Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv seeing Vasundara’s pic and crying. He recalls how Bihaan stopped this marriage, and thinks of Vasundara’s words. He fumes. Shraddha comes and asks what happened. He shouts why did my mum do this with me and cries. Shraddha hugs him and asks him to calm down. She thinks everything will be fine between us, you will be close to me, Vasundara will be away forever now. Bihaan and Thapki ask Vasundara to come. Vasundara refuses and asks them to go. Thapki says we will not leave you. Vasundara says everyone left me, I don’t want to come. Thapki says you are not alone, Bihaan and I are with you, come with us. Vasundara refuses. They cry.

Thapki goes to her room and sees Bihaan crying and seeing Vasundara’s pic. She says if you fall weak, who will give courage

to Maa, who will support her, you know Maa needs both of us at this time, if we break down, how will we manage things. He says you have seen how everyone left Maa. He cries and holds her hand, saying just you can make everything fine, you make everything fine, I beg you please. He hugs her and asks her to make everything fine. She nods and they cry.

Its morning, Suman and Preeti talk about Vasundara. Vasundara is still sleeping in the inhouse temple. Preeti says everyone is annoyed with Vasundara. Suman says they will forgive her soon, Vasundara will rule here again, make Lokhi juice for Vasundara too. Suman and Preeti think to do something. Bau ji, Dhruv and others come and see Vasundara sleeping near the Lord’s idol. Dhruv gets angry and goes to have breakfast. Bihaan and Thapki feel bad seeing Vasundara, and go to her. Bihaan wakes up Vasundara. Thapki asks Vasundara to have some food. Vasundara refuses. Thapki says you did not eat anything since night. Bihaan says even I won’t have food if Maa does not eat. Vasundara says it means you both did not have any food till now. He says we are your children, how can we have food if our mum is hungry. Vasundara asks them to come, and sees the family dining. Bihaan and Thapki take Vasundara.

Dhruv leaves from the table on seeing Vasundara. She gives medicines to Bau ji. Bau ji throws medicines and says I won’t even have water by your hands. He also leaves. Dadi also goes. Bihaan says I will talk to Bau ji. Vasundara says no, this is my punishment, I will bear it, I don’t want father-son to turn bad.

Thapki consoles Vasundara. Vasundara says I don’t know anything, and recalls Dhruv’s words. Thapki asks her to have courage and keep trying. Vasundara says I will try talking to Dhruv and Bau ji, even if Dhruv’s Bau ji agrees, but Dhruv…..

Vasundara goes to Bau ji. She says its my mistake, why are you punishing yourself, have medicines. He takes medicines from her. They both cry.

Dhruv tells Thapki that he can’t forgive Maa. She says even Maa is human, she realized her mistake, I have seen her how she is living with such burden. He says it means you knew this truth, I can understand Bihaan and Maa have hidden truth, but why you. She says I did not wish you get annoyed with Maa and do wrong. He says I m doing wrong, what Maa did is wrong with me, everyone and you, you are asking me to move on. She says I have forgiven Maa, its all past now, why to spoil present for past. He says you moved on a lot, you did what you felt right, I will do what I feel right, I will never forgive Maa. He leaves. She gets worried.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to leave home. Bihaan asks Thapki to get Maa back. Thapki promises to get Vasundara’s rights back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

    Hey roshni sorry yaar..juz nw i saw yur day bfore sterday comment about my nickname thanx dr..

  2. Thnx 4 d update

  3. Dhruv’s annoyance is justified.. Bcz of vasu his whole life is changed… And dat shraddha came into his life.. He is the only one who is suffering from this.. Thahan is happy…

  4. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

    Same precap for 3days…annoying.

  5. Y is dhruv shoutin at thapki

  6. Same precap.I really feel sad for seeing Thahaan in a emotional situation.Manish you are a fabulous actor because you have the ability to handle any situation in a perfect way.keep rocking buddy.

  7. I feel bad for druv i know druv and thapki made for each other

    1. If you try to slot 2 pieces of the same puzzle together they don’t click.
      Similarly you have to have a left shoe and a right shoe otherwise its not a pair. What I am getting at is that Dhruv and Thapki are just male and female equivalents of each other, not a pair and therefore not suitable for each other.

      1. Tamil ponnu...SMN

        I agree vit u?

