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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti and Suman scolding Thapki and humiliating her. Thapki cries. Suman says we hate you and they leave. Shraddha smiles seeing this. Ankhon pe dhoop si……. Plays……… Shraddha gets glad. Shraddha tells Vasundara what happened with Thapki. Vasundara suggests Shraddha to make Dhruv fall for her, and win his heart. Dhruv comes there. Vasundara asks Shraddha to take cake for Dhruv. Shraddha gives cake to Dhruv and asks him to have it. He says its okay, I don’t like cake. She insists. He refuses. She says even I won’t have it then, please just take one bite. Dhruv eats some cake and leaves. Vasundara looks on happily and says I promise I won’t let Thapki come in between Shraddha and Dhruv.

Thapki comes to her room. Bihaan asks why did you accept your mistake,

I know Shraddha did all this to spoil party, she is showing you down. Thapki says its my mistake, not Shraddha’s, I have lost Suman and Preeti’s trust today, they broke relation with me and hate me, no need to support me Bihaan, Maa is right, I m not Lord, I can do mistakes too. He says you are great, Shraddha is playing games and you don’t want to see anything.

Vasundara tells Shraddha that now they have to make Bau ji and Dadi against Thapki. Shraddha says its tough. Vasundara says trust is big thing, one wrong hit can end trust, one mistake then Dadi and Bau ji will lose trust on Thapki. Shraddha and Vasundara smile. Vasundara says you are perfect bahu, just the one I dreamt of. Shraddha says no one can come between Thapki and her bad time. Bihaan says I will become a shield for you Thapki, as you are good and right, I will protect you from Shraddha, I will not let anyone hate you, I promise I will not let your relation end with anyone. Thapki cries.

Diwakar attends his guests. Aditi, Poonam and Krishnakant come home. The lady asks Aditi not to hold bags in this state, and congratulates Poonam for Aditi’s pregnancy. Aditi gets shocked. The ladies say we will leave, let Aditi rest. Diwakar smiles and asks Aditi did she get shock. Aditi scolds him for spreading this fake rumor, this marriage is just acting. Diwakar says I know but I got this idea to avoid divorce. Krishnakant says I will get you both divorced, I will tell neighbors the truth. Aditi says no need, this creeps do not care by this. Mishra and Diwakar threaten them and taunt Krishnakant. Diwakar asks Aditi to call them after dinner is ready. Aditi says they will ruin our respect, I want to give them solid reply to shut their mouths forever.

Its morning, Thapki asks Suman and Preeti to sit, she will serve breakfast. Suman says no need, we will take ourselves. Shraddha and Vasundara sign. Shraddha says I will serve. Suman nods. Bihaan looks on. Dadi asks servant to keep all items in kitchen. She says its Makar Sankranti tomorrow, we feed 7 pandits tomorrow. Bau ji says yes, 7 pandits will come in morning, we will feed khichdi, and 4 things along with it. Dadi says food should be tasty, Thapki you manage this, this tradition should not get insulted. Suman says she is great in getting others insulted and taunts Thapki.
Bau ji says Thapki did not do this intentionally. Thapki refuses to take this work. Dadi says but.. Vasundara says leave it Maa ji, give this work to Shraddha.

Shraddha says no, I don’t want to do this duty, this will be wrong with Thapki. Bau ji agrees with Thapki and says Thapki should do this work. Dadi says so its decided Thapki will do work, we will go and get pandits, we will come late. Bau ji says we will bring pandits from our village temple. Suman and Preeti tell Dadi that they will come with them. Shraddha tells Thapki that she will help Thapki. Bihaan looks at her and thinks Ghajab, I know what will you help Thapki, I will show my tricks to you Bhabhi ji… They all leave.

Vasundara asks Shraddha why did she refuse to this chance to win hearts. Shraddha says then how would Thapki lose trust and be out of Dadi’s heart, and says they will spoil food and decide Thapki’s fate. Thapki starts making food and thinks she won’t make any mistake this time. She makes papads and worries as papad flour gets sticky. Shraddha looks on and says your life will be spoiled now, see what I do with you. Bihaan asks what will you do Bhabhi ji. Shraddha gets shocked. Bihaan says I mean you stayed here to help Thapki, come help her. Shraddha says no, I have some imp work, I will come later. She goes. Bihaan says your work is just to spoil Thapki’s work, do anything, my eyes are on you Bhabhi ji, your tricks won’t work today….

Shraddha says Thapki had hidden everything in kitchen, I will spoil it. Bihaan looks on and says wherever you go, you will find me, I will keep an eye on you till Thapki’s work is completed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nonsense diwakar drama.end it.bihaan is superbbb..

  2. bihaaan you are superbbbbbbb

  3. Thanks Amena 4 the fast updates

  4. Well done bihaan….proud of u… u

  5. Bihaan is right… Thapki don’t want to see the truth. But he believes vasu… ?? thinking its mother. The reality is:
    Vasu is only mother for son Druv.
    He knows all then also somewhere thinking like Thapki.
    Bihaan protects Thapki from all evil wow.. ???

    1. And what this so called educated Aditi waiting for right time ..she can complaint against Divakar and family for forced marriage and domestic violence. If she needs evidence its easy to get it from mobile if they give to expert. They can backup all data
      Stupid Aditi.. hmm what to do after all she is Mahaan Thapki’s impulsive sister..

