Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki apologizing to each other. Ranjha mera ranjha………..plays………… He says I have less sense, I don’t think well, forgive me. She says we just have this apology between us, we will try, till we stay here, we should not have this apology between us. She assures that they will find the culprit, but she needs his support. He says I can give my life too. She stops him from saying. He promises he is always with her now, the fight which she was fighting alone, now we both will fight for it together, we both will get justice for Bau ji. They hold hands and smile.

Dadi tells Suman that Sanjay will do Bihaan’s work. Preeti says Ashwin will do the work. Suman says no, Sanjay will do work. Ashwin and Sanjay come there. Ashwin and Sanjay try to avoid

the work. Suman tells Sanjay that Dadi is asking you to do Bihaan’s work. Ashwin and Sanjay agree. Ddi asks them to feed animals and clean cow dung. They get shocked. Dadi goes. Suman and Preeti try to leave. Sanjay and Ashwin ask them to clean cow dung.

Bihaan goes to Vasundara to get aarti Prasad. He says I felt I have done that crime, but Thapki made me realize I did not stab Bau ji. Vasundara gives Prasad to Dhruv and says whatever Thapki say or prove, you will be culprit for me, you have hurt my husband. Dhruv says Thapki is innocent, I will get you punished very soon, you would have kept that knife there. Bihaan cries. Vasundara and Dhruv leave. Bihaan sits praying to Lord and cries.

Thapki receives a letter and thinks who can send letter to me. She reads the letter. ‘’the proof which can save Bihaan is with me, come alone and meet me at godown at night.’’ She gets thinking and goes to tell Bihaan. She looks for him and goes to him. she says I have to tell something. He says whoever did this with Bau ji, if I get him, I will not leave him alive. She gets tensed. He asks whats this letter. She says its court case related papers, I thought to inform you. She sees his anger and does not tell him about the letter.

Ashwin and Sanjay wonder what will happen when Bihaan comes back, we don’t want to take Bihaan’s place. They tell their wives that they will lose their current place also if they hear them. Thapki sees Bihaan sleeping. She sees the time….. and thinks to go. She says sorry Bihaan, and leaves from the room. Thapki goes out on the road. Bihaan gets a vision of Thapki falling in problem. He shouts Thapki and goes to tell her about his bad dream. He sees pillows in her place and thinks where did he go. Thapki does not see anyone and thinks how to find out who called me here. Bihaan calls Thapki. She checks his call and does not answer. He thinks where did Thapki go without telling me. He gets worried. He gets the letter. He reads it and gets shocked. He rushes.

A boy gives letter to Thapki. She reads instructions to come onside godown. She drops the note and goes inside godown. The burqa clad person comes there. Thapki gets shocked seeing him. He shows the knives. She gets tensed.

The man injures Thapki with the knife. He goes to stab her. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thahaan scenes gajabbbbb
    tommorow bihaan will save thapki
    and apply ointment
    too awesome
    love thahaan
    but thapki u again say lie very bad
    bihaan again angry with her
    but no so much
    now guys we will see more thahaan scenes
    excited as a thahaanian
    msg for pooja
    Actually yar always my bro & mom taunts me by saying bad to thahaan so angry i m
    but still i dont care bcoz i love thahaan

    is it happen with me or with anyone else
    tell me guys
    Loveria happens

    love u thahaan

    1. it also happen’s with me . my mom always scold and taunt me for watching tpk .seriously it’s annoying ,but i don’t care.

      1. yes tara very annoying but as a true thahaanian i love to watch it
        my friends taunts me but i say plz dont say anything to them otherwise i will not leave you all and dont talk to you.

  2. I have a doubt thapki is her nick name rigt,
    Den Y R they using her nick name in legal formalities??!!
    At the court she introduced herself asThapki Panday
    In that Divorce papers also it was Thapki Panday
    All these should be done in her real name rigth these writers an direct ers thinks that V R illiterate???….

    1. Ya , its silly but when they can show thapki as a lawyer overnight(dont know which crash course she had done ) then these bloopers are nothing in front of it

      1. Thapki uses her nickname coz it has the same effect as names like “sharukh khan… amir khan”. Dont beliv me? Did u notice how the postman delivers the letter with no address…just “thapki pandey ” on it???

