Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that it is good that he refused to accept the challenge given by Kabir. She says you can’t even earn 5 Rs with honesty, as you don’t know anything than to break people’s homes and break them. She says you are an illiterate, rough, arrogant, and not intelligent, educated etc.She asks him not to show them his moti buddhi and false manhood, else he will get insulted. She asks him to go and run on the street, and says you people deserve this. Bihaan asks her to shut up, and says if I am moti buddhi, but you are educated. Now you will see what this moti buddhi can do. Bihaan goes to Kabir and accepts the challenge. Kabir smiles. Bihaan says I will earn 5 crores Rs. in a month. Shraddha, Suman and Preeti are happy. Sankara gets tensed. Kabir says

best of luck and smiles. Thapki gets relaxed.

Everyone looks on tensed. Bihaan asks them to come home. Vasu thinks I know why you have done this, so that Bihaan accepts the challenge, and she hopes that Bihaan wins. Thapki cries. Kabir looks at Thapki and asks why you have done this. Kabir says for you. He says what I couldn’t do, that your love have done. Thapki says not love, but Bihaan’s hatred which he do with me. What my love couldn’t do, will make my hatred do. She asks him to start the countdown, and get ready to go away from their house. She says my Bihaan will earn 5 crores Rs. in a month and will win the house too, this is my challenge to you. Kabir accepts her challenge and says lets see, smiles.

Next day, Dhruv comes to Thapki and asks her to beat him with the brick. Thapki asks why you are hurting yourself. Dhruv asks why you are hurting Bihaan and yourself too. Why do you hate him so much and insulted him yesterday, he is not your baby’s murderer. Thapki says I wanted him to earn 5 crores Rs. and get back this house from Kabir. She says I want Bihaan to prove his capability infront of Kabir, and that he can face any challenge in life. Dhruv says but like this, Bihaan will get weak. Thapki says no, and says I will be with him like a hatred and will help him reach the destination. Dhruv tells her that this is wrong, and asks her to save her love. He asks her to do what she thinks is right. Thapki thinks, I know….Bihaan’s loss is my big loss, and that’s why I wants him to win, and wants Kabir to go away from here. She thinks until Kabir takes back revenge for Neha, he won’t go. I have to do something.

Later in the night, Thapki takes Neha out in the jungle, and goes inside after asking Neha to wait for her 2 mins. Neha says okay. Thapki wears gloves and lights it with fire. She tries to scare Neha and says you will also die, just like your family died. Kabir comes in his car and is shocked seeing Thapki scaring Neha. Thapki tells Neha that the fire will kill her. Doctor is there, who stops Kabir and says whatever Thapki is doing is to make Neha fine, this is the only way out to make her fine. Neha sees water pipe and throws water on the fire. Kabir shouts Neha and takes her home. In the house, Doctor checks Neha. Kabir asks how dare you to go infront of my sister with fire. Doctor says this is the way to treat her mental state. Kabir asks if anything would have happened to her. Neha gains consciousness. Kabir asks are you fine? Neha tells that she is fine and tells that her fear of fire is gone now because of Thapki. Doctor asks Kabir to thank Thapki and goes.

Neha tells Kabir that Thapki is so good and takes care of her like him, and asks him to be good with Thapki. She asks whose house is this? Kabir says our enemy Bihaan. Neha gets hysterical and cries. Kabir assures that he came here to take revenge from Bihaan. Neha cries and asks him not to leave Bihaan. Sankara hears her and thinks to kill Neha.

Kabir comes to Thapki holding rose in his hand and thanks her. He says I can’t return your favour, but can try. He gives rose in her hand, and asks her to ask whatever she wants. Thapki says anything…and asks him to leave the house for forever. Kabir says I wish I could do this, you can ask for anything, but not this. Thapki says Neha will be fine in sometime and asks what do you want? Kabir asks can you return Neha’s 2 years? Can you return her son which Bihaan snatched from her. He says you came to know that Bihaan is not your baby’s murderer, but if you wouldn’t had known it, then you wouldn’t have forgiven him. He says I will take revenge from Bihaan and says I knew well that Bihaan can’t earn 5 crores Rs. in a month. Thapki tells Kabir that Bihaan is not guilty of Neha. She says my Bihaan will win, and my hatred for him will make him win. She throws rose on his face. Kabir is teary eyes.