  6. Wow so sweet of Bihaan B acting like an umbrella for Thapki to protect her from problems which falls on her like rain. B for Bihaan B for Best character Manish Goplani acting skills r quite good doing a good job as Bihaan. Wish Bihaan didn’t do foolishness by listening to Vasu, just want to change tht and I just love Thahaan scenes desperate for thahaan scenes 🙂

  7. Bihaan superb keep support ur wife like this…thapki being Mahan aatma its disgusting

  8. Hey guys latest news from sbs…dat thapki will make khichdi on makar sakranti n while cooking as usual i dnt know why dis chuk chuk gadi will leave d kitchen n just dan vasu d vamp will enter n mix sumthin in khichdi to ruin thapki’s dish….dis thapki is really a dumbo…really fed up of bcoz bihaan is following shraddha…she will use vasu…disgusting…hpe bihaan does sumthing…

  9. I think that’s y vasu spoils the kichidi….
    I don’t know how they will get a peaceful happy life after spoiling another girl’s life…..but also I even now
    Hope that one day thapki’s so called love and patience for family will sure turn into hatred and violence……as elders say
    Can’t expect that much but for an extent……

    How dare preethi and suman ,they forgot wat all they did with thapki ….they even tried to murder thapki by pushing her into tank…..but now as if they were very good,ended their relations…..
    Who wanted their relationship, thapki can live alone itself….. She is brave….just bcoz of love for family she is quiet….

    They all expect others to be good even they ditch them… selfish…one day or another day, sure they will regret…..will deserve something ….
    If like this didn’t happen, then I don’t know what I will do……..
    Pl……expose vasu…….

    Kill that diwakar and send adithi to jail…..

  10. Thapki is nonsense character

  11. clueless series, is thapki God that can bear all these things? How I wish the writer will see my comment.

  12. People dont you guys realize that Bihaan is the one to bring evil in Thapki’s life.
    Even though he knew that Vasundhara will never love him, still he broke Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage. And now he is trying to protect Thapki coz he knows he did a very wrong and unforgivable act. He spoiled the life of his brother who loves him so much.
    Even after everything Dhruv forgives him.
    Common will it be ok for you guys if Dhruv does the same thing to Bihaan. Payback?
    Comon on the day of you marriage you are separated from the love of your life and you see him/her being married to someone else. I dont think its very easy that too when the girl lives in the same house as you.
    And if Bihann is trying to act so good then why hell is he still not telling everyone the it was Vasundhara on who direction he married Thapki?
    The person who knows how to sacrifice his happiness for others is above all. That being Dhruv.

  13. Full saas bahu drama hate no progression in story line or thahaan romance. Only wu as far this track end wen saw.. Fed up with thisss crap …
    as always bihaan rocksss

  14. Whoever reviews the comments and then publishes it, please have guts to publish all comments. Dont delete the comments which hurts your fandom.
    You deleting my comments shows that am 100% right on what i said.
    Its like “Angoor khatte lage tumhe”.

  15. Bad epi….only bihaan chracter is good!!

  16. Somehow d story is dragging. …thapki’s character is getting bored n stupid day by day…need some interesting twists in the story …by now its pretty clear dat vasu n shradha will somehow succeed in turning bauji n dadi against thapki n diz thapki will never realise it until she is kicked out of the house…so pls dnt let d story be like diz boring one..bring out a new twist

  17. I read somewhere… Shraddha couldn’t spoil Food because Bihaan watching her. At this time vasu entered kitchen and spoiled kichdi.Thahaan never suspect vasu so she took this as advantage.

    1. Thapki lost bauji & dadi’s trust then

  18. I do not think anyone follow India-forum of Thapki Pyar ki, if we participate more in their sites by commenting and discussing our TRP for TPK will increase. Spoilers (with videos) are given much earlier in that site. People who have less time and want multiple of spoilers at a go ‘serial gossip’ site is very good.

  19. nonsense thapki how can one bear all that in todays generation meaningless to watch as well as read

  20. I don’t like tapki and b for bihaan. Nonsense characters. Lady should be like vasu who always sides shradha. Thapki is useless and her parents also. I like dhruv and shradha. Class people. Not like Thapki

  21. The serial Thapki started on a very promising note,she was shown as a brave and forgiving girl always trying to help others.But now it has become repetitive and Thapki’scharacter has been ruined.Instead of looking like a brave and intelligent girl she is made to look stupid by purposely being blind to the mischiefs Vasundhara and Shradha.This victim and martyre kind of personality does not add to her goodness.Dhruv was such a dashing CEO initially but has been turned into a jelly fish.
    Bihan is good but why can’t he see through Vasu’s character?
    It’s surprising that criminal kind of acts like defacing someone with chemical,trying to kill Thapki by strangulation hanging on the fan are shown as part of an otherwise respectable household.
    Soon the viewers are going to move away if this continues in this direction.

  22. The story is too dragging. I thought this serial will show smthng new and interesting.. but I was wrong…plss focus on revealing the truth of vasu and her fav bahu sradha.. also waiting for more cute scenes of thaahan

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