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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking to apologize to Vasundara. Krishnakant talks to manager and gets sad as he does not get any time to pay loans. Aditi asks which notice. He shows the bank notice for the loan, they can lose the home if he does not repay the loan. Aditi pacifies him. Thapki sees darkness in Dhruv’s cabin and recalls that he is afraid of the darkness. She goes to replace the bulb and a spark lights, which makes her fall down. Dhruv comes there and holds her. She falls on him. Her dupatta falls over his face. He gets up and asks what is she doing in is cabin. She says sorry Sir and leaves. He gets the bulb on his table and sees her.

Vasundara asks the servants is everything ready. Everyone sit for dinner. She says Dhruv’s fav food is made today. Bau ji talks to his

daughter on phone. Rachna hears him and says Bau ji never gifts anything to them. Bau ji sits for dinner and Vasundara asks him not to spoil Kiran. He taunts her on Dhruv. Suman says her husband is managing everything. Bua ji says Bihaan manages his work well. Dhruv comes home. Vasundara asks him to have food.

Dhruv says he is not hungry. Vasundara asks him to dine with them and takes him. Bau ji taunts Dhruv and Vasundara asks him to talk sweet atleast today. Bau ji asks Dhruv does he save any money, and laughs. Dhruv says he does not give bribe to anyone. He argues with Bau ji. Bau ji asks him who will give cost of food, paying rent is not enough. Dhruv says he will eat food after paying for food. He leaves. Vasundara asks her husband why did he talk like this and cries.

Its morning, Poonam talks to Krishnakant and asks is everything fine. He says yes. She asks is he hiding anything. He says everything is fine. She asks about bank loan. He says he is paying for it, work is going well, take care of you and Thapki. He says he has much work and ends the call. Thapki comes and talks to Poonam. She gets an idea of taking sweets to office and apologize. Poonam asks her not to give sweets to Sakshi. Thapki says she is my senior. Poonam asks her to have this snacks on the way. Thapki leaves.

Dhruv talks to his staff and says about Ghan shyam mithai shop, who is mixing bad things in the sweets, and they will do sting operation on him, Sakshi will be leading it. Thapki buys sweets from the same shop. She comes to office and gives them sweets. Vivek says do you know his sweets are bad, people got ill by this, throw this sweets. Dhruv says we are getting late, we have to reach on time. Thapki asks can she come with them, she has to learn. He asks her to be here. Sakshi changes her look and goes to the shop, while Dhruv and everyone are there to expose the truth. He says he trusts Sakshi a lot. Thapki tells everything to Poonam. Poonam asks her to go to the sweet shop and scold the makers. Sakshi worries that her career can end, if she is caught, she will not do this, what to inform Dhruv. Vivek asks what will she do now.

Dhruv asks Sakshi to go, is she afraid seeing the security. Sakshi says no. Dhruv asks her to go inside. Thapki comes there and Sakshi bumps into her. Thapki sees her and asks you here, in this getup. Dhruv is shocked. Sakshi asks Thapki to run. Vivek asks Thapki what is she doing here. Thapki says she came to return sweets. Sakshi says Ghanshyam has seen my face, I can’t go now. Vivek says lets cancel this plan. Dhruv says no, the people will get ill, we have to expose him today.

Dhruv says Sakshi can’t go and sends Thapki in her place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG I LOVE DRUV AND THAPKI I REALLY WANT THEIR LOVE STORY TO START ??????????? they will make an awesome pair xxxxx

  2. I agree with you thapki

  3. Nice episode I like dhruv and thapki

  4. Lovely n live episode of thapki

  5. Ngl was disappointed when thapki fell on druv I thought that amazing background song would nhave played but it was just silence

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