Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwinder and Sankara pour on the fire. Bihaan asks Shraddha how the books is on fire. Shraddha says I tried to help her, but she got angry and showed attitude and burnt her books. Bihaan says I don’t believe as when I came here, she was studying. Shraddha stares him and asks if I am lying? Bihaan gets scared and says I don’t mean that. Why she will burn her bags and books. Sankara says she is spoiled because of you. Shraddha says we have to send her far away from home to the boarding school, then she will learn manners. Balwinder says she is a small girl, how she will stay there. Bihaan promises that she will not do anything in future. Sankara tells Shraddha that Bihaan is over protective about Tina, even though he doesn’t know that Tina is his daughter. Shraddha

says Tina have to go to boarding school, but for now I have to punish Bihaan.

Sankara asks her not to do anything to her suhaag/husband and shows her mangalsutra. Shraddha asks when did he marry you, and became your suhaag. Sankara says I have accepted him as my husband. Shraddha says this costly mangalsutra and jewellery are your greed, don’t teach me. Sankar says this is not true, he is mine. Shraddha says he don’t accept you as his wife and Tina stays with him. She says Bihaan thought bags was heavy, now see what will be heavy?

Thapki packs Bani’s tiffin etc. Bani says ghajab and asks if she got her tiffin ready. Thapki says I forgot. Bani asks her to make her tiffin ready. Thapki reminds her that she is a girl and that there is a PT meeting at her school. Bani gets emotional and cries. Thapki asks what happened? Bani cries and tells that all parents come for parents and teacher’s meeting and asks where is her papa and why he don’t come, why God has taken her papa. Thapki puts hand on her mouth and says your Papa is alive and he is very good. She recalls Sankara blackmailing her and separating her from Bihaan. Bani tells her that she can’t stay without her Papa. Thapki says your Papa stays far from us and it is very difficult for him to come here. She says I will call him and tell that you are missing him very much. Bani says promise. Thapki promises her.. Bani says if papa doesn’t come this time, then I will go to him my myself. I am B for Bani….

Thapki looks on stunned and emotional, and says I wish that I could tell you where is your Papa? He can’t meet you, so that he can be alive. Shraddha asks the salesman to keep the rice bags there itself, and asks Bihaan to keep all the rice bags in the upstairs storeroom. Balwinder says any servant can do this. Shraddha stops him and says all servants are busy and asks if he is having objection if Bihaan takes bags to storeroom. Balwinder says but. Bihaan says he will do. He picks the rice bag and is about to fall. Tina says Papa. Bihaan picks the rice bag on his back and goes upstairs. Sankara smiles and signs Shraddha. Shraddha asks Bihaan to keep bags in downstairs room.

Tina cries seeing Bihaan’s struggle. Bihaan gets down the stairs. Sankara asks Shraddha to get the rice bags kept in upstairs storeroom as downstairs storeroom is overloaded. Shraddha asks Bihaan to keep the bags in upstairs storeroom. Balwinder asks her to decide first. Shraddha taunts them for eating good earned with Dhruv’s money. Bihaan goes upstairs holding the rice bag and falls down. Tina and others rush to Bihaan. Pankaj says I will keep the bags. Sankara scolds him and asks him to keep the bags in upstairs room. Sankara scolds Balwinder and blames Thapki for all the happenings in Bihaan’s life. Shraddha asks Balwinder not to interfere between them and says she is making Bihaan do physical activity as Doctor adviced. Sankara tells Shraddha that these people are afraid of us. Shraddha says it is because of money power, and recalls Doctor asking them to bring Thapki to stabilize Bihaan’s mind and memory.

A fb is shown. Shraddha gives money to Doctor and asks him to tell Pandey family that if Thapki comes infront of Bihaan then he will die. Doctor says this is wrong. Sankara blackmails Doctor and says she will accuse him of molestation if he don’t agree. Doctor agrees. Fb ends. Shraddha says this pandey family believes us. Sankara says Thapki will never return and Bihaan will never be fine again. Thapki sees teddy and recalls Bihaan. She gets teary eyes and emotional.

Tina puts ointment on Bihaan’s wounds and cries. She stammers and Bihaan pats on her shoulder. He says you have done my bandage and my pain is gone. Tina hugs him and asks why he don’t tell anything to Shraddha and Sankara (mummy). Bihaan praises them and says whenever he gets unwell, Sankara gives him tablets and Shraddha takes care of all family members.

Thapki and Ashish come somewhere to cover the news. Thapki hears someone saying ghajab…She thinks he is Bihaan and goes near him. The man is talking on phone. Thapki looks on.

