Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki screaming seeing the burqa clad person. She sees the ladies slipper and says you called me here, you have sent letter, why are you not saying anything. Bihaan looks for Thapki. Thapki says maybe you are someone else, I was finding other person. The person takes out knife and hits her hand. She gets injured and screams. She falls down and cries. The person tries to stab her. She runs and hides. Bihaan is still on the way. The person looks for Thapki.

Thapki gets shocked seeing the person stabling empty cartons around her. She changes her place and hides again. Thapki thinks the person left and comes out. Bihaan reaches godown. He gets that note and runs inside the godown. Thapki gets shocked seeing the person behind her and stops him from stabbing her. She asks

who are you, and tries to pull out the veil from his face.

Bihaan comes there and shouts Thapki. She shouts Bihaan. The person shuts her mouth. Bihaan asks where are you and looks around. The person drags Thapki away. She screams. Bihaan hears her and reaches her. The person runs away. Bihaan and Thapki go outside and see many burqa clad women. Bihaan says how will we find him, everything is in burqa here. Thapki recalls the blue slippers and says I remember that lady has worn blue color slippers. She finds that slipper and shows Bihaan to see that lady. Bihaan says come, and they follow the group. Bihaan stops that person. The person pushes Bihaan and runs away. Bihaan pulls Thapki as a car passes by. They see the person has disappeared by entering the jungle. They find the slipper fallen there.

Bihaan and Thapki come home. He asks why did you go alone, could you not tell me. She says I knew you can do anything in anger, so I did not tell you. He says anything could have happened with you, if I got late. He sees her hand cut wound, and makes her sit. He does the aid and recalls Bau ji’s words. Hamdard hai…..plays…………. She looks at him. Bihaan asks her to take him along. Suman and Preeti hear them. Bihaan says I would have caught Bau ji’s culprit. Thapki says we will find that person, now we have this clue with us. She shows the slipper. Preeti and Suman see this, and think Thapki and Bihaan is ahead of us, just Shraddha has this foot size. They leave. Thapki says police will tell us how to reach that person.

Thapki and Bihaan meet inspector. Thapki shows the clue and says this can make us reach culprit. Inspector asks do you think just one person in Noida will wear 7 number slipper, don’t make stories. We will find real culprit, keep this slipper with you. Bihaan says he is not listening to us. Thapki says police believes you are culprit, we have to help ourselves now.

The burqa clad person sees Pandey family pic and crosses Bau ji’s pic, and then circles Thapki’s pic. Thapki coughs and gets up. She looks for Bihaan. She sees him crying and seeing Bau ji’s pic.

Thapki asks what happened Bihaan. He says its Bau ji’s birthday today, Bau ji used to celebrate his birthday with me. He recalls Bau ji’s birthday. Bau ji says you are world’s best son, tell me what did you get. Bihaan shows the cake. Bau ji likes it and says I will eat sweets once in a year, how to cut this cake. Bihaan gives him cake knife. He sings happy birthday and they make each other have cake. Bihaan asks Bau ji to eat cake fast, else anyone can see this. FB ends.

Bihaan says Bau ji used to see my face and get up. Today he is there in hospital because of me. She says Bau ji will get fine and come back, you can wish him birthday from here, then see how your true heart wishes reaches Bau ji. He wishes Bau ji and cries. She also wishes. Bau ji is shown. Bihaan sees Thapki… and cries.

The man injects something in glucose. Bau ji gets unwell. The family looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tintu mon

    May be that burkha clad person will be

    Cindrella’s grand daughter’s son’s daughter’s sister’s cousin’s son that too who is a Tranagender???

  2. Its just a nice episode.The burqua wala person has a real intention in his mission,he wants to destroy the pandey family.Iam really astonished to see Bihaans powerful relation with babuji…Manish you a perfect actor yaar….awaiting to see THAHAANS scenes and also confused about the precap….

