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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara and Dadi talking to Suman and Preeti. They are happy as its Diwali. Suman asks Preeti to apply Arabic mehendi. Suman says Thapki’s hand has magic. Preeti says she applied latest design to me. Dadi asks them not to argue. Vasundara says Shraddha would also get mehendi applied. Shraddha comes and greets them. Suman and Preeti call her witch and laugh. Vasundara asks Shraddha to get mehendi applied. Suman thanks Thapki. Thapki says she will apply most special mehendi as Shraddha is going to become bahu.

Shraddha says you apply like an artist, you changed my rangoli, I did not know you are so smart. Thapki says we will know each other when you come here to stay. Suman says see she is jealous of Thapki. Thapki asks Shraddha to see mehendi. Shraddha says

its very nice. She stares at Thapki/

Its evening, Vasundara keeps Yam ka Diya, and says she has hide this from her son, so she will keep it before Dhruv comes. She sees Dhruv coming, and thinks what to do. She asks Bihaan to come here and stand, so that Dhruv does not see this diya. He asks why. Thapki comes there talking on phone. Vasundara says mum has to hide this diya from her son. Bihaan gets sad. Thapki looks on and says its Yam ka diya, Vasundara said she hides this diya from sons, why is Bihaan standing infront of it. Bihaan cries and goes upstairs. Thapki sees him. He wipes his tears and asks what is she seeing, he is not crying, smoke went in his eyes. He goes.

Its morning, servant brings ghee box and asks Dadi where to keep it. Dadi asks him to keep it in store room. Suman says she will make servant keep it. Shraddha stops Suman and asks for hair curler/tong. Preeti worries recalling how she was locked in her cupboard. She says she will get the curler. Shraddha smiles. Preeti gets the tong and gives her, asking her not to return it.

Varun is angry and asks Poonam to kick out Aditi and Diwakar, how did she marry that creep Diwakar, why should we bear. Krishnakant says we are parents, children can do bad, but we can’t do bad with them. Varun says I know, sorry, how can Aditi do this, I m getting angry. Krishnakant says I felt Aditi is very mature and she will not let us get ashamed, but I think our upbringing went wrong. Varun says no, Thapki and I got same upbringing, she is staying with stranger whom she hates, only for our respect. Poonam says Thapki trusts Aditi a lot, Aditi broke her trust. Aditi hears them and cries.

Shraddha goes to store room and looks at the hair tong. She puts it in ghee box and ties thread with the wire, to make it fall on Thapki. She switches on the tong to heat the ghee. She says you made me burn by showing me down infront of everyone.

Shraddha says when Thapki comes here, this hot ghee will fall on her. She takes back the tong and says its hot ghee to burn Thapki, she will have to bed rest for 2-3 months, I have this habit since childhood, if someone disturbs me, I start a war. She switches off the lights and goes from there. Shraddha asks Thapki where is storeroom, she wants more ghee for putting in diyas, I will get ghee. Thapki says don’t worry, I will get ghee. Shraddha thanks her. Thapki says Shraddha did not do wrong with me, am I doubting on her for no reason.

Thapki collides with Bihaan. He asks her to see and walk, and goes. Thapki goes to storeroom, and thinks why is it so dark. She uses phone torch and sees the ghee box. She does not see the thread and walks ahead. She thinks where to keep phone and switches off the torch. She keeps phone and falls by the thread. She sees the ghee box falling down.

The ghee box falls down. Thapki gets tensed and screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I can’t see bihaan’s cry. Devil vasu bcz of u only bihaan cry today..nice precap

  2. Bihaan saves thapki

  3. I have no words to explain my feelings,i feel so sad about Bihan…dont cry yaa,todys episode is notbad.precap is interesting.Shraddha,she is like a devil,she created everything purposefully.I think the coming episodes will reveals the real character of shraddha and which creates Bihan $Thapkis relation more strong………wait and see.

  4. No not bihan. I want dhruv. pls dhruv sir…… save your thapki

  5. Guys I have started watching this show recently.. can anybody please tell me y vasu not treat bihaan as her son?

    1. Coz bihaan is not her son. He is adopted by vasu’s husband. She hates him.

      1. Thank us so much..

  6. Ankita Chhetry

    Vasundhara is soooo selfish.. Hate her.. 🙁

  7. Aww bihan …feeling sad:(

  8. good epi…… And nice precap!!!! Feeling sad for bihaan!!!!!!