Thapki calls the man as Bihaan. He is busy on phone when a car hits him. Thapki is shocked and shouts Bihaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh!!!!Bihaan…really really painful to see you and Tina in this situation.Babuji and bhabhis were helpless because the Pandey family will move on the under control of shraddha.the most ruthless persons.Today’s episode will be cleared that Thapkis presence will be cured his state of we have to wait for that day.
    Precap…its not Bihaan…and the man get an accident also I think it willake some spark in Thapkis mind and Bani also says that she wants to meet her Pappa….I wish this valentinesday episode cvs maybe planned to show Thahaans meeting…so waiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hi…dear and dearest reshal,vino,garima,rinks,navami,sruti,anu,sandy , santhosh Bhai,kudrat how are you???pls share your comments.

  2. Are you kidding me the whole Pandey Nivas family are a bunch of girls, Blawinder should chuck them out or even Suman and Preetis husbands. They just stand there and watch, for the writers to pull out such stupid storylines they have to make half of them act like reatrds.

  3. Shraddha is such a hypocrite, she lived there even after Dhruv left, also how many doctors are they showing corrupt, what in India anyone can accuse people of rape to get their way and the police would what just take their word for it, ridiculous!

  4. I couldn’t understand.., why did SW always make issue of black-mail.. so easily to make someone did something wrong just because of money or fake accusation.. ? ?
    About precap.., please do not make Thapki has special relation with another man.. Unite Thapki & Bihan soon.. ?

  5. Vinolin.d

    shraddha you are very very bad person.I didn’t expect this.Sankara you are not loving bihaan trutly.that’s why you are torturing bihaan with shraddha.actually you have to go for mental hospital.idiot shraddha and sankara…surely bihaan will meet thapki one day.but he won’t die.he will get his memory back when he see thapki.then he will kicked out you both from pandey nivas.I am waiting for that moment.I am so worried about Tina and bihaan.but I am so proud about their love and care.
    and Sankara.. ..I want to tell this to you.last time when your truth revealed by thapki…they beats you by cow dung.but when your truth get revealed this time surely bani,Tina, and everyone’s beats you in cow dung.shraddha…its for you also.
    shraddha…you are fool.sometimes you are good.sometimes you are very bad.but you never change.

    hai pooja, garima,sruthi, reshal,Anu,Jo,naitan,kudrat,
    Ritz,juvi,sadia,navami,Leena,sri watta,and all my tpk friends…how are you?

    1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      hai vinolin,fine….i like scene thahaan with her daughter….sad but happy but they are separated…always to watch tpk because i’m sure, thahaan will be reunited…..

  6. Manish ki deewani

    hate u hate u hate u shradha and gobri devi sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much .u both r shameless women.shradha hw dare uhw u done all this whats the problem of urs .go to hell .dafa ho jao batameez horat now i hate u so much .
    bihaan its really painful to see u like this .i love hw tina take care of bihu .both r so cutie cutie.but i don’t like cvs that tina call sankri mummy .bani i hope u find ur dad soon .
    today thapki’s flashback is soooooo cute ,mr and mrs teddy bear.
    shasha said thapki only thapki cure bihaan but yesterday he reacted when he heard the name of thapkithan hw she cure him .i am confused .
    hello guys

  7. Where is VASUNDARA?

    1. See comment yesterday

  8. Gajjhab…..always punished my bihan. Cvs always torture my bihu and always separated them…..plisss cvs we want thahan reunited

  9. Very Good morning 2 all,
    wish u all very romentic valent’s day..
    miss u all..
    love u all..
    ritz, anu, garima, pooja prabha, reshal, juvi, navmi, vino, almambi, sakshi, vinni, fataroj, suhana, nany(NaiTan),leena, sulbhi, rifa,ratanmala,alia, kiran and all my sweet thahaan lovers…
    ase hi hamesha haste muskurat reho..

    aaj ka kya progr..m h…

  10. Waaw… Shraddha and sankar both cruel ladies rule.. this serial flashes only wrong people and work wins always… is it means that if u do wrong u will get definet success?? Thapki comes ..2 episodes runs smoothly then she againg go away from her husbnd and family.. then .. very easily 7 years goes and nobody changes there attitude and faces.. they still young and rest are cruel as cruel and kind as wastage material of family..
    Thapki is strongest part of serial but in each episodes she only cry and cry… the funny thing is that… koi bhi aata hai aur pandey pariwar ka ghantaa bajake niksl leta hai… suffer karti hai to bas thapki… yaar kuch aisa twist to batao ki thapki as a strongest heroin audience dekh paye… story itni bskwas bhi mat karo ki dekhaneme maja hi na aaye aur hum dekhna chod de….

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