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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara telling Shraddha that its her failure of mindset and thinking. She says Thapki said right, I did not see Thapki apart from her weakness, and did not see Shraddha without her strength, now I have seen both of you being unbiased, I understood I was wrong, forgive me. Thapki says no. Vasundara says no, I was wrong, I felt those who stammer has bad heart, you proved you are very true, you stammer, but we have weakness in heart and mind too. You proved this weakness of stammering is very less, you are more good and true than the people who do not stammer, that’s why Lord supported you, today I accept infront of Mata Rani that I was wrong, I had weakness to not see Thapki’s good qualities, I m sorry.

She asks Thapki to place all idols and cover the winning chunri on the kalash. Shraddha thinks Mata Rani failed me, you know the result, my failure will become Thapki’s death cause, Thapki will die right now. Thapki goes to do puja. Thapki asks Vasundara to do puja. Vasundara says its your right. Thapki says you have won over your wrong mindset, its your victory too. Vasundara holds her hand and goes to do puja. Shraddha worries and thinks I want to kill Thapki, not this old woman, do something Mata Rani. Vasundara does puja. Thapki sees the stage shaking. The idol starts falling. Thapki pushes Vasundara way and screams. The trishul points towards Thapki. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked as idol falls, but trishul points to the ground, not Thapki. Thapki gets saved. Jai Maa kaali…..plays………… Shraddha gets angry seeing Thapki fine.

Thapki prays to Mata Rani. Vasundara shouts for Dhruv and Bihaan. Bihaan and everyone come there. Bihaan shouts Thapki and rushes to help her. Dhruv makes the idol back on the stage. Bihaan holds Thapki and she looks at him. He asks are you fine Thapki, did anything happen. She signs no. He looks at her and leaves her hands. Thapki asks Vasundara is she fine. Vasundara cries and hugs Thapki.

Dadi asks are you fine Vasundara. Vasundara says anything could have happened to me, Mata Rani idol was falling over me, if Thapki did not risk her life and save me, I would have… if anything happened to Thapki, then… Dadi says savior is bigger than enemy, Thapki saved you and Mata Rani saved Thapki. Shraddha thinks Thapki saved this old woman, now Vasundara will love her. Vasundara sees Thapki’s hand wounded and asks her to come for first aid. Thapki says I m fine, I will do the aid.

The man says you decided good to give this house for 10 lakhs. He asks Diwakar to sign. Diwakar signs and says I m donating this house. Krishnakant says own things are given in charity, not things which you have stolen. The man says you named this house back to Krishnakant. Aditi says we were owners of this house, and even now we are owners. Nirmal gets out of the role and gives papers to Aditi. She says he is actor, my friend, like you cheated us and took our house, we got our house back from you by cheat.

Thapki looks for medicine. Bihaan comes. She recalls Bihaan’s words. He says I helped you… she says I know, you would have helped any girl. He gets close. They look at each other. He takes something and goes. She does the aid to her hand. Bihaan gets some leaves. He says this wound won’t be fine like this, and applies the leaves juice on it. Thapki asks whats this, its burning, leave me. Shraddha looks on. Bihaan says this are herbal leaves, your pain will get high and wound will heal soon, I will be glad seeing you in pain. Shraddha goes. Bihaan says I don’t do this with any other girl. Thapki cries.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to call Thapki. Shraddha locks Thapki. Bihaan asks for room keys and says I m with you. Shraddha asks him to make sure that Thapki does not come out and gives keys to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. akhir mil hi gai thapki ko J 4 Jeet or J 4 Japki, vasu ki japki….

  2. So vasu turns positive now. That psyco shraddha is so evil. I just hope that vasu ain’t thinking of uniting thaapki and dhruv.

  3. Breaking news. ……….
    Suddenly TPK writer psycho hogaya…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is pat of love. …..!!!!!!!!????????
      No ………HATE OF LOVE………

  4. what is wrong with Bihaan.why is he arting dis way with thapki..i dnt like it at all..pls bring some changes in Bihaan plss

  5. o god i hate the precap
    hi mini123 me and gayathri became friend in this website [;-)

  6. hi gayathri y u r not commenting in IKRS page

  7. Hey guyzz any body here(in kolkata) felt the earthquake oh god!! I was so scared bihaan was about to apply the ointment when i felt my sofa shaking and without any second thought i went running out my house ( Shit! I missed the scene).

    well coming to the show What the hell happened in the precap. Bihaan with shraddha… How can he do this??

    1. mineey r u fine yar plz take care yar
      the earthquake come here also but at night or Midnight i m fine hows u

      1. i am fine anu Thanks yarr for asking me actually i hate this earthquake kind of thing So i was a little bit scared. well what to do i always get afraid of little things.
        Start from cocroach to every other insects. I only know how to get afraid!!! Aah!! Leave me.
        how about u dear?? where do u live??