      2. ROshni, you are soooo funny! You notice everything! Brilliant!

  3. Just ok epi only because if thahaan scene at the beginning …….
    While watching todays episode i wondered who are sanjay and ashwin’s parents? where are they? and what they do to earn? and why are they so keen to overtake bauji’s bussiness? when they are not even his children…can anyone tell me???
    And one thing more how can bihaan sleep on that small couch thats too small to sleep a normall persons body would ache ????…. even that hut type chair is better to sleep why doesnt he sleep there.muti budhi bihaan ?

    1. Acty Why are suman nd preeti want their husbands to take bihans place

    2. That scene in the beginin is technically left overs from ystrdy. N same hug wid anothr music. Tpk team is getin environment friendly… they hav started recycling ?. I hope tmrw bihaan dosnt get a flashbak of same hug with another song??.
      Hmm… i used to wondr sam abt chutki badki n hubbies…. my guess is tht their parents got fed up of their silly madness n dumpd them their. Hmm another guess is tht they must b dead. I mean do u recal the kinda stuffs chutki did to treat thapkis speech impediment… that charcoal prasad.. n earlier she had goten thapki stuck in a water tank. Aisi bahu khar me ho to saas sasur to upar hi honge na,bhagvaan ke pas.
      N yeh….totaly agree wid ur coment on the sofa… i got neck pain seein bihaan sleep like tht. Go bak to floor bihaan or divide the bed!!!? manish was jokin tht soon thapki n bihaan wil b romancin intht nest chair???

      1. Yes they did the same thing before ,repeating scenes ..but doesnt matter as we watched that hug again i can watch it 100 times more ??
        Hahahahah thats the possibility they must have done these things with their saas susar..aryy it would be nice to watch romance in whatever chair they called ??

      2. Pandey parivaar is one hypocrite family though….poor bihaan… they didnt educate him. Upar se they r makin him wash gulabo n rampyari… he milks the cow..cleans the gobar. N they say they treated him as a son! Imagine the real son,druv, doin al this?! Luks like they got a cheap servant/slave n gav him acomodatn. *Sympathies fr bihaan*

      3. I’m barge. I think that’s why when thapki lied, his reaction was worse because of all the injustices he’s faced in pandey nivas by Vasu mostly. I think he felt Thapki loved him unconditionally, something he,d never had before and then it turned out she was also sushi get him to stay in the house. That’s hiwnive always understood his total breakdown in terms of becoming a bulky and changing overnight.

      4. Wow nimisha…thats by far the most reasonable interpretation to justify all the senseless mumbo jumbo thats been hapenin with bihaans character lately. Bt im pretty sure the writers dont hav ur brains…they wr just thinking “ok thahaan is bak in PN…but if the leads unite then the show wil end soon…so lets create a rift” and then wen they saw the trps r falin n shradda pregnancy drama wont save the show, they cam up with a new twist . In nycase wat u said was extremely beautiful !

      5. You guys are so right they didnt treat bihaan as their own son still claim so…that character/bihaan has devoted his whole life for them.he consider maa and bauji as his God.
        Pandey pariwar is so stupid and brainless to doubt such an obedient person this showed they never accepted bihaan with their heart.

      6. hi ROshni, I’ve always felt that about Bihan. ?

        I’ve also never really understood why everyone thought Thapki and Bihan should be together, before this particular thing happened. Thapki lied to Bihan to find the truth and in doing so forgave Bihan as she understood his reasons. I wouldn’t have understood why a grown man would do what his mum said to betray his own brother and family, but then thankfully it’s not me ??.

        He did it as he still craves her unconditional love.

        Now, finally Bihan has forgiven Thapki. I still don’t know how he can love Thapki without Bihan accepting that Vasu was wrong in what she made him do.

        I think as a result of this incident with Bauji, he has actually grown up a lot and actually understands what unconditional love is, and maybe he will accept that Vasu was wrong because he actually ‘gets’ what it means. In this case he and Thapki can be together because not even Vasu, his Bhagwan, can get in the way.

  4. hey guys i think.
    director g tell J 4 jigyasa to Say J 4 jhoot & M 4 manish to M 4 maan jao
    so funny
    jhoot sach game
    ha ha ha
    fooling us

  5. Oh no! What’s going to happen with poor thapki?!!! Please go and save her!!! bihaan! Please!!!:-(;-(

  6. Nice episode. Preacap is dangerous and as usual bihaan will come and save thapki

  7. Dont worry he won’t stab thapki bihaan her hero will save her

  8. Talking about upcoming episode…..

    thapki takes killer 7 num ki chappal and. She called that chapal is proof ……
    Aur kya kya sabooth dekh na padega……..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Thapki ek request hein usi chappal se CVS moo per jorse ek maaro…….

