Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thapki and Lovely come outside together. Lovely says she can’t gain the courage to speak to them, she betrayed them all out of her hatred. She couldn’t see whatever happened to her was only her fate. She got their love for the time she spent here, and in return she only betrayed them. She apologizes Vasundra. Vasundra says humans aren’t bad, situations are; she must try not to hurt anyone. She comes to Tina and says Thapki has a beautiful daughter. She blesses Tina and Bani. Bani wipes her tears and says her cry makes her sad, she hugs Lovely. Lovely stops by Aryan and says she has seen a lot of people in life, he is a true human being and she will always have special place for him. She turns to leave. Thapki insists on her to stay here. Lovely says this is time for her to live now, she has

to create her own world. She isn’t going any far away and will keep on meeting her. Both hug. While stepping outside, she turns around, wipes her tears and signals Thapki to smile as well.
Panday ji says finally everything got fine. Dolly reminds how upset everyone was with Thapki, she had created all the mess in their weddings. She asks Vasundra if she has forgiven Thapki. Thapki comes to Vasundra but she stops Thapki with her finger, she says she hasn’t forgiven her. She forgave Thapki only after thinking Bani was no more, but the truth is that Bani was in trouble only because of Thapki. And she can never forgive Thapki for the wedding mistake. Tina agrees with Vasundra and says she is still paying for what Thapki did, how she can be forgiven. Dolly cheers. Tears fell off Thapki’s face.
On the table, Bani and Aryan discuss that they must do something to clear everyone’s mind. She says they must celebrate Thapki’s birthday. She was sure to make up everyone. Tina comes there. Bani loudly says they must never forgive Thapki. Tina confirms if she was right? Bani says they were discussing to punish her, they must celebrate Thapki’s birthday without her. Tina agrees.
Thapki comes to the hall and looks around at decoration, there was a cake with wish from Bani. Thapki cheers that everyone is celebrating her birthday. Tina speaks from behind that it would be without Thapki. She and Vasundra come in, Tina says no one would involve Thapki in celebration, she must feel how much it hurts. Munna asks what this is, Tina says no one would forgive her for what she has done. She says Thapki must have left them, had there been any self-respect in Thapki.
Thapki turns to walk upstairs. She says today even if she leaves the world, she won’t be upset. Bani and Aryan play a recording, Suman recognizes they recorded it. Thapki called Vasundra and Panday ji as their parents, he always calls her daughter. Her strength is her husband, Bihaan. He never left her side; her daughters who made her into a mother. She can lose her life for her daughters. This family is a part of her soul, no matter how much they make a mistake but her family won’t leave her side. Thapki turns to go upstairs. Suman goes to her and says its her right as a sister to ask Thapki cut the cake. Panday ji calls Thapki downstairs, they can’t celebrate her birthday without her. Thapki comes to cut the cake. Suman calls Bani to light the candle. Tina moves on but Vasundra stops her. Thapki brings the cake to Bani and then Tina. Tina throws it away and says she won’t forgive her ever. Panday ji tells Thapki that mistakes are larger than humans. He assures his side with Thapki, Suman agrees to Panday ji and wish Thapki. Thapki comes to Vasundra and bends to touch her feet. Vasundra rubs her hands initially, then places her hand over Thapki’s. Vasundra says everyone might have forgiven her but she can’t. Vasundra says she blessed her because of participation in her birthday, this doesn’t mean she has forgiven her. Thapki cries silently.
At night, Aryan comes to Thapki with her sketching. Thapki was speaking to Bihaan’s photo that she missed him so much, had he been here they must all have been happy. She wish Bihaan had returned in place of Aryan, their incomplete family must have completed. Aryan thinks Thapki loves Bihaan so much, he can never take Bihaan’s place and Thapki won’t think about it. He turns to leave, throwing the sketch outside the door.
In the room, Tina finds some legal documents in the closet. Bani comes from behind and tells Tina she is parting from Samar legally. They share no relation with each other, they worlds are miles away. They even sleep separately. She assures Tina will get Samar. Tina cheers. Bani says she will share it with everyone. Tina calls Bani the best sister in the world and hugs her. Tina requests Bani to let her tell everyone about it.
The next morning, Tina cheerfully takes Suman and Vasundra towards Bani’s room. She says she can’t control herself and asks them to see by themselves. She opens the door, Bani and Samar lay on the same bed. Suman asks if this is the good news, and calls her insensible. Tina was taken aback.

PRECAP: Tina questions Bani why she created that annulment drama, she wanted to tell everyone about their divorce. She wasn’t ready to listen to Bani. Samar smirks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ka yeh bihaan nahi hai.i thought ke munna ke maa last time aryan ko phn karke uski sachai bata na chate hai

  2. Ka yeh bihaan nahi hai i thought ke mumma’s mon last time aryan ko apna sach bata na chate thi

  3. 3 day to end tpk show?????


      ?? hello Sister don’t cry….. ????
      take this ➡??????????????? chocolate, ice cream & biscuits… ??????……(just kidding )….

      1. Santhosh Bai… Really miss you. Long time you not comment at telly update…

  4. Ka yeh bihaan nahi hai.I thought ke munna ki ma last time aryan ka sach batana chate thi phn pe


      Cvs =Crazy =crack….. ???
      kabi bhi kuch bhi ho saktha hai..???… abi 3 episode baaki hain na…?

  5. What’s wrong with Samar yaar… Why’d he do this?!? It hurts when anyone of them gets introuble when they didn’t do anything! That’s the worst part of a serial



      hmmm… only 3 days …..but, i am not sad, i want see this lead roles in other serial…. ????????????????
      .ain toh Tpk ko miss nahi karoonga…lekin, Manyasa ko toh zarur miss karoonga…???….
      M for Masti aur M for Manyasa..????..

  7. nice epi bihan and thapki moment is very nice

  8. oh…lst few days …lvd it….wiil miss thahaan….helo to evryone…


      ThaHaan humse bahut pehle hi miss hogaya hain dear… ab sab dekh rahe hain toh sirf ThaYan ko…..???….

  9. but always….the boring makers make boring things….i think only we get the hapines on the lst epi…only…


      Cvs Aryan ko Bihaan banaya toh kushi hoga……??? hum sab ThaHaan fans hain na isiliye… ??
      last episode mein bhi Aryan ko Bihaan nahi banaya toh yeh serial dekh ke kya faida….⁉ we want only ThaHaan…???……

      1. That right…just thahan… The only one thahan. Thahan forever…


    forum par cmt karne ke liye mujhe story kaisa chal raha hai patha nahi…isiliye kya bolu kuch damaj mai nahi aah raha hain….. i hope Aryan hi Bihaan hoga woh bhi last last episode par…??

  11. Episode – 702

    Bani learns that Tina wants to create misunderstanding between her and Samar. However, she knows that Tina loves Samar and decides to sacrifice her life, but Tina intervenes and stops her.
    Episode – 703

    Tina realizes her mistake and is willing to give another chance to her relationship with Munna. Meanwhile, Thapki scolds Aryan saying that she only loves Bihaan and he is not him, but Aryan Khanna.
    Episode – 704

    Vasu holds Aryan and Thapki’s hands and takes them to the mandir of the house. Later, Vasu says that Aryan is her son and requests Thapki to marry Aryan.

  12. Rubbish precap

  13. manyasa sceenis nycc
    i hope ..last epi me thahaaan dance ..ho..

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