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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki screaming seeing the burqa clad person. She sees the ladies slipper and says you called me here, you have sent letter, why are you not saying anything. Bihaan looks for Thapki. Thapki says maybe you are someone else, I was finding other person. The person takes out knife and hits her hand. She gets injured and screams. She falls down and cries. The person tries to stab her. She runs and hides. Bihaan is still on the way. The person looks for Thapki.

Thapki gets shocked seeing the person stabling empty cartons around her. She changes her place and hides again. Thapki thinks the person left and comes out. Bihaan reaches godown. He gets that note and runs inside the godown. Thapki gets shocked seeing the person behind her and stops him from stabbing her. She asks

who are you, and tries to pull out the veil from his face.

Bihaan comes there and shouts Thapki. She shouts Bihaan. The person shuts her mouth. Bihaan asks where are you and looks around. The person drags Thapki away. She screams. Bihaan hears her and reaches her. The person runs away. Bihaan and Thapki go outside and see many burqa clad women. Bihaan says how will we find him, everything is in burqa here. Thapki recalls the blue slippers and says I remember that lady has worn blue color slippers. She finds that slipper and shows Bihaan to see that lady. Bihaan says come, and they follow the group. Bihaan stops that person. The person pushes Bihaan and runs away. Bihaan pulls Thapki as a car passes by. They see the person has disappeared by entering the jungle. They find the slipper fallen there.

Bihaan and Thapki come home. He asks why did you go alone, could you not tell me. She says I knew you can do anything in anger, so I did not tell you. He says anything could have happened with you, if I got late. He sees her hand cut wound, and makes her sit. He does the aid and recalls Bau ji’s words. Hamdard hai…..plays…………. She looks at him. Bihaan asks her to take him along. Suman and Preeti hear them. Bihaan says I would have caught Bau ji’s culprit. Thapki says we will find that person, now we have this clue with us. She shows the slipper. Preeti and Suman see this, and think Thapki and Bihaan is ahead of us, just Shraddha has this foot size. They leave. Thapki says police will tell us how to reach that person.

Thapki and Bihaan meet inspector. Thapki shows the clue and says this can make us reach culprit. Inspector asks do you think just one person in Noida will wear 7 number slipper, don’t make stories. We will find real culprit, keep this slipper with you. Bihaan says he is not listening to us. Thapki says police believes you are culprit, we have to help ourselves now.

The burqa clad person sees Pandey family pic and crosses Bau ji’s pic, and then circles Thapki’s pic. Thapki coughs and gets up. She looks for Bihaan. She sees him crying and seeing Bau ji’s pic.

Thapki asks what happened Bihaan. He says its Bau ji’s birthday today, Bau ji used to celebrate his birthday with me. He recalls Bau ji’s birthday. Bau ji says you are world’s best son, tell me what did you get. Bihaan shows the cake. Bau ji likes it and says I will eat sweets once in a year, how to cut this cake. Bihaan gives him cake knife. He sings happy birthday and they make each other have cake. Bihaan asks Bau ji to eat cake fast, else anyone can see this. FB ends.

Bihaan says Bau ji used to see my face and get up. Today he is there in hospital because of me. She says Bau ji will get fine and come back, you can wish him birthday from here, then see how your true heart wishes reaches Bau ji. He wishes Bau ji and cries. She also wishes. Bau ji is shown. Bihaan sees Thapki… and cries.

The man injects something in glucose. Bau ji gets unwell. The family looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am sure bday cake will bring bauji back to life.. bihaan will keep a piece of cake in baujis mouth.. n there he comes back from the heaven

    1. I would come back from heaven for cake, but it would have to be a very chocolatey one! ???

    2. If someone stuffs an unconscious patient with cake …then im sure the rest of the birthday party wil b in heaven itslf???

      1. True.., but it’s a risk I’d be willing to take. Love cake me! ?

  2. I love bihaan lot …but nowadays boring …he always crying….don’t like crying..pls bihaan dont crying..i hate that…

    1. I think he does the really emotional scenes so so well. His face speaks volumes in those. ???

      1. Agree with u 100% nimisha

  3. If I were Shradda (get panic attacks just thinking of such a possibility) I would stage my miscarriage drama right now. Thapki and Bihaan are too distracted hunting for the killer and also ostracised from the family such that they would make easy targets. Right now would also be good in bringing Thahaan closer together as inevitably Bihaan would support Thapki and Thapki might finally fall in love. But then what am I thinking, the writers are only capable of thinking in dribs and drabs and can’t think of two story lines running laterally.

    1. Their idea is to drag stuffs further…so one at a tym. Indian audienceswud remain hooked to a serial only as long as the mystery of “whthr or not /wen wen wen” wil they unite remain. Aftr the first hug…kiss and proposal n marriage etc…it bcoms diff to create an entertaining script ….til then its easy to manage with thse senseless eyelocks n bla bla bla .so thse ppl wana drag b4 the real luv starts. Also thse ppl watch trps n audience feedbak n manipulate accordingly. I think they had intended to shoot pregnancy drama (recal the fake pillow bump sceme) n then saw droppin trps amd suddenly brought in this sequence hopin to sav the show

    2. Bea, lol at the panic attacks comment! ???

  4. Naveed Aakash

    Please show that who is in Burqa Clad

  5. Yaar, no matter what. his acting is extraordinary. well done bihaan.

    and he looks so adorable when he cries. cutooo

    well, still waiting for thahaan love track.

    can’t wait any longer.

    bauji plx teak hojaow.

    1. Yeh… not evry guy can manage to luk gud cryin. Luk at sreesant cricketer?

  6. No use if bihan do romance also thaps should have that feeling of love 4 him 1st she shud tell him that she luv him then only punch .otherwise it will be lik this bihan forcefully married thaps and telling her that he luv her . So lady’s 1st

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