Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th July 2016 Written Maha Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying its just three hours left for our love rasam. He plays Mohabbat barse dena……. and thinks I already planned everything, you will come to me. She gets angry. Shraddha washes Dhruv’s feet. He asks what is she doing. He says you have hit my foot, you are my Devta, you were romancing. He calls her servant and says that romance was for Thapki, not you. He goes.

Thapki looks for her phone. She hears the ringtone and gets her phone in storeroom. Dhruv comes there and thinks I got phone here, so that you come here. He asks are you ready for my love rasam, I told you my love will never fail, see I m making you wear this necklace. She asks him to smile, look there, camera, entire family would be seeing us, why do you look upset, its still 5pm, rasam is happening

in temple, come pandit would be waiting. She goes.

Bihaan tells Dhruv that Thapki asked me to get cameras fixed, as all rasams will be recorded and there will be no risk, I got cameras fixed as I liked her idea, did I do right. Dhruv nods. Ashwin asks Dhruv about the jewelry. Thapki says Dhruv is happy for my and Bihaan’s marriage, he got a surprise for me. Pandit says groom’s brother will give bridal dress to the bride. Dhruv recalls his words and gets angry. He gives the bridal dress, red chunri and jewelry to Thapki. Dhruv goes to make her wear red chunri, while thinking his words. Everyone get shocked.

Pandit stops Dhruv and asks what are you doing, groom makes the bride wear that chunri. Dhruv gives chunri to Thapki. Later, Thapki gets ready. Dhruv comes there and says I told you I will see my bride first, you look very beautiful. She says I got ready for Bihaan, its our sangeet today. He says you will dance with me today. He sees camera and smiles, saying there is no use of that, nothing is recording, I damaged all cameras, don’t try to get them repaired, I will damage them again, its better you get ready to dance with me. He goes. She says he is crossing limit, I can’t tell his truth to anyone, but I can tell Bihaan, but Bihaan will not agree without proof, I want proof before sangeet.

The ladies ask Vasundara to call the groom. Dadi says groom has come. Bihaan and Dhruv walk downstairs, together, wearing similar black suit. The lady says they both look good, its tough to say who is the groom. Dadi and Bihaan compliment Dhruv. Ashwin asks them to come and dance. Dhruv asks Thapki are you ready to dance with me. She says that’s why you have worn clothes like Bihaan, how will you get heart and nature like him. he says I did that arrangements too. Preeti gets the masks. Dhruv says I will say, we will party, but with masks. Thapki asks why. Dhruv says I thought to make this evening memorable, lets dance with mask. Bihaan likes the idea. Dhruv says this special mask is for Thapki. Thapki takes it and thanks him.

Preeti asks everyone to get their mask. Bihaan chooses a mask. Thapki smiles. Dhruv also chooses same mask. Thapki gets shocked. Dhruv smiles. Preeti asks everyone to go to rooms and come wearing the mask, so that no one identifies. Bihaan wears mask and says Dhruv, just eyes are seen, face is totally covered. Thapki gets perfume for Bihaan, and sprays on him. She says I can identify your essence now. Bihaan says Ghazab…. She thanks him and rushes. Dhruv looks on. She goes and hides that perfume. Dhruv gets that bottles and uses same perfume to trick Thapki. He checks and says why is there no essence, its water, I think Thapki has……

Thapki comes and says I changed it, what shall I do, why do you want to stop my and Bihaan’s marriage, I told you to forget the past, why are you becoming hurdle. Dhruv says I want you and Bihaan to get married, I have forgotten all the past. She gets puzzled. He says I don’t know what you are saying, you are joking right. He takes the recorder kept there. He says you knew I will come here and that’s why you added water in perfume and started this recording, very smart, you know your goodness is you can’t pretend, when you did not answer me and started requesting me, I understood something is fishy. He throws recorder and breaks the chip. He says nothing is recording now, I won’t let you and Bihaan marry, because I love you a lot, you will marry just me, I know very soon you will find me right and love me. He goes.

She smiles and says I got the proof, your truth got recorded in this laptop, that’s why I kept that handycam there, so that you don’t see this laptop, now I will say your truth to Bihaan. Dhruv sprays room freshener in the hall. Dadi likes the perfume. Thapki comes there. Dhruv says I have sprayed room freshener so much that you can’t identify Bihaan’s perfume, you have to dance with me today. Bihaan comes and asks Thapki to come. She says I have to show you something, come with me. They leave. Dhruv sees laptop with her and gets shocked.

Thapki asks Bihaan to sit. He asks what is it. The laptop takes time to start. The video plays. Dhruv gets Ram pyaari there and throws juice on laptop. He says I m so sorry. Laptop gets damaged. Dhruv says I was running to catch Ram pyaari, see the juice fell on laptop, Thapki were you showing something imp to Bihaan, I m sure it was cute surprise. Bihaan says Thapki will make it again, she is very smart, she does not lose by anything. He takes Ram pyaari and goes. Thapki checks laptop. Dhruv claps and says very smart Thapki, I understood everything seeing this laptop, fate supported me, fate wants to unite us, not you and Bihaan. Preeti comes and asks Thapki and Dhruv to come. Dhruv smiles.

