Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Thapki to kick everyone out of house as per the challenge. Thapki says me…Kabir reminds her that they have to win as they have lost the challenge. He says if you don’t do this work then I will do this work and they can’t bear it. Thapki cries badly. Thapki touches Vasu’s feet and takes her baggage out. Kabir goes inside. Shraddha claps and wah Thapki, you are way ahead of me in doing bad with them. Vasu asks Shraddha to stop him and says Thapki is doing what was decided. She asks her not to compare herself with Thapki, and says my Thapki can’t do anything wrong. She says if she asks for my life, then also I will support her and have trust on her even now. Shraddha says that’s why you are suffering, your loving Thapki can snatch our belongings now,

and asks her to come. Everyone leave from Pandey Nivas. Vasu asks Thapki not to worry and says she can understand. Thapki touches her feet and says Maa. Vasu blesses her.

Bihaan tells Vasu that he is not blind like her, and goes. Bihaan looks at the God’s idol from outside the house. Thapki calls his name…and cries. Bihaan lifts his hand towards her. Thapki also lifts her hand to touch his hand, but Kabir comes and stops Thapki and holds her other hand. Bihaan folds his hand and cries. Sankara comes and asks Bihaan to come, saying you love her so much and she has snatch everything from you, kill love for her and this Thapki. She holds his hands…Aati Rahengi Baharein plays……………She holds Bihaan’s hands and starts walking out. Bihaan is still looking at Thapki and recalls all the good moments between them. All Pandey family get emotional and see their house for last time, recalling the happy and sad moments in the house. Vasu and Balwinder cries. They leave. Thapki sits on ground and cries.

Neha gains consciousness and calls Kabir. Kabir is standing there and asks how did you reach here. Neha says last night, I came here following you. Kabir asks her not to do this again and says if anything had happened to you, then what I would have done. Neha says I will not do anything. Kabir asks her not to do this again. Neha cries and says that man..Bihaan was here only. Kabir says I know, and says I have taken revenge from him and have kicked him and his family out of his house. He says he has snatched your everything and that’s why I have snatched his everything. Neha asks everyone, and asks him to stop Thapki. She says Thapki saved me from Dog, and asks him to stop her. She asks him to do as she says, and asks her to keep her happiness always. Kabir promises and hugs her. Thapki is crying outside the house. Kabir asks her to come inside. Thapki asks what do you need now? You have snatched my everything. Kabir asks her to come and takes her in his car. Thapki says I don’t want to go with you. Pandey family are walking on road. A beggar comes and begs infront of them. Shraddha imagines herself in beggar’s place. She thinks Aditi have snatched Dhruv from me and made me baharwali and Thapki snatched our house, I will teach lesson to both sisters. Preeti and Suman imagine themselves are roadside saleswoman, and asks God to do some miracle.

Thapki asks Kabir to stop the car. He drives the speedy car towards Pandey family. Sankara gets scared and goes behind everything. Bihaan stands infront still. Kabir stops his car. Sankara comes infront now and asks him if he wants to kill them now. Kabir says I want to give one more chance to you. Bihaan looks on. Kabir says my heart is so big and that’s why I am giving one more chance to you so that you can get back your house. He says if you wants your house back then you have to earn 5 crores Rs. in 1 month. Everyone is shocked and happy. Kabir says if you manages to earn 5 crores then you will get back your house, else I will sell your Pandey Nivas at a cheap price. Shraddha and Suman thank God. Kabir asks if he accepts the challenge. Bihaan refuses to accept the challenge. Everyone is shocked. Shraddha says we are getting a good chance and you are refusing. Vasu says Bihaan’s decision is final. Sankara also refuses to accept the offer. Thapki tells Bihaan that he did right by refusing Kabir, and says you can’t earn even 5 Rs. with hardwork and honesty, smiles. Bihaan looks on.

Thapki asks him not to accept this challenge and get his family insulted again. Bihaan asks her not to say anything, and accepts the challenge. Vasu thinks what is going on in Thapki’s mind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I know thapki done this to encourage bihan and thanks thapki for believing that bihan is innocent

    1. Thahaan forever

  2. what all tis dhrv sirf pillar ke traha khara hai wo kyu kuch jwab de rha hai cricket match me bi aditi aur bihan ke khne pr apne hi family ke against ta may be dhrv help pandey family kyuki 2 sal bad to rich dikhaya gya tg

  3. what all tis dhrv sirf pillar ke traha khara hai wo kyu kuch nii jwab de rha hai cricket match me bi aditi aur bihan ke khne pr apne hi family ke against ta may be dhrv help pandey family kyuki 2 sal bad to rich dikhaya gya tg

  4. This is called selfless love, Kabir knew Thapki wouldnt be happy or stay in the same house unless the Pandey’s would continue to live there. Despite however he feels for Bihan and the Pandey’s he brought them back for the time being. This is pure and utter selfless love.

