Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki shouting Bihaan and running on the road. She asks auto to stop, she will pay double. The driver refuses. She runs on the road and sees Bihaan’s bike fallen. She asks the man about the accident. The man says a young guy was driving, I don’t think he survived. Thapki gets shocked. Dadi calls her and asks her to come home. Thapki ends call and shouts Bihaan.

Thapki comes home crying. She sees Bihaan fine and runs to him. Dhruv stops Thapki and says Bihaan is fine, this was all waste, how was your ride, I m afraid of darkness, you are afraid to lose Bihaan, I did not wish to kill Bihaan, I did this as I wanted to see my bride first. He takes pic with her, and says I have seen you in this good look and Bihaan will see you in this shattered look, this photoshoot

will get cancelled now, Bihaan will cancel it, he wanted a beautiful Thapki, and now….. go there, Bihaan is waiting, best of luck. She walks inside the house.

Everyone get shocked seeing Thapki’s state and asks where did she go, did she get hurt. Thapki says I went to temple, and while coming back, I have seen someone fallen on road, I went to help and all this happened. Dadi says you would have not gone out, bad sight catches. Thapki says your blessings are with me, no bad sight can catch me. Dhruv says it already caught you, look at your state. Preeti says yes, bride should look beautiful today. Dhruv says Bihaan, you should cancel photoshoot. Bihaan says wait, beauty should be in heart, Thapki is best at heart, so she looks beautiful to me in every look. He hugs Thapki and smiles. Everyone smile.

Bihaan says about looking beautiful in photo, I will help. He cleans the spoiled makeup and dirt on her clothes. He says my wife is ready, she looks a bride, Thapki does not need all this, she is beautiful, beauty lies in simplicity. Dhruv gets angry. Thapki looks at Dhruv. Bihaan takes Thapki and everyone for pic. He asks photographer to take pics such that Thapki’s spoiled clothes should not be seen. They all wear glasses and pose for pics. Thapki tells Dhruv that you got answer, stop fighting with your fate, everytime you will get same answer, don’t dare to touch me again.

Vasundara goes to morgue and the ward boy says the one you are finding is here. Vasundara goes and sees the body covered with white cloth, with all the blood on it. She screams seeing the face. She gets restless and cries seeing that dream. Bau ji wakes her up. She says this can’t happen. He asks did you see any bad dream. She cries and says very bad, I m scared, something bad is going to happen in our house, I have to stop this disaster. He calms her and says everything will get fine.

Its morning, Thapki asks Bihaan to come for breakfast. She says its all messed up. She sees Bihaan drying his hair and helps him. She says its done and removes the towel off his face. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv. He thanks her. She asks what are you doing here. He says why are you annoyed, you asked me not to touch you, but you can touch me, will you tell everyone and hurt them, I know you are very good and not tell anyone, right. Bihaan walks in there, and Dhruv sees him in mirror. He gets away from Thapki. Bihaan asks them to come. Thapki asks Bihaan why did Dhruv come here. Dhruv says my bathroom geyser was not working, so I asked Bihaan and came here for bath. Bihaan says its okay, whatever is mine, you have right on it first. Dhruv goes. Bihaan asks Thapki why did she say so infront of Dhruv, he can come in our room, its fine. She gets worried.

Everyone sit to have breakfast. Bau ji asks Vasundara is she still thinking of her dream. She says nothing. Bihaan says nothing bad will happen now, it was just a dream. Dhruv says all bad has happened, now everything good will happen, and no one can stop it. Thapki says yes, Lord does whats right and Lord does not let bad happen with good people. Bihaan teases Thapki by touching her foot with his foot. She starts coughing. Dadi asks what happened. Thapki makes excuse. Bihaan smiles. Dhruv looks under the table. Dhruv too forwards his foot towards Thapki’s foot. A spoon falls and she sees Dhruv’s foot. She moves his foot towards Shraddha and smiles. Shraddha sees Dhruv smiling and gets glad, thinking Dhruv is hitting my foot, how romantic. Thapki signs Dhruv about Shraddha. Dhruv realizes he is touching Shraddha’s foot and gets back.

