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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki tells Vasundara how she has blessed her before, she asks for her blessings again. Vasundara blesses Thapki. Thapki says this is my Maa now and cries happily. Everyone smile. Thapki hugs Vasundara. She gives her Taj Mahal miniature in her hands and says this is for you. She says I got my love because of you. Vasundara recalls Thapki’s stammering and is angry seeing the Raj Mahal miniature. Vasundara goes to her room and is angry. She sits recalling how she missed to know Thapki’s stammering all the time. She says how did she made such a big mistake, everyone told me about it, Thapki herself told me, I misunderstood. He recalls the engagement and says no, I won’t let this marriage happen. Her inner self talks to her and asks why did she join this relation. Vasundara

says she hates stammering people. The inner self praises Thapki and tells how she is perfect for Dhruv. Vasundara says she has weakness and she is not perfect, I don’t want her for my son.

She says she is not Thapki’s enemy, she has pity for her. She says why should I have my son to bear insult because of Thapki, he has respect in society, why should he face people’s laughs and taunts, Thapki got habituated to taunts, I will not make her my bahu. She gets adamant of not making Thapki Dhruv’s wife, as she has pity for poor people too, she does charity and does not bring them home, she can give things to Thapki, not her house keys. She says Dhruv does not love Thapki, he is good hearted, he helps everyone so he is accepting her, he can’t get troubled by her.

Her inner self says its very ahead now, she can’t break relation now. Vasundara laughs and says she made the city vacant and got all doctors for Dhruv when he was ill, its about his life, I crossed all limits that time, I will do it today also, I will not hear anything now, I want Dhruv to be happy. She breaks the taj mahal. Thapki has a taj mahal miniature and says she will never let Dhruv go away from her. Dhruv comes to Vasundara and sees the miniature broken. She says it slipped. He asks did she get hurt. She says no.

He picks the pieces. She talks to him. He says he loves his mum a lot, but why is she asking. She says I feel something wrong is happening with you. He says till you and Thapki are in my life, nothing wrong can happen with me, I got life by you and a reason to live life from Thapki. He says if he did not get Thapki, or if she said no for this, or if Thapki goes away, maybe her son will not be able to live. She gets stunned. He says you gave me happiness by accepting Thapki with her weakness. She says you are my only son, I can’t see sorrow in your life. he says sorrows won’t come, as Thapki is in my life. He says he will get taj mahal repaired and asks her to rest. He leaves.

She says how to explain him, that Thapki will bring sorrows for him. She says she will see his less sorrow than lifetime sorrow. Krishnakant and Poonam talk to Thapki and spend moments to have memories with her before her marriage. They get emotional and give her tulsi plant. Poonam tells the significance and asks her to plant tulsi in her new home. Thapki cries and hugs them.

Vasundara thinks what to do and Bihaan comes to her. He asks whats she doing here. She acts rude. He asks is she fine. She says I m fine, leave from here. He says I feel you are worried. She asks him to leave her alone. He says I know you are unwell, I will call doctor for you, and holds her hand. Dhruv comes and asks them what are they doing here. Bihaan says she looks unwell. Vasundara scolds Bihaan angrily. Dhruv and Bihaan are shocked. Vasundara says I m not dead, it will happen what I want. She leaves. They look on stunned.

Dhruv asks Bihaan not to feel bad, mum has much work so she is in stress, they will help her and everything will be fine. He asks him to sleep. Bihaan thinks mum is much worried and maybe something happened which she does not like.

Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to prepare mehendi for Thapki. She says she will apply mehendi in Thapki’s hand. The pandit stops her and says this marriage can be risky for Dhruv’s life. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor bihaan… why this vasundara always hurting bihaan..

  2. Dhruv just love you.Now only your love can make Vasu understood that Thapki can only bring happiness.And precap is a question that how that pandit says so.I think Vasu told him to say that.

  3. At last vasundara started her drama to break druvki relation. Same nok joks… :p

  4. just hope …no cmnt

  5. Saswat Panigrahi

    Chalo is topic ko leke aur khinchenge? Mohurat ke time toh pandit bol raha tha k ye date bahoot acha mohurat hai av kya uska deemag jag gaya hai????

  6. ohhhh today’s episode boring… vasu g ap esa kesay keh sktiin h k Jo rook rook k boltay hn un ka dil saaf ni wo khd jaan booj k rook rook k ni bolti AGR ap k saath esaa hota to…

    1. haan haan haan …. boliye vasu g agr apke sath esaa hota to??

  7. bad episode..but. loved thapki part.. 🙂

  8. what this same story as they do engagement with one person and marriage with another person. There is no good story… boring……

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