Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara telling that Bihaan is her husband now, and she tried to take Thapki’s place in his heart, and made all possible attempts to make him win the match, but suddenly realizes that if Bihaan wins then he will get the house. She says Thapki will stay in the same house, so she thought to make him lose, and moves the border rope back. Bihaan actually hits 6 runs, but because of Sankara, Kabir catches ball and Bihaan loses. Bihaan looks at Thapki with teary eyes. Kabir asks Thapki to tell them to vacate the house, when she made him win. Thapki cries and thinks how to ask her Bihaan and family to go. She says no….Neha is walking on road. Thapki is sitting in a small tree temple and asks God to show a way. Dog barks and follows Neha. Neha runs to save herself and comes

near Thapki and falls down. Thapki hears the sound and turns. Neha shouts for help. Dog barks. Thapki makes the dog go away and helps Neha get up from ground. She asks are you fine? Neha cries. Thapki sees Neha and recalls seeing her pic. She recalls Kabir saying that his sister is dead. She asks Neha if she is Kabir’s sister. Neha asks where is Bhaiyya, I am very scared. Thapki looks at the God.

At Pandey house, everyone get ready to leave with their bags. Kabir is seen sitting on a big sofa and enjoys the band baaja. He gives money to band baaja people. Preeti says it would have been good if we had taken 50 Lakhs rupees. Vasu looks angrily. Bihaan also hears her. Preeti keeps quiet. Kabir says I thought to celebrate for your loss. He tells Bihaan that he got a big loss and a punishment also. He says my wife Thapki will kick you out of this house now. Vas says Kabir have won, but you haven’t won home, but a lifeless house. She says Pandey family can never be homeless, wherever we stand together, that will be our house. Sankara says you said right and I will support you always. I am unlike Thapki who is kicking you out of house. Vasu is irked with her. Vasu says you don’t know about family’s strength as you don’t have a family. Kabir says I have a family. Thapki comes and says he has a family and that is Neha. Neha comes. Kabir is shocked to see her.

Bihaan and others see Neha. Bihaan recalls Kabir telling that his younger sister is dead. Neha says Bhaiyya and runs to Kabir. She hugs him and cries. He asks how did your reach here. Neha says I followed you and asks why did you leave me. Preeti asks if she is Kabir’s sister. Thapki says yes. Neha asks why did you come here and who are these people. Kabir asks her to come with him. Neha sees Bihaan and recalls Bihaan threatening them to vacate the house by evening else he will burn their house. She shouts as the past flashes in her mind. Kabir tries to calm her down. Preeti says she is mad. Kabir warns them not to call her mad. Everyone is shocked. Kabir takes her inside the room. Thapki comes to Neha. Neha hugs Thapki. Thapki says nothing will happen to you. They make her sleep on bed. Kabir thanks Thapki.

Thapki asks him to stop and says now truth is out, and asks why he is hiding face now. He asks why did you lie that your sister is dead. He asks why did Neha reacted on seeing Bihaan? She asks him to answer her and says I will not bear your drama for more time. She asks if Neha is the reason because of whom you are taking revenge from everyone. Kabir says yes, I want to take revenge from Bihaan. He has ruined Neha’s life and have burnt her home, husband and son. Thapki is shocked and says this is not true. Kabir says can’t you see Neha’s state. He says I will snatch everything from Bihaan and will take revenge for Neha’s tears. Bihaan comes there and says I came to tell you that I got sad seeing your sister’s state. He says you haven’t done right by lying about your sister. Kabir says you have given her this pain and asks Bihaan to remember what he has done. Bihaan says I must have broken her home. He says this was my work, whoever don’t pay the money, I used to break their homes. He says my Thapki was not with me then, and I was like a stone. I will become lifeless again as she is still not with me. Thapki cries.

Sankara asks Bihaan to forget Thapki who have ruined him. Bihaan and other leave Pandey family. Kabir holds Thapki’s hand and stops her from meeting them. Thapki cries as they leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. WTH so Bihaan burns peoples home ruins their lives just because Thapki wasn’t with him nice way to shift the blame on someone else LOL

    Grow a spine and take consenquences for your actions.