Ashwin gets the bridal dress for Thapki. Dadi says I asked Ashwin to get it, bride’s clothes and jewelry are brought by groom’s brother, Bihaan has three brothers, two brothers got clothes and jewelry, and we will ask Dhruv to get make up things. They all leave. Dhruv tells Thapki to be ready, I will make you wear that bridal dress and makeup, I will do my love ritual, not as groom’s brother, but as your would be husband.

Dhruv goes to Thapki and says I will make you mine. She says I will expose you. She slips in Dhruv’s arms. Bihaan gets shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for uodate

  2. Good ep i liked it

  3. Manyasa29

    Is thapki maaaadddd ?????? ….why is she not telling anyone about dhruv…..ab zyada hi ho raha hai ….!!
    And I am thinking that thapki ko pura din lag gaya bihaan ko dhundne me ??..
    Dining table incident was too funny???….loved shraddha’s acting there.Thahaan scene was too good ..??
    Precap is disgusting ….no misunderstandings plzzzzzz.!!!???
    And why thapki is wearing the same red dress again in precap ???
    Tomorrow….again mahaepisode Matlab….DRAGGING. !! Plz jaldi se khatam karo yeh dhruv drama…and koi achchi storyline dikhao !!

    1. tension math Karo kall accha episode ayega…..

    2. @manyasa29 I think thapki is not telling everyone about dhruv because everybody in the house loves dhruv and she dont want to break the family thats why she is not telling

      1. MANYASA FAN.....

        you are actually correct
        again misunderstanding
        again showing hatred
        again truth revealed
        again forgiveness
        the same tape again and again

      2. Manyasa29

        Yes….I know pihoo….actually mera Matlab tha ki thapki ko har time mahan aatma banne ki kya zarooorat hai ?….baad me bhi toh family ko pata chal hi jaayega dhruv ki sacchayi…..toh usse achcha abhi hi bol deti woh….but this is tpk…they just love dragging????

      3. Lightsabre

        Gud qns manyasa . Y isnt thapki tellin nyone??????

        Yahi qns log serial ke shuruvad se ab tak pooch rahe hai. ?
        Arey koi thapki ko maro goli… shes causin more troubl with this mahan atma-ness. Remmbr wat hapnd wen she didnt tel ppl abt vasus secret?
        Bechara druv sane se sapola ban gaya. Atleast she can tell bihaan.
        Remmbr hw she drank rat poison…stil didnt tel ppl?!
        Countless shradda secrets tht she didnt tel ppl!!
        Nywy…reality – this is jus a drag. How on earth is it tht the pandeys arent noticin druvs creepy hyper enthusiasm in gettin his ex fiance married off ??n tht dol scene?! N the mannequin hidden in the store?! Druv hu neva had tym for family is now never at work place?!
        Nbdy notizd bihaans physique insted of druvs durin groom swap.
        Oh… 2 begin with… vasu didnt notice thapki stammers!!!
        Jai ho jai ho…. Ye pandey parivaar nahi andhey parivar hai??. .. ya bhir naya naam rakhlo gadhey parivaar !! *standin ovation to writers*???? galiya galiya… sorry thaliya thaliya????????

    3. Lightsabre

      Thapki is wearin same dress coz the promo was shot on the same day as todays episode. Promos r just symbolic. Actual scene is shot later… meanwhile..the clueless directr may even change track ?

      1. Manyasa29

        Hehe???? gadhe parivar ???? sach me yeh show discovery channel pe dikhana chahiye…ram pyaari, gulabo ,madhu makkhi ,gorilla and ab gadhe !!!!???
        This gadha parivar never notices anything …….
        And they always do this yaar… is different and actual episode is different…(like when thapki wore that short red dress )….

        These tpk writers should start taking ideas from ffs ….now it’s high time they start showing something realistic !!!

