Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with hot ghee falling over Thapki’s arm. She screams and cries. Bihaan comes and asks what happened. She says this hot ghee burnt my hand. He checks and asks who has heated this ghee. He takes her out and sees her hand. He gets water pipe and puts on her arm. She stops him. The water falls over both of them, and they have an eyelock. She says she is better now. He asks how did this happen. She says Shraddha told me to get ghee box, as Dadi has got it kept there. Bihaan says why will Dadi keep hot ghee, it means someone wanted you to go there and this hot ghee box falls on you. She says if this is true, we can get something from storeroom, come. They rush to see. Bihaan says light has gone. She says light was not coming. He checks and says someone removed the bulb.


fixes the bulb and they check the room. They get shocked seeing the wire and threads. She says she stepped on the thread and ghee fell on her. He says it was fixed here to hurt you, but who would do this, find something else. Thapki sees the mehendi marks on the wall. She sees the design and says she has applied this design to Shraddha. He gets shocked. She says it means Shraddha has done this.

He says Shraddha did this, I had doubt on her, she wanted to take revenge of rangoli matter, she had made Suman and Preeti fall. She says it means she has shut Preeti in cupboard. He says think to which extent can she go, Shraddha is not good for our family and Dhruv. Dhruv should not marry Shraddha. She says yes, you are right, Shraddha is not good, I m really sorry. He asks what did you say. She says I m sorry Bihaan, I did not listen to you. He teases her to say again. She says sorry. He says his heart got peace, he can’t express. She says we will go to Vasundara and tell the truth. He says great, come.

Shraddha has a scissor in hand and stares Vasundara. Thapki and Bihaan come there. They get shocked seeing Shraddha with scissor. Shraddha cuts a white hair and says just one hair, now your hair look perfect. Vasundara thanks her and asks Thapki to see how Shraddha is taking care of her. Shraddha thinks she will not leave Thapki, if she comes in her way. Vasundara says I m lucky to get such good bahu. Shraddha gifts Thapki and Bihaan, and acts sweet. Bihaan refuses for the gift. Vasundara and Shtaddha insists and he accepts the gym membership card.

Dhruv comes and Shraddha talks to him. Dhruv gives her a gift, and asks her to see. Dhruv looks at Thapki. Shraddha checks Mauritius tickets and asks is this our honeymoon tickets. She gets glad. She thanks Dhruv. Dhruv says I have to look after your happiness, as you are my to-be wife. Shraddha says I will leave, and come tomorrow on time as its my first diwali here. She leaves. Bihaan and Thapki look at Dhruv.

Thapki and Bihaan are in their room. She thinks to tell Dhruv about Shraddha. Bihaan does exercise there. She asks why is he doing fast. He says his mind works fast. She asks what did he think. He says Vasundara blindly believes Shraddha, and Dhruv got honeymoon tickets, I wanted to expose Shraddha, but she has done magic on everyone. She says now we have to show them the truth. He asks how.

She says we have to think that. He says think fast, we have to stop the marriage. She asks him to think. He says we will think and expose her together. He thinks what did I say, now Thapki will scold him. She says what you did with me, I m helpless to do husband wife acting, but I will support you with heart in this work. He says even he agrees for this union to expose Shraddha. They shake hands. Suman sees them and smiles. She leaves. Thapki says we will bring out Shraddha’s truth out in this diwali.

Bihaan gives a dress to Thapki. He says he made plan to play card, and challenge Shraddha, this dress has glass, I will see Shraddha’s cards by the glasses, as you will stand behind her, I will make her lose and anger her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode
    thahaan together a mission.i wish they r together forever
    luv u thahaan???

  2. Can anyone tell me how to write a fanfiction on this because i want to write one

    1. Wish u best yar..
      but I dnt knw how to wrote ff in this site.
      can anybody tell to Priya plzzzzzzzz
      we need a thahaan ff

  3. No comments

  4. Hare bihan ji takes a efforts to unite thapki and dhruv like shradhas matter.

  5. Wow nice episode……..
    Druv is so arrogant towards Thapki…
    Atlast Bihaan and Thapki teams up to expose shraddha I like that..
    Expose real face of shraddha Thahaan

  6. nyz..epi..

  7. I really happy to see bihaan thapki together to expose shradha truth infront of their family. But i happy evil shradha role involved this seriel. She make a bihaan thapki comes to closer. Bihaan u r like innocent hero.

  8. I waiting for diwali epi for the seriel.

  9. thahaan unite to expose sharadha wow……..suprrrrr epi…….

  10. i love u….. Bihaaaaaaan……….

  11. Bihaan n Thapki rocks,@Ramya, I have replied to your comment under yesterday’s swaragini written update.

    1. Yes veena I saw that msg… I wil check out thanqqqq
      T t t t Thapki and b b b b bihaaan rocks

  12. Dhruv thapki ko milado plzzzzz..

  13. Very nice episode,precap is also interesting.Bihan you are really a fabulous actor,iam a great fan of you………Thahaans acting were absolutely awesome.Iam very excited for watching their unification.writers pls unite them.

  14. Oh atlastbThapki n BiHaan togethdr fr a mission atleast..Luv u Thahaan rocks

  15. I think after shraddha’s departure thapki n bihaan will go to Mauritius…:)
    Nice thahaan scenes…*_*

  16. shakti swarup

    Bipki rock …….i lv u bihaan shrif tumhare liye main serial dekhta hun………..very gd epic

  17. Good epi…….

  18. I want druv and thapki together
    But by the looks of it thapki is more interested in bihaan now
    Not good

  19. Thahaan rocks
    happy to see both r together in expose shraddha. Vasu and shraddha is arrogant eagerly wtng todays episode

  20. Nice epi finally thahaan are 2gether 2 xpose shradha ,i wish they always stay together in real life too ….. It seems they r made for each other. Love u thahaan

  21. Wow
    thahaan rocksss

  22. guys i knw thr r many thahaan soryy to say…itz not gud pair.
    druv and thapki is the best pair and they both can knw each other well…..
    i also suggest bihaan aditi pair…they vl b spr jodiz..plz writerz make it lik tht…..
    i guess there r many hu wish the same…..
    plzzzzzz plzzzz plzzzzz

  23. Thahaan is better than tharuv…
    story doesnt change at anymore thahaan is the last pair in tpk wont be change thahaan they r adorable cute together..
    made for each other

  24. I love Bihaan he is good in heart .but THARUV is better.I miss their romance

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