    Thapki being Thapki is just as blind as Bihan fans, she’s trying to coax Bihan into fighting for his family because she knows he’s spineless and wont do it on his own.

    Kudos CV’s thank you for introducing a selfless character like Kabir, who swallowed his pride and ego and brought back the Pandey’s all for his sister.

    1. Yeah and he already getting angry at Thapki when she is tryna coax him into doing the deal im sure I saw him hit the car door LOL

      Wth when Thapki and BIhaan put their arms up I was like wtf??

      He says he has hate for Thapki and he has seen all the pics of Thapki and Dhruv together so why randomly today did he put his hand out?? Where has his hate gone, has he gotten a spell of amnesia and forgotten the images??

      1. meant to say Thapki and Kabir. NOT DHRUV

  5. Now what thapki is cooking in her mind.
    I hate sankar track please finished her track.
    I hope bihaan. Is innocent hope in coming episode kabir come to that his revenge is wrong and try to united thahaan.I wanted new girl for kabir..
    I also hope thapki clear all misunderstanding between bihaan and her and also clears labor misunderstanding according to bihaan..
    Hope for best

    1. Labor sorry kabir

    2. u r right… now Cv should something to clear misunderstanding b/w thahaan and kabir rather than creating more misunderstanding… and revenge is not only solution for every action, they should take story to a better level rather than revenge track

    3. agree.. so desperated with revenge track & sankara’s secret.. ?

  6. Proud to be a Kabir fan. He loves his sister more than he hates the Pandey’s and Bihan which is why he brought them back today.

    Though I do find the whole get 5 crores and get the house back stupid, I guess Kabir had to think up of something, he couldn’t just bring them back without giving a reason.

    Bihan as usual when the going gets tough the tough go hiding, the cowardly man walked away and didnt even step up to the challenge until Thapki deliberately hurt his ego.

    1. You read it like Kabir did it for his sister my interpretation is He doesn’t want Bihaan to go far so he can carry on torturing him, I was glad when Bihaan said no to Kabir it was a calm F U to say I’m not playing anymore of your games but also Thapki doesn’t want to let Bihaan go so she knows how to motivate him and that’s through anger, like the last time he needed to earn money he used that anger to fuel him. She knows that when he’s determined he can but she needs to give him a kick up the arse. Kabir doesn’t know that about him, he’s only seen Bihaan at his worst. That’s why I prefer Bihaan to other ML because he has flaws, he has different shades, he’s far from perfect but I prefer that to the goody goody types cos there’s no dimension otherwise.

      Also as a side note love seeing Manish and Sehban give interviews together

      1. lol a calm FU more like he had no motivation or desire to even do anything for his family, he knew he wouldnt be able to win and hence he didnt want to try. Had Thapki not intervened and attacked his ego he would’ve just walked away.

      2. @Lucy you are right… Nobody is perfect in this world.. To err is human… In other shows they show all ML to be the perfect in all respect which happens in fantasies.. But in this show the ML has different shades which attracts me too and many other fans as well.. And in the shows FL are portrayed to be goddesses who can do anything and everything all of which isn’t possible in real life.. in this show they have shown a few illogical things like gorilla, thapki was vaani chaturvedi then legal document had thapki bihaan pandey, she becoming lawyer from a journalist, then vaani Oberoi, thapki divorced but married vaani.. completely illogical but then yes the ups and downs of thapki were truly real life one..she lost her child and other things.. so let us hope for the best..

    2. @shela ,check my 2nd post below.woh mera reply tha par galti se alag post bana di maine.

