Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani telling Munna that she is not marrying him and will not buying anything except the dress and the go home. Munna says he knows and asks her not to repeat same thing. She says did you see that golden dress. Munna says you will look good in this. He asks about its price. Shop keeper looks at Bani and says it is worth 3.5 lakhs dress. He tells that they have 50 Lakhs clothes also. Munna says poor can live their life with this money. Shop keeper asks them to leave. Tina comes there and scolds the shop keeper for insulting her sister. Bani says she will go home.

Samar tears the clothes kept there and gives him blank cheque asking him to write the amount. He says if this showroom is big and that’s because of us. Later Thapki asks Bani not to think. Bani tells that Samar

and Munna gave a fitting reply to the shop keeper. Thapki asks why don’t you buy for yourself. Bani says everything was costly and she has many dress which she worn hardly few times. Bani checks her dress. Thapki likes it. Bani says this is the same dress which I liked in the show room, but who brought it. She asks Thapki, did you buy it?

Thapki says no. Aryan comes and says he brought it for her and says Munna told me and wanted you to wear your favorite dress. Bani says she will talk to him. Munna asks why you are getting angry? Bani thanks him and asks him to come out with him. Once they go out, she beats him and asks why did you buy that dress for me. Bani says I won’t let you stay here. Aryan calls Munna as Manav. Munna gets angry and asks him to call him Munna. He asks why did you buy the dress. He grabs his collar. Kosi comes there and asks why did you grab his collar? Munna says Bani asked him to take the measurement. Kosi asks Aryan to say truth. Aryan says Munna told all. Kosi says truth will come out when you get marry to Thapki and smiles.

Guests and Samar’s family arrive for sangeet. Tina greets Dolly. Samar sees Bani and smiles. Munna smiles and signs that she is looking beautiful. Samar looks at Bani smilingly. Dolly thinks he is staring Tina and asks why he is staring her. He looks shy? Bani announces Thapki and Bihaan’s special dance. Aye mere humsafar kya tujhe…..plays while they dance. Bani and Tina are happy to see them dancing. Bani says ghajab. Tina says perfect like your Jodi.

Later Aryan recalls Munna informing him about the surprise dance. Suman tells that Bani and Tina will dance together. They dance on the song yeh munda tera…Samar and Munna join them and dance. Munna and Samar dance on the song cutie pie and aashiq surrender hua. Bani and Samar have an eye lock while dancing. Everyone claps for them. Suddenly light is off. Kosi comes on stage and says she switches off light and says she is ready with the big surprise. They see Pandit ji sitting and marriage arrangements.

Kosi informs that she planned Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. Thapki and Aryan are taking rounds tensedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So Bani loves Tina yet she come to stop her wedding because Kosi told her.

    Now she is going to steal Tina’s love 😀

    Wow Bani’s character is reall irritating.

    Samar’s personalty is like a plank of food he is so dense. Even Munna is more interesting.

    1. bani is the new sanker she will break Tina heart ?

  2. What can I say its a another interesting episode…especially Thahaans dance.gajjab…friends did you notice one thing ,the convoy between Aryan and Munna while Munna has to point his fingers towards Aryan at the time Aryans face expression was showing the angry of Bihaan…Because he does not like to the fingers pointing .anyways let’s see.
    Bye to 6.30 pm and welcome 5.00pm…
    Navami,vino,kudrat,santhosh Bhai,
    Rinka…where are you friends????

    1. Holaaaa my dear am here hope you can see ??‍♀️ how are u ?!and how was your day ?? ?yes
      I noticed that? Aryan is bihaan for sure ?.
      take care my dear poooooooja and keep smiling ?

  3. I was actually going to rate Bani, because she looked uncomfortable when Samar looked at her instead of Tina but not now at the end of the dance she was inappropriate with her sisters fiancé as well. I can’t stand Samar but enjoyed his dance, I like munna but poor thing struggled with the dance. Manyasa as usual too good together. I don’t care if Thapki is older than Aryaan, they would make a good couple

    1. I agree with your comment ? ?

    2. I think Munna danced alot better than Samar his hair was flying everywhere and he wasn’t a good dnacer in my eyes. And yeah im pretty sure Aryaan is Bihaan even though Manish said it isn’t.

