Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara getting worried seeing the betels being served to everyone. Shraddha sees Vasundara worried. Preeti gives the sindoor betel to Thapki. Vasundara gets relieved. Shraddha notices Vasundara. Thapki is about to eat it. Bihaan asks Suman for betel. Suman says its over, I will get it. Thapki says don’t worry, Bihaan you take this. He says this is your Prasad, you have it. Thapki says I can take laddoo, you take this, he says as you wish and takes it. Dhruv comes there. Preeti gives laddoos to Thapki. Thapki thanks Preeti. Bihaan is about to eat betel and sees Dhruv. He asks Dhruv did he get betel. Vasundara gets tensed. Dhruv says you have it. Bihaan says I will take another one, don’t refuse to Prasad. Dhruv takes it and asks Bihaan to eat laddoo. Dhruv talks

to Ashwin. Vasundara is stopped by guests and wants to stop Dhruv. He eats the betel. Vasundara gets shocked. Shraddha looks at her expressions.

Dhruv finds the taste bad and starts coughing. Ashwin asks Dhruv to have water. Vasundara worries. She goes to Dhruv and asks are you fine. Dhruv drinks water. She asks him to say anything. He says yes, I m fine. She thinks his voice is fine, it means he did not eat sindoor betel, where did that betel go. Shraddha comes to Vasundara and takes her. Vasundara asks what happened. Shraddha shows the sindoor betel. She says if I did not take it, Dhruv would have eaten it. she tells her how she asked Dhruv to not eat that betel. It has supari. She gives him another betel and insists. He changes the betel. Shraddha says I lied to him and took the betel, as it had sindoor. I have seen you adding sindoor, else Dhruv would have eaten it. Vasundara says I added it for Thapki.

Diwakar tells someone to make him taller like his wife. He asks what, 50000rs, its better to add heel in shoes. Aditi comes from temple and says she prayed that things get fine between them, and we have to keep Brahmachari fast to be away for 10 days. He asks what is this fast. She says its tough and very soon we will bear fruit. He says I don’t believe this. She says if you don’t keep it, you will have danger, you will die, and I will become widow. He says nothing will happen to me, I won’t keep fast. He goes. She smiles.

Shraddha says it means it was for Thapki. Vasundara says yes, she is my enemy, I don’t want her to trouble you and Dhruv. Shraddha says we can’t fall like Thapki and acts good. Vasundara says you are my bahu, I won’t let anything bad happen with you. Shraddha says I m worried for you all, I can even die for you. Vasundara says no, just promise you won’t stop me from doing anything against Thapki and support me. Shraddha says I got Dhruv by your support, I m always with you. Vasundara gets glad and says now we will see that Thapki, I will make her mute. Shraddha says I did not see Maa, but fate got a Maa for me. We are against Thapki from today. They join hands and smile.

Shraddha goes and talks to Thapki cleverly. She asks Thapki not to think she is her victory, Thapki has to read Katha well and wishes her all the best. She changes the betel. Thapki thanks her and says I will try my best. Vasundara takes the other betel and hides. Shraddha smiles. She asks her to eat Prasad betel. Thapki eats betel. Dadi asks her to read katha. Thapki gets pain in her throat. Everyone get worried. Vasundara smiles. Dadi asks what happened Thapki, read the katha. Dhruv and Bihaan look at Thapki.

Vasundara says I will tell everyone Shraddha will read katha. She says I think Thapki is unwell, so… Bihaan says no, Thapki will read katha and sits beside Thapki to support her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bad episode but interesting precap.shraddha is best for vasu bcoz both of them born with evil mind ??

  2. Oh!! Waiting for the next epi… support her always like this!!!!!!!

  3. Bihaan beside thapki and suppourt heartly. Bihaan realise ur love. What’s type of saas she is. Disguessting shradha. Bihaan not ur son i know that. Y r u doing like that and join hand 2 evil minded. Both r definetly going to hell. And u don’t have forgiveness from me. If u don’t likes someone than u don’t trouble them vasu tries to loss Thapki voice. I can’t tolerate this.

  4. What a disgusting picture for today scene….. Like taking gulabo chain and putting it to thapki….what nonsense???
    Thapki cannot handle one devil itself….now devil teacher (vasu) and student(shraddha) joined hand to be against her…

  5. Such a short episode, today’s episode focused on paan. Want more episode like the yesterday one, and the like the ones where thahaan gets drunk
    Precap is better than the episode itself so sweet for B for Bihaan Pandey to support his B for Biwi Thapki 🙂

    1. I think it is B for Bihaan pandey supporting B for his Bibi thapki…

    2. Thanks for correcting puppy

  6. Just want to write one line” 2 churail milgai pr ek chalak or dosri bewakoof”
    I know bihaan will help help her and yeah disgusting title pic..

  7. Don’t show saas-bahu problem like this atleast create thapki bihan scence. And i know there is no relation b’w vasu and bihan but bihan accept vasu as maa. Precape so nice today.

