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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv stopping Bihaan and Thapki from playing dandiya. Bau ji asks Dhruv what is he doing. Ashwin brings Ghanshyam there. Bau ji asks why did Ghanshyam come here. Dhruv says Thapki and I have exposed him and Bau ji got him arrested, he has come to take revenge.
He says this aarti plate has bomb. They all get shocked. Vasundara checks the plate and they see the bomb in it. They all get worried. Dhruv says Thapki and Bihaan’s dandiya sticks has the detonators, if the sticks collided, the bomb would have blasted.

Bihaan asks Ghanshyam how dare he do this. Ghanshyam pushes them and takes the sticks. A stick falls and they all catch him to stop. Thapki sees the aarti plate. She takes the plate from Bau ji and Vasundara. She runs outside the house. Ghanshyam takes

the other stick, till Dhruv and Bihaan turn to see Thapki. She sees a small garage far from home and runs there. Ghanshyam says he will collide the sticks if they come ahead. She keeps the bomd inside the garage and puts some sand bag on it. She tries covering the bomb with many bags and things.

Ghanshyam hits the sticks and garage blasts. They all hear the sound and get shocked. Bihaan and everyone run outside to see Thapki. Bihaan gets shocked seeing the garage ablaze. Dhruv beats up Ghanshyam. Thapki is caught in the fire and worries. Bihaan sees her inside and takes a blanket. He wraps himself. Thapki shouts for help. Bihaan gets inside and lifts her. She asks why did he come here. He says to play dandiya with you, I came to save you. She asks him to go. He says come with me, no time to joke. Her foot is stuck. The family looks on and cries. Bihaan tries freeing her foot. Bihaan faints. Bihaan frees her foot and lifts her. He says Thapki….. and shakes her. She opens eyes and looks at him.

Dhruv comes and shouts Thapki. Thapki closes eyes. Vasundara stops Dhruv. Dhruv runs inside. Bihaan sees a fire rod falling on them. Dhruv holds it with his hands and sends Bihaan and Thapki out. He throws the rod and comes out. Bihaan asks Thapki to wake up. She gets conscious and everyone ask is she fine. Vasundara asks Dhruv why did he go inside. Dhruv says I m fine, is Thapki fine. She sees his hand burnt and asks Bau ji to call doctor. They all worry seeing Dhruv’s hand severely burnt. Thapki sees Dhruv. Bihaan looks at Thapki and Dhruv.

Bihaan recalls Dhruv getting his hand burnt to save them. He comes to Dhruv and sees his wound. He asks Dhruv to drink wine to get relief from pain. Dhruv is annoyed. Bihaan serves the drink to him. Dhruv drinks and cries. Dhruv asks shall I say something, whatever you did, leave it, Thapki and I, leave it, I don’t have to say, Bihaan says I did a mistake, big one. He apologizes to Dhruv.

Ghanshyam says Dhurv flopped my plan. His son says now I will take revenge, tomorrow will be last day of Dhruv’s life. Varun washes face and asks Poonam for water. She says there is no water even in kitchen. Varun goes out and sees Diwakar. The police comes and sees them arguing. Diwakar lies to inspector and gets Varun scolded. Varun fumes.

Vasundara tells Dadi that Bihaan jumped in fire, why did Dhruv jump then. Dadi says I feel Thapki made place in Bihaan’s heart, else who jumps in fire. Bihaan hears this. Dadi says relation is formed when two people stay together, then it gets strong that no one can break it. She wishes Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage turns into true relation, they always stay together.

Bihaan argues with Thapki and holds the watch. He asks how did she touch his watch and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Both the brothers are trying to save THAPKI… Wow… But Dhruv has suffered a lot..His hands are burnt…

  2. Sooo Fast update… Thank you… AMENA…

  3. now one more twist great well i like it .

  4. b 4 bihaaan ur rockzz… Lv uh

  5. Love blossom in thapkis eyes …
    luv u thahaan

  6. i like thapki&bihan

  7. Awesome episode brillent I just love it from the bottom of my heart

  8. Love it bipki is the best

  9. Thapki Bihaan…:) <3

  10. Sachme I love this episode. Bahuth dinomke badh Sachme Muje lagaki bihaan ke manme thapki kelia feelings badrahahe. Usdhin thapki kelia marpit kana aur aaj sab ke pehale thapki kelia dhodna aur life risk karke bacha…. fire me thapki jab behosh padthina thab bihaan thapki thapki aank kolo esab karthena muje lagaki bihaan dhil se karahihe aur dhonom akdusaroum ko esa dhektheki bichme pyaar ho. Infact druvu ko be esa lagathaki bihaan thapki kelie ethana kyom kiya epuchanachahathahe lekin puchnahipathe. Muje bahuth achilagi esab. mechahathihu dhonom ki bich pyaar badaneka Aur hamesha kelie bihaan tapki sath rehaneka.

  11. nice epi…… i like bihaan thapki.i want more romance thahaan

  12. Dipshikha sonowal.

    Thapki n bihaan vry swt couple… Unn dono kaur hamesha saath rakhna…

  13. nice episode I loved it. pls thapki start like him. really u both of u rocking……….. bihaan really superrrrr rrrr……. pls start lvr her. pls dng do this ……… she s ur wife so pls…………. director don’t separate bihaan n nd thapki.

  14. Rockstar Khaza

    I Love Bihaan character very much..
    His style & attitude are Superb

  15. Guys…,Today Dadi said something unwanted… She says,”I think Bihaan is feeling for Thapki. ELSE,WHO WILL JUMP IN FIRE?” TIf thapki can risk her life by taking the Arti plate to save whole family,then what would happen if Bihaan tries to save her??? Thapki loves her family a lot… Does it need love to save someone who had saved his full family??? Really… Dadi’s saying was selfish one… I hope you guys won’t misunderstand me….It can be Dhruv or Bihaan to save her as they are main carecter, I have no problem… But… Dadi was wrong today accroding to me…

  16. Awww!
    Wat an awesome episode…..Bihaan u really vr some feelings fr thapki…pls accept it n i hope this time directr saab wont separate bipki

  17. Bihaan and Thapki rocks

  18. I like Bihaan and Thapki…waiting to c their love…ESP.. Bihaan in love

  19. Bihaan and Thapki..fall in love soon

  20. thapki start like bihaan……..come soin thapki bihaan fall in lvu ……

  21. HeHe… thapki in double trouble Brits… HeHe..;)

    1. You are here??? Adi…

  22. guys simply just dont say want bihaan and thapki ….keep urselves in thapki’s place.. if anybody would hav married u by cheating …we would not even like to see him how can she accept him as his life partner…so wat if cheating was done for his mom…cheating is cheating…..joining thapki bihaan also by d reason tht ‘marrige happnd by cheating but now it should continue will pass vry wrong unfair msg..

  23. suprb jodi……….bihaan thapki.

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