Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

NOTE: Update before this part is provided in IKRS update, as it was mixed episode. Thapki’s episode started with this scene itself.

The Episode starts with Thapki coming home and grinding the wheat. Suman gives the milk glass to Thapki and teaches her how to drink the wheat. Thapki thanks her for thinking this for her and she will manage work. Suman says fine, drinkt he milk, I till get food later. Thapki takes the milkglass and drinks the milk. Thapki continues grinding. She gets dizzy and holds her head. She faints there. Shraddha comes there and puts Thapki in the sack. She ties the big sack and says you threw my pic in junk, now I will throw you in junk, your lips got stuck and you can’t shout now, I will take you to your actual destination. She drags the big sack.

Dadi calls Shraddha and Shraddha goes, leaving the sack outside the house. Thapki wakes up and gets shocked. She tries to scream and can’t shout. She starts crying. Suman and Preeti come there, talking about Thapki.

Preeti asks Suman why did she help Thapki. Suman says you will feel bad about Thapki. They both see the sack moving and get shocked. Preeti says that horror movie had same ghost. Suman checks the sack and they run away hearing a sound. Thapki struggles and cries. She prays.

Lord helps Thapki by sending a rat. The rat bites the sack and pulls the rope. The rat goes. Thapki comes out of the sack. Thapki tries to open her lips so that she can speak up. Servant brings similar sack of junk and keeps there. Suman and Preeti bring Vasundara there and say this sack was moving, check it. Shraddha thinks Vasundara will never allow me to throw Thapki out. Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to show ghost. Preeti is scared. Vasundara scolds them and says there is nothing in this sack, get to work. They go. Shraddha gets relieved. She thinks to throw this sack in dumping ground and drags it. She tries to out the sack in bin and says I have to do this Thapki to show your right place. The stool moves and Shraddha gets shocked seeing Thapki inside the house premises. She loses balance and falls inside the garbage bin. The box gets shut as well. Shraddha shouts for help and coughs. She shouts Thapki help me. The garbage van comes to take the junk and Shraddha worries.

Shraddha shouts for help. The garbage junk is transferred to the garbage truck by the men. Shraddha gets in the truck and says yuck, chee and falls over the junk. Kya khoob lagti ho…. Plays on truck radio. She says I m getting dizzy, stop the truck. Thapki resumes her work of grinding wheat. Bihaan calls her and says I have searched entire market and did not get your earrings, I m in corner of city now, where junk is dumped, tell me what to do now. Thapki can’t speak. He asks her to say, whether he should come home or find another market. He says I m coming home, and ends call. He says she has taken revenge from me.

The garbage truck dumps the garbage bags and Shraddha and leave. Shraddha coughs and comes out. Bihaan sees her and gets shocked. He says she is in garbage, she is indeed Shraddha. He smiles seeing her. Shraddha sees him as well.

Bihaan sees Thapki’s earrings and asks Thapki why did she send him away if she has the pair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. love the episode
    shraddha in garbage wow

  2. Trp of week 5

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    Siya Ke Ram 2.6 (2.7) [Sun 1 Hr Ep 2.2]
    Yeh Rishta 2.6 (2.4)
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    Mohi 0.3 (0.4)

    Naagin Sat 5.4 (5.6), Sun 5.6 (5.4)
    SSK 3.5 (3.4)
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  3. nice episode
    really enjoyed
    Shraddha in the garbage trunk
    maza aa gaya
    Shraddha jaisa karogi vesa hi bharogi

  4. Very funny.shraddha with garbage.

  5. Superb superb awesome epi I just loved Sharaddha in garbage van writers should torcher her..but all over superb I just loved last the most

  6. superb….nice episode

  7. Wow how fanny lol
    Instead of thaapki that evil witch sharda fall in the garbage.
    Good I’m so happy and now she smell like hell yak.

  8. Shraddha got right place which is apt to her status…. ??
    Bihaan’s expression is awesome while he saw shraddha among garbages .???