    2. Nope. Only thahaan

  8. Shradda’s actions are all to get Dhruv’s attention. Maybe if he spared her a single moment his love could transform her and they could be happy too.
    Thahaan wouldn’t be so happy if Thapki hadn’t given Bihaan a chance.

  9. Lara

    I m so frustrsted with the current track and same promo for last 4 days???

  10. Today epi is too bad…
    Hi nasreen ..
    Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu..
    And thn ne muslin dhaane …
    Ennoda name nisha …

    1. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

      Hai nisha… walaikum salaam varah….
      yes ma.. im muslim.. where are u from..?
      im from chennai at west tambaram..
      Ramadan mubarak ma

      1. Assalamu alaikum nisha and thalaivi.ramadan mubarak

  11. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    same precap… noting to say about today episode. So sad dhruv… And vasu ji.. nee kandippa indha punishment yedhukitu than aganum.. Hey juggu.. nalaiki than indra la vasu oda mrg drama start aga pogudhu… appo vasundrava pakka podhu appadiye oru ara vidalamnu thonum…. paaru.. but ippo suitivation vasu va pakkum podhu.. konjan paavama than iruku… paapom enna nadakudhunu….

    1. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

      Seringa thalaivi tpk off indira on
      Going to c ganga yamuna (swaragini) too

      1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

        Heyyy juggu ma..!..why tpk off.?

      2. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Hiii kannungalaa epdi irukenga??? Sowkiyama???
        Ennatha solla inime rendukum glycerine bottle neraya theva padum pola iruke,apuram enna bucket bucket ootha poguthunga rendum naadla konja naalaiku thanni pancham irukathu 🙂

      3. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        @sivagami-athu ennoda kanavu madum ilama thahaan lovers neraya peroda kanavu athu,nadantha nalla than irukum,only few couple can be like this nah!! Wat a chemistry!! Wat an understanding!! Oru nalla life partner muthalla nalla friendah irukanum apdi irukirappo innum athunga naama just friends solitu thiriyuthunga
        Really they are made for each other 🙂
        Plz god fullfill my dream 🙂

      4. Goms akka tpk mokkaya ituku feeling sad

  12. Twinjforever

    arey yar again same precap

  13. Today epi is too bad…
    Hi nasreen ..
    Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu..
    And thn ne muslim dhaane …
    Ennoda name nisha …

  14. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Mm.. What to say about this.. I was really a big fan of Tharuv.. Also I was very angry with Bhiaan and vasu.. But once I felt bihaan is not really so bad as much as I thought and also he stood with thapki at her most worst situation I felt ok with.. As per the story progression vasu also became good and everything became ok..

    But Dhruv??!! What about him.. His life became a disaster.. Now even the one who(shraddha) married him is also not good.. Now the one and only person who affected so badly in the whole thing is Dhruv..
    Still I like Thahaan.. But I don’t feel bad for vasu as she deserve all this.. Dhruv should get a happy life soon.. He deserve a better girl in his life..

    1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

      Hi girls.. I think inda serial stating la irundu patha kandipa vasu mela kovam dan varum.. Yarulam ida starting la irundu pakuringa.. Tamil la marriage sequence vanduruchu pola…

      1. When dhruv cried nothing happened, but when bihaan cries I too cry with him. Such a fabulous actor he is.

    2. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Adithi na tpk serial first la irunthu pakkuran..enaku vasu starting la pdkathu (i mean to say when she hate thapki, stop the mrg, doing evil work against thapki, creating problems in thapki life)
      And then aftr lots of changes in the serial i started to like her when she realised her mistake, make thapki and bihaan unite..

      We should forgive someone when they realised their mistake and feel bad for that..

      Vasu ji many times feel bad and asked thapki and bihaan to forgive her for whatever she done..

      I think dhruv must forgive vasu ma for whatever she done..because “nothing can be changed whatever done is done” no one can change the past..he must forget thapki and start to love his wife…

      dono whats going to hapn when shradha’s fake pregnancy drama comes out..

      1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Yes Goms right.. We can forgive someone for their deeds.. But oru full life um alinju pochu.. at least avan wife nalla ponna irundalum paravala.. Adum oru pissasa katti vachadu vasu dan.. Ippo sorry NY keta elam sari aiduma.. Konjamavadu punishment venamnu dan solren.. I too started liking vasu after her change..

    3. Thapki bihan are worried for vasundhara but they r not worried about dhruv. How amazing!!!! Even dhruv is going through such a bad phase after knowing his mom’s truth.

