Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji scolding Dhruv and saying Bihaan and you can’t be compared, he is much higher than you. Doctor comes and says Bihaan is fine, we will shift him to ward soon, he is out of danger. They all thank Lord. Dadi shakes Thapki and tells her that Bihaan is fine. Thapki cries and hugs Dadi. Thapki goes to see Bihaan. She holds him nd asks him how is he. Bihaan looks at everyone. He sees Dhruv standing outside the door. Dhruv recalls childhood moment. Doctor asked Bihaan not to run and take rest for few days. Bihaan says how will I get kite for Dhruv then. Dhruv asks him to just take rest, I will take care of you. Bihaan says no, even if my two legs break, I will do anything for you. FB ends.

Dhruv enters the ward. He holds Bihaan’s legs. Bihaan asks him what is

he doing. Dhruv cries and keeps his head over Bihaan’s feet. Bihaan gets up and sits. He stops Dhruv from doing so. Dhruv says Bihaan, my brother, I have always stopped this, but now I want to get this work done, will you agree to me. He gives sindoor to Bihaan. He asks Bihaan to fill sindoor in Thapki’s maang and make her yours. Bihaan takes sindoor and fills Thapki’s maang. Dhruv gives mangalsutra. Bihaan makes Thapki wear the mangalsutra. Everyone clap. Dhruv smiles and holds Bihaan’s hand. He folds hands and apologizes to Bihaan and everyone.

Dhruv turns to go. Bihaan asks where are you going. Dhruv says don’t know, I just know I can’t meet anyone’s eyes here, my mistake can’t be forgiven, even then if you all forgive me then…. He leaves. Bihaan asks Vasundara to stop Dhruv. He calls out Dhruv. He asks Bau ji and Dadi to stop Dhruv. Thapki asks Bihaan to take rest.

After two months, Thapki is seen praying at temple. Dadi comes there and says Vasundara has gone to ashram, you managed everything well, if she was here, she would be very glad. Thapki asks when will Vasundara come back from ashram. Dadi says after she completes her repentance. Dadi asks for Bhagwad Gita. Thapki gives her Bhagwad Gita and asks her to read it, she will get her special tea.

Thapki goes and sees Bau ji. She says I gave you medicines and you did not have it. Bau ji says I forgot while seeing accounts. She asks him to have medicines. Thapki makes Bau ji have medicines.

Thapki misses Vasundara and cries. She asks Bihaan when will she come. He says very soon, she would be missing us more, think of her state, everything will be fine in some days, don’t worry. She says I wish nothing wrong happens here now.

A man comes and says this is Dhruv’s house right. Bihaan says yes. The man says the way Dhruv left his channels, the shares went low and his channel value got down, we want to buy his channel. Bihaan and Thapki get shocked. The man goes and calls some mystery guy to say that he did as he was told to do. The mystery guy says I want that channel at any price. The man says I will get their signs in the meeting.

Bau ji tells Thapki that this channel belonged to Dhruv, if he is not here, what will we do of this channel, someone else can run it atleast. Bihaan says I won’t come, I can’t see this channel without Dhruv. Bau ji tries to explain. Thapki stops Bau ji from insisting. Bihaan looks on.

Everyone greet Thapki and Bau ji. She asks the staff guy to take Bau ji to Dhruv’s cabin. She meets the office staff. They ask is channel really going to sell off. Thapki says chances are such, anyways don’t take tension and go work. The lady shows the viewers’ letters for Dhruv. Thapki reads the letters and realizes the importance of the channel, this work should never stop. The man reaches there and says yes Sir, I reached the channel, deal will get signed in some time. The mystery guy says tell me when the deal is done, I will get peace and send bulldozer. The man says yes Sir, send bulldozer and demolish this building. Thapki hears the man and gets shocked.

A new family enters Pandey Nivaas. Thapki and Bihaan ask who are they. The man spits on their family pic. The lady says this house is ours from today. Thapki and Bihaan get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u amena…well dang writers, why cant they show thahaan marriage before moving on with another hurricane.

  2. what rubbish after marriage also new drama
    thapki aur bihaan toh kabhi khushi se reh nhi sakte
    cvs i will kill you ?

    1. Im sure there is more than one writer so Ill help you prepare a water well, car with broken brake, bamboo stake to make human bbq and the one who thinks it was a brilliant idea to do timeskip without cute thahaan moments deserve the gas chamber.

  3. Oh wow a new drama is about to begin???

  4. Dezine

    thapki ki trp kya hai?? koi bataao///

      1. Lightsabre

        Lol.??? Wow.. 1.5 with the most illogical script inthe world !