  3. santhosh

    Trp rating. …. tpk again down 0.1

    Previous week 1.5 this week 1.4

    #Colors: #Kasam 2.5, #KrishnaDasi 1.4, #ComedyNightsLive 1.7, #Naagin 5.0 #ComedyNightsBacho 1.5 #IndiasGotTalent 2.3

    #Colors: #IshqKaRangSafed 0.7, #ThapkiPyaarKi 1.4, #BalikaVadhu 1.3, #SasuralSimarKa 1.7 #Udaan 1.7, #Ashoka 2.1, #Swaragini 1.9

    • Simran

      Hw can v contribute to increase trp of our favourite serial tpk…… I don’t understand…. so many pple watch tis comment on it n also vote for it…. still trp is low

      • Thapki

        Because they dont watch..either they just read update or watch online and im one of them..

      • Roshni

        Its calculated from a select numbr of setup boxes tht hav spl devices attached…the only way to raise trp is…obviously by increasin popularity so tht a much larger population watches the show

  4. mekha

    what a lengthi scene is that a serial or a elastic? what’s your opinion friends…….

  5. Ally

    I think that Burqa clad person has too much hatred for pandey family… some history is behind him. And from where he got pandey family’s photo .Is he a member of them…?? or relative of them with some connection..
    No idea….. Keep guessing friends….

    Sad precap… If Bauji dies every one will blame and hate Bihaan and for Thapki too for supporting him .Because all are not convinced by the court decision: Bihaan as innocent.
    Bihaan will be out of pandey nivas along with Thapki…. ??

  6. dev

    Very truth shocking things r happening pls don’t drag further episodes with one flurosent chappal wat will she do:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    May be she will catch him anyway thapki will not die bihaan also will not die anyway suspense will not be gone

  7. Simran

    I think d burqa person wants to hurt bihan mentally…. like he is attacking all close to bihan…. 1st bauji now thapki n so on may be…..

    • Bea

      Simran , I agree with you. I too think the ‘killer’ has a personal vendetta against Bihaan. He seems hell bent on eliminating all those Bihaan cares about the most.

  8. Meethi

    The Burqa perosn should be ashamed of him/herself, burqa walo ka naam kharab kar rahi hai chi chi. Hehe. Me ra bhi naam kharab kar rahi hai.

    Previously I thought that the culprit might have been the guy Bauji slapped at the mall for being rude to Preeti (or was it Suman) but now I don’t know…

  9. Sivagami_

    Crying.. Crying… and crying… Its has been almost 2 weeks… Every episode without fail keep on crying… ??? …oh Godd
    Seriously.. Its getting more and more bored… I think they really dont have idea to move on the story ??

    • Roshni

      I dont knw hw jigyasa manages to act in this series. Can u tel me one scene wr she dosnt hav tears in her eyes?eithr sorrow or pain (frm thewound as in todays epi)… its as sure as sunrise tht thapki wil hav tears in her eyes evry single episod

      • Sivagami_

        Nowdays bihaan overtake thapki alrdy… Crying more than her…
        I never seen a guy crying this much even in real life…. The charming and humorous bihaan that I admirer so much is long lost…?… Come on yar be a man….Nowdays either he shouts or cries in the episodes…
        Next episode bauji dying somemore ah… Surely another whole week…. Crying….. Blaming….and shouting …. ??

      • sag

        yes I remember one scene in witch tpki n bihaan both were happy n smile and no sorrow as u ask that is in episode dated 4th Jan 2016 after secret new year party (twinkle twinkle thapki star wali party) in PN when thapki said to bihaan “dadi sahi kehti hai tum buddhu ho buddhu !!!” with huge smile n bihaan replayed with cute smile

      • santhosh

        And another scenes valaitanice day party preparation ……
        balloon blasting scene ….and recent one after navratri ending bihaan and friends drinking scene………….

  10. Maira

    Nice episode:-) guys! I thik that the burqa clad person is sakshi! Bcoz…..remember that episode when sakshi tried to burn thapki and bihaan saved her. I think she is her to take revenge from pandey familiy.what do u think guys?

    • Roshni

      Sakshi luked like as though she cud use a double cheese burger. The person wearin burkha is obviously a man.

  11. Preethi

    Guess it might be SAKSHI,Coz she just disappeared from the story n she used to hate pandey’s family…

  12. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

    yeah … i think soo.. That burqa clad person has some history behind him.. Is anybody noticed that person so height. .. who is that?
    mmm. we will wait and watch…
    Hey.. kana.. how are you dear?
    where is reji and ash?