  9. Good one

  10. Actually amena left the dhaani scene yaar…and here is the update yaar….
    Dhani falls down and Bihaan rescues her.she thanks him.he asked her to thank mata rani as he came there accidently and if he was not there then ur state would have been worse. Just then mata rani’s chunri falls on her and she takes it with her praying. Bihaan said ghazab.u r good bakth.she said how can I leave chunri fall down that’s y.our Bihaan said u r same like MA.she asked MA ,what? He said ya I have a MA who lives with me all 24hrs.just then thapki reaches the temple saying herself that maa told me to bring prasad and on hurry I came without changing my dress. She prays to god not to make Bihaan see her.but then she sees him and hides behind his bike.dhani sees her and doubts.Bihaan said her to take care and leaves.thapki gets worried just then dhani calls Bihaan and says I wanted to thanku once again and signs thapki to go.she goes and hides. Bihaan leaves.then thapki asks dhaani y did she help her as they have never met before.she said I read ur eyes and it was clearly written that u r hiding from Bihaan.he is a very good man.he saved me today.who thinks of others in today’s world and praises him.she asked what is he related to her.thapki said that he is her husband.and I don’t want him to see me in this dress.dhaani asks her that she looks good and seems to come from good family but y wearing this dress.thapki says I can’t lie in temple but that is a big story and for now I can tell that I am doing all this to unite her family.dhani says u have got good family…good husband…thapki gets worried and says it would look to be good from out but not so….dhani asks her not to worry, ur family will not break…mata rani will always be with us.
    Thapki says I got a good friend here and they both hugs each other….then thapki comes to house..after this amena have updated yaar……

  11. Waiting eagerly for tomorrow epi… Bihaan will come to know that his chuk chuk gaadi was working as a maid in his house….I am eager to watch his reaction after knowing her truth..what will be?????? Oh!! Couldn’t guess at all….will he confront her? Will he ask her to continue to plan something to trap shraddha…. Will he slap her????what could be????do anybody have a guess??????

  12. Shraddha deserves to be there .Jo dusro ke liye gadda khodte hai woh khud hi usme gir jate hai

  13. oh……shraddha bhabhiji….very funny to see you in a troubling situation,what a cute and attractive smile Bihaan…waiting for watching tomorrows episode.

  14. Thanks puppy ………i dont know who u are but thank you for updating the complete episode (IKRS and TPK together)

  15. Really enjoyed the episode..
    All the while i was just laughing..hahah..
    And bihaan also laughed seeing shradha in garbare..very cute xpression

  16. Really enjoyed the episode..
    All the while i was just laughing..hahah..
    And bihaan also laughed seeing shradha in garbage…very cute xpression

  17. what a piece of crack do you really watch it

  18. Nice to see āfter a long time evil is getting duly punished.

    1. Yes Anisha was wandering wen we will start seeing this happening and also for the mother in law.

  19. Thapki don t know dhani. But she speak with her soft and smiley. With bihaan always harsh and rude without little smile. What type of girl she is?

  20. Jab vo gana ho RHA tha kya khoob lagti ho to suit kr RHA tha shradha PR us wakt really she deserves only that

  21. Aakirkaar dadi maa ki baath such nikla….
    Today episode is nice …
    Actually shradda ki scene very funny yaarrr……

  22. I saw from the set tpk, thapki told to shradha, that she will continue as servant because only for bhihaan. But bhihaan overhears or not, don t know. If he overhears, then the story moves little different ,what we like.

  23. hehehe …
    Agne thanne venenm Poor shradha….

  24. Nice episode, shraddha deserves it…

  25. Lovely episode.

  26. It would have been much better if sharda’s partner in crime was with her in the garbage. I would love to see that evil vasu there with that sharda
    It would have been epic. I would lough my head off.

  27. ha ha ha..awesome episode ever…shradha in right place…thank enjoy lot…ghajab…

  28. Fatarajo(Joyee)

    Loved today’s episode thahaan scenes were so cute and Shraddha fell on her own trap too bad Shraddha 😛 and thahaan and Vidhaani just rocked yesterday’s episode .
    My cousin is a big fan of Jigyasa Singh and she says that Thapki’s character deserves a lot more, and should start raising her voice and she says that Jigyasa has done fab acting her stammering seems real

  29. Hey anubhuti can give me the link in Facebook of the page Thapki and Bihaan something where you saw the episode published

  30. Koi meri akhe for do yea nak tod do????

  31. sorry i had missed a few minutes that is why was not able to update first part.

    1. It’s okay. Really appreciate ur hard work.

    2. Oh!!I am sorry amena if I had hurted u……but I didn’t made it to hurt u…..I just thought some don’t see epi,so they may get it….I am really sorry….

  32. i love to read episodes on telly updates this is very nice that we get the update as the serial starts i wish it could be better if the episode comes in video

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