    Coming to the episode…
    Bihaan ke sapne main sub aane waale muskill dikhtha hein ……..phir bauji ka half murder kyo nahi dhekha…….!!!!!????????

    Any way main tho serial dekh rahahoo sirf THAHAAN scene ke liye. …..Mainly nok jhok ……aaj kall wo scene bi gaayb
    Kardiya CVS

    CVS ki jai ho……..

    1. Santosh

      thapki ne cinderella ki story padhi he bachpan me…she knows what magic a single slipper can do…
      😛 😛 😛

      1. Jabb serial start huva tab se aaj takk humm thapki ki sirf magic hi dekha hain pyar nahi………!!!!!!

        Serial THAPKI PYAR KI nahi

        Every month Title change karna padega. …..

        1. thapki roy gi
        2. Thapki journalist ki
        3. Thapki shaadhi ki
        4. Thapki nafrat ki
        5. Thapki tabela ki
        6. Thapki noukrani ki
        7. Thapki tailor ki
        8. Thapki divorce ki
        9. Thapki super bahu ki
        10. Thapki vasu ki
        11. Thapki lawyer ki
        12. Thapki CID ki
        13. ————— and finally thapki mare gi
        Thapki bihaan ki…….
        hum sapne ne main dekh na padega kya………!!!!!!????????

      2. hahehahe LOL…

        superb description of all tracks

        pata nai hum kab hogi Thapki Bihaan ki ??

      3. I mean jab hogi thapki bihaan ki….?

      4. @santosh…i like ur chappal moo pe maro joke
        @sag… i saw this chappal news first on ur coment ystrdy…. and damn… it felt like someone was tickling me???. No wondr y they kept showin tht nearly fluorescent chappal al the tym. Aur vo chappal ad ki tara hamesha burkha dhoda upar pehenke show off karta hai …. as though thrs a flood .i mean hu wears a burkha..hides even her eyes and then wear it wel abov ankle!

      5. Nywy…theres one way to catch the culprit usin chappal…. dog squad ?. Dogs cn identify ppl based o their scent

    2. Love your usi chappal se Cv’s moo per jorse maro line! I laughed out loud! Hilarious.

      1. Oops, ROshni you said the same. You two are funny, you should both write!

  9. good episode…
    we are the kerala fans of TPK. we love to wach the show.this is our first comment

    1. Haii Mekha Njanum Kerala yilninna✋✋…from Kannur & were R U from???!!

      1. were r u from tintu mon . by the way i am from trivandram .

    2. hey i am also from kerala . from which district r u

      1. Hai i am from kerala ha ha what a coincedance is am also a fan of tpk

    3. Iam from thrissur kerala

    4. Mee tooo from kerala(malappuram)

      1. I liv in birmingham that’s in england

      2. Min123, sorry. I laughed at your Birmingham comment, I’m London so also laughing at myself,

        They,re all like
        Exotic and we are
        Birmingham and London. Lol! No disrespect, but doesn’t everywhere else sound sooo exotic ?

        Well Jel here,

      3. Lol nimisha. Hey tintumon tara utyukh sana ananda aradhya n all…. ??welcome. Feel at home (im a new membr too but im takin the liberty to welcom u al with e-chai/ e-coffee as though i own this place???)

  10. Thx for the update

  11. Thx for the update… Par don’t drag much

  12. Dear Amena, thank you very much for letting us know what happens in Thapki pyaar ki. Since i speak only English your hard work is high appreciated. Thank you once more. Thapki and Bihaan, please, take care of each other, this is your best chance to survive in this difficult world.

  13. Our hero save thapki…

  14. Bihaan saw a bad dream about thapki and he went searching for her as same as bauji’s oxygen mask removed scene..He loves bauji more than his life..omg That means he loves thapki as much as he loves bauji…areeeee yupyyyy!!!!

  15. finally we get to see some thahaan scenes.I am so happy

  16. Who is the real.culprit?

  17. I think writers are not decided the killer’s identity after deciding only they will remove Burqa from him. Till then they will show killer’s blackmail drama. ???