Dhruv sees the pink mask he gave Thapki and smiles seeing her. He wears his mask and goes to her. He holds her hand and they dance. Janam Janam………….plays……………. Thapki pats on Dhruv’s shoulder from behind and removes her yellow mask. Shraddha removes her pink mask. Dhruv gets shocked seeing Thapki, and realizes he was dancing with Shraddha. Shraddha smiles. Thapki says you both dance so well and clicks their pic calling them best couple, its great Dhruv identified his wife Shraddha, even when Shraddha was wearing my mask. Shraddha says yes, its because he loves me. Dadi calls Shraddha. Thapki asks Dhruv did you think I can’t wear clothes like Shraddha, how do I look, fate supports good and right people, like me, I will dance with my Bihaan in this sangeet and tell your truth very soon, wait and watch. She goes. Dhruv gets angry.

Thapki thinks I stopped Dhruv from dancing, how to tell his truth to Bihaan. Bihaan says come, we will dance, what happened, its fine if you don’t want. She says nothing. He asks are you sad as your laptop surprise flopped, just tell me. She asks will you not agree if I say something. He says I will read in your eyes and that’s proof of truth for me. Dhruv asks Bihaan to come. Bihaan asks Thapki to make her mood good and come.

Bihaan catches a man stealing samosas. Dhruv asks Bihaan to see this thief. Bihaan says I will explain him, you go. Dhruv goes. Bihaan asks the man to take some food and go home. The man gets a big bowl. Bihaan says I gave you food, you still want to take all this, leave this. The man falls down and gets sad. Bihaan gives him the bowl and asks him to go. Dhruv comes and asks did he go, go and enjoy party. Bihaan goes in the party. Dhruv says you did not know what you did Bihaan, Thapki will bear the result.

Thapki asks Preeti to send Bihaan to storeroom, I want to surprise him, he wanted to dance with me. Preeti says fine, I will send Bihaan. Thapki says I have to make arrangements, send him after sometime. Preeti goes. Thapki says I will dance with Bihaan and then tell him Dhruv’s truth, as Bihaan said he does not want prove to listen to me. She decorates the storeroom with diyas and waits for Bihaan. Bihaan calls Thapki.

He asks where are you. She says I had come to room for some work. He says fine, come soon. Preeti asks Bihaan to do her work, you need to go storeroom, my matching earring fell, please find it. He asks how did it reach storeroom. She says I went there, fine, leave it, I will go myself. He says no, I will go and find it. She smiles and wears her earring. She says I have made Bihaan reach Thapki.

Dhruv stops Bihaan and makes him talk to Maasi ji. Bihaan gets busy on call. Dhruv says I called Maasi to stop Bihaan from going to storeroom, as I heard Thapki and Preeti’s talk, Thapki wanted to give you surprise and tell me truth, she can’t think the biggest surprise I m going to give her. He wears white gloves.

Dhruv goes to storeroom, wearing the mask. Thapki smiles thinking he is Bihaan. She asks what are you seeing like this, you wanted to do mask dance with me, this is my surprise for you, we will dance here. She wears her mask. He forwards hand. She asks why did you wear gloves Bihaan. Dhruv dances with her. Haan hasin bangaye……………plays…………… They have a romantic dance.

Thapki gets away. Dhruv holds her hand and pulls her. Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai……………plays………. Dhruv hugs her close and they dance. She finds Bihaan’s behavior strange. He does not leave her and gets her too close. He makes her dance, while she tries getting away. He holds her in his arms, and thinks this is just one surprise, another surprise is waiting for you. Bihaan walks in storeroom and removes his mask. Thapki gets shocked seeing Bihaan. Dhruv removes his mask. Bihaan gets shocked seeing Thapki with Dhruv. Dhruv smiles and turns to Bihaan. Bihaan gets angry and walks to Thapki.

Bihaan asks Thapki what are you doing with Dhruv, you both were dancing here. Dhruv says actually……. We both….. I mean….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pihoo

    Thapki and dhruv dono chalbaaz ha aur bechara bihaan fas gya. mujhe toh darr lag rha ki tharuv unite na ho jajaye. I hate this love triangle and dhruv and thapki ka dance was very bekar and thapki ki ankhein nhi ha kya? Druv and bihaan me farak nhi dikhta…i think I am first to comment here

    • pihoo

      Aaj saare tharuv fans moj bana rhe honge chalo kisi ka toh bhala hua. pata nhi ab thahaan fans ko kab romance dekhne ko milega

      • SANTHOSH

        abi bi a love ❤❤❤❤story ladkada raha hai aur thum romance ke baare mai baath kar rahi ho?????….

        pihoo ki jai ho….

