Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu telling Shraddha that Thapki pyaar ki will be alive as Thapki and her love is true and real. She asks Doctor to check Thapki. Shraddha looks on shocked and angry. Doctor checks Thapki and says she is alive and says he will bandage her injured hands. Shraddha runs from there. Vasu asks Doctor to check Thapki and goes to Shraddha. She beats her with stick. Shraddha asks what you are doing? Vasu says I have rescued Thapki. Shraddha says you had bent infront of me and rubbed your nose. Vasu says it was just act and tells that she had tied chip in her dupatta to trace her which she got from Police. Shraddha says you have tied tracking device. Vas says yes, and says I have saved her and followed you. Shraddha runs. Vasu says your sins will end now and see a mum Vinashkari’s

roop. She takes Goddess’s trishul, opens her hairs and scares Shraddha holding it. Jai mata ki plays……

Shraddha asks Vasu to let her go and forgive her. Vasu says I shall forgive you so that you can ruin other’s happy family. She says you will be punished for all the crimes and is about to stab her the trishul. Balwinder comes and asks her to leave her and gives Thapki’s promise. Vasu throws the trishul away. Inspector arrests Shraddha and takes her with him.

Thapki returns home after being rescued by Vasu. She sees Bihaan’s clothes and shouts Bihaan. Thapki Pyaar Ki Plays…….She imagines him saying ghajab. Bihaan comes to her and wipes her tears. He says I told you not to waste these precious pearls. Thapki says Bihaan….Bihaan says he will not leave her so soon. Thapki hugs him and cries asking him never to leave her. She asks everyone told that…you have fell down and……Bihaan asks her to listen to her heart and says I will tell you when I will come. He hugs her and asks her to smile. He holds her hand. Ranjhana Ranjhana plays…………………He dances with her.

Thapki opens her eyes and finds herself on bed. Tina asks are you fine? Thapki says I was kidnapped by Shraddha. Vasu and Balwinder come there. Thapki says if you were not with me then don’t know what Shraddha would have done with me. She asks about Bani. Dhruv tells her that Police searched her, but she is not found. Thapki says she will go and search Bani. Suman asks her to take care and says it is destiny’s plan.

Thapki says I know whose plan it is. She goes to Police station and asks Shraddha to tell where is Bani? Shraddha says I am once again in jail, but happy that I have defeated you. Thapki says I wish you didn’t get hang sentence and wants you to be alive so that you can see Bihaan and Bani returning. Shraddha tells that Bihaan is dead and may be Bani too. Thapki says until she is having sindoor and mangalsutra, he will be alive. Shraddha says reality will not change. Vasu comes there and tells that Shraddha have done this and says our destiny is written by God. She asks her to accept and says we will not get anything fighting with destiny. Shraddha says nothing is left with her. Thapki says she has hopes with her and tells that she will get Bani and Bihaan. Vasu asks what you are saying? Thapki says my Bihaan is alive…Shraddha laughs and says even your saas left supporting you and asks what you will do now. Thapki says trust/believe makes everyone fine and tells that they will return soon.

After 15 years……………..

Vasu asks Servant to decorate the house and says Tina is having her birthday today and roka ceremony also. She calls Suman. Suman comes and says we shall do the best arrangements. Vasu asks did you call them. Suman says yes and says we shall be ready. She asks Servants to do work faster. Vasu sees Bihaan’s photo frame and tells that today is Tina’s roka and asks are you happy today. She says you went 15 years ago and says if you had not gone, then you would have seen her roka ceremony. She is about to put garland on his photo frame. Thapki comes and stops her. She is shown wearing mangalsutra and sporting sindoor. She takes garland from her hand and says I told you that this thing is not needed as Bihaan is alive. Vasu asks if he is alive then where is he? I asked you not to wear all this, and asks her to come out of her imaginative world and says Bihaan is no more in this world. Thapki says but he is there in my world and recalls spent with him, gets emotional.

Suman tells that Tina must be in her dance class. Tina is seen dancing on the song mohe rangde lal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi…reshu,anu,garima,sandy,navami
    Sruti,vino,rinks,santhosh Bhai…
    Kudrat…I am present…I hope all of you got the GPA winners list…Our Thahaan doesnot won the pair award…according to our point of view they are best pair forever…at the same time I feel proud about Monica…absolutely she deserve is the last episode of our shraddha bjabhiji…miss you Monica…hate you shraddha bhabhiji…
    I just comment today because of Bihaan…we have tobe blessed to see So much of Thahaan scenes today…so i wish to comment…Thapkis trust will always led to us to rethink or which will give us a ray of hope for the returning of Bihaan…anyway I am still waiting…whenever Manish rejoins I will comment properly….miss you sweeties…
    Take care…keep smiling…be positive…

    1. Heyyyyyy poooja M FOR MISSING YOU ALOT ❤❤
      And yes I heard about the GPA winner disappointed thahaan didn’t win but they were looking gorgeous togther ?? , monica deserve the award she really worked hard I hate shardda but love monica a lot ❤ about the episode she give me a hope that bihaan is alive , hopefully manish really return to the show as bihaan….I really want a happy ending for thahaan ?