        ☝ The writers lack creativity bt they sure r shrewd?. This is no offence to druvs character or his fans. : Bt leme tel u wt hapnd – trps wr dropin. If they show quik thahaan marriage then they cant drag romanz trak furthr. So the writers made a delayed revenge psycho track coz they wantd to raise the trps. They knew (from forums like thse) tht druv fans r joinin in with the hopes tht tharuv may marry or druv wil get his revenge. Bt this story ws alwys writen for thahaan.. the writers wr jus cunningly exploiting the fact tht druv fans wr justifyin druvs current behaviour n wr rejoining the serial. Bt the fact is… they ruined druvs character with a lame script n has nw shipped him abroad b wil bring him bak wen they NEED tharuv fans 2 increase trps! Congratz to writers! They cant wrte a story bt can sure manipulate viewers!?

  5. Renuverma

    Thks mam for the update

  6. Luvleen

    Thanks for the speedy update…I wanted to read cause I couldn’t understand a few things that was said today in the episode. Actually thank goodness Vasu is at an ashram lol I don’t know why I thought dadima said Vasu died! ?

    And I’m sure Thapki will take over n run the channel, I will be happy about this, I want to see the strong working girl she use to be.

    N this new disgusting family that arrived looks like could be relations of Bauji. The same person who tried to kill him previously?

    1. The new family is Bihaan’s biological family

      1. Luvleen

        Ahhhh really! Cool this will be interesting seeing bihaan’s family track. Hopefully it doesn’t drag…

    2. Lightsabre

      Hey friends. I jus read the update .im probably gona take a brek from the show again. One thing im sure abt.. the writers dl read comments on such forum n take cue. V hv al bin askin for a trak with thapki as a workin nw they r gona show tht. I thnk the writers copy ideas bt the execution is done poorly sinz they lack creativity to bring ideas to life!

      1. Lightsabre

        ** do read

      2. Luvleen

        Aww really Rosh?! I know sometimes I have to close my eyes or mind really…when it comes to stupid scenes but I think an interesting track might be coming on since the whole Dhruv sapola drama is over thank goodness ??. But it’s your choice dear.

      3. Luvleen

        You know what! Let’s all watch the Olympics! Come on Aussies!

  7. Thank God… thahaan united … what is this new drama….

    Pls make thahaan to spent some happy moments

  8. Suhana

    What’s wrong goin on…nothin sounds nicee..worst twist.. 🙁

  9. At least they could have shown some thahaan scenes in these 2 months! But no sooner one negative track ends, another one starts! :/

    1. Lightsabre

      They wana keep ppl hooked hopin 4 some happy-tym 4 thahaan. Theyl fil in negatv masalas n then wen trps drop theyl suddeny show thahaan happily togthr . Lol… its sorta lyk trainin circus animals… pester them with tricks…n then wen they r gona get fed up..get their atention with a treat

      1. Luvleen

        lol you know that’s so true

  10. bakwas epi no thahaan scene 🙁

  11. but anyways thnx amena for fast update

  12. heyy guys i m new here can i join this group


      welcome to BAKWAS serial… ??????????

      1. Lightsabre

        San…. u shud stand at PN entranz to welcum ppl “Namaste… welcome 2 Pagalon ka Nivas”??

    2. Lightsabre

      Hi gemini.
      @ san: lol???

  13. Narendran

    New drama?? For this dhruv is best!!.. Backwas.. Show.. Except thahaan or tharuv pair.. This show is nothing utter waste crap show.. All evil changed into positive..

    1. Lightsabre

      Im happy tht finally tharuv n thahaan fans can unite to troll the writers?????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Correct naru bhaia I agree with u


    TPK full refresh hogaya hai..❗❗??

    samjatha sirf dhruv jayega lekin yaha par tho poora parivaar chalagaya hai.??.❗ where is VASUNDHARA,SHRADDHA,SANJAY,SUMAN ASHWIN,PREETHI,RAAM PYAARI &GULABO
    (poora parivaar bhi aagaya na kohi fyda nahi) muje thapki show ki the ending ⬇⬇nazar haa raha hai

    socha tha NOVEMBER tak chalega lekin nahi,definitely new track TRP nahi layega with in 15 days 0.❗ayega…?CVs ne kudh ko kulaadi?? maarliya..???

    link ,Manyasa IV talking about new track

    1. Lightsabre

      Ye log kuch bhi kar sakte hai. Notanki!