    • Kana

      Haiyoo nasreen engapa poitenga ivlo naalum??? Nenga quit panitengalonu nenaichan,naanum antha rendu pullaingaliyum than rompa naala thedikidu iruken
      Apuram ippa tpk written update maddum than parkirengala illa internet la full episode parkirengala?

    • ash

      Engeyum pogala. Veiyulukku bayandhu veetukulathan padhungi irukken. Ada poongapa thapki serialaya edukravangalluku sillithanamana idea engathan kedaikudhu. Kupaiya poruki thapki engennu therinjikaranama. Ennayya idhu veiyila vida kodumaya irukku. Sari pazhaiya tamil thapki-indhira paakalamnu pona, indha bhihaan sorry bharath anni anninu kooptu saavadikiraan. Mudiyalada ssaamy. Idhellam nerla pesina sirikkiradhukkuthan time sariya iruukum. Indhamadhiri pesaradhukkakavavadhu naama daily meet pannanumnu ninakiren.

      • Kana

        Haiyyaaa vanthitengala vanga vanga pesuvom 🙂
        Athu than ash naanum josikiran hindi la bihaan thapkiya bhabhinu koopidana illa thane,ithila anni anninu koopidudu appuram eppidipa?? Parkira engaluke oru mathiri iruku 🙁 ama nenga eppa parthalum veyila pathiye pesurengale avlo veyilava iruku?? srilanka la malaiyaaaa peiyuthe!!!
        Ethu eppidiyo hindi la thahaan track start panra mathiri iruku athayachum rasipom,munnadi ellam thani thaniya irunthu aluthichugal ippa rendum onna sernthu oppaari vaiguthugal paravala nalla improvement than 🙂

      • ash

        Ennadhu mazhaya, adha pona nov-dec la pathadhuthan. No ipl in chennai. Shall we exchange mazhai and veyil. Inniku tpk la thahaan bavuji alais bhajji ku cake kondu porangalam. Azhumoonji thaps bhihaan babuva gettiya pidichukka, bb kerangipoi vandiya uttan rotula. Avlothan . Oru romantic accident. Oru chinna adi kooda illama 2 perum hospital poi bajji ku cake kodukiraangalam. Pls. Bajji konjam ezhundhu vasu, dhuruv 2 perayum thala 2 arai vitta nalla irukkum. Illana azhumoonji thapkiya parthu cake ? Uppu karikudhunnu ketkalam. Piragu comavukku poradhum , veliya varadhum unga ishtam.

      • Kana

        Inga paaruma ash nenga sema kadupila irukinganu unga pechilaye theriyuthu,aana athe kaduppu engakidayum heavyya iruka than seiyuthu,aana enna panrathu naama ellam ore kooddu paravaigal athavathu naama ellam thahaan fans illa,so ithellam naama sakichukidu than aakanum vera vali illa 🙂
        Aana enaku day by day intha thahaan scenes parthu parthu ippa tvla entha hero,herogein ah parthalum athugala mathiriye theriyuthu,enaku yean athugal rendaiyum avlo pidikuthunu enake therila,athunga kidda etho oru magnetic/magical thing irukku 🙂
        Rendum real lifelayum onna serntha evlo nalla irukkum 🙂

      • Kana

        Inga paaruma ash nenga sema kadupila irukenganu unga pechilaye theriyuthu,aana athe kadupu engakidayum heavya irukathan seiyuthu,aana enna panrathu naama ellam oru kooddu paravaigal athavathu nasma ellam thahaan fans illa,so ithellam sagichukidu than aakanum vera vali illa 🙂
        Aana enaku day by day intha thahaan scenes ah pathu pathu tv la entha hero/herogein ah pathalum athugala mathiriye therithu:) enaku yean athugal rendaiyum avlo pidikuthunu enake therila,athungakida etho oru magnetic/magical thing irukku
        Rendum resl lifelayum onna serntha evlo nalla irukum

      • ash

        Vena, vena. Ankit bhatia adhan dhuruv, irukura kadupula namla 2 kaattu katidaporaru.
        avare thapkiya, sorry jigyasavai katikatum. Neenga solradhu unmadhan. Andha pulangakite edho magic irukathan seiyudhu. Illati indha kevalamana screenplayayum thandi vidaama pakurome. Yeanpa? Sollu sollu..