  15. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Watch this video guys.. So cute manyasa interview.. After seeing this I feel like they can make awesome pair in real life..

    1. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

      Ama adithi rendum sariyana ara loosunga eppa pathalum nanga rendu perum 5 varusama friends friendsnu sollunthungale thavira friendshipyum thandi etho onnu athungalukulla irukunnu rendula ethachun onnu feel pannutha paaru!!!
      Ennaiku than ithungaluku moolai velai seiyumo therila 🙂

      1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Ada serial la late ah dan rendu kum arivu vanduchu.. Real life laum rendum tube light dano?! ??

  16. Everyone is feeling bad for Dhruv……..we need to remember when Thapki tried to convince him not to marry Shradha but he didn’t believe her did he?…..well I say he now has to live with his decision… for Vasu I believe she has stoned fir her misdeeds and if the one she has hurt the most has forgiven her then Dhruv should as well…..can’t wait for Shradha’s truth to be revealed……what will Dhruv do then?

  17. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Ama adhiti. Nan paakren.. enga ammavum paakranga… i think nalaiki illa nalanaiku vaarum. andha scene.. Enga ammaku ippo vasundra va pakka sema kovam varudhu… orey oru ara vita seriya vandhurum. Im waiting for the scenes.

    1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Nasreen akka..epdi irukinga

      Kana, juggu, kumutha, ash ena pa ungala kanum..comment panunga frndz

      1. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

        Nalla iruken goms… Avankallukellam thaniya thaniya card adichi adhoda konjam vethila , paaku.. apprm sweet vachu koptina than varuvanga… Indha ash ponnu ku ennaga than pochhu.. ponna pulla solituvadhh pokudahu…. Ellapelam Namma sangathula ulla ellam tamil ponnungalaiyum onna pakradhunu romba apporvama iruku…. Adhisiyama orey oru naal yellam vandhanga… thedeernu kanama poitanga… Hmmmmmm..
        Marupadiyun eppo andha adhisiyam nadakumoo theriyala….Good morning… but ennaku Ippo good niigt… Bye..

      2. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

        Hi good morning goms..naan nalla iruken ninga epadi irukinga…hi nasreen akka,juggu,kana,nages akka ellarum epadi irukinga

      3. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Paravlayee naanum famous ah than iruken,ennaya kooda 4 pullaigal theduthe!!!

      4. tamil ponnunga-kumutha (5)

        Ungala poi marakamudiyuma kana…ninga yaaru…???

      5. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

        Idho vandhutenn…..
        Vanakam periyorgale thaimargale naan than ungal anbirkuriya juggu

        Adhu onnuilla nazreen akka +2leave vera semmaya mokka adikudhu amma tv poda vida matranga adhaa ff padikra mari swaragini written updatella padichutruke story interesting ah podha kan eduka manase vara matingudhu nethu tpk update kooda padikla ore alugachiya iruka romance vandha solli anupu free ah irundha varugiren…

      6. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Oh apdiya akka nice.. Ippo tamil sequence patha varuva potu thallanum pola irukum.. Sema drama podum..

      7. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

        Ama nasreen akka intha ash kozhanthaiya kanave kanum..

        @kumutha nalla irukan Dr..

        @kana Dr nenga epovume famoussss…

        @juggu ??holidays eh enjoy panitu irukiya ma…unaku swaragini avlo pdkuma..?! Na antha serial parthathe illa..ipo Raj tv la start pani irukanga,,nalla iruntha solu ma then I’ll also watch..

        @adithi pottu thallura alavuku kovam varutha..?!????????

      8. Goms akka first half fulla ragini conspiracy pola c aftr swasan meeting its awesone to read na def ah swasan kaga paka poren


  18. Same precap annoying me and thahan couple is best ever

  19. kia bihaan dhruv k liye apni shaadi secrifies ker de ga ?
    i want to don’t break thahaan

  20. BAKWAS ????????????

  21. panday parivar Vs madhu makkhi war…
    mere liye tho
    thahaan —madhu
    khoun jithega thab tak dhekhthe rahihiye thapki pyar ki……

    coming to the episode. ….
    ek aur rone wala trp hug….
    PN badki aur chutki ki alavaa kisi bi jagha dheko sirf rona ..rona ….rona….

    bauji aur vasu ke beech mai muje a scene chahiye…

    BAUJI ask to VASU…

    Vasundara ji aapne kaise socha dhruv ke liye thapki teek nahi thi phir bihaan ke liye kaise teek thi……!!!!????
    thum bihaan ko apna beta nahi maana …..!!!??
    thumara beta sirf dhruv tha ….!!!?
    bihaan ko aapne paraya maana…….!!!??
    muje shaadi ki baath se jyaada a aap ki soch se mera dill toot gaya a muje sharam aathi a aap ko meri pathni khehaneke liye …..!!!!