    2. Truelove

      Bihaan says to bad gayo hai to budget bad gaya hai , kapde bhi change ho gai

  15. SERIOUSLY!? Thapki and Bihaan can’t even get a few days of happiness…!? Why, first their lives were turned upside down by Dhruv’s obsession for Thapki… Now it’s also because of Dhruv’s stupid news Channel that the family will have trouble… Dhruv chala bhi giya to bhi fasaad chod kar giya… Thapki and Bihaan need a few minutes of happiness, is it too much to ask for?

  16. Became worst…….

  17. Truelove

    Wow….after long wait….we have no thahaan scene. great. When I saw new olv I thought thahaan had a two children in leap. Hehe thank God sapola leave but new musibat come. And where is shradhaa.


      jyaada math soch na SWETHA… (naam yahi hai na..❗❓)
      kya tume thapki confession yaad hai… ❗❓
      chalo yaad nahi hai tho main batha tha hoo”BIHAAN PATHA HAI TUME MAI TUMARE BARE MAI SOCH SOCH KE KYA AALATH HUI THI MERI”????

      TPK ki baate mai jyaada nahi soch tha hoo..isd liye hai ki aisa sochthe sochthe dhimaak ki aalath haath se na nikal jaaye ..???

      Cvs tho hamari soch se bahar hai ,inki brain padna MUSKIL HI NAHI NAAM MUMMKIL HAI…????

      1. SANTHOSH


      2. SANTHOSH


      3. Truelove

        It’s Sweta but u can call me swetha too. Hehe I will not mind. First I thought u are a girl. But when other members start calling u Bhai then I realized. Till now I was thinking that boys hate daily sopes. They only love counter strike etc etc. You surprised me. Your comments are always epic and super funny. Thanks for making us laugh specially when tpk give a Maha boring episode.

  18. writerji…this is not fair at all.for a long time all THAHAAN fans are wanted to see their marriage and their beautiful life…..but,you are really disappointed us.TPK IN A NEW this circumstances i feel so happy because FOR THEIR MARRIAGE.MANISH….SUPERB.i think all my THAHAANS fans are happy for that.Ankit you are a good actor,if you can pls join in this TPK family again…i wish you all the success in your life.

  19. writerji…this is not fair at all.for a long time all THAHAAN fans are wanted to see their marriage and their beautiful life…..but,you are really disappointed us.TPK IN A NEW this circumstances i feel so happy because FOR THEIR MARRIAGE.MANISH….SUPERB.i think all my THAHAANS fans are happy for that.Ankit you are a good actor,if you can pls join in this TPK family again…i wish you all the success in your life.THAHAAN ROCKSSSSSSS

  20. oh……my dream come true ,finally THAHAANS MARRIAGE.iam sooooooo happy i couldnot find any words to convey my happiness.i think all my Thahaan friends are really happy about this.ANU,SANTHOSH,VINLORA,FATARAJO,TRUELOVE AND ALL .Ankit you are a good actor if you can pls rejoin this serial.i feel glad to your realization about your mistakes.MANISH really GAJAB.

  21. Thanks for updating ? ? ?

  22. Vinlora

    Ek syclone aake tam gaya tho phir sunami shuru huyi ??? Thahaan aur Kushi ???naaaaaaa?aapas mein jamthi nahi ???


      hai dhost….
      hamare sapone mai paani nahi AAG lagadiya CVS ne. ??? …..

    2. Lightsabre

      Ab koi dosra media wala romeo thapki ke piche padega n bihaan wil hv 2 compete with him?????

  23. Wooww wat an episode yaar!!! Plz give a big round of applause for our lovely cvs 🙂
    Cvs you are the ones who always understand our feelings and emotions 🙂
    This is wat all the thahaanians have been waiting more than 1 year 🙂 (5rs costly wedding and no thahaan scenes)
    Utter failure 🙁 such a bullshit episode,cvs pls go to the hell 🙁
    U always playing with our feelings and make us fool 🙁
    I don’t knw how to express my anger on cvs 🙁
    Even u never respect our wishes which we always request from u 🙁
    We all tolerate all the bullshit tracks bcz of thahaan finally we got such a huge frustration now it’s enough u gave all the things which we requested frm u for a long time,in one episode 🙂
    Hi roshni akka,clarala,santosh,luvleen,truelove,santosh,amy,syed,pooja,vinlora,fatarajao i knw u all guys always stand for thahaan like me,although i didn’t come here for a long time but i eead all ur comments,but now i lost my patience i think we all wasted our peecious time,so now i’m going to quit this show and my small request for u guys plz don’t waste ur time bcz cvs never ever fullfill our wishes 🙁
    If i have a knife and if the cvs are infront of me i will definety kill them 🙁 such a trp oriented phsycos u don’t deserve thahaan fans 🙁

    And my tamil ponnunga ash,shobi,fira,reji,nisi,goms,adithi plz ellarum fb ku vanga,inime naan inga varave maddan 🙁
    Ash pathiya naan un mela kovam nu sonna kooda nee enna kandukave illa 🙁

    1. enna kanna ipdi sollita….??????tpk va quit panriya?????thayavu seithu apdi mattum solladha……!!!!


      hai tho sirf trailer,picture abi baaki hai (BAKWAS KI )????