    I like Kabir and his sisters relationship and how when Preeti says she is mad how angry he got.

    I guess tomorrow even after hearing all this Thapki still loves BIhaan, I wonder if the producers are going to make Bihaan innocent in all this or actually guilty of doing it.

    And Vasundara please your famiolys strength? You got Shraddha who kills people, Dhruv who went crazy but has calmed down, Bihaan kicking off all the time. Your family has barely any trust and they all lie to eachother and sneak around. Kabir and his sister have no lies they a better family and there are just 2 of them LOL

    Good episode today secrets were out. More episodes like this please,.

    1. Today we got to know he is a pakka gunda mawali,and lame excuse was thapki wasnt with him.If thapki is not with him so he has full right to do anything and everything.In hindi,ek kahawat hai”iska joota uske sar and it is totally suits with bihaans character.

      Vasu ,a real hypocrite,she seriously need to recheck the characters of pandeys members.But kabir and neha scenes were superb,and way kabir’s react to preeti was like “dont u dare call her mad”.

      1. That was indeed beautiful. I love the bond between Neha and Kabir. So far thats only true love I have seen on this show. Pure unadulterated, selfless brother-sisterly love. I love how Kabir is carrying out the duties of a brother and I want to see Neha getting justice.

      2. Even tho I dont like the way the actress who plays Neha acts I did like that scene where he defended his sister and picked her up and took her upstairs it was sweet brotherly love.

        And yep people still defending BIhaan LOL if you needed your thapki so bad and when she ain’t with you then you become an animal here is a thought?? Don’t kick her out considering ya can’t live without her.

        When I watched the show I hated BIhaan for marrying Thapki and doing his own brother over he was th villain but then he became good and I was definetly a fan of BIhaan he was my fave character, I wanted Thapki to fall in love and be with him but ever since Kosi came they did ruin his character.

        As of this moment Kabir is my favourite character and now I hope he does make Bihaan pay like making him go jail but knowing how rich his family is and what Thapki would do to save him he probably get out after a few days. Maybe thats why he just going out for full out revenge.

  2. Bihaan can not do this work…………….killing…..

  3. So today thapki got to know kabir’s motive.then what next???kabir expose with neha’s after that kabir’s track end or kabir lovestory will move on????????????.If sehban’s track end then bye bye tpk.

  4. it was very strange Sankara able to spoil the competition without knowing anyone.. ??
    waiting for the end of Sankara’s track badly..

    SW., please.. make Bihan do something to clear up all the problems..

    just to be more patient for togetherness of Bihan ? Thapki..

  5. What a SOB, no remorse doesnt feel the slight bit sorry for what he’s done, he’s blaming the victim instead? Its better they kill off bihan or show him in prison. I want his family and wife to abandon him. The nerve of that man to say he will become lifeless again because Thapki isn’t with him. Is Thapki his moral compass? His baby sitter? His master? Keeper? What is he some mindless robot that does whatever he’s told to do unless said otherwise by Thapki? I am disgusted by Bihan today and I hope and request the CVs that such a character gets punished. Its not even just about Neha, he didnt feel the slight bit remorse for any of the people he has harmed. Most characters, even Dutta Bhau was shown to be guilty for what he did an her this character is completely shameless.

    I request you CVs, please do not show Thapki going back to him. Let Thapki abandoning him be his punishment for his sins. I didnt like Kabir initially but seeing Bihan’s behaviour today I want Thapki to choose Kabir

    1. If he goes prison do you think Thapki and his family won’t save him and get him out?? Course they will.

      Welcome to the Kabir group LOL ever since Kabir 1st came and he said the whole family was crazy he started to grow on me because thats what I been thinking all these months and years 😀

      He helped Thapki and yes he did it for his own gains but he always been growing on me there have been a few times where the writers have made him act like an idiot but on the whole he is good. He shows remorse when he hurts Vasu or Thapki emotionally whereas BIhaan has killed 2 people and ruined a whole family and he shows none.

      Wanna see how the writers get Bihaan out of this and make him innocent.