      • Kana

        Sari naama yean kudumpathuka kulapatha pannuvan avangale pesi oru mudivuku varadum,manishku itha vida alagana,arivana mukkiyama clycerine poddu aluvatha ponna kidaikamaya poirum,avan alaguku aayiram figure madiyum machi 🙂
        Nenga sonnathu sari than ivlo keeevalamana ivlo kodumaiya thankikidu parkiromee!!! It’s a medical miracle
        Intha nasreen la oru kedda palakkam start panidu poirum appuram intha pakkame varathu bad girl

      • ash

        Romba romba sari. Naamale pesitirukom. Puriadha mozhi. Mathavanga kaduppayi arambicha nasreen idupa break panidaporang. Adhanala naama break pannikalaam. Indru poi naalai varen. Buy.

      • Kana

        Mathavanga kadipagina break aakurathu nasreen idupu maddum illa namma idupum than,so naanum poittu varan .aana enna panna namma mozhila pesura thirupthi english la pesina vara maddenguthe!!

  13. Anisha

    I don’t think bauji will die. So many burqa clad women walking on the road at mid night without male escort is too ridiculous

    • adit

      There is a page in facebook. Trp of indian serials. Just go to that page and see all serials trps are mentioned over there. .

  14. Arora

    CVs pls stop this bleeding and bandaging drama..I am totally fed up..I hate that first aid box..its the most important part of thahaans relationship..





    • Roshni

      Tissue? Tht wont be enof! Ankhon ke niche buckets rak lo… by the end of the month hum pandey nivas ke piche ek swimmin pool banayenge jaha par thahaan romance kar sakte hai!

      • santhosh

        Day by day THAHAAN romance bi salt aur aasu ho ki swimming pool ke water bi salt…..achha idea…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Roshni

        @santhosh… lol… chalo… salty hai to hum ek samundar hi bana dalenge! Aur uske beech mein ek island wr thse 2 can danz to the tunes of kaho na pyaar hai without ny disturbance from vasu or druv or shradda or bukhe vala?

  16. Thapki

    Ummm What these burqa clad women were doing at mid night on that secluded road???? Doesnt make any sense ?
    I think that burqa wearing man/woman is either dhruv or vasundra…. i dont know why but i feel this…

      • Roshni

        I dont thnk it can be any original member of the family. Besides…those eyes r unfamiliar…but ofcourse…thse ppl wil change characters ny tym. Blunders of todays episode
        1) evrybdy knws this alredy… why the hell is thapki roamin arnd inthe middle of the nyt…visitin strangers in some godown alone? Now thats shes a lawyr we xpect her to knw that in india this is the equivalent of askin to be robbd/raped/murdered! Bihaan was ryt…if she wud hav told him…he wud hav caught the guy
        2) hmmmm….? if u r a man in a burkha… is tht the most comfy chappals u cud get? Flashy blue uncomfortable lukin chappals…with beads?
        3) this is obviously a guy with gud ht (frm scenes so far)… comparable to bihaan… wudnt he stand out inthe midst of the other bukha clad ladies?! Also…7 seems like a small shoe size for a tall guy. Besides…it has a bakstrap…i dont knw how it cud hav falen off
        4) uhhh… preeti n suman… wat the hell is goin on?! Their bauji is dyin n they r havin a case solving competition? Is tht the best humor tht the writers cud come up wid?!
        5) y dos this master of disguise wear a burkha into the icu? Pandeys r hindus….wudnt nurses find it suspicious tht a random bulky burkha clad person is enterin in n out?
        6) icu stands for intensive care unit. I thnk bauji wakes up in between to giv himslf injections… bechare ko koi mind hi nahi karta
        7) wrs police security outsd baujis room?
        8).bihaan(insted of thapki) puts his hand on the shoulders of a burkha clad woman…. imagine ….opppsss its not the same person ***slap**
        lady : kameene… rathko ladki chedta kai kya????

      • Thapki

        They can change criminal according to the story i said they can show someone from family hired that criminal or multiple other options…
        Omg so many blunders why dont the director or these actors notice them.
        Writer has very poor thinking ability this attempt to murder squence which is completely bland could have become interesting if writer had the better writing/story telling skills.
        Hahhaha point no 7 i was thinking same ?????
        And when they can show candy floss flying and entering thapki’s mouth and thapki eating eat it without even noticing … they can show any thing ??????