  7. Manish ki deewani

    vasu maa u said that thier is difference between thapki and shradha rite….becoz this evil shradha has tongue she stood for herself she try it but thapki she only know hw to cry always …..a crying baby….she sometimes become statue and sometime a puppet of others …she is not a strong women never….muh mai dahi jama lati hai
    today i feel bad for baugi more than anyoneelse .from the characters baugi is my favorite and today when he cry i really feel bad for him…
    Bihaan its really painful when we left our home becoz is not only a shelter for us this is that place where a family spend thier good and bad times together….so its soooooo painful.
    shradha u r evil but u r so funny
    i know thapki in the end u said this becoz u want that Bihaan accept the challenge but let me remind u Bihaan is the only one who pay the tabela rent one of my favourite track
    i wish B FOR BIHAAN B FOR BADSHA [boxer] bn jaye.
    hello pooja garima vino shruti santhosh bhai hw r u guys santhosh bhai where r u

    1. Doll.pari

      i wish to bihaan boxer or May be he is best sketch maker, painter b ban skta ha. but jo b ho kush ban jy
      thahaan forever

    2. @reshal manish ki deewani you are right… I am also thinking the same… Bihaan will become the old badshah again to earn money honestly like before….How we loved that badshah part… Cvs is aiming towards making bihaan a hard work money earner as we had craved for him before… am looking forward to it.. bihaan can do anything for his family and thapki, he has always been a selfless person who thought for others before himself.. we have seen it before also….#love bihaan and manish’ expressions too…

  8. agr har baat log revenge lana start kr de to dunyako to khatam ho jana chay har chheez ka proper solution hona chay rather then revenge r wo b half truth basis pe … chalo mana bihaan ne threat kia… Bihaan ne ye b kaha k wo us ka kaam ha threat krna per mara to nahi na r na ee is baat ka koi proof ha… Bihaan is soft heat person always forgives other and never take revenge like this as thapki and kabir did with him ….

  9. You mean it is ok for a Woman to jump frm one man to another first druv then bihan n now kabir

    1. Doll.pari

      to whom u asking this dear,,, we just want thahaan

  10. Doll.pari

    Bihaan pandey aka Manish Goplani super star
    keep rocking dear

  11. Good Thapki…I think you have induced Bihaan’s self respect to boost his energy..I remember the scenes where Thahaan lived in cow shed and Bihaan earned money..Those are favourite scenes of Tpk..

    I think story writers has something to
    change the track..Hope for Thahaan’s scenes☺..and Kabir soon realize Bihaan’s innocence..

  12. Oh come on the only reason that pray kabir is bringing them so that he can give more pain to bihaan. I don’t know why some kabir fans are boasting too much.

    1. He didnt even have to bring Bihan and his family back, he couldve let them rot on the streets. Its evident that he doesnt like Bihan for what he’s done to his sister and despite that he brought them back only because he had promised his sister. Thats why we’re boasting about him, him and his love for his sisters. Unlike other characters, he put his ego and pride aside for his sister and stuck by his word for her.

      1. No his sister said don’t hurt Thapki or keep her happy something along them lines she didn’t want Thapki to be kicked out, Thapki will never be happy as long as she isn’t with Bihaan so it makes no difference if Bihaan is there or not until Thapki is truly with him Kabir can’t promise to keep Thapki happy always and if you noticed he didn’t agree to Neha, he just hugged her

      2. Well he just did didn’t he to wind bihaan up. And the day he finds out that bihaan is innocent that day he will feel guilty.

      3. Well that’s the thing though he will to punish bihaan and give more pain that maybe he didn’t even do. I mean I’m sure he didn’t burn the house down along With neha’s husband and her child. I’ve got the feeling that there’s more to it then we know. Before 1 or 2 kabir fans jump to conclusion you should wait and see what really did happened that day becoz I’ve got the feeling that bihaan didn’t killed neha’s husband and her kid. There’s more to it am sure.

      4. Actually Neha said promise me you’ll aways keep didi happy and he said yes. Exactly, he knows Thapki wont stay or be happy unless the Pandey’s back and doing well. He coulsnt obviously get on his knees and beg them to come back and offer them back the house on a silver platter so he did what he has been doing so far, he challenged Bihan for his familys wellbeing and took Thapki along to make sure she pushed the right buttons for Bihan to agree. Look mate at the end of the day everyone knows you will turn a blind eye to everything Bihan does wrong and keep on blaming Kabir for Bihan’s shortcomings and failures, so really theres no point in this discussion. CV’s know what the viewers want, as per the new video Kabir’s character is here to stay so its evident for all to see where the story is heading.

