya kelapi videnga,summa summa vathanthiya kelapi aalungala gaali pannirathengadi plz 🙂 nee proof kaddu appa than nampuven 🙂

    2. @goms-unna olunga MBA padika sonna nee yen intha kanravi dramava pathi ellam yosichukidu irukka!!! Poo poi olunga padi 🙂

    3. Nanum Tamil sanga ponnu than, ennoda name ah nenga mention panniruntha santhosama patrupen,

      ellarume eppavum Enniya mattum ignore pannrigle… Yean…?

      1. Hey nisima,apdi thappa ellam nenaikatha,intha payapullainga sila neram ennaiyum maranthu poirumnga naan enna pannuven theriyuma?? Oru sogamana paadda padittu naanave vanthu join panniruven.and intha goms vera MBA padikuthu so already athuku mandaikulla neraya thavil,nathaswara saththam ellam keddukide irukum athanala maranthu poirum pola,nee rompa sensitive ah feel pannatha ok 🙂 inime intha akka sonna idea va follow panniko enna chellam 🙂

    4. TAMIL PONNUNGA-kumutha (5)

      hi goms …i m fine ma…how r u da…how is ur study????

      1. Sis i am fira…eppadi irukkinga sis …i miss u so much

  30. Nice episode.

  31. No matter what i just love watching Ankit sir onscreen. And his grey shade is just making me a bigger and bigger fan of his with each passing day.

  32. Hey guys my freind was saying that in real life jigyasa and ankit has engaged… But I dont know its true or not can anybody tell me pls!

  33. Manyasa29

    What’s happening ????
    I just now read in India forums that thapki is going to act in front of dhruv that she has accepted his love….????
    What nonsense track….aisa track chalayenge toh misunderstandings toh pakki hai thahaan ke beech me???
    And dhruv is chalaak …will he not understand her plans ??????

    I don’t know whether this news is true or not !!!
    I m just expressing my views.

  34. pls reunite dhurav and thapki.they r very awesome couple.from starting he was only getting hurt in his life. his love is pls reunite.

  35. now the track is very nice I am waiting for good twist

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