      2. Roshniiiiiiiiii ye kya huva ????maine register kiya tha na ….ab registered nahi dikhayi de raha hai???

      3. Lightsabre

        May b u got signd out vinlo. Go to “login” from menu

  4. Such a cheap person dhruv is !! Not at all good…

    Hope thahaan will unite forever…

    I’m very scared of vasundhara dreams.. what will happen now…

    1. Lightsabre

      Writers r obsessed with dreams. Recal bihaans premonitions… oh sorry… his “dreaamssss”. If thse ppl dreamt less and paid attention to wats really goin on arnd them..then they wud hav been much better off!

  5. The episode was perfect ~action,horror,thriller and romance it was a mixture of feelings(bhaav) hey how r u guys vinlora,santhosh and others

    1. Mai tho teek hoo ???baaki sab ka patha nahi???

    2. Hi pihoo I’m good …hw r u…?

  6. Bihaan is ok…. ☺☺
    Now he is naughty too…. ??
    Loved dining table scene.. Thapki fooled both Husband and wife…. ???

    Hate Druv he stooped low by entering Thahaan bedroom and bytryi g to close with her….

    Im disappointed after watching precap I don’t want misunderstandings between Thahaan….
    I hope creators don’t make Bihaan to leave mandap after watching Druv and Thapki together… ??

  7. it was just a beautiful episode… photoshoot scenes was lovely & breakfast scene was awesome..

  8. Juggu

    Funny dhruv….hi tps hw abt opening a fc in insta guys……

    1. Ama ama panny than panny than 🙁 sorryma sorry (funny) 🙁
      Ohhh fb poi watsapp poi ippa insta!!!mmm kalakunga kalakunga 🙂 🙂

      1. Nee varuvenna open pannuvom illati po

  9. I am not getting it..
    Usually I was a Dhruvki fan.
    In fact, still I am. I used to think that someday Dhruv will get her as he was her first love. But now looking at these situation I don’t think that will happen.
    Please writers, Turn Dhruv positive. Don’t kill him or make him leave by exposing him like this. He is a good actor and also had good heart. Don’t do anything such.. Please….

    1. Lightsabre

      They r ruinin druv. I hav alwys liked thahaan… but i liked druv too ( its not like u gotta hate druv if u like bihaan!!). Now they r jus makin it gross….. totally killin druvs character profile. Todays hair dryin drama. Crap.

  10. good episode….breakfast scene was awsm

  11. I hate this devil dhruv…?????

  12. hai dostho kaise ho sabb……

    tpk mai tho bahuth bada drama chall raha hai……
    DS bangaya DS mera mathlab hai ki SIR bangaya SAPOLA???….

    T for thapki T for THAPPD dhedo uss naya DS ko usko thappad aisa hona chahiye ki sapola ke kumse kum 2 daanth pandy nivas se baahar haake girna chahiye✊✊✊….

    SAPOLA means kya hai….???

    coming to the episode…

    kya baath hai thapki subha bihaan ko doondne gayi aur jaldi aagayi raat ko???….
    poore din mai thapki ghar par nahi thi daadi maa ke alava aur kohi bi phone??? nahi kiya thapki ko….!!! aur bihaan baabu subha se kaha gayatha….???
    kya photographer laane Mai itni time laga tha???….?????

    waise bi TPK tho bloopers ka bandaar hai na .. …!!!!!
    actually bloopers likna mera kaam nahi kya karu mera dosth BBR abb serial dekh na chod diya hai na iss liye mein ne aaj ka main blooper point lika????…….

    1. Hi santhosh tum vapas aa gaye,,yaar tumhaare bina tpk dekhne ka koi maza hi nhi tha….. shukar ha tum aa gaye vapas

    2. Manyasa29

      Aree santhosh….tum waapis aa gaye…hellooooo…!!
      Hum sab ne bohot miss kiya tumko..Tumne woh naya ff read (coincidence of life)….u r the lead role in that …..thasan lovestory sach me badal rahi hai…..agar nahi read kiya toh jaldi karo