    • Ally

      Same pitch yaar
      none of pandey members couldnt identify their partners ;mask only covers face… but physical appearance & body language is entirely different

      Creators gone mad like Druv….no rational thinking….. ???

      • sakshi

        yaar use pata nahu chala ki bihaan kano mein earrings phenta aa
        cvs think it
        and please unite thahaan not tharuv

      • jkangjam

        I was thinking the same
        Druv and bihaan are almost similar compared to that of thapki and shardha. Shradha is much taller than thapki even if thapki wear heels she won’t reach shradha’s height so much difference and they are mad or what that they can’t differentiate them

  2. Manyasa29

    |Registered Member

    Bakwas, super unrealistic and disgusting episode !!!???
    Aisa kuch dikhao ki use believe kar sake…
    First of all……thapki laptop leke dhruv ke saamne gayi kyun??Why didn’t she close the door while showing laptop to bihaan jabki usse pata tha ki dhruv will try to spoil her plan ?? Why Dhruv didnot recognise shraddha jabki uska face dikh raha tha ?Thapki knew that dhruv wnts to dance with her so why didn’t she check that the guy was bihaan or not ??? Bihaan wears earings , his physique is different from dhruv’s ,thapki was uncomfortable while dancing then too she didn’t stop…..!!!!

    This tpk has itself become a big question mark !!!!

    I just hope ki yeh bihaan and thapki ka koi plan hi ho…….to know dhruv’s secret……plz CV’s misunderstandings chodd ke aur koi bhi track chalao !!!!!!!

    • Mandal

      agar yeh physique ke basis pe serial mein log ek dusre ko pehchanne lage, tab toh Thapki aur Bihaan ki shadhhi kabhi nahi hoti, kyunki tab sabko pata chal jata ki mandap pe jo dulha hain woh Dhruv nahi koi aur hain. 🙂

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        @mandal…..very true??
        Yeh toh socha hi nahi Maine???
        Ab samjha yeh pandey parivar ko light me hi kuch nahi dikhta toh andhere me kaha se pehchanenge ek dusre ko ??

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Imagine… if the weddin photo showed bihaans face so clearly…then wat abt people who wr watchin this in real life 3D!!! And bihaan was much fairer bak then .. and druv was more well built. Lol..if thapki can b mistaken for katrina…then nythn can happen. Btw .. was todays rampyari lukin lyk baby rampyaari? I think along with aditi diwakar mr.chaturvedi… even gulabo n rampyaari left the show sayin “meeyy meeyy… ye log humko khas tak nahi dalte,literally!”


      mere Isaaf se tho bihaan ko pakka plan ke baare Mai nahi patha
      lekin a plan nikla tho wo sirf thapki ki hi hogi……

      she is super woman…..

      raaz jaan na hai tho kall ka episode dekhna padega?????…

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        My guess is tht bihaan wil know its a trick. Just think abt it… thapki ia lukin shocked . Her face is only half covered… so druv had to knw itz thapki .druv is wearin same dress and mask as bihaan . So.. conclusion : druv knew but thapki was confused.?oh… wait… this is tpk… yaha par logic nahi “drag” chalta hai. I hav a feelin tht they r tryin to show bihaan is better than druv…thts y they created a pyscho avatar ( so tht wen ankit exits show…ppl wil b glad). So chances r.. bihaan may misunderstand situation and say ” thapki… tumare khusi mein hi mera khushi hai.u can chose to marry whomevr u want”.?

  3. Ally

    I hate Druv he will do anything to get Thapki back even he will murder his own family members.
    Thapki fooled Druv once at the time of mask dance.Because of her overconfidence she didnt give much attention to Druv …that’s why Druv fooled her. Pandey family cannot identify one another by physique.. so strange

    This time I think Druv will win because Last part shows Bihaan is too much distressed when he saw Druv -Thapki together that also dancing.. in store room.
    And Druv has done something in kitchen with That thief.
    Something big is going to happen with Thahaan…

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        Kitchen drama means the bihaan-thief incident ….he caught the thief stealing samosas….read the update….it is given in detail there…….it is some kind of dhruv’s plan !

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Oh no.. i cant read tht much im detail?. Borin script. ?May b druv wil make the samosas more delicious so tht bihaan wil end up eatin more of it and gets fat. N then druv wil hope tht thapki wud lev the fatter bihaan n marry him????. Atleast this theme goes wel with the writers line of thots

  4. SMN

    Stupidity to the maximum…the worst story ever seen in my life…thank god didn’t watch today’s episode…Tapki u r so ridiculous n idiot…First time I really felt they should end tis serial…So sorry for all vulgar words….I miss old thahaan stories…I don’t like this remarriage of Thahaan n more screen space for Dhruv….Hate Dhruv from my bottom of heart….disgusting….