    2. Hey mineey and anu I heard about the earthquake stay safe

  8. Ohh god!!!!! Plz writers don’t turn bihaan into a negative like shraddha….. And the worst thing is bihaan is helping shraddha…. Poor thapki….hate this track plz writers unite thahaan soon.

  9. 1st they show a caring was good to see him care for Thapki when she was beneath the idol..and then suddenly so much of anger..! I mean this is way should not be so much harsh..! If someone loves the other person they can’t see them in pain..and here he loves seeing her in pain.! Kindly note I am not talking of Manish and Jigyasa bcoz as actors they are amazing and I am watching it for them only?, I am talking abt the character bihaan that the writers are showing.! It’s not at all right.? I don’t know what they want to love seriously so weak?? Don’t know what is the definition of love for writers..???? Poor thapki..she is so good and innocent always trying to spread love and end hatred..! ??? But the good part is vasu is good now. She understood thapki is the best ??

    1. I believe like you that he does care for her, but he needs to grow up. he was more mature in the cowshed…:(

      and they need a new writing team, maybe someone from fanfiction…

      1. Yes, the cowshed scenes were the best..! It was good to see him support her so much. That’s what she wants now also. But he is like believing shraddha and not letting her explain too..???? and Yes the writers either need to be changed or the current writers should write something more interesting. ?And yes these fanfiction writers here write better stories..???

  10. This is my last episode. ……
    I quit this serial…….

  11. Bihaan is joining hands with shraddha..:(

  12. Y this bihaan doing this…:(:(…I’m not watching dat serial varsha…I’m watching naagin, TPK, kasam, udaan and krishdasi…Hi appy I’m good…how r u???…mineey take care yaar…and hi all

  13. Bihaan is so mean by helping the charel shraddha i hope he changes his behaviour….. I just want to kill shraddha

  14. It’s Been almost a month since i m not watching this show but I m thinking to watch this episode , because Bihaan may behave super bad but he won’t be this bad he may hate Thapki but he will never stoop so low by supporting Shraddha. I m sure this maybe his plan.

    1. Hi there fatarajo How are you? I hope that you’re right about bihaan that it just mayby his plan.

    2. I totally agree with u dear….Bihaan kitna bhi gussa ho thapki se wo kabhi bhi shraddha se haath nahi milayega. ..wo bhi thapki ko hurt karne ke liye. way…..wo bas thode gussa hai lekin thapki ke liye uska pyaar abhi bhi dik raha hai

      1. i also hope the same. fingers crossed

  15. Poor episodes…. ??
    Bihaan turning negative…. and joining hands with that witch shraddha !! so irritating news. I think now Vasu will try to get back Thapki in Druv’s Life. Bihaan &Shraddha will provoke Vasu to do this by their tricky plans against Thapki….
    I love Thahaan flights but not like this. Bihaan is torturing Thapki mentality and Physically???

  16. Well me too felt vety bad about Bihann’s attitude towards Tapki…He shouldn’t join with Sharadha…I hope there is no twist between Thahaan…I want them to be unite but when? Is it possible?…

  17. i read in sbs….later bihaan will open the door and bring thapki back , as shradha was useless, she cant even recite durgachalisa

    1. Yeah he is only going to open the door for vasu sake

  18. happy for thapki vasundhara accepted her
    kickout shrada from seriel please ✌


  20. thapki always rant bihaan you did a big crime and says that i wil not forgive you ,when it comes to vasu how can she forgive vasu so easily and vasu was acting like she has not did any crime and not even feeling guilty and all of a sudden vasu has turned into a positive character there is no justice in the show they only showing how to tortute a female lead in different ways no i cant watch this show anymore

    1. this is so true after all is it Vasu who started this “hate game” for her own selfish reasons and encourage Sharadha in that nonsense first off Sharadha was married to Dhruv because”mama said to do so” therefore Dhruv is to blame as much as Vasu, for not being a man and not standing by his woman (Thapki) ,Sharadha is barely a victim as much as Thapki and Bihaan.

    2. So true why isn’t Vasundra punish more?
      For all she did b yet get off that easily why becuz she is the man of Pandey house!.. well the man’s are acting like lil girls can’t even pickup for themselves or even speak up. Very lamo script …. who wants to be torture this much to gain ppl loved n respect? Very disturbing lesson.

      Bihaan doesn’t understood love.
      yet to learn 😉

      1. SAvi you are so correct about Bihaan.He behaves so childish always looking to be pampered by his parents in reality no woman such even consider marrying any man of this nature it would be like having to look after a child and hopes he don’t throw a tantrum whenever thing don’t go his way what is with all this anger if someone don’t share the same feelings as you?. Grow up and get a job before looking to be someone husband after all can’t live on love alone.