    3. Santhoshhhhhhhh ?finally tu aagaya mere dosth???? ab laga na santhosh ka tadka ???
      Episode achcha tha ? waise wo bihaan ka bike wahan kaise pauncha? ?wo blood kiska tha? ???thapki ke hair itne bigde huye the lekin bihaan ne haath lagaate yi hairstyle ekdum perfect ?even kajal bhi ?Bihaan Magic????
      Vasu ke dreams se ye
      pakka hai ki Dhruv marega. ….?aur wo aajkal marnewala kaam yi kar raha hai. ..uski mauth tho pakki hai ..lekin kiske haatho ???ye pata nahi?
      Precap tho thoda confusing hai lekin I hope thahaan mein misunderstanding na ho ? Thahaan ka rishta itna strong hai …aur ab tak unhone hamesha ek doosre pe trust kiya hai tho ab bhi bihaan trust karega thapki pe…aur muje lagta hai ab se bihaan ko Dhruv pe shak hoga. …phir wo saare incident connect karega. ..wo invitation,Dhruv ke mobile pe thapki ka photo sab bihaan dekhe ga aur Dhruv ki reality bihaan ke saamne aayegi. …Dhruv ne jo thapki ke photo keenchethe us mein tho thapki ne pose kiya yi nahi ?

      Santhoshhhhhhhh muje tera autograph chahiye please ??
      Kyunki ab tum hero bangaya hai ….ANU ne tumhare uper ek FF banaya hai ?pada nahi kya????
      Ab bolo ANU ki JAI HO ??????

    4. Lightsabre

      Arey…jhe kya santosh? Tum apne 5 bachon ko chodke comment karne aya hai??!! ? galatthhhhhh!!!!!!
      ?vaise… ye hua kab? Mein ne to socha dha ki tum khud ek bacha ho… kal patha chala ki tumara 5 bache hai? Naam kya hai? Bihanosh… thapkosh… druvosh… shraddosh and vasosh???????. Bloopers ab tum log likho…. mein to 2 ya 3 scenes fast fwd karke hi dekhti hu.
      @vinlo…. bihaan barber se make up man ban gaya hai. Ab thapki multi talented hai to y not bihaan too.
      Btw…. thahaan scene and hug was soooo adorable. Manishis cute thse days…bt i miss macho man bihaan. He wud hav straightened druv with just a punch.
      Episode was gud though. Ankit ws lukin pretty gud ( finally kuch naya face expressions and diaogue mil raha hai bechare ko)…. all 4 of them r goin a gr8 job.
      Footsie scene – ??.
      And monica!! Shes so funny… i want her to turn positive .. n sharuv track to begin. Monica is too gud!

    5. Lightsabre

      Sapola is baby snake. I opend the comment section to see thse comments n i thot “huh? Y is evrybdy calin druv safola..safola oil uspe girr gaya kya?! Then vinlo told me its sapola…. young one of saap

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Safola hahahahah roshni u na too funny

      2. Manyasa29

        Safola !!???????

    6. thum sab mere dosth ho ya dushman ????…..!!!!????
      muje tho ANU ne ff mai dikha diya hero ki entry baadh Mai mila ……
      BUDDE ka tarif ?????….!!!!!
      hai kya hai ????…..?????
      (just for funny)

      mere taraf se aap ko kushi ??????milthi hai tho muje bi bahuth kusi hothiye a sab dekhe????????????……..
      mere sabb dostho JAI HO…JAI HO…..JAI HO……?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Oh” OOoooooooooooo preacap is same and boring Vasa ik bat to ha ki fan faction parna ma bahut maza ata ha japki show dikhana ma itna maza nahi ata because fan faction jayda intresting hota ha Kyoki ham usme comments kar ka apni wish bata sacta ha our vo jada long bhi nahi hota jabki reall show ma use jayda lamba bananai ka Liya faltu track jor daataa ha i hate it .

  14. hi guyzz..kya twist hai..thapki rockzz..aaj thapki ne dhruv ko uski asli jagah bataadi..aur wo hai shraddha k paas..hehehehe

    1. asli jaga wo nahi dosth….
      aaj vasu ne sapna dekha tha na wo hai dhruv ka asli jaga (hospital mortuary)

      1. Nhi yaar hospital in not safe for dhruv agar usko kisi ne cake khila diya toh vo zinda ho jayega usko kisi air tight container me fit karna padega

    2. Dhruv ki asli jagaha tho JAHANNUM hai???

    3. Lightsabre

      Footsie was sooo funny. Vasu ko vo scene ka sapna kyon nahi aya…. ki uska beta apne bhabi ke saat footsie khelna chahta hai.?? btw… i thot the PN table was wide enof so tht the legs wont reach across? monicas face expresn?