    3. Lightsabre

      Hey kana.hw r ya

    4. Luvleen

      Hi Kana how’s it going? Thanks for being so polite and saying hi to me n friends. ???

    5. Odha vaanguve. Naanum daily vandhu paapen. Un pera polave nee kana’ma poitenu ninsichen. Eanpa muganoolukku pona varave koodadha. Nee vandhadhu very very happy?. Aanadha kanner. Atleast weekly magazine.a iru. Puriyudha. Sari eppavum tamil.a thituve, innaiku enna appadi oru alambal. Enakkum thaanga mudiyalai. 2 mon.le. nu potavudane veruthu poiten. Cvs.I appadiye kadichi kodharanumnu aathirama vandhichu. Indha pazhapona trp indha vaaram thana increase aaganum. Adhula theeya vaika. Naama jail.ku ponalum paravayila, ivanungalai summa vida koodadhu. Aana ippa kooda indha serial.I vida mudiyalaiye!!!???.

  24. Always Manish is too good and also a mahaan atma sa bhi mahaan atma.

  25. plz end this worst serial better i can watch kuch rang piyaar ki aise bhi but i cant find written updates in english plz help me

  26. Aami123

    Omg I hope dey dnt take d house

  27. ,cheat is cheat.your thahan can’t have any happiness in theirs life.I am sure.

    1. cheat or not, when did the last time u see a soap opera where the leads can have happy life for a week? there will always be villain mixing drink or worse , putting up a gas chamber (depends on how drunk the writers are when they wrote the story).

      1. Luvleen

        Exactly…that’s a life of an Indian serial isn’t it and we should give up such serials…

      2. Luvleen

        Give up or keep watching knowing that you are watching an “Indian serial” just go with it…

  28. I didn’t mind the hospital wedding but the 2 month leap I think the writers messed it up, they just literally went into everyday life, they should at least had a few days of lightheartedness, some romantic scenes between Thahaan, they made it so boring it was an anti climatic episode so so disappointing

  29. dhruv pls come again and do helvp for ur family.but very bad story that director was doing more rubbish twist.I think this tpk serial is not for happyness.mostly problems only is there.director sir r u changing this story like a crime patrol?did u copied any serial? because of from starting to still in ur story 80% problem.some time only happy moments r there.always crying scenes only.there is no any logic.tpk only made for problems revenge, and crying.otherwise nothing is there

  30. Dezine

    koi colors ki saare shows ki trp bataayyenge plz…


    Colors’ popular show Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL and Shoonya Square) will see the introduction of a new family very soon!!

    As reported exclusively by, Mastangii fame Akash Talwar has already been finalized to play an important role. He will be an NRI with an attitude of living life to the fullest.

    Now, we hear of few other major entries happening in the show.

    Seasoned performer Smita Singh, who rocked channel Colors with her superlative Punpunwali performance years back, will enter Thapki Pyar Ki as Bihaan’s (Manish Goplani) mother.

    Yes, you heard it right!!

    She will be an extremely authoritative personality, a widow with negative shades. Her character and Vasu (Jaya Bhattacharya) will be shown have a hatred towards each other.

    When contacted, Smita confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it is true that I am entering Thapki Pyar Ki. I am excited as I will be shooting with friends, Jaya Bhattacharya and Afzaal Khan.”

    Also, actress Dolly Chawla who has been part of many episodics and the fiction show, Tum Aise Hi Rehna will enter to play a prominent role. She has also been part of the movie Gandhigiri.

    As per sources, “Dolly will be part of the new family coming in. She will play a Bihari girl and will have a pivotal role in the track to come.”

    Also entering the show will be Afzaal Khan, last seen in Piya Rangrezz. He will play father to Akash Talwar’s character, is what we know. Afzaal’s character will be the brother of the dead father of Bihaan.

    1. Luvleen

      I am not sure why there are lots of negativity with this new family coming into the picture…I think it gives light on where Bihaan came from and I’m interested to know what the writers have come up with…mind you they have stuffed up a few times but I hope this time they might get it right…as we all know, it won’t be an Indian serial without any weird drama ?

    2. Luvleen

      Thanks Santosh ???