Thapki asks Vasu to take her old jewellery. Bihaan asks her to stop and pours acid on her jewellery. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow good episode
    But when thapki throwed the rose on kabir’s face was highlight of today s episode
    Now bihaan will definitely win the challenge
    And after leap hope bihaan comes back with a bang
    Now countdown starts for kabir to go away from thahaan s life and family
    Thahaan forever and ever
    Now bihaan s hatred for thapki will encourage him to stand on his own feet
    End game is thahaan and always will be

  2. WTH when did Thapki become a psychiatrist and knows what will help?? Seriously are the writers mad? SHe has a degree in nearly every job role possible, next week she be performing open heart surgery on someone LOL

    She keeps going on about Bihaan is hers, is that why you went off for 2 years for revenge didn’t you know your Bihaan could never kill yours and his child? Didn’t Bihaan realise his Thapki can’t do half the things she was accused of?

    The show is a joke they keep on going about how they know the other so well and they perfect for eachother and they do anything for one anotherwhen they dont not in anyway. She has to make him angry and push his buttons to get him to do something WTH that isn’t love thats just pathetic.

    Its a matter of time till Kabir and his sister leave and I will definetly stop watching this show.

    1. Exactly, this show is a joke. Is there anything Thapki cant do? And nowhere does it say that patients should be made to relive the incident. Medical profession ki dhajjiyan uda rakhi hain is show ne. I see no progress whatsoever its the same thing repeated again and again. Its just disappointing to see the story and characters going to such a waste. I dont understand how everything Bihan does is overlooked or forgiven. Im reaching ,my saturation point with this show.

  3. As usual another dramatic wala episode…but the last part is super,Thapki throwing flower on kabirs is the highlight of today’s episode…I feel really glad after seeing that.Mr.kabir katyal go to hell…
    Guys…TPK goto be a leap…
    Hello my dear garima,reshal,anu,vino,sruti,santhosh Bhai…how are you???really miss you.

  4. Bihaan my wishes with you best of luck dear you are brilliant actor and awessome and bloosm.

  5. Hy my dear friend pooja santosh anu vino sri lee na how are you.

    1. Hi Garima….I’m fine, thank you 🙂

  6. Kabir contradicted himself, first he said I did it for you then later he said I did it for revenge cos I know that Bihaan can’t earn 5 crores in a month.
    Again miracle Thapki has worked wonders, who needs doctors and psychiatrists to heal someone when Thapki is around.
    Why would Kabir say to Thapki ask for whatever you want, he should have added exclusions apply.
    Unless something major happens I’m not worried about Kabir and Thapki becoming a couple, don’t think it will happen but again never say never

  7. Manish ki deewani

    thapki now not only kabir other were also see that Bihaan fulfill this challenge …i also believe Bihaan complete this challenge.
    and this druve now came and give thapki a lecture where is he that time ?why he didn’t tell the truth to Bihaan ?still Bihaan is unware .credit goes to cvs
    i’m happy now neha is better than before just becoz of thapki.she really need a love and care.hope she became better
    thapki u r rite only becoz of ur so called revenge u r in this state ….becoz revenge is not good even in we hurt ourself…hate tpk all revenge track.thapki i like the way u through the flower…mai to kushi sai uchal rahi thi .
    and this evil sankara always know everything churail, chalako masi
    and why pandeys r there ?what they r doing there? really cvs have low budget

  8. Idiot thapki today you proved that you are only and only suitable to be a wife of illiterate gunda mawali bihaan??.You dont deserve a gem like man Mr. Kabir Katyal.Kabir’s revenge is due to circumstances and MU but Bihaan’s anger is a habit.I thought only thapkis stammering is her shortcoming but no she is mannerless too like bihaan??.”Akhir Itni salon ki sangat ka asar hai “.Bihaan is a bad egg of PN and his upbringing is disgusting.His words and actions are enough to describe his bad personality.

    Mrs Thapki ,Don’t cry next time If Bihaan accuse you with his cheap allegation .You deserves all the humiliation and torture for your actions.What u did today with kabir was unacceptable.Earlier bihaan called you “giri hui aur kitni girogi”,maybe next time ******** ????words who knows??

    Cvs what are trying to show with this type of episode???Now you want to make kabir a goon or psycho or negative guy?Today u showed the worst and disgusted episode.Dont butcher kabirs character to make thapki “mahaan devi”.

    1. Its just stupid the way Thapki claims to know Bihan really well. If she really knew him so well she wouldnt have ended up taking revenge. I have sort of given up on this story. Its just frustrating to see no progress. They wont show ThaHaan or ThaBir and they’ll try to appease both the fandoms by giving alternate scenes. Just stop torturing people and stick by one decision ffs

      1. I dont even care about Bihan characters as such, its the way they keep on butchering Kabir’s character to appease the other fandom.

      2. Hey shehla ,12th jan ke mere comments ke neeche jake dekho mene aapko reply karne ki kosis ki par galti se woh ek alag comment ban gaya.Woh Dekh lena aur fir batana mujhe.OK
        Aur last mein ek comment hai @shehla jo again galti se ban gaya.