  9. Dhruv come back….

  10. Vasu is a rakshasi…is she a women but thaahan rockzzzzz….. I pray that they will not drag much to revil the truth of sraddha(junior rakshasi)………I want t sraddha to become vasu’s bahu to teach her a lesson but I doesn’t wanted druv to be in trouble…

  11. Sam. behaan is an adopted child by druv father. Not real son. Vasu is using him for her selfish reason. she doesn’t accept him

    1. Ohkk… thanks

  12. I want druv and thapki together. I am not reading everything I will read only druv’s name were writtern then I start to read so please rejoin thapki and druv… We are waiting for their couple not bihaan and thapki.: I love bihaan but I want druv’s jori

  13. Bihaan is really good at heart…

  14. love dhruv n thapki…not bihaan

    1. Bihaan&dhapki rocks

  15. Everyone feeling sad for bihaan.. no one feeling sad for dhruv… 🙁 🙁

  16. Thapki unaware that Bihaan is vasu’s adopted son…..
    Really evil vasu only cares about Druv.
    Poor Bihaan so sad..he married Thapki only for vasu ..
    she is not caring his feelings. .

  17. Felt very sad to see bihaan cry. Thapki Pl give some comfort to bihaan. He always cares for you.

  18. Bipki superb

  19. Today epi is so sad. I can’t see bihaan cried.;-( Thaki understood bihaan problems and also thaki helps to bihaan take a soln for problems.

  20. Ohh
    selfish vasu how dare behave like bihaan. U dnt frgt u imtnly blckmld and marrie to thapki.
    so sad for bihaan really heartouching scene…
    look at thapki she also crieying if she feels bihaans pain..
    lov u thahaan
    bipki rockssss

  21. Feeling sad 4 thahaan i hate vasu n shradha

  22. Poor Bihaan.:-( that devil vasundhara only uses him but he dosent understands it..:-(

  23. Hi guys,
    That vamp vasu made bihaan cry today. She is a user, she’s the one who uses him to do her dirty work. She’s The one who blackmailed Bihaan and persuade him to marry thapki. She also lied to bihaan, she told him that dhruv really doesn’t love thapki. She also told bihaan that the reason dhruv is marrying thapki is because dhruv feels sorry for her. And bihaan is just falling for vasundhara’s words because He loves her and he doesn’t Want to hurt her. I just hope that soon thapki finds out that bihaan is adopted by dhruv’father so then she can make bihaan realise that vasu is using him to do her dirty work. And that sharda what is she, a psyco. She also needs to join that psyco ragini from swaragini in the mental hospital.

    1. Yes vasu is sooo evilll
      T t t t thapki and b b b b bihaan looks good
      I hope bihan saves Thapki nowww

  24. bihaan saves thapki so interesting

  25. bihaan thapki made 4 each other………..

  26. vasu sooo…bad nd evil…i can’t c bihaan cry&sad.

  27. sharadha thapki help 4 u.but u hurt thapki

  28. vasu u hurt bihaan anytime…..ennala parka mudila avan azhuguratha

  29. Poor bihaan..
    hate vasu and Shraddha.
    thahaan rocks

  30. Who was the saviour of thapki??
    i think bihaan.
    devil Shraddha go to the hell..

  31. Lifna binth salim

    Omg… I’m soo sad… ??
    poor Bihaaan????
    I Hve no wrdz tOdy…☹?
    Stupid Vasu..
    I lve U so much bihaan…?

  32. Thahaan forever
    awesome couple..
    so sad for bihaan.

  33. I love what bihaan is feeling, it’s shows karma is a b*t*h. He should feel remorse of what he is doing to thapki. aleast thapki have a soft spot for bihaan but vasu doesn’t……

  34. I want thapki n dhruv to get marry. Pls unite them. Pls pls pls

  35. Who will sav thapki i wan to knw fast

  36. It’s quite obvious that it’s going to be thahaan. Thahaan rocks.?

  37. Thapki and dhruv are made for each other. Whats happening with thapki. I am so upset.

  38. Everything happen for a reason, vasu stops dhurv’s wedding with thapki and made bihaan marry thapki there love is blooming now. thaan you rock. I can’t wait for the time you tell thapki you love her

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