      1. hola sandy .hw r u dear .me too upset when i heard about it .but i am so happy for monica di .i didn’t watch today episode .i will watch this tomorrow because of

      2. Hola reshal my dear am missing you alotttt am fine what about you ??
        and yeah watch it bihaan looks handsome in white shirt ?❤ finally we come to see bihaan after long days ?

    2. hello poo .hw r u .i miss u more and more dear .yeah i got it .i am super duper happy for Monica di .she deserve this .ys for us thahaan is the best couple .me too love monica di a lot yaar .take care .good night poo


      hiii pooja….

      1. SANTHOSH

        tum KERALA ho …..!!??

    4. Navami

      Hi pooja dr…happy vishu to u dr….r u from kerala…??

  2. It was just unbelievable..Handsome Manish on tpk all of a sudden….????.Hope it would have been real..But it just improved my confidence level of Manish returning to tpk on-screen..Waiting for his come-back..Moreover it’s our thapki who hints his return again and again….

  3. …….HAPPY VISHU……
    Dear friends……

    1. HAAPPY VISHU to u too .btw which festival is this .can u plz tell me ????

      1. SANTHOSH

        hiii DRS…?….. kaise ho…..!!!?????


        Vishu is a new year festival celebrated in the state of Kerala, India. It is similar to the New Year festivals observed elsewhere in India like Baisakhi(Punjab), Bihu(Assam), Naba Barsha(Bengal), Bisu (Tulu Nadu region in Karnataka) and Puthandu(Tamil Nadu). Vishu generally falls on April 14 of the Gregorian calendar. This occasion signifies the Sun’s transit to the zodiac – Mesha Raasi (first zodiac sign) as per Indian astrological calculations and astronomically represents the vernal equinox. “Vishu” in Sanskrit means “equal”. Therefore Vishu is more probably denoting one of the equinox days. Although Vishu (first of Medam) is the astrological new year day of Kerala, the official Malayalam new year falls on the first month of Chingam (August – September). However, 1st of Chingam has no significance either astrologically or astronomically. Chingam is the harvest season in Kerala and southern parts of coastal Karnataka.


        Vishu is in medam 1st which is a period of harvesting all the crops in kerala. So it is celebreated as a natural festival to express the hapiness in harvesting. And it is taken krishnan because of the relation between the lord krishnan and out nature. The lord krishnan was closly related and lived in the nature. So there is no lord which has closly related to the nature as krishnan. So lord Krishnan came in the vishu kani and the story of Vishu.

      2. Navami

        Happy and prosperous vishu to u all…thank u santosh bhai for explaining our festival…hai tpk r u all??

      3. And my birthday also falls on this beautiful day 14th April….Thank you to all those who have wished me…santosh bhai thank you for the collage….I got it

      4. Navami

        Happy happy birthday dr ritz

  4. Thapki is a imagination charactor, but Kudrat is not I’m sure Mani comeback..
    I think he comeback or take entry like dhruv nd thapki marrige time..
    so, don’t worry.. Or wait to see our new Manish goplani..

    I’m PRESENT nd what about u all..
    miss u all very badly..
    love you..

    mera chona babu reshal,
    do well in ur exam..
    totally focous on studies nd do hard work..
    best of luck
    take care..

    1. madam g presentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
      thank u jani wishes k liay
      tujhay pata hai ritz di ka birthf=day hai 14 ko


      ✋✋✋✋… present madam…. ?

  5. Hello hello hello everyone..
    how are you all..?
    pooja didi, reshal, santhosh bhaiya,suhana di, dewi,rifa,afshan,heera,leena,lucy,sulbi, silbi, anu, fataroj, shri, garima, nandy, NaiTan, kiran, alia,sakshi, mala di, alm,noor,arbaz bhaiya, shruti, vino, vinni, navami, rinku didi, juvi di, simi di, sandy di…

    if anyone left so plz forgive me or write ur name urself or tell me how r u all..

    wish u all very very very happy GOOD FRIDAY..
    nd enjoy ur holiday..

    keep cmt here only fr ur unseen friends..

    or very SORRY to all who don’t undestand
    I’ll try my best to use english words..