  5. neha

    Omg….To what extent dhruv go in his cheap n dirty tricks to get thapki.??? I HATE YOU DHRUV….. Writers where r u???? What r you doing???? TPK is going worse day by day, and for god sake plz don’t seperate my favorite THAHAAN…. Now I can’t tolerate dhruv anymore….I just want to kiiilllll him….Throw him out of this show…..

    I think now in 2mrow episode psycho dhruv tells lie that he and thapki loves each other and wanna spend some quality time with each that bihaan will doubt on thapki and finished his relationship with thapki and also go away from thapki’s life and cancelled marriage….
    but I hope that some how shraddha supports thahaan and shraddha thapki join hands to revealed the truth of cheap dhruv…
    Its my humble request to writers plz let thahaan marriage will happen successfully without any trouble…. otherwise I will not watch this cheap and nonsense….

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      They r alredy married???.i hope shradda comes in and says “oh.. i think thapki misundrstud druv as bihaan and druv thot thapki ia shradda”. Btw… isnt any membr of pandey parivaar findin it weird tht druv n shradda hav the same dress as groom n bride? N how on earth cudnt druv recogniz shradda, whos taller and leaner than thapki.

      • Rev

        Maybe best is if Shraddha turns light off and switch place with thapki, and then dhruv will look stupid? and after flashback will show shraddha heard dhruvs plan


    maha episode tho mental episode bana….abi muje aaj ke episode dekhke bhauth gussa aaya hai fir bi
    I am still thinking positive….
    a thapki ki chaal hogi sapola ????ko trap karneke liye ……!!!!
    wow…thapki??? is looking so beautiful in black dress…..

    kahi boori nazar??? na laghe thume???? mainly mere DOSTHO ki ?????? …..❗❗❗???

    mera ichcha aaj poora huva ???….mai tho bahuth dino se thapki ko black dress mai dekhna chatha tha?????…

    finally CVs ko ek baar JAI HO???……

    • Vinlora

      |Registered Member

      Aaj ke episode dekh ke muje tho ek baath clear huyi ki Vasu ki dreams sach honewala hai…..kisi ka tho anth honewala hai ? Dhruv ya bihaan pata nahi lekin TPK show ka anth tho fix hai ?? agar eaiseyi bakwaas dikhate rahe tho show kaun dekhega? ?? Show koi nahi dekhe ga tho TRP giregi. ..tho finally TPK ka THE END ?

    • Manyasa29

      |Registered Member

      @santhosh…aise episode ke baad bhi tum positive hue….wow ….hats off to u????
      Santhosh ki jai ho !!!
      And hum kyun nazar lagayenge thapki ko we want thasan love story to be true ??
      @vinlora….sach me ab toh thapki pyaari ki ka THE END hone hi waala hai aisa track dikhayenge toh???
      I wish tpk cast ka koi member yahake comments padh le …..unhe bhi toh pata chalna hi chahiye ki trp kabhi badhti kyun nahi hain !?

      • SANTHOSH

        abi tak sach saamne nahi aana hai na isliye +ive hoo……dekhthe hai kall kya hotha hai….????

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        Yes…i hope kal ka episode achcha ho …..thapki ka koi plan nikle yeh sab!!!
        So that main and sab thahaan fans bhi positive ho jaye !!!?


    hai dosth BBR thum tho bhauth chaalak ho yaarrrrrrr….. …..

    Anu ki ff mai thum THASAN ????ek karke bihaan????? ko pataneka irada hai thumara????…..kaam thumara???? naam mera???????????


    VINRUV ka jodi math banado vaise vinlo ne dhruv ko dekhthe??? hi garam???? hothiye thum usko patane ke liye bol rahi ho……thum chintha math karo mai vinlo ke liye DHRUV ko maarne ka kaam detha hoo??????…… wepons hai na mere dosth vinlo ????✂??

    • pihoo

      Hey santhosh dhruv ko maarne ke liye ye weapons kam padege hume ek aise bomb banana padega jo seedhe dhruv ke dimaag pe lagi aur uski khopdi chalna band ho jaye and hume thapki ko bhi antiboitics dena padega nhi toh vo out of control dhruv ki vajah se depression me aa jayegi

    • Vinlora

      |Registered Member

      Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii???? Bihaan nahi mila tho bhi teek hai….chaaye tho mein zindagi bar kuwanri yi reh javungi lekin VINRUV nahi plzzzz?????hehe

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Weapon ki kya zaroorath. Usko ek room mein bandh karo… bhir light off kardo????? nahi to manyasa ke khar bhejdo… jab bhi barish hoti hai to cable…current sab chala jatha hai??