      • santhosh

        Mein tho Kuch nahi boloonga………..sirff

        CVS ki jai ho…………..jai ho………….jai ho………

      • Roshni

        ROFL…. dont remind me of tht candy floss thing…ppl wil thnk im crazy laughing alone. Wel.. i thnk the actors hv no voice..its their bread n butter?. In an interview manish decribes the scene as “vo udkar iske samne atha hai aur ye (jigyasa) all out ke tara khaa jathi hai”. Lol

      • Roshni

        Writers r creatin such flawed script…. me n nimisha wr discusin abt the story line in ystrdys chat sectn….her coment cam a bit i replied there aftr this update came. Read it if u like… its abt hw even druvs charctr cud hav been better. I see a lot of potential inthis serial whch they r ruinin due to the sheer lack of usage of a very vital organ… the brain!

      • Nimisha

        You guys are sooooo funny.

        Agree with all your points Roshni. Esp the burka clad man woman entering hospital and bauji’s room without being noticed. Again!

        You’d think someone would have stepped up the security after the mask was taken off as it couldn’t have fallen off with the strap being fastened around bauji’s head. If it had fallen it would have landed on the floor, not neatly on bauji’s chest.

        Why oh why oh why doesn’t someone look at the hospital cctv footage.

        As far as today’s epi… Love the hamdard song scene and the Precap looks horrible.

      • Nimisha

        Also, why does burka walla man woman still have the burka on when he’s in his own place with just a photo on the wall???

        I have a feeling that the writers haven’t figured it out yet, which is why they’re not being revealed to us.

      • Roshni

        @nimisha. Yeh… i thnk sag or someone ws sayin tht manish said in an interview tht the writers havnt figured out hu it wud be. Im nt sure abt tht info… but im pretty sure the writers hav no idea yet as to whom they wana make as the culprit. Theyl probably see public opinions n then manipulate to get better trps. I recal tht inthe initial scenes n the lastest ones, the guys complexion has differed

  17. Syed Hussain

    This ongoing track is very dark & annoying. There are other shows like CID & Crime Petrol which shows such murders. But I wasnt expecting from this show. They always comes with the track the audience doesn’t like, such as bihaan angry behaviour & now this murder. Pls reveal the face of murderer & just stop this nonsense track & start the love track between bihaan & thapki, it is only saving grace of this show & nothing else & pls don’t show eye locking scene we got bored of it.

  18. santhosh

    New promo. …… just for fun

    Kya bihaan ka cake bauji ko bacha payega. ……….!!!!!!!!??????
    Ya nahi………i!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

    Tabb takk dekhthe rahiye thapki jasoos si ki……..

    • Roshni

      Lol!!! Lets add the typical senseless visuals to ur promo then: “KAL DHEKIYE”
      Bihaan keeps the cake onthe table near baujis bed. Burkha man injects poison into it. A nurse stuffs it into the unconscious baujis mouth ?

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wer do these slot in in ratings pls?dehleez kasam ikrs thapki new comedy on zee meri sasumaa..
    other hv seen for such a while n wen I do get a glance its tye same spot it waa lol….

  20. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    In my opinion I dnt tink produvrts or Moderaters care even read our comments coz the series juat go on on on mwe just casully catch up by surfing the channels glimpsing bit n but lolllll

  21. Sam

    Well well well. I think burqa walha is the one who fought bihaan in tbhe restaurant. Who was making fun of tapki stammering. And hopefully bauji stay alive. Actually its a series of people. First thapki half way die then bihaan and now bauji
    Amyways bihaan u r soo damm good actor

  22. Rebecca Begum

    The suspense is killing me! I feel like the burqa clad person might be one of Shraddhas goons maybe because the only reason she married Dhruv was for money and staus so she want to also get rid of Thapki and ruin family then leave and take all the money. I don’t know, she is so sneaky and I feel like it is her idea. I hope Bau ji (dad) doesnt die, he was so kind and caring to everyone and bihaan too.

    Why is there also burqa WOMEN on the road at night walking with no male to help them? Ridiculous!