    2. Shuva they got happy because of that one sided hug, so obviously it doesn’t take much. But I guess they interpreted it differently but the way I see it if Bihaan goes away how can Kabir keep avenging, so he needs Bihaan close by as he said to Neha the first part of his revenge is completed so obviously he’s got more up his sleeve but let Kabir fans tell themselves he’s a good guy and he gave them the challenge to make his sister happy, even though why would his sister be happy seeing the man she thinks killed her family, she wouldn’t want Bihaan anywhere near her

      1. Hi Lucy
        Exactly, if he wouldn’t bring them back then how on earth would he take revenge on bihaan. And that 1 sided hug what was that about and why thaapki even letting that kabir touch her, she should have slapped him for doing that without her will. Even if she would slapped him all kabir’s1 or 2 fans will be saying she’s a abuser she abused him.

      2. People are calling him coward because he said no to the challenge… but it isn’t true.. you only think if anybody and everybody ask you to jump in the pond, to do anything they say, would you do that? He knew kabir is hell bent to hurt him and his family, he has already thrown them out, he didn’t want to fall again in his trap and that was the reason why thapki came up,she didn’t want them to leave..didn’t we see vasu also supported bihaan at first.. now tell me vasu is a coward too….and kabir had already thrown them out.. it was because of neha he went to stop them..he got to know thapki saved his sister and Thapki’s happiness lies in her family.. and that is true..

  13. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    every scene in this series is a repeat season 1. Now bihan will be a fighter to get money (season 1, so bihan cage fighter to pay rent gulabo). after this may thapki would be a lawyer again to defend bihan of cases neha like season 1 ???? wauw … out of ideas cvs, really sad … maybe after the case is finished neha, thahaan will begin to close again and bihan will make thapki jealous by the arrival sheena longer possible or demon sankar that would make jealous ??? then finally united in one or two episodes and kosi come again for revenge and the only tract that will be repeated until the audience bored watching manish and jigyasa ….

    1. Lol maybe you’re right.

      1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

        but may be not,shuva because the writer season 1 different with season 2…annoying….

  14. getting borring day by day shit serial uff

  15. Agree with u @ sri wahyuni…the cvs runs out an he repeating the story pathetic!!! They should replace him with someone else who had more story idea!!

  16. Thank you cvs for a character like Kabir. I love how you have shaped him so far. He’s the only one on this show who realises the value of family. Bihan is spinless and selfish and a sorry excuse of a man. Thapki is just plain blind in her love him and the Pandey’s are one of the most dysfunctional family I have come across.

    Kabir deserves bette than Thapki. I hope you can introduce someone else for Kabir.

  17. Bihan is pathetic failure, not even ready to defend and fight for his own family. How did such a shameless man end up becoming a lead character? No morals, no guilt. He’s actually proud of being a gunda and destroying lives. Such characters should be banned from TV.

  18. Pathetic loser Bihan…ran away today, B for bihan b for Bhagoda. It took Thapki to convince him to fight for his family, What kind of a man requires convincing to fight to their family. Shameless man still hasnt expressed any remorse in fact he was proud of it and gave the excuse that Thapki wasn’t with him. How pathetic does he not have a moral compass or sense on his own? He has mental issues and needs to be given medicines or he needs to eb punished

  19. Hey what’s happeninghow come my comment is still not snowing.

    1. Whoop’s sorry did some spelling mistake

  20. Thank you cvs for introducing such a selfless character,kabir in the show.
    As a kabir fan,after yest. Epi. More respect to him,he kept his pride and ego aside after neha request. His love for neha is topmost priority in his life.
    WHT challenge kabir gave to bihaan??how could an illiterate gunda mawali bihaan arrange 5 crore in one month.Is bihaan a doctor,engg. Or bussinessman ?
    Cvs this sounds so forced challenge,ha ha ha…….dena hi hota to kuch 1 or 2 lakhs ka challenge dalte but 5 crores …Plz unite thabir,thabir and thabir

  21. Totally agree with your every bit of words.
    U know Trp is stable,so people are really appreciating thabir and kabir the way he is,almost other fangroup to show tv par nahi dekh rahe hain taki trp decrease ho jaye aur kabir se mukti mile.Alas! Their plan flopped.
    Abhi aur kabir hi kabir show mein dikhega.This is the power of kabir fans.Isnt it???

    1. lol power of kabir fans… i am a manish fan and i aman still watching the show on TV.. what do you think if we say we will stop watching we did it really? many are still tolerating the show only for manish….now ssel on star plus timing will change so their fans are demanding not to change timing so they are tuning to tpk to increase it’s trp.. this trp was there before kabir’s entry also…there isn’t any improvement still..