    3. Thanks santhosh
      Again and again problems in thahaan life

  32. Disappointing serial. I feel like taking a break too.

  33. Haaaaaaaa yeh kya hai! I am sure , the mystery man is none other then Dhruv Pandey he may have felt bad when bihaan got shot but his madness for thapki will never

  34. I’m so sorry to.see this because druvph should together with thapki happines. ..the show become worst for me….i really did not like the end of druvph’s act at this program…why the scenario should be changed??? Why..why…

    1. Hi lely
      You know why Thapki is not with Dhruv because nowadays it’s trendy to fall in love with a person who has always been bad to the girl. The guy is always rude to the girl and they will fall in love. She will easily forget and forgive all the insults he made about her.
      On the other hand some one is always nice to the girl, ends up with nothing.
      I am not talking or supporting about Dhruv’s recent Psyco character but talking about how he stood by Thapki when everyone insulted her and hurt her.
      What did he get in return, nothing.
      That’s why even in real life evil is increasing as shows like that show that villain always ends up being a hero!!
      Values has gone down in people’s mind.

      1. are we even watching the same drama? bihaan being an ass was at beginning of the drama, dhruv being dreamy is also at beginning at the drama.

        as the story goes further, we can see that even though bihaan looks rough, hes really kind character on the inside while dhruv although appear as a knight in a shining armor, he cant stood up for thapki infront of his mother and thats before he went cray cray.

        guess u didnt even watch the epi whre everyone wants to kick thapki out, yes dhruv included, but bihaan took her hand and get out of the house together even though he didnt need to.

        I know the kind of drama u talk about where the main character is a bad boy who always hurt the girl and the second boy who always be there for her but not ended up with her, i hate that kind of drama too but up until now thapki is diff because bihaan is the guy who always be there for her not dhruv.

        and i might give the writer too much credit here but id rather see two flawed people understand each other and fill each other weaknesses.

        if i want to see a poor girl meeting rich and caml kinda guy (just like dhruv), id watch uttaran or another hundreds of soap opera with the same stoeyline.

      2. was bihaan ever a villain? except being blackmailed by vasu he never show malicious intention like purposely hurting someone for his own selfish reason.

        did he also save thapki from the brothel incident or something before marriage swap? why would a villain do that? he was manipulated, yes. but he never was a villain.

      3. Lightsabre

        Sh123… get over it yaar! Y r u being so over engrossed inthe story n again startin a discussion/ debate whch finally settled on its on. Bein a public forum… definitely others wil see ur comnts n reply bak n then the same discusn wil b repeated. V r al sick of it. U 2 hv a ryt 2 opine…. bt cant u jus concentrate on current trak and lose the “grapes are sour” attitude for a change!

      4. Lightsabre

        N if it really wr a “trend” 2 fall 4 a guy whos bad 2 the girl…then aftr blakmailin…kidnappin…atempts 2 take scandalous pics… gas chambr…pheras at gun point…atempts to kil hubby…ah man… list is 2 long… ! Druv sure gav Satan a tough competition! Thapki shud hv bin truely madly deeply n unreasonably in luv wid him by now!!

      5. Values have gone down?! Thapki marrying druv after that fantastic display of Devilness would b a story to add in the bible then!!!! Druv didnt even stand up for thapki against his Maa. But when maa destroyed his own happiness… he threw her away like garbage!so dont tell us he is supportive!

  35. RANdomfANCreationz

    I really have nothing 2 say about tpk. They just directly took a 2 months leap, at least they should have shown happiness in thahaan’s life, like romantic and cute thahaan scenes at least, and for the shaadi they show so much drama and chaos they ended with a mangalsutra and sindoor wow, thahaan could have done so long time back it was a matter of only a minute itna problems nahi hota -_- and they could also shown thahaan honeymoon or whatever this track seems boring but I like the fact that thahaan is gonna establish a career via dhruv’s news channel, I always wanted this to happen so thats the only positive from the leap and i knew one day bihaan’s family will come back -_- and believe me it will be only drama and super boring

    1. Luvleen

      Yeah they should have not sure why they just went straight into another drama…ppl need a break from the last one. Hopefully this track isn’t as suffocating ??

  36. felling like vomating ,headace, stomachpain. BP increase because of this much boring. my blood is boiling ,i am burning please save me anyone please end this TPK show ………….. kill CVS be independent from a boring serial .
    hppy independence day

  37. Dezine

    tpk has lost its charm.. see the starting story and the current one… zameen aasmaan ka farak hai… i think the story should have ended after getting bihaan-thapki married…it makes no sense of dragging this any more…

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