      3. Yeah and looking at tomorrows episode her Bihaan is gonna make her upset and burn the gold jewellery cos he wants to make his money his own way and not with any help from her.

        Then again she knows Bihaan better than anyone.

        The only thing I say well done to her is when Kabir told her and she straight way defended BIhaan said he could never do that.

        See Bihaan thats how you do it, Kabir and his sister both say Bihaan has done it but she still has his back.

        And OMG the amount of attitude Thapki ash with Bihaan she acts so tough with him and when it comes to Bihaan she is a blubbering mess

        IDIOTIC WOMAN!!!!!

      4. A thanks Divya, will do 🙂

      5. Just went through your comment and I agree Divya, Thahanian’s claim the TRP is not doing well because of Kabir, have they ever wondered that it may be because of their own favourite character stooping to lower levels? With the exception of people on IF (which btw does not represent the real world) people dont actually dont like how Bihan’s character is being shaped. Some have turned to Kabir fans especially after his comments from the episode that aired 2 days ago. TRP is stable because us ThaBirian’s are watching the show, and the number of people enjoying this track is increasing hence the recovery of TRP’s from low to being consistent. So keep hoping ThaHanians for Kabir’s track to finish but he’s here to stay.

    2. Everyone is attracted to different types of people, you think Kabir is a gem then that’s your type, some people like smart guys, some go for looks, some go for danger etc but how is she mannerless? Kabir has used her, separated her from everything she holds dear including her pregnant sister and what Do you expect her to say Thank you Kabir!!! Just because you don’t agree with her choices that doesn’t make her mannerless. with the 3 month divorce period dragged on then the 2 month leap and before the 2 yrs leap they were probably together properly less than a year and she had more influence on him then he did on her during their marriage

  9. CVs cant stop glorifying a gunda and frankly I’m disgusted my Bihan’s character and Thapki’s inability to see him for who he is. Thats it from me guys, I wont be watching or commenting on this show that often anymore, perhaps once a week or so until Sehban is still playing Kabir.

    Good luck Shahid, Divya, Shehla, Anjali and all the other ThaBir fans. See you around on IF and other shows 🙂

    1. Dont be sad??? Avanti.Keep coming here(TU) till sehban is in the show.We are here for sehban only then thabir.Today last of epi. was pukeworthy .Cvs are hell bent on trying to convince us that stammering girl only deserves Rustic Illiterate Guy,thats why again they glorified that gunda and made kabir like a villain.


      1. Your words disgust me. You say that a stammering girl deserves a illiterate guy. Don’t you think that you’re being too personal and insulting people who stammers and people who can’t read or write. I don’t like people who discriminate I’m totally against discrimination. Where I live which is in London I see so many people who stammers and people who are dyslexic, they are getting help support to overcome their issues and believe me they do very well at the end, they graduate and becomes something. You should be ashamed
        yourself I mean the way you spoke about stammering and illiterate was sad.

      2. @shuva-Iss baar hindi main samjha rahi hun ,qnki pure line padhe bina hi kuch bhi type karti ho kya???kuch samajh main tumhe nahi aata hai to reply kuyn karti ho?mene kab kaha ki stammer ko gawar hi milega yeh to tpk cvs hai jo yeh convince karwa rahe hain ki stammering girl ko illiterate hi milega,qnki itna acha option kabir hai.agar bihaan shankar ke saath move on kar sakta hai to fir thapki qn nahi?
        Lol u are against discrimination ,that’s why u are advocating for bihaan hmmm.public humiliation is ok for u and raising questions on wife’s character is again ok to should be ashamed of yourself for supporting a gunda mawali bihaan.
        Jo maine kaha woh to show se hi related hai par tum hi kuch jyada personal ho rahi ho bihaan ko lekar tum “TV ke uss par rehti ho kya”?
        kahan ki baat kahan lekar jati ho ,bihaan ke obsessed fan??Itni problem hai agar mere comment se toh reply kuyn deti ho .

      3. Hey can you please translate in English please coz didn’t get what you meant. And i’m not supporting bihaan coz he is a gangster, I’m supporting becoz deep down his a nice guy whether you like or not. I’m supporting him coz his the one who was always there for thaapki when she was treated badly by others. He’s the one only supported her when she was in bad situation. I’m supporting him coz I’ve seen good side to him. Yes he made mistakes but so did others. You say that I support a gunda, but the thing is do you know the meaning of gunda. Were I live there’s worse gunda then bihaan even though bihaan is a fictional character. Look at the end of the day he didn’t kill anyone, he is not a child murderer nor he raped anyone. People who does those dirty things are the real gunda, not only gunda but also criminal. Lol I don’t know I’m blo*dy arguing over fictional characters.

