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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara thinking to reveal Vani identity truth being Thapki to everyone. She thinks to inform everyone. Just then she imagines her old avatar talking to her, and asking her not to tell anyone about Thapki. She tells that everyone will accept Thapki and will apologize to her and Kosi will go to jail. She asks her to decide and not to tell anyone if she wants to get Bihaan. Sankara shouts asking her to go, and thinks to search the letter which Thapki wrote for Bihaan, but he didn’t get it till now. She says it must be with Kosi. She comes to Kosi’s room and opens the cupboard. Kosi wakes up and asks her what is she searching so late in the almari. Sankara says she is searching for jasmine oil. Kosi says it is late night, and asks her to take it from the table. Sankara

thinks she has to get that letter at anyhow.

Kosi asks Bihaan, what he is thinking? Bihaan says he is ready to marry Vani, and says it is for my betterment. Kosi blesses him and tells that our family will be rich now. She thinks to take revenge from him and Pandey family once she gets Vani’s property. Thapki thinks to check if Bihaan gets her pregnancy letter or not. Bihaan throws flowers on her smilingly. Ranjhana plays……………Thapki looks on. He comes to her and says I will filled happiness in your life and won’t let anything wrong happened with you. Vani says I won’t let that happen as I am vani and not thapki. Bihaan says I am sure that you are Thapki. Later Bihaan reads the newspaper news that a husband couldn’t protect his wife and baby. Bihaan gets angry at the man and praises wife for giving birth to baby. He smashes the paper and throws it on floor. Thapki sees his reaction and thinks may be Bihaan is innocent and haven’t read the letter.

Aditi tells servant that she will fill haldi in the box. Dhruv comes there and touches her. Aditi smiles, and it is her imagination. Shraddha comes and asks if she is recalling Dhruv’s touch, and holds her hairs hurting her. She calls her shameless. Aditi writhes in pain. Vani comes there and asks Shraddha, how dare she to touch Aditi? She says this means you had locked her in fridge. Shraddha accepts to her crime and says she was fortunate to get saved. Kosi asks what wrong did she do? Shraddha says she is doing the same thing which her sister did, she is coming between Dhruv and me, and snatching him from me. Dhruv comes and says you are snatching me from her, and you are the one who is coming between us. Shraddha is shocked.

Dhruv announces that he loves Aditi. Thapki is also shocked. All family members are shocked. Dhruv says we both love each other. Preeto says since when and how? Dhruv says I just know that nobody can come in my life now. Shraddha tells that Aditi have trapped him, and that’s why he is taking her side. Vasu asks Shraddha to mind her talk as she has lost right to speak anything about Dhruv after divorce. She praises Aditi’s values. She asks Aditi if Dhruv is saying right. Aditi hesitantly says yes. Vasu says if this is the case, I will not repeat the mistake which I had done with Thapki. I took her many tests. She says I will accept Aditi and get them married with Bihaan and Vani at the same mandap. She says if Aditi becomes my bahu then I will think that Thapki returned to me.

Dhruv asks Thapki to tell truth to Bihaan. Thapki finds the letter in Bihaan’s wallet and tells Dhruv that she will punish him. Later she sees Sankara in Bihaan’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Garima

    oh confusing.

  2. Its a nice episode specially Thahaans scenes.But Friends I just upset when I see the precap.Really confused and Shankar you just want to killing us for your cheap and stupid actions.Disgusting character.
    Oh!god…finally Dhruv has to get his real partner but our shraddha bhabhiji!!!!
    So much of excitement for seeing Mondays episode iam not able to find any word to express my eagerness.
    Guys…Reshal,garima,vino,santhosh,sruti,Jo…how are you????I wish my buddies are also thrilled…

  3. Vinolin.d

    pls writers end this misunderstanding track.I hate u dare you to think about bihaan.

  4. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja,garima,anchel,sadia,manish ki deewani,die for manyasa,joylin,fidri…and my all tpk friends comments plz…

  5. Sankara spoiled everything….
    She more crooked than shraddha…

  6. I focus for bihan face… he so cute…
    I really prefer shradda than aditi…
    Shradda dedicated her talents for tpk shows. Shradda is the best actress.
    Shankar…..hmmm…I don’t like her anymore. She irritating this shows. When shradda come between thapki, bihan and dhruv, I enjoyed to watch this serial. But now when shankar and kosi’s tracks it so boring yaarrr..

  7. Garima

    oh ya guys it becomes some irritating but thapki pyar ki is my bestes show.

  8. I hate you Sankaraa ???,, please end this misunderstanding…

  9. Please…please director end this misunderstanding.Make thapki/vani know the truth that bihaan dont know about the letter.Dont make this story become boring.

  10. I don’t particularly care for Aditi and Dhruv romance, they don’t have the chemistry of thahaan, Aditi had better chemistry with Bihaan before his marriage to Thapki. I don’t know why Shraddha keeps going after Dhruv he rejected her whilst they were married so he wouldn’t accept her now. Shraddha always blames others first Thapki, now Aditi when really she should be taking out her anger on Dhruv he is the one who used her and only married her to hurt Thapki, which backfired on him.

    The writers on one hand make Thapki look so clever but then make her seem so dumb if Bihaan knew about the pregnancy surely that is the first thing he would have asked Vaani when he was trying to prove that she was Thapki.

    Enough with all the misunderstandings, getting ridiculous

  11. Well said Lucy!
    I wonder why pandey family is still keeping sankara and sharadda in the house despite of knowing that they are the enemies of two rightful bahuz of the family ..
    Kosi should make sankar leave the house and vasu must kick shardda out.

  12. iam a huge tharuv fan…but now thank god to groom change drama…bcoz…adithi…looking gorgeous and nyc pair with druv…now druv get perfect partner…love u adhiruv…she educated,beautiful…so many qualities she have….she is gd for druv…dear cvs…dont make any oher drama in mrriege of adhiruv& thahan….I think sankara & sradha joint hand together…

    adiruv …nyc…
    anyway …

  13. Manish ki deewani

    Pooja I’m too excited 4 tomorrow’s episode but writers plz clear the misunderstanding of thahaan soon hi pooja garima santhosh Bhai vino shruti .

  14. Hate Sankara how daring she is

  15. I like druvh and thapki. I don’t like aditi, no chemistry.

  16. Here we go, too much drama will begin again

  17. stupid sankar, how dare you?

    stop this misunderstanding pleeeeeeaseee… i want bihan and thapki reunite again

  18. 12/11/16

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