  23. Bea

    Considering that Thapki was meant to meet the burqa wala at midnight and factoring in the time it took for all the attack drama to happen, let alone the time it took Bihaan and Thapki to get back home it must have been really late. My question then is: Why were Badki and Chutki roaming around the corridors of Pandey Nivaas at that time ,fully dressed, with perfectly coiffured hair and full make -up no less and what were their respective spouses thinking about their whereabouts.

    • Roshni

      Chutkey n badki shud hv married eachothr…. most of the tym the writers make it seem as though they hv brains the size of a peanut! I see no humr in it…jus tym waste.
      Lol… n yeh….serial herions neva lev their makeup… theyl even sleep with 5 kg of
      ornaments n 6 inches of mak up

  24. Ferdousi

    The show is so unrealistic the writers are ammatures. Seriously a waste of time. Who cares about burqa guy. How can a family not trust their own member. Also so much dragging. What about the pregnancy. I think Shradhas up to no good but it could be some one getting revenge from the family. Some hidden secret of the past. Writers please stop dragging the story and why would an Intelligent girl like Thapki meet strangers in the middle of the night? Why didn’t she take the note to the police? And suddenly so many burqa ladies decided to go for anwalk around 1am. I think the writers are on a competition on how ridiculous can we make the show.

  25. Bea

    Did anyone else notice that Suman Bhabhi’s husband was not in the picture wherein Thapki’s face was circled by the killer.
    Is he a leftie by any chance?
    Mmmm, conspiracy theories galore.

  26. Bea

    In amongst all the tears, it was nice to hear Bihaan’s trademark ‘ghajab’ after what feels like yonks.

  27. sag

    Hi friends if u remember some time ago idea cellular make advertisement through tag line of NO ULLU BANAWING and allso create a song on it. Which i liked the most so here i try to recreate it but for TPK so i hop u like it.
    U can enjoy it better if u recall the orignal song ritham.

    Lets start…

    Ab emotion apna hum sunaawieeng…
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    SO HOWS IT ???

    • Roshni

      Sag…… ths is fantastic???! Applause! Aap to kalakaar nikle yaar?! Initialy it was hard to pick up the rhythm sinz the ullu banaweing chorus ws too frequent. May b u shud put tht in a bracket n write as ” chorus/bakgrnd)… towrds the end the rhyme n the humor really kiked in. I like druvs face istri joke…. and wel… i lke it all! i feel like forwardin it to tpk team. My suggestion… cut copy paste it to ff section. Hmmm infact y dont we create a Spoof section for all the comedy? V can put a common title plus the spoof title : eg SPOOF1 – TPK ullubanawing- sag. Evrybdy can contribute wen they get an idea n this wil form a spoof chain. Wat do u thnk?ff cud use some humor too ryt? Besides… this is gud work… bt tmrw nobdys gona see it onz a new update cums up.

      • sag

        hmm thanx 🙂

        n it’s good idea to making spoof section because more contributions by peoples will makes this section too funny n entertaining…

    • santhosh

      Wondering. …..wondering. …….
      Too funny. ……..
      A serial GADHE se GODA kabb banega………!!!!!!!!!?????????

    • Thapki

      Omggg this is hilarious????
      Suiting more than the title song “thap thap thapki pyaar ki “

  28. Today episode. …..


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    New OLVs-ThaHaan on motorcycle going to hospital with cake-13/5/16

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    Joined: 16 November 2015
    Posts: 11079
    Posted: 12 May 2016 at 4:20pm | IP Logged Report Quote

    Ok so it’s Bauji’s Birthday and ThaHaan have made a cake for him.They are on their way to the hospital when they meet with an accident.Thapki falls on the ground and Bihaan after getting up rushes towards Thapki.Thapki gets up and both are relieved that the cake is all right.
    They reach hospital and Thapki asks Bihaan to hurry up but he refuses to accompany him.Thapki goes inside alone and is sad.Bihaan impatiently waits outside and tries to call her when she comes out.Bihaan is happy after hearing that Bauji and all family members have eaten the cake.Then Thapki shows him a pic. on her mobile apparently of the burqa clad man and informs that he is roaming around Bauji’s room.Bihaan is tensed.

    During bike ride Thapki will hold Bihaan tightly and he will be affected leading to the accident.

    Manish IV-Thapki’s concern is cake and Bihaan’s concern is Thapki.After eating the cake Bauji’s health has improved and he will soon be discharged.All are happy but as still family members suspect him so Bihaan is sad-sad.Manish says that he loves his fans.