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        Waise mere yaha sirf cable jaata hai….light nahi?????
        But no problem..DS aayega toh usko ek room me band kar dungi and ussi room me ek sapola chhod ke lights band…..fir maza aayega??

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Ahhh…. black dress huh????? Ok ok… anu pls note the point. San wants to see thapki in black dress??????
      And il add a background music for u guys. Ashoka movie: “san” sanana nana san sanana nan

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      ? Extended Promo for next episode:
      Bihaan sees thapki dancing with another guy in mask. The guy removes mask… its druv!! Bihaan is shocked.
      Meanwhile in PN hall:
      Vasu dances with bauji..both wearing masks. Vasu turns around n sees real bauji staring at them bewildered.
      Vasu: “hey ram ji ki… aap vaha hai to ye
      kaun hai?!”
      The man takes off the mask . Its makkanlal!!!?????
      Preeti dances with her hubby ashwin…both wearin masks. Real ashwin taps on preetis shoulders. Shes shock “oh no ashwin baby. Ye tu nahi to kaun hai!not awesome”
      The man takes off the mask !
      Preeti “arey ye to humara doodh wala hai!”
      Doodh wala: ” madam hum to paise lene aye dhe..lekin aap ne pakadke nachna shuru kiya!”

      ????? dekhte rahiye : dhoka mask ki.
      Comng soon: gorilla in mask. Kya thapki pehchaan payegi?!

  8. Amy25

    I really dislike the fact that Bihaan is basically being kept in the dark about this~! Yes I get that Thapki doesn’t want to ruin the family’s relationship and break the bond they have, but by not telling him she is creating a very bad situation for herself and Bihaan’s relationship… Yes Bihaan has gotten better at controlling himself and everything, but he needs to know the truth… I’m not blaming Thapki, but she really needs to just spit out the truth, screw being a Mahaan Aatma… Bihaan trusts his brother and wife, and yes, she is his wife, technically the wedding is just to have the ceremony, they are already married!!

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      True. Thapki dosnt need “evidence ” to tel this to bihaan. She can jus SAY it and let druv dig his own grave . Besides…. the whol family is ridiculous to nt notice druvs weird behaviour. He kickd his mom outa the house bt has no prob with bihaan?! Yeh ryt?! Lame script! N thrs no logic in keepin it a secret to save the relationships tht r alredy broken.besides..thse 2 stay inthe same house…hw long is thapki plannin to play tom n jerry with druv

    • Tamil ponnu...SMN

      Avan oru matthamanavan….solla varthai illai…oru kevelamanavan…pokiri….visham pambu….My tamil ponnugalay….thangamudiavillai……

      • Kana

        Dei dhruv,poda porukki,panni,pannada,paradesi, soru thane thinkira! Sorry guys ivlo kevalamana cheap ahna episode ah naan pathathe illa and thapki unna mathiri oru vadikadna muddal intha ulagathilaye illa 🙁

      • Tamil ponnu...SMN

        U r absolutely rite Kana….Tapki gives latest IV vit Dhruv…I dont really understand wat she said but from someone translate written that tapki saying Dhruv is gentleman….Tapki is out of her mind…Tapki oru kevelammana ponnu than…intha episode more kuppe ( garbage)….Intha partga time waste panna kodathu….Naan ini mella pakamathen…only updates…until any changes or else bye bye to TPK…Girlz if unggalaku FB or insta inrutha ennai add pannuga … then v can keep in touch…so far Nasreen, Junggu n Kavitha thaan add pannirikirin…my id my real name thaan…ennodu family padam irrukum…so no need to worry….anyway gonna miss all of u….Tc….

      • Kana

        Ethuuu gentleman ahh!!! Coatuu suituu poddavan ellam gentleman ahyaaa!!! Nalla irukuyaa unga vilakkam,yen nageska kudukudupakaran kooda than coatuu poddurikan,ada cheee ivana (dhruv)poi kudukupakaranoda oppirranee ithu therinja kudukudpakaran thookkila thonkiruvan,cvs kandipa nenga sarithirathila idam pidipenga ungaluku makkal sela vaipanga 🙂 vaalthukkal
        Veedla tv pakka mudila,amma appa kekira kelviku pathil solla mudila intha nasama pona serialaala en character ah thappa nenaikiranga veedla,uravugaluka irukira punitha thanmaiya ivlo kevalama kadduranga.cheee ….. ithuku mela vaaya thurakka virumpala naan vera nalla pillainu form aayitan cvs alavuku kevalama varthaigala use panni en character and en thaimozhiyayum asinga padutha virumpala
        Epdiyum thahaan wedding ah olunga nadatha porathu illa athuku satchi vasu’s dreams,manishkaka than ivlo naal porumaiya irunthan ithuku melayum mudiyathu.intha latchanathila trp venumam 🙁 manish plz quit this stupid show
        Hey enga nasreen,ash,juggu,goms,kums,adithi???
        Intha kevalam kedda cvs ah thiddanumnu kooda ungaluku thonala,plz enakkak vanthu 4 nalla varthaila thidditu ponga plz