  15. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update

  16. promo ke baare mai boora math sochiye episode dekhiye shaam 7 pm kall accha episode aane wala hai….
    thapki ne banayi SAPOLA ko hullu……

    tomorrow episode spoiler……

    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will show that Dhruv purposely keeps a mask party for Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage.

    Dhruv asks everyone to wear mask in the party and gives a pink mask to Thapki so that he would recognize her easily in the mask.

    Thapki goes one step ahead and gives her mask to Shraddha wearing in the party.

    Shraddha unaware about all the drama and wears it but she gets surprised when Dhruv dances with her romantically.

    Dhruv angry seeing Shraddha inst

    1. Manyasa29

      Wow…super spoiler???? Maza aayega kal …..yippee !! Good to hear ki no misunderstandings this time…

    2. Lightsabre

      ?????? first it was indian style sehra .. then it was middle east burkha style…… now its raju ban gaya gentleman…. sehra se western man ” mask”. Pls. Pandeys.. fluorescent name tag pehanke khoomo!!!!! Thse ppl clearly dont knw to identify a fanily

      1. Lightsabre

        …to identify a fanily member by physique ?. Lol… worst was thapki-katrina?…

  17. bt..wht a precap..ab pata nhi bihaan ko kya missunderstanding hogi..??

    1. Lightsabre

      May b tht weddin card tht shes kept so dearly in her room

  18. Interesting episode. Waiting for tomorrow

  19. TPK is the lowest budget serial to compare all serial……

    na outdoor shooting,na naya kapde….
    muje lagtha hai ki CVs ne actor’s ko bi teek se paise nahi dhethe hai iss liye beech mai hi chodke chale jaathe hai…..

    gharr mai function chall raha hai suman aur sanjay nahi hai…
    tpk member achanak gayab hojathe hai….
    diwakar, aditi,krishnakanth,kiran,raam pyaari,gulabo tho permanently gaayab hogaya hai….
    beech mai sanjay, aswin, preethi and suman gaayab ho jaathe hai….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha lol I see Hindi serials promo and I felt if there is any show that got least promoted from day 1 that is thapki pyaar ki and one show in star plus suhani si ek ladki. Both these shows promo I saw only one week before the show began whereas all other show they start showing from a month earlier, compared to that TPK did well in numbers if thahaan was pair from day 1 show would have done better and I m sure even tharuv fans would have love them. And tpk trp was low initially only due to lack of promos because Initially story was good but now dont ask

      1. Lightsabre

        Wats hapenin in kasam. I dont watch it bt i saw a scene wr it luked like the leads r gettin married onthe same day…. to somebdy else!!!! Wats with colors?!!!

    2. Lightsabre

      Paise to kya… thse ppl are kanjoos in applyin their brain also. Bijli bachao… paise bachao… dimak ko bhi bachao…. zyada chalaye to kya patha…. pigal jayenge?

  20. bkwasssssss epi bar bar dhruv ko hara rhe haiii

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    it should be bihaan holding thapki instead 😛 annoying dhruv pandey 😛
    areh I m not watching this show for two weeks except for the good ones, I will watch it once something good happens for thahaan

    1. hai Jo where is u r ff

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Areh yaar don’t ask I m not getting time to publish my ff I published it till epi 4 next week paka upload karroonga and and well try to publish a promo at least by this Thursday latest

    2. I agree

  22. Please stop this such a cheap thing infere to thahaans relationship

  23. silent reader

    plz dont breat thaahaan

  24. ohhhh noooo…plz writer ji don’t create misunderstanding btwn thahan…bt sometime i like 2 see dhuruv as villan, bcs thapki’s love is increasing towards bihan from this…

  25. jigyasa Singh quit the tpk…!!!!?????
    is it’s true I am also definitely quit the show……
    I am watching in this show only for MANYASA not THAHAAN…….