    Meri soch in upcoming track

    Kya thapki vasu ko tabele mai rehanekliye majboor karegi…..!!!???

    Vasu ko maid banake vapas gharr layegi……..!!!????

    Vasu ko raasthe ke beech mai accident hona phir gharr lay aana…….!!!????

    Nahi tho vasu ko 10 -15 days rest milega shooting se……!!!!????


    Jobi ho saktha a CVS half mental a trp bada ne ke liye kuch bi karsakthe a

    1. Yar pehly eye lock or wo nanananna hota tha .ab hugs ne unko replace krdya ha ??
      Ye ek chez pr ruk jaty ha tpk k cvs

  22. Jerly

    hoe every thing will become fine soon….thapki & bihaan should teach shradha a good lesson that she will never forget…..

  23. Hai roshni…..
    ha mai ne aap ki bloopers ko padliya
    Finally Ek aakri line kami thi usko every bloopers mai zarur likna ….


    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  24. Ha….why isn’t dhruv noticing that never loved him….he should move on instead of wasting his precious time on thapki…she isan idiot to go with bihaan who had cheated in the beginning…that doesn’t matter how supportive ue was later…bcz all thapki had to suffer was bcz of him..if she had wedded to dhruv things would have been different actually much better…dhruv is the only bichara….not thapki aur vasu ji….he truly loved thapki…actually still loves her…but that doesn’t matter to thapki….she is selfish…

  25. After watching todays episode thapki ki pas special powers hai..kabhi khud ko wapis lati ghar mai ?kabhi bihaan ko ,kabhi bauji ko zinda krti and now vasundra…means this panday family is expert in throwing everyone out of panday nivas..agr thapki na hoti tou adha pandy nivas khali(empty)hota ?????

    1. Uska kaam hi aisa a poore panaday ZOO ko maintain karna……
      Iss powar ka kya naam doo….!!!???

      1. Mahan atma powers ?

  26. Hii nasreen , goms … me too tamil. Naanum unga sangathula memberaagatumaa?

    1. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

      Hai.. sridivya… Enna ma kelvi… Thaaralama senthuko… Welcome to our sangam… But one condition… Daily attendance podanum… Bcse.. recent ah sanguthula senthe pullainga.. kanama poyiduchu… neenga student ah ma?

      1. tamil girl-nazreen……..have u completed 12th std this year ????i too.have a friend with ur name ??thats y asking and u r also from tambaram!!!!!!unbelievable!!!

      2. tamil ponunga - juggu(3)

        Aka apidiya…….
        Indha year tha neengalu twelft mudichenglaa pavam andha pullaya emathi vachurkenga

        Bt me completed twelft tis year oly tamil girl

      3. tamil ponunga - juggu(3)

        apidiya twelfth ah hahahah…..
        Akka parunga ka indha ponnu ungala epudi ketruchunu

        Kaipulla odidu…..

    2. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Ohhh dhaaralama sridivya..member agiko ma..

  27. Hi Bea, I am thankful to you for taking trouble and providing me some information regarding Rishtey and colors channels right after my message to Rosni on yesterday comment’s page, BUT, the truth is: I was aware of all those information already , as , colors has an advertise regarding it’s movement to sky on channel 786 on Rishtey channel frequently , and,

    as I mentioned in my replay to Roshni, soaps like Bandini has completed in India 2 or three years back but Uttaran was patched up just last year after 6 years , and even I read that, in very last episode’s filming the actress who was doing Ichcha’s character became so emotional that could not stop her tears running on her face, so as, the other soaps, like; Phulwa, Madubala, merey dil merey musafir…..they are all has been completed in India and the last one in Pakistan a few years ago and for that reason only, we can not send any comment anymore, when for Thapki and Kasam making comments is available ,as they are on screen of India’s TV the same time as us .
    My point of my repay to Roshni was; even Bandni and Uttaran are not on, in India right now , BUT, they were on their TV there, at some point in the past epecially the Uttaran which was finished just a few months back , so remembering them can not be impossible . HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

  28. Well, i really liked your comment. (Thapki) kay tapki kay pass super power hain. yaar, in the iv it was soo funny when manish says to jigyasa that abbi maa gar say gayee hain aur iss ko pyaar kee suuj rahee hain. hahahha and manish says that mein apnay fan say khanah chahata hoo kay phelay maa gar aajay phir shuru kartay. lol tooo goood yaar i love manish and they made a awesome pair.