    1. Hmm yeh… i felt tht todays burkha vala had fairer feet??

  18. Nice epi wat is thapkis real name ☺

    1. cast name Vani or thapki,
      real name jigyasa Singh

    2. vaani bihaan pandey

      1. Abb tak sirf vaani chaturvedi not vaani bihaan pandy
        Still waiting for vaani bihaan pandy

  19. I finish watch 49days iam so sad my heart fell emty i dont know why sad ending first i cried like a crazy person thaku for the person tell about 49days

  20. Abhimanyu arora

    Today’s epi was nice with thahaan scenes… soooon v willl b comin to know who is the person in lady’s chappal.. ha ha ha. I m frm tn

    1. U r from tamil nadu?

  21. Vaani Chaturvedi is her real name

  22. Thahaan….what a dazzling pair yaarrrr,todays episode is nice.awaiting for to see tomorrows episode.iam very glad to see for THAHAANS TOGETHERNESS..hey,ANU….I can understand your intensive love of THAHAAN….and tried to realize their advise in a positive way….ok….i think THAHAANs story willbe start soon.MANISH YOU ARE A DASHING HERO…..

    1. yes yar pooja i try to take there advise in ve way they want me to study but they also have to understand na that by watching half an hour tpk my studies doesnt affect
      love my mom bro everyone but Thahaan also is my love

  23. I’m a Thahaan fan from Qatar!
    Begining was… OMG! GajaB! & Realy missing Thahaan Fighting! Thapki Need to Change costume Saari to Salwar !That:s make her A real Thapki!
    Excted for toms episode!

  24. Us vasu ko me choddunga NY ediot stupid fool hw dare she do that to bihan he always suffered only only bauji liked him bcoz he saved his life vasu dhruv sum an preti ash win San Jay shradda no one like bihan bcoz who cares abt bauji only bauji and dadi ma loved him rather no one I can’t bear this now thapki also like him such taunts to an orphan better bihan shud go 4rm pandey zoo and tell them I don’t want anything 4rm u idiots I will pay all the money I ate 4rm u the whole life I will throw my name u gave blo*dy hells luk after druv and sit
    also the khatron me kiladi shrada bahu ko me thapki ko lekar ja rahi ho byee thx 4 taunts u gave all life

  25. Writers u have spoiled dhruv’s character. I want 2 see dat early dhruv nd his office…hw can he blindly blame bihaan aftr seeing proof..i mean he is a media product nd he tends 2 knw abt hw world can cover d truth..den his immature attitude is nt sensible…iam really upset with u dhruv for d 1st time

  26. My anger towards pandey zoo will never end specially that vasu if that vasu again tell bihan to leave thapki 4 sake of druv after shrada ousted 4rm house then really I will throw that chappal on the fool direct or sure if I can’t also I will come and throw so pls don’t try to make such situation s b4 that shradas exposure expose that vasu then all will throw her out of house especially druv that time only bihan will com with her then she will realize her mistake of taunting an orphan who gave up the life 4 pandey zoo:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Arey wah… baba bihaans sixth sense is workin overtym thse days…. his visions wud hv been useful in xams if he had gone to school?. I seriously doubt if he’s relatd to nostradamus??????

    1. Bihaan has become baba bihaan panday ???

  28. U know… if thapki keeps walkin arnd inthe middle of the nyt on deserted roads like this ( she did it even durin that bihaan boxin drama days)……then shes gona land up in a bed beside bau ji in hosp even b4 meeting the burkha man!!? kya writers ko itna bhi akal nahi hai

  29. SPOOF!!!!!!!
    I find vasus character rather peculiar…. dnt u guys feel tht being gud even for a few episods is sucha strain for her?!
    For this spoof…. think of the episode tht she yells at thapki n reveals that she hates her (b4 shraddas marriage).

    SCENE: PN. An atmosphere of celebratn has spread hearing the news of baujis return.. backgrnd music: albela sajan from bajirao mastani. 😉 imagine an excited vasu preparing to welcom bauji.. like priyanka inthe movie
    Front door opens n bihaan n bauji r entering inside. Bauji with several bandages….strain of walking evident on his face….hes limping n taking bihaans support n slowly reaches the hall.