    1. Manyasa29

      Whaaatttttt ?????????????
      This can’t be true……pagal ho gaye hai kya tpk waale ….leads hi badal denge toh kya hoga tpk ka….how can they change thapki !!! I watch this just for MANYASA ….I will definitely stop watching tpk then…
      I think this is a rumour….
      Plz ….agar low trp hai toh storyline change karo na….actors change karne kya hoga….for me jigyasa is perfect as thapki…..
      Plz I hope in CV’s ko thodi akal aa jaye…..agar aisa kuch kiya toh trp aur kam ho jaayega…

      Plz….I truly think that this a rumour !!!!

    2. FAKE NEWS ?? Aajkal bahuth fake news aane lage hai ? abhi tho TPK ki TRP doob rahi hai. …ab iss doobthi nayya ko paar karne mein sirf aur sirf THAHAAN /MANYASA ka bharosa hai. …..agar Manyasa hai tho Thahaan hai Thahaan hai tho TPK hai. …?? Agar MANYASA ko alag kiya tho samjo ki TPK ka off air hone ka rumour bhi Sach niklega aur tab hame koi afsos nahi rahega ? kyunki hum tho TPK dekhthe hai itne roz ke torture sehte hai sirf MANYASA ke liye agar wo yi nahi rahe
      tho show mein dekhne layak kya hai? ????

    3. Agar jigyasa show chhod ke chale gai tho ma usko nhi chhodungi,,hum fans ka vo dil todke jayegi
      Not fair

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      I don’t think its true. In that case bye bye TPK. Areh why every time one one the actors of my fav pair get replaced, pehle Dhaani aur phir Kunj and now thapki? No way! And not only thahaan fans even tharuv fans will also stop watching it and asha negi? Seriously. Only jigs is perfect for thapki’s role

    5. Lightsabre

      No thapki in thapki?! ” ______ pyaar ki”. Lol… gota b a RUMORRR ?! I think like vasu..even tpk writers must b gettin horror dreams… a tsunami takin away the entire cast! Manyasas on screeen n off screen chemistry is a gr8 boost to the show.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes I agree haha lol roshni tum Bohoti I think TPK makers should hire u, santosh n co. To increase TPK trp. Kaam se ke show comedy ke Liye trp milenge because story toh isme hain hi nahi. Only khulasa, challenge vs TPK show should be named Thapki Challenger ki first Bihaan, then vasu, then Shraddha and now Dhruv haha

  26. The dining table scene was very funny.
    Superb acting by Jigyasa, Ankit and Monica.
    Thapki looked more like a boss when she pushed Dhruv’s legs towards Shraddha.
    Shraddha was too funny, her expression was hilarious when she realized that Dhruv is touching her legs.
    The looks Dhruv and Thapki were exchanging when he was thinking that he is touching Thapki’s legs and and suddenly got angry realizing the truth. Dhruv gave nice blend of comedy, mischievousness and anger at the same time.

  27. It is very intersting plz for god sake dn’t snatch thapki from bihan

  28. Nice episode..
    Hi guys.. Leaving this page.. Will miss u guys..

    1. Y adithi??

    2. @adithi-apdi enga poga pora???
      Kaasiya?? Rameshwaramaa??

  29. Hey guys tumhe pata ha?? thapki bihan se pyaar nhi karti vo musibat se pyaar karti ha
    Isliye jahan par bhi vo hoti ha vaha par musibat aa jaati ha I think its a love triangle between thapki bihaan and musibat

  30. whats wrong with the makers… Thapki is already married to Bihaan. This marriage is just faaltu
    drama … Dhruv shadi rok ke bui kya kar lega.. she is already Mrs. Bihaan Paandey … phewwwww

    1. Lightsabre

      EXACCTTLLLLYYY. Script is hilarious!