  21. I hope bihan will open the door for thapki & fool shraddha.

  22. I think behaan is with that whitch bcoz so that he can get the truth out from her mouth or something like that.

  23. Bihan is not joining hand with shradhha. This iz his plan to take the key from shradhha. Shraddha nevr will gt success. Now we dont need her anymore in this show. Pls writter kick her out from this show. * Ya gayathri m also fine…

  24. Please change bihans rudeness

  25. Where can u find upcoming twists

  26. Hi jab bihan mila tab sas nahin mili ab jab sas mili to bihan ko kya ho gaya……….

  27. What is Vasu up to?? Don’t trust her at all.

    sharddha is just a psycho,

    Bihaan is acting like a child who has been told not to a new toy. He does care about Thapki, which you can see when he rushes to help her but he is conflicted by a why should I care when she doesn’t mentality which is when he turns in the spoilt brat that we saw today,

    What Bihan doesn’t realise is that just because he loves Thapki doesn’t mean she should or will love him back. Dhruv doesn’t understand that yes Thapki loves him but that they can’t go back to what they had before she was betrayed in what should have been their wedding day. Shraddha thinks that Dhruv should love her because she is better than Thapki. Vasu thinks that she is some sort of god and therefore everyone has to love her.

    Considering the title has Pyar in it, the only one who understand what try love actually is is Thapki. Everyone else has a warped selfish view of it. Thapkinisbthe only one who unconditionally respects and loves people and acts without any expectation of anything in return.

    Today’s epi was just weird. Shraddha really thinks Bhagwan will help her sneaky evil tricky ways; Bihan behaved badly again, Vasu… Goodness knows why she,s suddenly so aware of Thapki,s goodness. And Thapki, yet again on the receiving end of everyone’s weirdness,

    Oh and the tennis match between divaker and Aditi continues as a YAWNSOME filler.

    The precap was depressing, Bihan never liked shraddha and had her figured out from day 1 and suddenly he’s siding with her.


    1. Very well stated..i have stopped watching the show. But I have been reading the update’s here and there. After reading today’s update you are correct, now they are making another mate for the ugly witch sharrada aka Bhiaan???

      And by the way what is up with the wanting to kill thapki thoughts this chick has. Does no one think this is over the top phsyco. like boil a rabbit phsyco.. I mean really this chick is going to extreme to KILL someone???

      she needs to locked away far a padded cell.

      but before that let thapki slap her…lol

      1. Parvini, shraddha is definitely a bunny boiler. And yes padded cell would be the best place for her. Gosh, can you imagine if she ever did become a mother… It would be like Vasu part 2.. Scary!

      2. Hi nimisha how are you? What you’ve said in above comment is absolutely correct, Well executed. And yeah I can imagine when shraddha becomes a mother she will be exactly like vasu or maybe worse. Actually have you seen the movie child’s play? She reminds me of chucky the psyco doll.

      3. Hi Anjum, nice to see you here ?

        I haven’t seen child’s play as I can’t watch horror films as I,m too much of a scaredy cat, but I do know chuck the doll and yes you are right. She is exactly like that.

        I sometimes wonder is Vasu wears a wig as she has that Dracula type of hairstyle. ?

      4. Sharddha is so evil she is actually challenging the goddess what is wrong with that creep?I think Vasu has creating a she devil that she can no longer control.

      5. Ha ha ha lol yeah you’re right I think she does wears a wig that makes her look like a drucula in fact just imagine she left her hair open and she’s looking like the mother from the movie addams family. I do watch horror movies but it gets scary I just change the channel. The scariest movie I watched was the exorcist, oh my I was that scared that I avoid going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

      6. Anjum, you are more brave than me. Those sorts of things play on my mind. A lot!

  28. The story line is becoming highly complicated …I hav literally stopped watching it

  29. Hmmm great episode about time Vasundra open her eyes n side with the truth n see who really cares. She worship Shraddha and even her favorite bahu didn’t even drop a tears or even try to push her off the way wow! I believed Bihaan still wants Shraddha to be exposed that’s why siding with her ……. WINK WINK for a longtime it’s indeed an great episode today 🙂

  30. A few days go one of our friend wrote that, bihaan does not like women, considering the way he is walking , speaking , and moving his hands , I thing our friend was right.

    I am so happy , as more and more of people , are seeing the very wrong , meaningless and unacceptable thapki story, which is fault of those selfish and irresponsible , writer, producer and director.