    Vasu( excited… runs downstairs with joy) : arey….aap to jaldi aa gaye!
    She reaches below… sees bechara bau ji struggking to walk.sudenly a luk of concern n surprise spreads across her face.
    Vasu (sounding a bit confused) :aap…..
    Bihaan interupts: maa ji… parishaan hone wali koi baat nahi hai. Vo bauji seediyonse gir gaye
    dhe na…so per mein fracture hone ke vajaise chal nahi paa rahe hai
    Vasus face expression changes. A more “pissed off” kinda luk.

    vasu (as they though she didn’t wana acknowledge wat bihaan said. ) Aaaaap ruk ruk ke chak rahe hai??!!!
    Wel… now recal tht scene wr thapki gets scolded by vasu wen she tried to reveal shraddas
    Bauji: lekin vasundara ji…..
    Vasu: (pointin a fingr as usual): chup….ek dam chup. Mujhe ruk ruk ke chalne vale cheezon se nafrat hai… pooch iss se (angry luk at thapki)…. ye ruk ruk kar bolne walinbahh ka kya halat banadi mene
    Bauji :(furiousssss… boilin with insurmountable anger) : bihaAAAAn…. ja ke gun le avo
    Bihaan:par bauji…
    Bauji: tu iski taraf dari mat karna..
    Bihaan: nahi bauji…. hum to kehna chahrahe dhe ki (amused luk) ye kafi pahunchi hui vamp hai. G for gun ke bajai kyo na g for grenade istamaal kare.
    Wel…rest u guys can jmagine.finalky vamp vasu out n thahaan happy. ;-). I hv a hand injury,…. so I hv cut it shorter than wat I wantd to at the xpenz of some humor.wondr if it bcam too long n boring. Also forgive typin erors

    1. You have impressive writing skills and humor ??.
      In the end you forgot to include dhruv’s constipated face expressions ?


      1. Hahaha… clap clap clap! I ws wonderin y nobdy else felt tht he hs the same majboor xpresn for eveythn. No ofenz to tharuv fans… i like ankit…sweet guy!

      2. Sweet guy but not a good actor ?

      3. Lol…i agree,thapki

  30. what Android annoying character Dhruv is..!!!
    can’t bear him..

  31. Good epi, but not much happened that didn’t happen yesterday or that wasn’t shown in the Precap.

    Whooooo do we know who is a man who likes to wear ladies sandals,… I wondered if it looked a bit like Preethi’s husband, the tall one, through the net bit on the eyes, one of the two weren’t in court.

    Probably totally wrong but just what’ve thought,

  32. This show is dragging on Thapki to the rescue Thapki to sacrifice Thapki to be insulted omgg so dragging on the same old script. Come on change this story now let it be Thapki in a happy phase….
    Thapki to leave let others beg n change in this show for once. Bihaan making all this happens cause he can’t be a man n say the whole truth or neither support his wife by moving out or become rich. Who agreed?

  33. Thapki looks is so cute, her expression during emotion scene with bihaan was something to fall in love with. Secondly I really felt that thapki & bihaan is made for each other & no one can come in between them. even in off screen they both looks so adorable. I wish that they will become real couple.

    1. Yah i r 100% correct syed,both of them are really made for each other♡
      My wish also same,they will become real life couple ♤
      But in real life jigyasa’s boy friend is Ankith nah 🙁

  34. I totally agree with ur points of view Thapki n Nimisha.
    I startd watchin story frm thahaan theme onset so the tharuv fantasy nevr hit me.
    i wud request the writers to change the name of the show. Even though they intended to make a story on a stammering girl…the real story lies with bihaan. N ur ryt thapki.. i feel sorry for bihaan. Adopted… uneducated…trained as family gunda n servant..or rathr a sorta slave! His affectionate n jovial behaviour hs won him the hearts of dadi n bauji….yet othr than bau j nobdy seems to trust this guy who takes their orders like a robot.bihaans alwys plagued by his insecurity of whthr or not this Popat Pandey parivaar really luvs him or not he ends up even comitin crimes to win their approval . Can u imagine druv/sanjay/or even Maa cleanin gobar. I dnt see hw hes treated as a son… rathr hes the go-to-guy. Poor thing is grateful for the lil things hes received frm them… a name..shelter and family (fr namesake). He probably feels “itna diya wahi kafi hai for an orphan”.thts y me this is Bihaans story n manish potrays the charactr very well n maks his characr stand out waaaay mre than thapkis . Kudos to the writers bt frm the disclaimer notification at the beginin ( ye dharavyik … un logon keliye prerna hai…bla bla bla) i thnk bihaan ws an unintentional bonus tht walkd into the show wen they tried to add masala to thapkis life. Take away bihaan…then the only prerna/ inspiration or moral of the story is “WEN U HAV A LUNATIC POSSESSIVE MOM N A GUNDA OBEDIENT BROTHER…. PLS WEAR A HELMET INSTED OF SEHRA “tht too with transparent face shield!!????