  31. very boring and pls don’t give a positive that dhurav character.he is such a good person.pls give him a lead role I love tharuv jodi.not that idiot Bihaan

    1. yah same here i h8t bihaan

  32. 5 bachche ki baap???????
    ……! !!????

    hare meri maa BBR???mera taang??? keechna chod do??? …….
    Mai tho abi bi EDGE speed mai hoo ….
    thum tho 5G speed ki baath kar rahi ho??????…..

    1. Lightsabre

      Mein bhi shocked hu. tu tho 5G nahi 500G nikla??? btw… i hav replied under ff

      1. ha ha ha ha??????…
        phele shaadi hone dho phir sochthe hai bachcha aur naam ke baare mai?????……

    2. Hello everyone!!! Vaise santhosh, mujhe aapse ek baat pucchni thi, apke kuchh coments me BBR likha h apne, to wo koun hai? Just out of curiosity puchh liya… pls don’t mind… BBR kis ka short form h?
      Abhi kya drama chal rha h TPK me??? Seedhe saadhe se to shaadi hone nhi denge ye cvs log… itna twist kahe ya jo bhi ho, thahaa ki shadi hone me to aisa lag rha ki 2-3 mnths lg jaayenge… show dekhti to nhi hu pr updates n sbke comnts se lgta h ki boring episodes aate honge ajkal…

      1. BBR means mere dosth ROSHNI??? ki pet name…..

  33. i h8t precab

  34. Very nice episode.

  35. new olvs and Wu….

    Thapki is getting ready for the Sangeet party. Sapola enters the room. She asks him to leave but he does not. He says that he wants to see his bride first. Thapki says that she has done all this for Bihaan. I guess he leaves as she was talking to herself that now he is crossing his limits so she needs to tell Bihaan but she says that he will ask for proof so now she will get the proofs.

    In second video. Thapki hides sthg in a drawer and runs out of the room. Sapola enters and opens the drawer. It is a bottle of perfume. He uses it but it turns out to be water. Thapki enters the room, She asks him that why he is doing all this and why he does not want her and Bihaan to get married. He acts all good good and says that he is Bihaan’s brother and she must be joking. He takes out the hidden cam that Thapki has hidden to record all this. He breaks the card in which the recording was saved and leaves. She first gets sad but later on a smile lingers on her lips.

    P.s. there was a laptop on her bed through out the scene. I guess she recorded this all in that laptop. And now i m having double thoughts. Will Bihaan’s dil ka aashiana break after knowing Sapola’s truth or will he develop some misunderstanding b4 even knowing the truth.

  36. i am leaving the show. i watched this show just to see dhruv and thpki unite. but now they turned dhruv negative. not wanting to see this show any more. thapki and dhruv romance is good and not with bihan. all the viewers of this show are based on the inital chemistry b/w dhruv and thapkii..byee leaving the show

  37. i am leaving the show. i watched this show just to see dhruv and thpki unite. but now they turned dhruv negative. not wanting to see this show any more. thapki and dhruv romance is good and not with bihan. all the viewers of this show are based on the inital chemistry b/w dhruv and thapkii..byee leaving the show

    1. i too left watching this show long back. But now i have again started to watch it just because of Dhruv. I dont mind Dhruv being turned into a negative character.
      I am happy that the writers gave Ankit some meaty role to play.
      He is just nailing each and every performance of his in this negative role and outshining each and every other cast member on this show.
      You should not be a little baby to see only love and kissing scenes.
      If you are a fan of Ankit sir then you should always be happy that he is doing something different ad meaningful and awesome and not something monotonous.

  38. Yarum thayavu seithu maha episode pakathenga 🙁 dhruv-thapki dance iruku athuvum oru roomla,ithu dream ah illa nejamave nadakumanu therila aana antha vedio pathathila irunthe en mandaikulla idi minnal mazhai ellam peiyuthu,anegama tsunami vanthalum varum 🙁

    @kumutha-unnaiya fira apdinu oru pilla 10th july episode update la thedikidu iruku 🙂

  39. Please unite thahaan and sharuv as soon as possible. Stop current boring track.

  40. Thahaan moments were adorable , plz stop dragging same storyline . Jst hate dhruvs character , actually he is great with shradda. Hope thr wnt be any misunderstanding between thahaan .. They look cute as a pair.

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