    Now it is nearly two months that I deserted watching Thaki, but I read Amena’s writing , to see how much more , those three responsible people, are going , stretch , this childish , unreal , and like a poison for the young generation story , as all the crimes has been ignored like the unsuccessful plan of killing Thapki by poisoning her, and the criminals (mother and sister in law) could get away every time , and hoping the miracle happens,
    and the story have a fair and acceptable THE END.

    1. not only Bhiaan but dhruv as well . its a really bad director telling these guys how to act, cause its not coming across right.. just not right 🙂

      and considering neither of them have been intimate with their wives/they run out the door every time they touch their supposed love interest, WHAT are the directors doing??.

      1. To be honest I think the writers or directors has gone psyco like shraddha. Just because vasu turned positive it doesn’t mean that we should forget what she done in the past. Will she even get exposed for what she did? I don’t know what to say but I do know that maybe the writers and the directors has gone psyco that’s why they are showing too much of negativity.

  31. actualy.. Ya nimisha i totaly agree with u. The concpt is very poor. All charactr r lyk a puppet.

  32. Oh bihaan sir vasu ne bahut rely kar di thapki ko samajne mein but apko kya heua? Us pagal chudel bhoothni khadoos shradha ke sath hath mila rahe ho? Bhad mein jaye WO manhoos bhoothni ap math bhago us pagal me peeche

  33. Bihan agar aaj kuch gadbad kiya to dekhlena we all hate u

  34. Even I feel it is Bihaan ‘s plan to expose shraddha. ..kyunki muje lagta hai bihhaan ko doubt hai ki thapki ke kurta fatne mein or devi ma ki moorthy girne ke peeche shraddha ka haath hai. ..

  35. what is ur prblm bihan the reason tat u hate tapki is ,she talking against ur lord(ma) but now they r thick saas baahu……

    1. U r rite mallutty…Bihaan ka problem solve ab tho thahaan ke beech sab kuch teek ho sakta hai na…? Muje lagta hai bihaan ka problem tho teek hoga ya lekin director or writer ji ke problem kuch aur yi hai….Hehe. ..

  36. Same here

  37. The thing is this could be a really good show. But they need to just move it on and forward.

    Thapki is supposed to be an educated intelligent young woman but all she is seen doing is being mistreated by everyone. She is a good character but she shouldn’t be in the house. She should be at work, still working for dhruv’s tv show. That was where her passion was when the show first started.

    Dhruv,s character has always been shown as going after baddies and reporting injustices, yet in the house he seems to witness injustices and just quietly, angrily storms off.

    Bihans character was moving along in a good direction, but has stopped developing now. The way he treats Thapki is awful. She lied to him yes, but I was super disappointed in him on the day he still defended Vasu when Thapki said she knew the truth of what Vasu did on the wedding day. To be honest, if he can’t be seen to be changing his view on his ma/Bhagwan, where can the story go?

    I like the Bahu,s but Preethi has been missing for about 2 weeks. Suman doesn’t really hav much to say. Neither do Dadi or Bauji.

    It’s become the shraddha Vasu show with Thapki being the target of their ridiculousness.

    I am sticking with the show in the hope it improves. Nit sure where the siptory will go next but I am hopeful that it will move in a good direction. I still look forward to it and I think the whole ‘everyone has a kami’ concept is a good and important one.

    Anyway, sorry for my long ramble. Just want the show to be better than it currently is. Please let it be.

    1. Oh gosh, I hate that show but I can totally aging them being on it. They are a very distinction all family. ???

      Jeremy: so Dhruv why didn’t you marry Thapki
      Dhruv :Thapki Thapki Thapki, (storms off!)
      Jeremy :so Bihan why did you marry Thapki? How could you be sooo bad
      Bihan : CHUPPPPP!! don’t you dare say a word about my ma she is my god!
      Jeremy : chilllll Bihan. Vasu, why didn’t Dhruv marry Thapki.
      Vasu: I dunno, how do I know, I was… Errr I was… Not there ( pulls a silly face)
      Shraddha meanwhile crouches behind Jeremy trying to saw off the legs of his chair.

  38. Hey nimisha you say shraddha vasu show but just imagine them all in Jeremy kyle show.

    1. Hi anjum I m fine how r u ? And lol Jeremy Kyle show hahaha

    2. Oops Anjum, I replied to you in the wrong place, sorreeeee! ?

    3. Hi fatarajo I’m all good thanks. So are you in Singapore now? So how’s the weather like there. Up here in London the weather is good these days.

      1. Whoops sorry Londoner not Londonderry lol

    4. Hey nimisha it’s ok don’t worry.?

    5. Hey Anjum, you’re a Londoner too? I,m a just outside of London Londoner. ?

      1. Yeah I’m a Londonderry, I live in East London.?

    6. Sorry Londoner not Londonderry ?

  39. I live in birmagham

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