    1. Hahaha this moral suits more ?
      And Yea this is what i was thinking story mostly revolves around bihaan and his family nothing inspirational as the production claims so…title should be “bechargi bihaan ki” ??

      1. Good title. Lol!

    2. Bihan has spent his whole life trying to repay the ‘favour’ they did him by taking him in.

      Bauji is also seen sometimes attending to Rampyari and gulaabo So it’s not surprising that Bihan also does this.

      Vasu is the one who has always made him feel not good enough..He’s always been made to feel that he isn’t part of their family and that they did him a huge favour. So he does everything he can to repay that favour.

      There are examples of this through the series so far, like, In the flashback when they were given new bikes was one incident. And then related to that, she gave bihans bike away on the
      scale weighing charity thing as she couldn’t bear to part with dhruv’s.

      As a result, Bihan is a fighter and Dhruv is a bit of a damp squib by comparison.

      1. Druvs character wud hv seemed more complex if ankit ws a better actor like manish. Actors can bring in xtra shades tht probably even the writers didnt thnk of. Druv is dejected by his dad… he stands for truth n is a tv celebrity fightin against crime…hes intelligent…calm n composed… n wel…opposte of bihaan in the aspect tht he uses his brain more than heart. his mom is hs fav person bt he dosnt realise tht her luv dos him more harm than gud. If bihaan is jealous tht druv gets moms luv… then its vice versa for him.In one of the initial episodes its shown tht bauji takes rent frm druv. Also… he thnks his brothr betrayd him…n nw his ex girlfren seems to b in luv with bihaan… as though it ws easy to get ovr him. So u see..both pandey kids r miserbl in their own ways… but manish brings out the pain. Wen ankit cried in hosp sayin “bau ji mujhe gale milao”…. i sort of found it funny. I like him as a person… but as an actor he dosnt bring druv alive.u can re edit the same scenes n recycle it as itz alwys the same xpresn. If castin wr better…the 2 brothers wud hav been the most miserabl…. yet most eligible bachlorz in town?

      2. Had i been the writer i wud hav goten a better actor to play druv… wud hav given him deeper shades of character n then by now wud hav introduced a more worthy girl into his life. Shradda is lunatic criminal minded person… they cud hV put a more realistic charctr.. a real woman whos strugglin with the fact tht her husbnd is stil stuck with the memories of his past luv. They cud hv shown hw thapki helps her n druv to get close…aftral…nt many ppl marry their first luv.even vasus charactr is too evil. They cud hv retained much of the same story…but made it realistic with just a few alterationz

      3. So true about Dhruv, he is a bit one dimensional. I think in the earlier episodes he was slightly better, possibly because he was romancing his real life girlfriend. He felt more genuine then.

        I also found the hospital scene with Dhruv a bit funny.

        I quite like shraddha. The way she flits between comedy psycho to psychotic psycho is good. Her dum mark dum scene still makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

        Can I ask, where are you based? You write so well! Is that what you do for a living?

  35. hai tintumon thanks for the replay. and we are the Tpk fans from alappuzha

  36. Directors again did foolishness thapki yesterday walked on the road without any chappal then after some time she wore chapal:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Ohhh?… thats y she ws aftr the goon’s chappals… she forgot to gt hers?!

    2. Lol! Totally missed that… Mind you I was busy wondering why she went out in her pyjamas. ??????

  37. Ullu banare ye directors hum title ko a ag nam dena chahta hai

  38. Ha thapki u r right title bechari bihan ki

    1. Thanks dev

  39. Nasreen,reji,ash where r u guys?

  40. Does any know where I can see the trp of serials for this week.

    1. I saw somewhere that Thapki was 1.7

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