      1. wow,what are doing under my post.where is your warning card???????
        Wow great excuses,hmmmmm.No thahaanians watching the show right now on tv ,to decrease the trp so that they would get rid of kabir.your made your excuses onbehalf of knew it trp is you came here to claim the credit.
        This new trp is after binkar no effect of thahaanians group,coz they ranaway with that horrible track.the vacant place is filled up by sehbaan aka kabir fans.most thahannians almost gave up but but still no decrease in trp coz sehbaan fans are there to contribute the trp.
        About SP,it is same as you made your post in IF ,ssel dekho tpk ko trp giri nahi .this trp is not of the after the ssel timing change.this is the after binkar and photo incident.This current trp is nothing to do with ssel timing change.
        Trp is stable so now more chances of kabir.

      2. Alia919

        yes .. Rinks we are Manish fans and watching this cramp show bcz of him…

    2. @shehla

    3. True Divya, Thahanian’s claim the TRP is not doing well, because of Kabir, have they ever wondered that it may be because of their own favourite character stooping to lower levels? With the exception of people on IF (which btw does not represent the real world) people dont actually dont like how Bihan’s character is being shaped. Some have turned to Kabir fans especially after his comments from the episode that aired 2 days ago. TRP is stable because us ThaBirian’s are watching the show, and the number of people enjoying watching this track is increasing hence the recovery of TRP’s from low to being consistent. So keep hoping ThaHanians for Kabir’s track to finish but he’s here to stay.

  22. So now thapki motivated bihaan and bihaan accepted the challenge
    I wish i will be able to see old bihaan during tabela track who became badshah to earn money to pay tabela rent
    So from olvs kabir is to stay long ok but when trp will fall his journey will end abruptly
    He gave rose to thapki it is clear now hr will be the second psycho after dhruv
    New psycho in the making

  23. bihaan can face all difficulties he is so genuine BT kabir and sankar are evils

  24. kabir is full ofbullshitand disgusting creater. BIHAAAN BINDAAS Forever and ever

  25. Wow..its Thapkis new plan for encouraging him.because she doesn’t want to leave him.Thahaan is always be a unique couple….
    Manish…what I say you are outstanding…real backbone of this drama.hats off you maniii for your stunning acting.
    Hi,garima,reshal,vino,anu,sruti,santhosh Bahia pls comeback really miss your comments.

  26. Bhagoda Bihan shameless character needs to die. I can’t believe such a coward exists. He needs to be coaxed and prodded to fight for his family?! How does stand up and fight for their family? Kabirs doing it, even thought it was impossible to destroy Bihan seeing as he has nothing of his own he managed to bring Bihan to his knees and here Bihan isn’t even ready to protect his family. Useless character with no sense of responsibility. All he can do is physically abuse women, throw things and destroy people’s lives. I wish they would just kill him offf or finish this stupid serial. Both Bihan and his fans disgust me. It’s disgusting to see people supporting a man who feels no guilt for being a gunda without a cause. Atleast Kabir is better in this aspect, he continually shows remorse and tried to minimise the damage.

    End this stupid show or this stupid character Bihan forever cvs

    1. Hey you kamla
      What’s your problem and Why are you getting so hyper and getting so serious over a fictional character Your blo*dy words disgust me too. Your kabir is a wimp and a cowered who does things behind bihans back. Your kabir is so good that he keeps his sister chained in a disgusting place. With her condition she should be somewhere in secure place with treatment. But no he is too busy taking revenge, he thinks that is more important.

  27. OK bihaan was a different person at the beginning, he was spoilt. He then changed after his and thaapki’s marriage, thaapki changed him her love changed him. He is the 1 whowho was always there for her when she was treated like a dirt. He was there for her side by side supporting her
    when at 1 point everyone was against her.
    But then again was he that bad though coz I’ve seen worse. A guy kicking and punching his girl while pregnant. A guy raping his girl even though she said no trust me I’ve seen worse. OK when bihaan slapped thaapki was wrong but he did feel guilty, he even said sorry to her when she came back as vani. Look I’m not saying what bihaan did was right but at the end of the day there’s worse things happening other then 1 mistake, 1 slap. Atleast he didn’t rape anyone, murdered anyone and many more that others did like that scare crow shraddha and that child murderer fat bum Shankar. Just wait and see he is innocent and he didn’t kill neha’s husband and her son coz like I mentioned before that there’s more to itit then we know. we just have to wait and see.

    1. Whoops sorry guys more silly spelling mistakes. Its just that when I’m typing so fast I make mistakes. Anyways I’m sure you guys are wise enough and know what I mean.

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