    • Bea

      Baby steps but progress all the same, while riding on the bike, Thapki has gone from only holding onto the pillion seat to holding onto Bihaan’s shoulder and now to holding onto Bihaan tightly. No wonder they had an accident. Bihaan is still ‘burning’ for her.

      • Nimisha

        Or she cut off his air supply and he was suffocating… Lol!

        Seriously throughly lovely to see their closeness growing.,

        And nice to see you again to Bea.

    • Roshni

      Hmm i cant comment til I see the episode coz im stil tryin to visualis how they fed an unconscious bauji with cake?. I thnk the writers want the blame game bak on bihaan..wen baujis condition starts worsenin due tothe burkha mans injectd poison

  29. Anisha

    We have seen gunda bihaan, good fun loving and caring bihaan, angry bihaan, broken and sad bihaan. When are we going to see romantic bihaan?

    • Nimisha

      We have seen romantic Bihan.. At ten super Bahu contest, when he talked about her anmol tears, also when he gifted Thapki the star, also when he helps her with the sewing machine.. The taj with the candles scene, and also in the dream sqpequence he had before shraddha told him about the truth of why Thapki agreed to stay with him.. Romantic Bihan has been around a lot.

      • Roshni

        Yeh n bihaan is damn gud at romance…. I wud fall for a guy hu wud make decorations like that n name a star aftr me(though tht scene was a copy frm movie/novel : A walk to remember”).
        Yet anothr stupidity of the serial is how bihaan does all thse cute (romantic stuffs) …. beats up ppl hu insult her…. has nearly died for her at least twice… n did tonns more and oh… not to mention the eyelocks and we are made to believe tht this so called intelligent sensitive thapki never even suspected tht he has feelings for her. And that this lady hu doesn’t lie even to shradda decided to try foul play with bihaans feelings for her own gain,! Evn though the writers wanted to bring them togthr aftr some masala n drama….they cud hav made a more logical script.

      • Nimisha

        CV,s read Roshni’s comment and wonder to themselves ‘what is this logic thing she mentions?’ ????


  30. rani

    I am sure bday cake will bring bauji back to life.. bihaan will keep a piece of cake in baujis mouth.. n there he comes back from the heaven

    • Nimisha

      I would come back from heaven for cake, but it would have to be a very chocolatey one! ???

    • Roshni

      If someone stuffs an unconscious patient with cake …then im sure the rest of the birthday party wil b in heaven itslf???

  31. abi

    I love bihaan lot …but nowadays boring …he always crying….don’t like crying..pls bihaan dont crying..i hate that…

  32. Bea

    If I were Shradda (get panic attacks just thinking of such a possibility) I would stage my miscarriage drama right now. Thapki and Bihaan are too distracted hunting for the killer and also ostracised from the family such that they would make easy targets. Right now would also be good in bringing Thahaan closer together as inevitably Bihaan would support Thapki and Thapki might finally fall in love. But then what am I thinking, the writers are only capable of thinking in dribs and drabs and can’t think of two story lines running laterally.

    • Roshni

      Their idea is to drag stuffs further…so one at a tym. Indian audienceswud remain hooked to a serial only as long as the mystery of “whthr or not /wen wen wen” wil they unite remain. Aftr the first hug…kiss and proposal n marriage etc…it bcoms diff to create an entertaining script ….til then its easy to manage with thse senseless eyelocks n bla bla bla .so thse ppl wana drag b4 the real luv starts. Also thse ppl watch trps n audience feedbak n manipulate accordingly. I think they had intended to shoot pregnancy drama (recal the fake pillow bump sceme) n then saw droppin trps amd suddenly brought in this sequence hopin to sav the show

  33. Sam

    Yaar, no matter what. his acting is extraordinary. well done bihaan.

    and he looks so adorable when he cries. cutooo

    well, still waiting for thahaan love track.

    can’t wait any longer.

    bauji plx teak hojaow.

  34. dev

    No use if bihan do romance also thaps should have that feeling of love 4 him 1st she shud tell him that she luv him then only punch .otherwise it will be lik this bihan forcefully married thaps and telling her that he luv her . So lady’s 1st

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.