Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi asking Bihaan since when he started eating with fork and spoon. Aryan he learnt since he was away. Vasu tells him that she made it on cow dung. Aryan is shocked and coughs. He throws jalebi. Kosi thinks since when he started having chutney. Manav comes to Aryan and asks him if the food was much or their love. He cries and tells that their mum would have been alive now. Kosi sees Aryan throwing food and gets doubtful. She tells everyone that she thought to get Thapki and Bihaan married.

Thapki and Aryan are shocked. Bani says ghajab, it is a good idea. Tina is also happy. Thapki says tomorrow is Tina’s sangeet and asks her not to refuse. Bani also convinces heer. Kosi smiles and thinks thapki will not marry fake Bihaan. Thapki is talking to Aryan and switches

off Tv, asking him to help her so that they get saved from marriage. They argue and fall on bed together.

Aryan says I am lucky as I am marrying you. Thapki says what? He asks her to look at the door. Thapki sees Kosi standing near the door. She says even I love you. He opens the door and she falls down on the bed. She tells that she will go and thinks to expose him. Aryan threatened to kick her out. Aryan and Thapki argue again like that of Bihaan and Thapki. Aryan asks her not to think her suitable for him. Thapki asks him to use his mind and goes. Vasu asks Kosi if she thinks she is doing plotting and warns her to kick her out. Kosi thinks if my doubt is cleared then he has to leave. Thapki tells vasu that she got fever.

Bani asks her to rest. Tina says what about marriage. Vasu says marriage can happen later. Kosi is upset and understands her plan to skip marriage. Bani says we will cancel shopping. Thapki asks them to take Samar and Munna. Tina says okay and goes. Vasu asks her to sit and goes to bring turmeric milk. They leave. Aryan comes and asks how did she get the fever. She tells that she took the steam and tells that she is feeling bad.

Bani and Munna reaches the shopping centre. Kosi calls Thapki. Thapki says I will be alright. Kosi asks her to get her treated by the Doctor. Doctor checks her and tells that there is nothing to worry and asks them to have multi vitamin. Kosi tells that Thapki is fine and that. Kosi says marriage will happen tomorrow as decided. He asks what to do?

Kosi announces that Thapki and Bihaan will marry. They take rounds sadly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aryan is bihaan..otherwise tpk is waste…and marriage..thapki marries a strange he is bihaan only..yesterday i didnt saw the i think i missed some thahaan scenes.

  2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I am confused with cvs, why thapki aryaan scene is almost same with thapki bihaan scene? what aryaan is Bihaan a lost memory? If that’s true, I’m very happy, but if it’s wrong, that means cvs is crazy. No one can replace the position of bihaan to thapki … thapki just love bihaan …. return bihaan …. please

  3. What a gajjab wala episode…there is no doubt he is Bihaan…precap is good but Thapki feeling very gloomy and tensed at the meantime Aryan is OK because he is happy to marry his Thapki.anyway according to some spoilers marriage won’t happens because of the bad physical condition of Aryan I mean Bihaan.awaiting for today …its have a mesmerizing dance performance of Thahaan…really excited for the day Aryans confession that is He is Bihaan…
    Good morning friends…

  4. Interesting episode… ?
    I still consider that Aryan is Bihan.., the way he’s behaving..specially with Thapki just like Bihan..
    Cute scene of Thapki & “Bihan”.. ?

  5. Goddd!!! Totally ghajjab yarr ..hats off 2 all the makers of tpk,n all the gals and guys outta here..I’ve some killer news to all of u’ll happen that kosi’s plan 2 expose aryan’s reality will go in dubba ..bole toh her plan will b totally kachre ka dubba!! As bani n samar will join forces and they’ll backfire kosi’s plan by sending aryan n thapki on a date ..but meanwhile kosi will try to explain aryan’s truth 2 bani but she’ll not tolerate it n she’ll again warn her on doubting on her dad that’s it ????

    Have a great n a rocking day guyzz..take care

  6. How can Aryaan be Bihaan? Bihaan didn’t have a brother called manav, also munna recognised Aryaan straightaway so makes no sense that Aryaan is Bihaan. I don’t care if Manish is Bihaan or Aryaan love both characters and I like that Aryaan is not as emotional and sentimental as Bihaan because as an outsider he doesn’t have that relationship with the household members I love the way he always shuts down Kosi. Bihaan everything comes from the heart and heat of the moment, Aryaan is opposite, more head over heart.
    I don’t like bani and also I think they should have used a different actress to play Bani, having an identical looking daughter adds nothing to the character as far as I’m concerned, Also I think they should give Tina a bigger role, expand her character and personality rather then overload Jigyasa with two big roles.

  7. Ye serial h ki drama ki dukaan pta nhi kitni baar bihan or thapki ki shadi hogi av tk shaadi hi ho rhi h beti unlg ki chhoti s badi hogyi lekin shaadi vala drama khatam nhi hua . Bht fake chizen dikhata h is serial m ………………anyways love thahaan scenes?

  8. Gajabb… Romance

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