      • ash..2

        Dhurv.i sonnadhukku ellarum kodhichi poi kidakiranga. Appa naatla neraiya gentlemen irupaangale. Bihaan chellam, unakku indha vandi venam. Dhurv.ea ootitu pogattum. Nee pudhu vandi vaangika. Idhu chuk chuk gaadi. Avanoda slow stupid style.ku indha vandi set aayidum. Nee super fast express,unakku eathamadhiri veara vandi vangiko. Pazhaya vandiya vittudu, illa vithudu. Appathaan nee nalla iruppe. Aeanna dhurv alavukku unnal gentleman.a nadandhukkave mudiyaadhu.

  9. truelove

    What the…….. today s episide was totally west……. dhruv u r so cheep….i wanna kill u…… why god is supporting him?

  10. Sivagami

    This writters always not good enough to read the audience pulse and never give what ppl are expecting…. since i noticed they are dragging i stopped tpk… After so long I read the update…Omg i was so disgusted just to read the update …. ?… Unbearable… I will never watch this episode… I think its okay to put some twist and turn … But not too draggy and irritating…. ☹️

  11. vino

    I love it super dhurav.u fooled thapki this time because of from starting she was fooling u in all things in love and life etc…but she is not a worth for ur nice true love dhurav.and in heart wise she is not a beautiful girl.look wise only beautiful.

  12. garima

    Dekha guys mana kal comment ki
    Show Ko lamba kichna ka Liya story bakar kar data ha our unhona ajj hi kar Di but sayad bihaan thapki ka sath dega our druv-i banana ullu aour use thapki ka name pa milage baba ji ka thulu.

  13. Silent reader

    i hate this yaaar
    what the hell is cvs doing?
    they try to separate every couple ??????????////
    plz dont dooo this????????????????

  14. Sivagami

    Im feeling like giving a punch to the writers and thapki….???????? Damn … We all wore mask before man!! Dont tell me thapki cannot differentiate her husband juz because wearing mask?… My God… Foff.. Go to hell man… Ppl are expecting thahaan romancng in their remarriage… And they are giving and intimate dance of tharuv…??…. Definitely not trp gonna rise like this…

  15. Syed58

    I think dhurv ka kuch ziyada hi horahe. Har jagha gusa chala ata he. This serial is mainly relies on thahaan. If they spoil this relation than abviously their trp will get down from 1.2 to .2. I read in forum site that many people are quitting this show because they can’t tolerate this stupid track & disgusting sapola. Best of luck cvs apne bache kuche tha…pola fans ko khush karo?.

  16. Iswarya_santhosh

    |Registered Member

    Dhruv sir let thapki go and marry her love bihaan. Whe she came to ur office noone is for her. Everyone, even bihaan insulted her for her stammering but now she became mahanatma for everyone and each one of them from ur family supporting her so she dont want u! She dont desrve u sir! First she loved u and now she is loving she is saying that she never loved u bcoz of having respect she accepted to marry u.! She is a cheater! Even bihaan cheated u. Im sure tis two cheaters are made for each other. Let them marry. Once their marriage happens she will definitely come to know bihaan can fight but he cant earn enough for her lovable family. Stupid story! Writers spoiled the story but actors are doing well! Dhruv sir ur love is true but she is not worth for it!

  17. sonia chauhan

    I’m agreed with vino. All viewers are saying cheap to dhruv but according to my points he is absolutely right. Every person in this family and friends has cheated him and now it’s his time to give all of them properly response. He is just trying to get his love back in his life.

  18. Luvleen

    |Registered Member

    I didn’t watch it but by reading it tells me I’m glad I didn’t waste my time…it would have just frustrates me to the max. ☹️

  19. Mandal

    After a long time got to see Jigan dancing together that too in such a hot number.
    The temperature has risen too high at that moment.

  20. Sujoy

    Dhruv sir playing the song “Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya aaya hain” fo Thapki was too funny and s*xy at the same time.
    Dhruv the flirt guru 🙂

  21. Annu

    The episode was so worst.dhruv was doing overacting dirty dhruv stupid.???????????stop the dhruv betrayed plans and make thapki to married.please don’t lagg the serial plzzzz……??????????

  22. Nisi

    Bihaan ku Ella visayamum athathu Dhruv ah pathi therinjiruntha nalla irukumla…

    “I know everything about u and your intentions Dhruv” apdinu Bihaan sonna epdi irukum…………?
    Nenaikum pothe vanathula parakura mathiri irukku, nadantha semaiya irukumla…..?
    But athu nadakathula…………….!