  4. Their dance was amazing ????

  5. Nice episode… Love to see their dance.. ? ?

  6. i dnt like this….how can this posible…..why cvs are shwing aryan and thapki pair….as aryan is elder thn thapki….if thy want to shw the drama of nok jhok btwn thahaan it will b beter that they kill both thahaan and give thm new janam for fresh life….it will b beter thn this bakwas…..hate this…

    1. I’m agree with u

  7. Same like u sadia. If ak is’nt bihan then it’ll be a gr8 injustice for THAHAAN. I want a new fresh love story of manyasa

  8. Don’t like bani’s charecter. Thapki’s charecter was so much cute and loveable.

  9. Same like you sadia. If ak isn’t bihan then it’ll be a great injustice for THAHAAN.

  10. It’s so interesting… I liked ths serial..

  11. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    happy to look thayaan dance again.but, what bani become antagonist cast? its ok..not problem, i like the storyline now…interesting and misterius…

  12. Wow..thahaan dance?thahaan forever..aryan is bihaan only..maybe he have some reason to hide the truth or memory lost..i love thahaan..

  13. Full cup coffee wala morning 2 all frnzz…
    Kk coming 2 the epi usual the epi was really ng getting a quite freshness as they’re concentrating the whole show on the lives of baani n Tina’s marriages ..bit they should focus more on thahaan …Leave it for sure ,btw ,baani n samar (saani) jodi is quite dashing!!!????? that cool?! What say friends ???

  14. I really love baani’s character as I’d really love 2 see jigs in 2 new roles ..n the reality is that my behaviour n my real”me”is closely like baani ..I’m totally like baani ..A lil bubbly,open minded ..aggressive at times but loveable at the most ??????????????????

  15. I can’t tolarate bani samar. Impossible for me. Only MANYASA & THAHAAN Friends who are agree with me??

    1. I also agree with you

    2. Hey bros n all guysss. ..wht the hell you’ll r totally in a misunderstood case… N what’s that bani is snatching her sis love, that’s right. But why about Samar? ! Is he in love with Tina?!
      Guess, first understand the roles n then comment respectively ????sorry if I’m boring or hurting u but I’m just playing my views that’s all… Have a great day all of u

    3. Hey bros n all guysss. ..wht the hell you’ll r totally in a misunderstood case… N what’s that bani is snatching her sis love, that’s right. But why about Samar? ! Is he in love with Tina?!
      Guess, first understand the roles n then comment respectively ????sorry if I’m boring or hurting u but I’m just playing my views that’s all… Have a great day all of u

      Aryan khanna aka bihaan pandey will b trying to unite bani n Samar respectively as he’ll get to know that Samar doesn’t love Tina???? but while uniting them,gradually he will b attracted towards bani n they’ll eventually fall in love with each other…
      #thriller coolio # rocking tpk #

      1. Yuk, That’s just disgusting!!! She thinks he’s her father, and he wants Munna back in in his life so if he goes after Bani that’ll make the situation worse between the brothers

  16. Bani is not nice girl when she told Mauun off. I don’t like Samar and Bani looked each other. I think waste time Tina and Samar are together. I like Aryan and Thapki are together safe for Bani. but Kosi spoiled them soon Tina and Bani will hate Thapki . I wish Kosi is out .

  17. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    if aryaan for thapki….please cvs,dont make jigyasa play double role. let bani cast another people….

  18. i m with u sj.really Bani is irratig .she is snatching her sis disgusting.she can make them one.

  19. what a ridiculous idea created by Tpk CVS.they give us some thyan lollipop dance scene. then they started to shown Bimar love story.well done greatest TPK CVS.Thanks a lot, for your mind blowing creativity!!!! yes! they make us fool.

  20. what a ridiculous idea created by our dearest TPK CVS!!! they give us some Thyan lollipop dance scene. then they started to shown BIMAR couple love story. well done cvs!!! have a great job!!! they make us fool

  21. I just heard that the show will go one more year that’s weird who love to watch this I just watch it for Manish but one year that’s a lot to keep watching crazy story by cvs , the show already showing every thing I don’t think there is no story left to tell expect Tina and bani life’s maybe they will focus in them , But if Aryana and bani paired than I will throw out and shut Down tpk from my life forever because that the most disgusting thing I will see in the history of tv shows ?

  22. I agree with Lucy & Sandy…
    It’s really unproperly if Bani is paired with Aryan.., his father look alike..
    If that’s true.., CVS totally lost their mind… ? ? ?
    In my perspective, that is undecent proposal..

  23. I only want Thahaan ,I already stopped watching this serial after Bihaan died I watch on Reshtey old episodes of tpk it is far better than what they are showing on colors

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