    I was really wonder that Golden award kiyu nahin mila manish koo. Halakay, bohaat saray fans hain mansih kay.

    but, inshallah uss ko zaroor millay gah. amein.

    1. Yeah i was thinking same..their jodi is not popular but manish is.
      Oh i saw that iv it was too funny..actually manish is very funny ?

  29. Dhruv believes that his mother and brother has betrayed him but he has also done d same thing with shraddha….He can never be like bihaan coz bihaan who was forcefully married to thapki fulfilled all his duties of being a husband when he didn’t even love thapki…..on d other hand dhruv who willingly married shraddha always ran away from his responsibilities… he questions thapki that how can she move on so easily…..He is an owner of a news channel so he should be mature enough to understand that d day thapki married bihaan he has lost all the rights to question her about her life…..she can move on with her husband without giving any explanation to a stranger…….thahaan forever…..?☺

  30. Good morning Fatarajio, , our name for this page wouldn’t give a chance to realize who is not Indian. I still am watching some western soaps like THE GOOD WIFE , NASHVEAL ………when I can make a time , but not as often as before.

    On Rishty channel a part of Thapki and Kasam, you can watch Phulwa, madubala, merey dil merey musafir, Bndini, Uttaran and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan , in which they have been completed in the origin country.
    but please do not think I have so much time , that I watch all the mentioned programs , but as I have lots of works that, needs to be done by using computer, and during all those long working with computer , the TV is on .

    Thanks again see you soon

  31. i am going to write an ff the main pair are bihaan and shraddha did you interested do comments

  32. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Adiyee.. juggu… kachi maaritiya… Neeyum poitiya… kollaporen paaru…
    Nee solradhu correct than juggu.. tpk orey alugachiya pogudhu… na kuda rendu naal episode paakala written update than… Enna panradhu… namakaga avanga life time full romance scene ah va edupanga… story ah otta venama?.
    Ennaikavadhu oru naal vasu and shraddha oda unmaiya therinchey aganumla… ippo than vasu pathina unmai therinchirichi … inimey shraddha pathina unmai theriyanum…
    Nee paaren..
    Vasu scene oru 10 days…
    Shraddha scene oru 10 days… ippidiye than pogapodhu…

    1. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

      Nasreen jodi super hemistry superooo super apdi irukirapo life time poora romance scene edutha enna thappu????
      Apdi edutha naama enna pakamala vida porom!! Ippa paaru glycerineku velai athigamanathila vera vali illama patha romance scene eh thirumpa thirumpa pakka vendi irukku.

      @juggu-nee romance scene vantha than varuvanu sonnakka nee thirumpi vara 4,5 maasam aakum pola iruke!!!
      Inga paaru tpk director evlo adi vanki iruntha payapulla ipdi oru request vidurukum

      1. TAMIL PONNUNGA-kumutha (5)

        HAHAHAHAHA…. AMA AKKA ANTHA DIRECTOR ROMBHA PAVAM….avaru intha serial mudikaratu kulla irukara kojam mudi kuda kotta poguthu akka….

      2. Nammalu single ah iruka varaikum mudinja alavuku nalla alagana pasangala pathu site adichutu poiralanu pathu oruthan mathi oruthan romba alaga irukanunga che na enna tha pandrathu haiyoo….. haiyoooo…
        Frank ah sollanumna swaragini story padichathuke na sanskar oda fan ah marite che supr….husband pa avan kana nasreen akka tamila pakka miss paniratheenga aprm varutha paduveenga sollite

        Cha nanu indha indrala thahaan track varalanu kadupayi tpk patha veenaponadhu idhulayu vara matingudhu ella ye kirago…
        Indha pageku regulara varadhe en chella kutties tamil ponnungalukaga tha

        Tamil ponnunga rockzzz……

  33. hi roshini yaarr..where r u..??

  34. Why is Shradha so mean, it is high time she should be exposed now, also she is supposed to be pregnant – why is not showing? Are viewers stupid!!!!!….????

    Come on Yaar!!!

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