    2. Lol I be going soon dont worry its just a matter of time 😀 plus this the only drama I watch once this goes downhill and Kabir leaves im just going to watch Eastenders, Neighbours and last of all Home And Away 😀

      1. Hi there
        So you’re also a Londoner like me. Well I hate neighbors home and awayaway but I do like watching EastEnders though. I’m also watching celebrity big brother.

      2. I meant home and away.

      3. Hey shahid are you also comnenting as divya??

      4. I actually like home and away stopped watching eastenders yrs ago

      5. Could never really get into Eastenders or home and away, it’s Sherlock, Elementary and Downton Abbey for me

      6. Out of curiosity, how many of people here from London or the UK?

      7. Im from birmingham 😀 and no im not commenting as Divya, im a guy and im sure Divya is female plus DIvya writes writes quick spelling whereas I do full spelling.

        I may start watching Sherlock because everyone has good things to say about it not a big fan of Downtown Abbey

        Australian Soaps are good even if their stories are crazy well not as much as Thapki storylines LOL

      8. Hey shahid
        So you’re from Birmingham. Well I’m from east London. Well to be honest it’s been long that I’m not watching EastEnders. I’ve seen couple of episode s of Sherlock Holmes. I’m not that in to UK dramas or movies, I’m more in to USA dramas like supernatural, teen wolf, vampire diaries and many more. I’ve watched all the twilight movies and i heared that there will be another on the way which I’m really looking forward to.

      9. Sherlock is brilliant, shame they only do 3 episodes. Missing was really good as well again, also the last 2 christmas the agatha christies adaptations were also brill

      10. London is such a busy place cant handle it Brum is busy too just not as much

        Supernatural?? Yeah have to get my fix of Dean and Sam Winchester LOL

        I watch

        Home and Away,
        Game Of Thrones,
        Walking Dead,
        DC Legends Of Tomorrow.

        Never seen any Agatha Christie shows ever but deefo wanna get into SHerlock.

  10. best of lack bihaan.thahaan forever

  11. Come on thahaan and kabir fans, lets join hands. We’re agree that the show is full of nonsense, so doesn’t have to argue about that.
    Let’s hope for win win solution for both fandom, that the writer will make a better story which make our idols be friends after overcoming the misunderstanding.
    I think sankara will try to kill neha, and it will make kabir realizes who’s the real enemy here.
    Come on cvs, bring back the glory of tpk by making a good storyline….
    Hope for the best

  12. I hate thapki and it’s story ! I started to watch it but know just read the end lines!???????

  13. It’s ironic how Kabir fans fume that Kabirs character is going to be butchered well welcome to Bihaans fans world, Bihaan has been butchered, Dhruv was butchered, Thapki is butchered with the whole wrongful revenge track, like someone above mentioned they will watch it until sehbans in it likewise Manish fans will watch it until he’s in it.
    Also they didn’t make Kabir into a villain, Kabir fans can’t take it that she is choosing Bihaan over someone who looks much better on paper. Thapki loves who she loves and people can’t accept that she would choose an illeterate over a handsome, rich successful man. Kabir can carry on with his revenge plans but Thapki owes him nothing, why should she accept the rose when he’s hell bent on destroying all that is dear to her.
    Those who comment that Bihaan only took up the challenge cos she hurt his ego, any Bihaan fan knows anyone says anything to him he rarely responds or takes action but anyone says anything about his family he goes crazy, when Diwakar insulted him about his adoption he didn’t say anything but when Diwakar used to hurt anyone else Bihaan was the first one to
    speak out or do something about it, still love the scene where Bihaan and paan put him in that big pot for insulting Thapki and her family

    1. Anyone says anything to him woh gundagardi and mar peet pe utar ta, looks like his own fans dont know him

    2. I dont know about everyone else but I’m frustrated at the lack of progress, I cant watch the sam thing being repeated in a cycle countless times. As far as butchering Kabir is concerned, they haven’t done that just yet but I am anticipating it will start soon enough and I dont want to stick around for that

    3. Lol that episode made me laugh.??

  14. Agree with u leena ?

  15. If you think that Bihaan didn’t do the crime that Kabir is accusing him of, why not try and find the real culprit instead of throwing roses at Kabir’s face?

  16. Where is dadima.she is absent.she has a very important role in this family.she can control her family.
    I really like her .if any body knows what happened to her.I will be happy and thank you for your reports.

  17. Back to re-watching Sherlock once this is over……they’re botching Kabir and to a certain extent Thapki’s character as well

    1. Ditto, I still haven’t caught up with the new season. Apparently Moriairty is back!

      1. They reveal who it is in the second episode. So confusing til the end

  18. Thahaan

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