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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki hiding from the thieves. The chief asks the person to come out, else…… he drops the bag and scares Thapki. He laughs and says Didi got scared. He laughs and asks her to come out. They all laugh and joke on her. She cries. The chief asks her to stand at a corner. Thapki runs to kitchen and shuts the door. The thieves ask her to open the door. She worries. They try to break the door. They get inside and she gets red chilli powder. They ask her to run now. They go close to hurt her. She throws red chilli powder in their eyes and takes some oil bottle. She takes the bag and runs. She puts the oil of the floor to make them fall.

She runs to exit door to run out, and chief Rana stops her. He says I m clever, come with me, give the bag. She steps on his feet and

hits him. she runs. Bihaan’s setup thieves are caught by traffic police, as three of them were riding on a bike, which are against traffic rules. They ask constable to let them make a call, and he does not allow. Diwakar shows his photos to his mum and she praises his looks. He informs model agency that he will send his pics. Aditi hears him and says you will send real pics. She changes the pics. Diwakar takes the pics and goes. Aditi smiles and says they will laugh on you.

The thief takes the bag from Thapki. She gets a vaccum cleaner and gets the notes in it. The thief asks her to stop the machine. She hits on his head and beats him. He faints. She ties him with rope and picks all the cash and jewelry. She takes that potli, and goes.

The family comes back home. Bihaan says what will we do going inside home so soon, we will stay here. Dadi says you took us by car and got us by walk, we are tired. Bihaan thinks to stop them, as his men are still inside home. Bihaan says we will play game. Preeti agrees and says let us play for some time. Shraddha thinks why is Bihaan not letting us go inside, Thapki is alone, is there any plan. Bihaan thinks Shraddha can’t know my plan, I got you all here so that you all see Thapki fighting with the thieves, why did they not call me till now. He makes them busy.

He waits for his foolish friends’ call. He says we will make teams, come. Thapki gets inside the room and thinks till when will I hide here, when will they come. She sees the family through the window. She says they are here, why are they not coming inside house. She calls out Maa, and stops saying thieves can know I m hiding here. They can snatch the jewelry and cash from me. She prays to Lord. She sees a matchbox and gets some idea. She fixes matchbox to the thread.

The thief sees the other one tied and frees him. They see the cash and jewelry missing and search for Thapki. Thapki ties the matchstick box to Rampyaari, via the window. She asks Ram pyaari to help her and give it to everyone, go fast. She holds the thread. The thieves try to find Thapki. Vasundara says stop it now, we will go inside house. Preeti asks her to let them play for 10mins. Bihaan makes Dadi sit, and they all make teams. The elders sit. Thapki wishes Bihaan sees Ram pyaari fast. Ram pyaari goes to Bihaan.

Bihaan checks the thread and Thapki signs him to keep the box near ear. She tells him to come inside home fast, thieves have come. Rana comes there and catches Thapki. Bihaan sees Thapki and assumes his friend is there with Thapki. She shouts Bihaan… Bihaan gets a call from his friend, and the man tells him that police stopped them, they did not reach home. Bihaan gets shocked and thinks who is at home then.

Thapki scolds thieves and tells that jewelry has feelings attached to it, and she will prefer to die than giving it to them. The family sees this and gets emotional. Rana says fine, we will kill you and take the jewelry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope everything will be fine after that and also bihaan realises his feelings

  2. Dragging…… ?

  3. Honestly speaking I can’t tolerate that mahaan atma behavior of Thapki but it looks good when thahaan works together, and did felt bad for mahaan atma when she say she will die for family this is called mahaan atma ka kamaal 🙁 😛

    1. No she did not say she will die for family, but for family heirlooms.

    2. @joyee ..wassup..;-)

  4. They are dragging marriage truth with new incidents .I think in 2016 truth will not come out. We have to bear kitchen drama till 2017 ???

    1. lol kitchen drama

  5. what … this robbery track is so much dragged….arhhh

  6. Nice stõry

  7. after this thahaan will separate ………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. WELL its fine , then they will realise their feeling and importance of each other

  8. Boring .

  9. writerji,this much of dragging will affect negatively in this serial…so,tried to limit this kind of dragging.I think tomorrows episode wouldbe make conclusion regarding this robbery segment.Bihaan……….save your lady love.

  10. Omg i hope that Bihaan will save her and if after that they will separate thahaan I’m not going to watch this serial…plz make thahaan realize their feelings for each other…don’t separate them plz….

  11. Nice. Very lovely series I look forward to see it everyday . Bihaan an thapki is meant to be together he always save her an he will again I think this will make they both realize that they need each other because is only bihaan saving thapki no one else

  12. Waiting …….waiting…. waiting …..waiting……. waiting. … waiting
    Only for THAHAAN unite. …

  13. Oh god.. Itz irritating now.. Too much of mahan scenes of thapki..

  14. Dragging

  15. Irritating..or nhi dekhega ye serial,to much boring ho geya..

  16. Best episode. Thapki willing to die for family heirlooms, God helps Thapki to communicate with Bihaan thru match stick and thread, even having gun and knives theives, could not control the situation and above all Thaps going to lecture theives and make them surrender (so they can escape from that deadly lecture).

  17. Its just boring

  18. Thahaan rocks.?

  19. That vasu is confusing

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