    1. Hey sweetheart I hope you are good want to tell you how much am exited to watch you in tv I even told my family that in 15 April at 11 morning cancel anything you want to watch in tv so I can watch you ??

    2. Hello kudrat
      How are you
      And see i am present today also

    3. Hai kudrat how are you?. In TPK i want only thahaan

    4. And one more thing Kudrat di
      Please dont call me bhaiya i am sorry to say i dont like it
      And surely i wouldsay i am younger than u
      I am 17

    5. hello temater .kesi ho jani .

    6. Happy Good Friday.., Kudrat.. ? ?

  6. Waiting for b for bani pandey… It ws quit emotional when i saw bihaan

  7. I just want thahaan scenes and tina is beautiful but that bani and kosi will make new drama as bani will be a ghazab villain and that kosi ,,kosi jab bhi aati hai badka baarh le ke aati hai

  8. They are probably leaving Bihaans character open in case they can get him to either come back or if the show gets cancelled show a happy ending. I wouldn’t want Manish to come back as a love interest for bani that’s just too weird! Also I’m assuming they won’t be showing Dhruv kids anymore as well as I’m sure Vasu said my only grand daughter. The pandey family was quite large and everyone has pretty much disappeared with no mention, only Bihaan is presumed dead and Shraddha in prison.

    In yesterday’s episode the writers were so unrealistic again, monty and prince were not scared of Bihaan or the police but they ran of because Kosi gave them a few hits, again absolutely ridiculous . After the leap no one has aged, Thapkis daughter looks the same age as her

    1. Lucy, yes, your comment is right. What happen about dhruv ‘s kids???

  9. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear pooja,garima,reshal,Anu,Jo,kudrat,Ritz,Leena,sruthi,sandy,Vinni,simran, juvi,naira,rifa,navami, and all my tpk friends how are you??? I am so sorry if I left anyone name. I am waiting for bihaan’s entry. I am very sad because thapki and bihaan didn’t get award. I don’t know why they are not getting award. I think there is some politics. I am so sad guys…

    1. hello di .hw r u .don’t be sad .for us thahaan is the best couple okay .now smile plz .but Monica di won award i am happy for her .tc di

    2. Yeah reshal is right don’t be sad they win our heart that most important than winning the award ❤

    3. Hai dear don’t get sad. For us thahaan is best couple.

  10. KUDRAT

    Happy birthday to you
    Jappy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to u…
    Wish u very happy birthday my dear sister..
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    Didi sister like u r DIAMONDS,
    They SPARKEL, they r priceless nd they r truly best best nd bestest friend….
    didi I wish u lots of great opportunites nd success in ur road of life…
    Di today is really beautiful day of ur life na when 100 of people
    That u don’t really know,
    Write CONGRAatULATION on ir
    Telly Page nd make u feel like a superstar!
    Didi honstly u r suchi suchi a big SUPERSTAR!!
    May u birthday be as special as
    u r special to all ur READERS..
    in every way!
    I wish u that all ur loved ones would be near u on this special day,
    Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY didi!!!

    Didi if u don’t mind
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  11. KUDRAT

    Coolest, Prettiest, Chiest,
    Smartest, Snazziest, warmest, sassiest…..
    Basically the bestest..
    Love you my RINKU di

  12. Tina looks so different and I’m presuming that bani is going to come back but evil and she is going to be as different as tina

  13. Danielle D'Souza

    After seeing today’s​ episode I understood how my grandmother felt when my grandfather died at a very young age and she had only her family and she had to bring up three children and all of them were very young I was crying today and my grandfather died because of black magic his colleagues had done black magic on him because they were jealous of him almost same story as thapki and you all tell why I support the CVS of tpk because the story of tpk is similar to my life’s story how in tpk thahaan are separated same way even my parents are separated difference is they are divorced like thahaan loved each other selflessly same even my parents loved each other selflessly how they remember moments even they remember moments spent with each other though they are divorced and how thapki has the belief that her family will be completed one day same way even I believe that my family will be completed you all tell na that such things never happen in real life but it is not true it happens like how thahaan were separated again and again same way even my parents were very again and again when I thought that my parents will be together and my family will be completed but something or the other separated them again and again my life is the reflection of tpk you all believe or not but it’s true whenever I watch tpk I see the reflection of my family my story is true please believe me you might be thinking it’s a joke my life is become a joke

    1. Your comment stop me for a little while but I believe your story it is really painful to see your family like this now I feel really bad for hating this show , Danielle don’t be upset am sure your family will return togther am really bad in advice but am trying my best to make you feel positive in life ???? don’t feel sad and be positive that your parents will return togther ❤

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