Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying Dhruv is her idol. She stammers and Vasundara gets stunned. Thapki says she respects Dhruv a lot, like she respects her family and Lord. She promises she will never hurt him. He did a lot for her till now, now this family is my responsibility, she respects everyone in his family, as they had her a family member. She says she will try to keep them happy forever. Vasundara comes there. Thapki says Vasundara has supported me always, she has seen me as the bahu of her house. Vasundara recalls her own words. Thapki praises Vasundara. Dhruv asks Vasundara did she hear what Thapki said.

Vasundara has the gift in her hand and looks at Thapki. Thapki says how to thank you. Vasundara recalls she never spoke to Thapki and could not hear her stammering. Thapki

says Vasundara gave this big happiness to her, it was her decision to make her bahu, even after knowing her stammering, and her marriage got cancelled because of her stammering, aunty has accepted her with her all weaknesses and loved her.

She holds Vasundara’s hand and promises she will live upto her expectations and fulfill her dreams, she is like her mum, she got a second mum in her, and promises that she will not let this new relation fall weak. Vasundara is in shock. Dhruv and everyone clap for Thapki. Kiran and Aditi joke. Dadi says we will do their engagement fast to unite them, get the rings. Suman and Preeti get worried of Vasundara’s anger, and this marriage and engagement won’t happen now.

Aditi stops Thapki for making Dhruv wear the ring and says let Dhurv’s ring some fast. Dadi says I have the ring. Dadi taks the Lord idol from Vasundara and hands over the ring to her, asking her to give it to Dhruv. Dhruv asks for the ring. Vasundara drops the ring and stares at Thapki.

Thapki and Dhruv pick the ring. Kiran says Thapki is eager to marry and jokes. Thapki and Dhruv exchange the rings and smile. Vasundara looks on. Bihaan hugs Dhruv. Thapki takes elder’s blessings. Bau ji asks her to take Vasundara’s blessings. Thapki tells Vasundara that her marriage broke once by stammering, and she felt her marriage won’t happen, no one will make her bahu, even then Vasundara has chosen her as bahu. She reminds how she came to tell about her stammering, she asked her to keep her hand on her head, and asks for blessings again. Suman and Preeti get tensed and look on.

Vasundara says how could this happen, I did big mistake. She says I care for my son, I won’t let this happen and breaks the Taj mahal miniature. Dhruv comes and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. very sad about thapki becuase vasu ji ko pata chal gaya about stemmering . next 3 episode is cleared tha way of serial. gad bless u thapki an dhurv

  2. Brity

    OMG!! What will happen now?Vasu got to know everything.I saw the promo where she asked Bihaan to promise her that he won’t let this marriage happen.And spoilers also making me mad.

  3. thapki pyaar ki

    Meenu if you don’t like this show and hate it then why do u watch it don’t need to comment like this

    Love this show. Vasu will make Bihaan and thapki marry and will ask aditi to marry druv

  4. Rinku

    ya…..I m agree if u dont like nd hate this serial so why u cmnt nd read our cmnt there r no boundation we all like this show

  5. Binnu finally Thapki and Bihaan we knew it from so many episodes…creating triangle love stories Is so common in TV shows. They should have let Thapki marry Dhruv and then Vasu and Thapki boss(forgot her name) creating problems for her in office and home. I think the way Thapki solves all problems and will actually give more confidence to people who stammer for real. Already Thapki marriage broke once, I think it was very cruel of Vasu to do that to Thapki…since it is serial of course Dhruv and Thapki will finally unite, but Thapki marriage is not a joke…pity her

  6. Hawticiouxangel

    Hey!!i read somewhere tht aditi and bihaan will unite dhruvkii..:fingerscrossed: I hope it’s true and bihaan will marry aditi

    • Saswat Panigrahi

      To ye serial ab aur koi v nahi dekhega. Sab serial ek type k ho jayega toh isme kya exception hey jo hum isse dekhen???

  7. Honey

    Another swaragini going to happen?… I don’t like Thapki Bhiaan pair. Druvki and Bhiaanadithi seems good. Whatever Bhiaan tries to break druvki relation should fail.

  8. please vasundaraji lets dhruv and thapki get married they are made for each other. Thapki i very nice. Bihaan you also do love marriages first you do your brother love marriage thapki and dhruv loves each other very much. We want to see Thapki and Dhruv marriage. Other wise viewers see to stop the serial. this is all our viewers humble request to do thapki and dhruv marriage

  9. shuvi

    this epi is very nice as thapki said every thing whatever was in her heart..but I’m so worried that what will happen in today’s epi… bechari thapki… I think in today’s epi. vasu will insult thapki which I don’t want … bas I just want ki shaadi toh dhruvki ki hi honi chahiye…

  10. Saswat Panigrahi

    Maila!!!!!!!!!!!! Thapki kuch v nahi bolrahithi 3episode tak ab jab sirf I LUV U boli to pure 10min!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ek dum bomb blast ho gayi

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