    • Kana

      Nisi en thangachiya nenaichu solran,thayavu seithu intha seriel ah inime pakatha plz,cvs uravugala asinga paduthi ellaraiyum thappa vali nadatha pakuranga 🙁
      Nee sinna ponnu ithellam patha nee keddu poiruva akka un nallathuku than solluven kedduka 🙂

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Some1 destroy the store room pls!! ???? its hauntd by some evil spirits.
      First vasu hid the chloroform bottle there… shradda tried to kil thapki there… vasu gave thapki the challenge thre ( rice with microscopic ….. shradda drinks alcohol there… druv adorns mannequins there….. and now..!!! Shish! Tht room is the root cause of all evil!???


    copy paste post…..
    mein ne IF Mai ek post read kiya muje achcha laga iss liye share kar raha hoo….

    Hello friends…..
    today i cant explain my feelings bs jb sy mahabakwas episode dakha hy tb sy meri 3 dafa apny siblings sy fight ho chuki hy
    I am 100% sure that Tpk director is doing partiality towards Ankit just like tellymasala reporter…actually he is trying to reunite JIgan offscreen
    in dono ny to bht enjoy kiya ho ga dance ik dosry ky sath
    Keu ky tpk ky director ko Manish or Jiggs behn bhai lgty hain is liye wo itna romantic dance ni deta un ka…
    friends mjy jitna bi bash karna hy kar lo ky i am talking actors personal life but actors ki personal life actors ki onscreen per effect hoti hy…jis ny report karna hy kar do meri post ko i dont care…
    Because i am speaking truth

  24. Dannu

    What has left for MANISH / BIHAAN…IN THE SHOW OR IN THE STORY.????????

    CVS have completely SIDELINED his character. …hardly 4mins screenspace in entire 22 min episode. For like LAST 1 MONTH.


    Pure disgrace.



  25. Trisha

    Why everyone scilding and insulting dhruv..he s right in everything.and that thapki she is insulting dhruv much..she forgive vasu bihaan shradda for everything if anyone of them did mistake she hide fpr family happiness but if dhruv done mistake she want to expose it in front of all.she get this life rughts respect everything is just because lf dhruv.hlw can she forget that..??dhruv is good to all.and even now he is doing this for all to get his love..wen everyone cheated him wt wil he do.he never cheats anyone he just want his love back.thats it.and ye thapki toh bi na pehley dhruv ki saath marriage hona vali tha jab dhruv ke saath mil kar cake cutting ki hein etc…and now she is scolding dhruv..dhruv married shradda but not forget his love.he is right on his love..

  26. Princess

    That’s it….This is d end tha vs ruv….now it will be only about dhruv….If he can blackmail her once then he can blackmail her many more times… d blackmailing is to hide his truth….In future it can be for return gift (kiss) and then for marriage….and d dance was disgusting….d way he was touching her it was no love only lust was there…..a woman can never ever in her dreams too can’t imagine of that touch….During dance a point came when thapki was trying to free her hand from his clutches….I don’t know why she didn’t stop him then and there and continue dancing….In thahaan sangeet they r showing us thapola dance……very disappointing…..

  27. Mandal

    The Thapki and Dhruv and even Dhruv and Shraddha dance were the most sensuous and s*xy dance this show has ever give us.
    Thank you CVs and director.

  28. ash..2

    Yei, kana, ellaraiyum warn pannittu, nee tv pottu kuthavachite pole. Sathiyama solren, indha serial mattum mudinjidichunna,vera serial pakkam thala vachu padukka matten. Thevaiye illama kovam varudhu. Adhuvum indha thapki.i paartha blood boil.agira satham eanake kekudhu. Control.ea pannamudiyalai. Adhuvum andha last dance.i paarthu kodhichi poiten. Indha bhihaan ennadaanna,than pondatiyai thodalama? Vendama?.nu dance aadaran. Ivan poondhu vilayaditaan. Kanava irundha kooda eathukka mudiyaadha intimate dance?Nalla velai 2.m moonjiya kaatame mask potukichunga. Adhuve thaangalai. Venumnu panranunga. Naalaikku mattu trp .1 earichinna kooda, adutha 1 vaarathukku torture thaan. 1.2..lirundhu .9.ku pona padu santhosham. Indha story ippadiye poochunna ? irundha naan ?ayiduven.

  29. Luvleen

    |Registered Member

    You know I got to watch this episode actually…but I wasted my time! I don’t get the writers…this track is ridiculous cause they are already married! N by Dhruv forcing himself on Thapki…isn’t this an offence? Argh this serial is starting to annoy me. ?

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      “Starting”? Hehe…. ur such a patient lady . I hv been annoyd sinz ages. Btw. . I ddnt c the controversial danz numbr?

