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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying he can’t postpone the operation and has no option than to rely on Thapki. Thapki agrees and says she will do the sting operation. Thapki goes to get ready and talks to Santosh. She says she is ready and comes to Dhruv. Sakshi apologizes to Dhruv for not being able to do the operation. He says its fine and talks to Thapki. He fixes the Bluetooth device and says he will be in contact with her by this. He asks is she scared, is she sure to do the sting operation. She says she will do it. They send Thapki to the sweet shop.

Vasundara talks to Rachna and Suman and asks them to show the qualities of a new bride. She asks them to be shy as a bride and show her. The scene in hilarious. Vasundara says she will record video as they are doing good acting. She asks

them to dance and show, she looks like heroine. They get glad and do as she says. She asks Suman to sing and insists. Suman and Rachna do not have any talent. Vasundara asks them to see the video and realize they are useless, she wants a beautiful and good valued girl, who understands Dhruv and ends his weaknesses. She says I want someone who matches his shoulders and walks along him.

Thapki walks to the sweet shop and Dhruv keeps an eye on her. Dhruv tells her to put the earplugs back. She says thanks. The guard asks whom did she talk. She says you. He asks why. She says you are protecting big shop that’s why. Dhruv says good job. The guard says I did not see you before. Dhruv says tell him that old maid is ill. Thapki says the old maid is ill so she has sent me. She goes inside and smiles. Dhruv says what is she thinking. She says her stammering saved her today from problem for the first time. He says fine, go ahead and smiles.

She bumps into a man and the bucket with spy cam falls. A man picks it and she gets tensed. Dhruv looks on. Thapki goes and sees the people mixing some bad things in the sweets, on pretext of milk and milk products. Dhruv asks her to go ahead and record. She says no Sir, I can’t, I want to come back. He says fine, come back. She turns. He asks her to forget everything and close her eyes. He asks her to trust her and recall the motive for which she came here, and the people who will like to see her success and the people who would not wish to see her succeed. She recalls Diwakar refusing to marry her and her family’s dreams.

She says fine Sir, I will do this. She starts sweeping the floor and records the mixing. She records the man putting paper in milk to make Malai. Dhruv asks her to come out, they are waiting, they got the required recording. She starts leaving and Ghanshyam sees her. He asks who is she and why did she come here. Dhruv asks her not to worry and tell him that she is maid. Thapki says I came to clean the place. He asks her to leave and sees her sandals. He stops her and asks her about her heel sandals. He asks who is she and gets angry. Dhruv says tell him that her Madam gave her old sandals to her. Ghanshyam asks who has sent her. Dhruv asks can she hear her. He says I think there is signal problem, I can hear her, but she can’t hear me.

Ghanshyam sees the camera and the men run after her. She takes the recording and locks herself in the room. Ghanshyam threatens her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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