  8. First there was only one truth to be exposed…..vasu’s Truth!!!!!
    Then diwakar….then shraddha…and again now shrasundara….
    Writers bring too much of unwanted things inside the track….pl..give something that will make us keep looking this soap …..

  9. Is it true that by eating vermilion one may loss his voice?? Can even that be too dangerous to reach at death??

    1. Hey desi friend. U also watch Thapki m happy to know.
      Oh ya about the vermilion thing I m also shocked

  10. I cant tolerate to see both d devils planning against thapki…. they hand together to revenge thapki but they indirectly unite thahaan…..very dragging d whole week only to done rituals….precap is nice…bihaan stands for thapki…

  11. Oh my god irritating episodes…really feeling bad for thapki dhruv and bihaam..vasu and shradha will never allow thapki to stay in that house so.long I think so… always supports his mother’s wish blindly and will.leave thapki’s hand..

    1. BUT IT SHUD HAPPEN DEAR , right now thappk is bihaan s wife and he cares her n saves her but I know if bihaan will leave thappkis hand then dhrub will not leave as he says in every interview. may b Vihaan will support his mothers after reaveling mrgs truth n leave thappkis hands for the shake of vasu so that thappki will know the value of dhrub because still dhrub kept quite because he himself don’t know whats happening aroud him . may b

  12. What a rubbish title picture

  13. Wow. Thahaan scene in precap is awesome. Can’t wait.

  14. I hope bihaan won’t allow thapki to go out of pandey family…

  15. Precap is super.Bihaan is always the saviour of Thapki……..perfect pair and good way of acting.

  16. Oh nooo.. one chudail and one Dayan together making plans against Thapki??.

    Oh please change title picture its irritating viewers. ???
    Love precap it will be nice. ???

  17. Luv the episode…….
    Bihaan always be with thapki like this..

  18. I don’t know bihaan did good or bad by breaking thapki and dhruv’s marriage…i love thahaan and only bihaan has the ability to do something and to take some stand for her unlike dhruv.

    1. Dhruv is not her husband now therefore he stays away from thapki. Its not that he never took stand for thapki.. he has saved thapki from sakshi , diwakar and many others when there was no entry of bihan..

      1. Ok mom

      2. yea you are right… but when bihaan married thapki he must have taken stand for her… rather than crying.

      3. u r right dear aur cvs neh dhrub ko uhi mute nahi banaya may b they r thinking for big turns in future………………… before mrg he always supports for thappki but after mrg he came to know that c is his brothers wife and tries to say away from them agar dhrub ka role itna impnai hota toh sharda se sadi karwake usko villain nai banate as they may show dhrub himself turning negative or grey……….something is there.

  19. Watching this serial only because of Bihaan and then of course the cute romancing scenes of Thahaan 😉

  20. boring epiiii…
    but pracap wazzz superb….. wow
    I don’t lyk tody tpk titil pic…

  21. I m watching dis serial daily.. I love it but not now.. before tapiki n druvu lovinging to eachother time.. seriously yar I will stop becoz I wan it my cutest n very brave couple druv n tapiki…ya I m enjoying now also bhihna n tapiki chemistry but tapikidruv chemistry was awesome I love it enjoy it dat couple made for each other… we want back tapiki drvu… I doubt writters swaragini mey swa laks love karete tey Mrg vuseki bhyi se hogyaeee..? abe tapiki ki shadi drvu ka bhyi bhihan ka sat huva.. same to same copi hore? meku malamu ta first love koyibi nayi bulapagi.. kiseka pyr ki ya useka ghr bhahu banaye to go ladiki kise bula pate enta easily pehala pyr I don’t like it writters love u guys keep rocking.. love u drvu n tapiki

    1. I don’t think Dhruv and thapki a brave couple…they both cry for no matter…they doesn’t think of solving the problem…
      And I too have same opinion that either writers of thapki and swaragini should be same or someone must copy that….

  22. Bihaan is great he can sacrifice anything for pandey family.he knew abt vasu but still he respect and love her morethan anything.but vasu misuses bihaan affection….I hate dhruv he is very adamant and selfish….he wants thapki to stop d marriage for that he is waiting wat a nonsense ….he won’t do anything but he wants thapki….never try to find truth behind d marriage…he is well know abt then y he don’t think abt that hotel scene…if bihaan wants to stop dhruv marriage y he protect thapki….I think dhruv become lost his knowledge

    1. Ya I agree with u…
      I liked Dhruv and even wanted tharuv to unite but when Dhruv said yes for marrying shraddha even I got broken… Before marriage itself thapki didn’t express her love…then how will she tell it after marriage…he is really a fool…what he did when thapki was cheated ? Just cried….now with what right he is bursting his anger?????….I hate u Dhruv….you should have told cut and right to ur mom that I will will wait till thapki’s divorce….
      He will not do anything expecting others to do…for his love….
      Both mum and son cheat third person for achieving their wish or desire!!!