  30. Vinlora

    |Registered Member

    Actually yesterday I have decided to quit TPK…I’m fed up of this disgusting Sapola track…???
    Lekin bahuth himmath jutaane ke baad aaj maine Thapola dance phir se dekha tho muje laga ki shaayad ye thapki ka plan tha. ..☺?dhruv ko redhand pakadvaane ke liye ☺i think jab Dhruv andar aaya tha thapki jaan thi thi ki wo Dhruv hai ☺ aur jab thapki keh rahi thi ki surprise abhi baaki hai tab usne ek mysterious look diya tha Dhruv ko …..
    Aur first dance tho casual dance tha aur thapki purposely normal behave kar rahi thi thaaki DS ko shak na ho jaaye ? lekin wo 2nd dance????wo tho thapki ke liye unexpected tha aur us mein thapki
    bahuth uncomfortable bhi thi? jis taraha wo psycho use keench keenchke dance kar raha tha thapki shock mein thi…jab tak wo react kare Bihaan ne entry di thi. …?
    Kuch bhi ho jaaye Bihaan thapki pe doubt nahi karega ?kyunki usne kaha tha na hum sachchayi ko tumhaari aankho se pad lenge. ..ab aage thapki tho bihaan se sach nahi kahega kyunki DS usse blackmail kar raha hai ?tho I think aaj ke incident ke baad shaayad Bihaan ko DS ke oopar doubt shuru hoga aur Bihaan apna investigation shuru karega …tab wo card wo photos bhi milenge. .aur sab pichle incident ko saath connect karega aur bihaan ko DS ka sach pata chalega wo bhi shaadi ke din….?phir Bihaan -DS confrontation. …DS sab kabool karega aur bihaan ko behosh karke uski jagaha mandap pe baita ga. ..lekin tab shraddha bhabhi apni chaal chalegi aur thapki ki jagaha wo mandap jayegi aur degi DS ko maath. …????


      aisa kuch nahi hai dosth….. u r over thinking ……
      see here……

      So there was nothing like nayan mattaka..
      All were in hall..
      Bihaan with eyes tell thapki to come or talk to him…he was about to message her..bauji snatches bihaans phone, tell him pay attention to work…

      Vasu comes with preiest bcz she saw a dream that some bad spirit ( bura saaya)is on bihaan ..preist by seeing bihaans face says something is not good…so has to do some pooja…

      When bihaan was sprinkling holy water in house, he gets hurt by nail on stairs…(in this scene they used manish’s body double)

      Reporters says who is behind this?? Is it dhruv?? We will get you the news soon…

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Maath ya moth ( death)?!? ab bechari vasu itne din se ek hi sapna dekh rahi hai…. to kya hamara farz nahi banta ki hum us sapne to sach mein badal de. Btw… i didnt see this danz ….. hmmm bt i saw the scene wr bihaan is starin at them dancin. Nw… ny man with common sense shud b abl to link the dots here. Druv us in xact sam dress n mask as bihaan… bt thapkis face is pretty evident. Ab b for bihaan apna b for brain lagayega kya

  31. Vinlora

    |Registered Member

    I don’t know why I feel that DHRUV ki mauth Vasu Maa ki haatho yi hogi. …?kyunki bad dreams tho vasu ko yi pad rahe hai na….at the climax jab Dhruv Thapki se misbehave karta hai aur vasu maa dekh thi hai. ..Thapki ko bachane ke liye shaayad vasu Dhruv ko maaregi ???jis taraha
    ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi ‘ mein Tulsi viraani ne apni bahu Nandini ko bachane ke liye apne bete Ansh ko Maara tha?
    I hope happen like this only ??

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      If he dies… then it wil b eithr like tht or tht druv will die by his own mistake….. reason? Coz vasu luvs druv the most. If ny othr membr kills him…. it wil seem like they were unjust to a mother. N as per the prophecy …. one membr hs to kill the othr.
      Has ny1 seen the eng movie The Good Son?

  32. Silent reader

    xOur source shares, “Upon witnessing his brother and wife getting close, Bihaan will shout on Thapki, but surprisingly his lady love will emerge from behind. It will then be revealed that while dancing with Dhruv, Thapki realized that Dhruv was trying pose as her husband, hence the intelligent lady will exchange her mask with Shraddha. Unaware of the truth, Dhruv will end up getting intimate with his own wife Shraddha.”
    Aahhh!!! Quite a clever plan Thapki! Take a bow!

    • sarah

      Oh is it? Very good then! I am gonna enjoy it if it happens that way
      But yesterday it was thapki who was dancing with dhruv not shraddha. We can see it clearly.

    • Dhanu Dil

      Is it so, then I would love to see tht . I ws frustrated with this dhruv n hate to see misunderstanding Btwn thahaan. I thought to quit watching this, bt there r cute seens of thahaan . That’s y I watch , only for thahaan

  33. Asha

    Kill dhruv character making the whole episode boring ( devar torturing bhabi) beyond the extreme level. Here after, I am going to continue watching only after it. I am sure , TPK trp is going to become very low if dragged the current irritating track like this.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..