      1. Puppy r u tharuv or thahaan fan?

      2. Now I am thahaan fan!!!

      3. Hi 5 puppy me too 🙂

      4. I can. oh come n dhrub neh thappki se kuch bada cheez nai maga thaa inspite of her problems he supports her and never makes her fun either. bihaan jitna bhi achha ho usne thappki ka apmannn kiya thaa yeh koi badal nai shakta. hoshakta hain cvs neh 1 bigdail guy ko badalne k liye yeh track banaya ho . i lost all the hopes from thaurav union but m not agree wit u if u r a fan of thaurav then u shud have positive thinking . who pyaar karta thaa aur janna chahata thaa at least who sadi roke but aisa nai ho paya but u r wrong dear after mrg how he can broke his relation with shardha as thppki herself didn’t do that. he still believes n loves her but he cant cross the limits as c is his brother wife now n the character of dhrub doesn’ suits on it . thaurav tme ko dekhkar bhi yekinnn nai hota thaa they will b separated .. who knows the future as cvs themselves are confused now. spoler main likha hain ki will dhrub sacrifice his love? jo dhrub k pass hain hi nai woh sacrifice karneka sawal hi nai uthta. ya more possibility from bihaan side agar future main kuch bada turns bana nai hota toh woh dhrub ko hi negative ya fir grey role banate. so don’t b overexicited.

  23. not good epi…….but interesting precap

  24. Waiting for tomorrow….bihaan is always there for thapki to save her from any situation…he is really his hero n saviour…love bihaan for loving thapki so much…now dat dayan vasu n bhootni shraddha will get a good lesson dat so what if they r two….thapki is not weak either…infact she is mire stronger coz they r three…bihaan thapki n ofcorse god who has always helped bihaan n thapki to fight d evils….thapki plzzzz now realize dat bihaan is d right life partner for u as god himself has chosed him for u dat is why u r not wid dhruv….god is even giving u indications first dat bomb situation where he saved u…than from goon he was even injured voz he promised u dat he won’t fight…dan the karwachawth ritual….dan again he saved u from dying in d jungle dan the vermillion falling in ur hairline from his hand n he touching it n showing u to make u realize about d vermillion der in her hairline…n now by supporting u in dis painfull n ambarassing situation by sitting next to u n saying dat still the katha will be read by u….c he loves u so much…where will u get such a loving n caring husband…u r so lucky….love thahaan….tpk rockzzzzzzz

  25. thanks to both vasu and shrada becz of their evil plans bihan and thapki coming closer…

  26. I don’t think aditi had really studied law…it is enough to break the cell or scratch the memory card..waste of this nonsense drama….

  27. do nt blame dhruv like ds even he s cheated
    why d hell is thapki acting like a pativrata bhartitya nari who cant evn think of d sin of breaking hr marriage???
    why cant she go back to dhruv after hr divorce when she dnt lv bihaan ???
    she broke dhruvs heart
    marriage is a bandhan which join hearyts nt brk heart & ds mrg s nt a bandhan bt a mistake whch hav ruined d lives of 3 ppl as it s stl a compromise 4 vihaan
    why d hl dey hav 2 sfr 4 vasus dirty evil plans???????

  28. Plz change title pic of tpk. I dont like it. Dragging……
    Love bihaan math chodia thapki ki haath. Dhonum kithana cute he.
    Love thahaan♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  29. dusro ke galti ki Saaza Dhruv, Bihaan aur Thapki Ko mil rehen hain. Bechara Dhruv, Bechara Bihaan aur Bechari Thapki

  30. Bcz dhruv is son of vasu.for dhruv goodness only vasu did everything then d punishment will get only dhruv….all r saying dhruv is good person I also accept it…but bihaan and thapki also good hearted.bihaan character like he is usual character….he initially criticized thapki bcz vasu don’t like stammering….but dhruv character is very matured and he is running news channel also.he always analyse and do….after marriage wat happened to him….he crys like a baby…..

  31. Writers ruined this story as much as they possible.The title pic is not good which showing thapkis sadness&snot suit for the serial.The title pic during the starting is good which portrays Thapki ,she is a charming guy.I like Dhruv,thapki&bihaan.Even Bihaan is good I like THARUV miss them a lot……?????????

    1. Hey only thahaan is the jodi
      Druv will not be the hero of thapki

  32. Hi guys
    I really think that Thahaan will make a great couple.

  33. Hey bad news for Druvki fans

    Druv is the second main lead

    Bihaan is main lead so however thapki will not go back to druv

    I was always supporting thahaan

    I just love thahaan ?

  34. Wts in the montage says?
    I dnt understand….
    wtng todays episode..

  35. Thahaan rocksss
    love them

  36. Precap super…
    thahaan is best
    interesting plot but cvs cover out the truth of Vasu and shraddha they showned only saas bahu fighting no romance how could manage their trp??
    even montage will change hope this mntg also a turning point of tpk such as daan drama…
    except more thahaan romance scenes

  37. Awesome precap wow bihaan turning thapkis side..

  38. Day by day tpk was more interesting. Reveal vasus truth and unite thahaan

    1. They are dragging vashudhara’s truth not coming out a lot, if not everything is ok.

  39. Add some romance ……Plz…….???????

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