  6. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    whatever happens in this series, no problem. but Bihat not to sleep with the devil sankar …. ugh … disgusting …

  7. People here want kabir to give bihaan a benefit of doubt. Seriously/

    Neha’s tears were enough …bihaan’s threat was enough but now bihaan himself admit that he can do it , he can burn anyone’s home …but i m sure people still bash Kabir for taking revenge on Bihaan without any solid proof .

    Because everyone knows Bihaan is the main lead of the show ,so he cant possible do that and the problem is only we know it ut who will make kabir understand that bihaan is the lead , he can not do that.

    Dekho guys be realastic k goon apni gang ke sath kisi ke ghar ata hai …death threats deta hai , (ek to vese hi ek crime hai ) , ghar khali na karne par ghar jala diya jaega …aur agle din yahi hota hai …aur tum log chahte ho ki vo yeh na soche ki yeh sab uss goon ne hi kiya ya karvaya hai?? Really? No really?

    Uski behan paglo ki tarah yeh keh rhi hai ki yeh sab bihaan ne karvaya hai , aur aap log chahte hai vo use console kare ki ” tumhare ghar , pati ,aur bacche ko shayad Bihaan ne nhi mara” kyu? …kunki vo to male lead hai show, woh toh kuch gala kar hi nahi sakta -.-

    Hum log to yeh chahte hain,ki kabir to ye soche ki vo goon jiska to yahi kaam hai .aur sehar me sabko pata hai …the infamous bihaan pandey …ek vasuli bhai hai …aur apna kaam nikalna janta hai …ese kaand bahut kar chuka hai …aur ye sab jaan kar ke bhi bihaan ko benefit of doubt de, why not? Kyunki voh Thapki se pyar karta hai -.-

    Aur bihaan ke muh se yeh sab khud sunkar bhi kabir ko to abhi bhi sochna chahiye ki , nhi …bihaan esa nhi sakta …kya kahu ab …gazzab!

    Uski behan vahan ro ro ke pagal ho gayi ki bihaan ne kiya hai …par hum chahte ki kabir apni khud ki behan pe trust na kare …trust jesi cheez to thahaan par judni chahiye , jo dikhti nhi to gussa rehte hain …aur jab vahi trust kabir -neha me dikh jaye to bhi gussa rehte .

    Vese farak kya padta hai in bato ka …i mean kisi ko kya farak padta hai …jinki bolti band ho gayi hogi , vo kahinge ki hum ese post ko ignore karna pasand karte …aur jo reply karinge vo log vo hunge , jo pure post me sirf ek baat leke bhet jainge ki “TUNE BIHAAN KO GOON KESA KAHA” …!!!..aur ho jaega mere pure post ka kachra…aur sayad kuch log mujhe judge karinge ..
    Kuch log sochinge ki me “hate bihaan” ka camp chala raha …mann mann me gali de dinge .

  8. I have feeling all is a trick to make Bihar a good person in the future.

  9. Bihan deserves that disgusting Sankara, jodi made for each other in Hell.

    1. Universal True no one can deny the marriage.As you sow,so you reap.His standard is upto that much.thats why he deserves sankar.

  10. I have feeling this is a trick to make Bihan again a good guy,

  11. Did Bihaan forget why Thapki had a FAKE marriage with Kabir?

    1. LEGALLY MARRIED and she accepts him as her husband hence why she supported him in the match when he reminded her he was really husband.

  12. Let me think things otherwise… If somebody’s house gets burnt in my locality and if I say people that it was my work to burn or break people’s houses,I was like this before etc. will the court give me sentence to death or lifetime imprisonment until and unless it is proved that I am the real culprit.. Admitting your bad doings and owing up what you were is not bad, everyone don’t have the guts to owe up ones’s mistakes..We know Bihaan used to empty houses since the beginning of the show and thapki also knows it, he used to do work on behalf of Balwinder, and we liked his character or thapki fell in love even after knowing this because cvs wanted to portray how bad people can be transformed into good. In India we have lots of bad people and it is our duty to help them transform into good living which thapki did. But Bihaan collected rent, later he changed and again kosi made him again. But bihaan has never gone to the extent of snatching anyone’s life. But if Bihaan is really proved to be the culprit of killing neha’s family, I will myself stop defending him and ask him to be punished.. I am a reasonable person and don’t jump into conclusions without looking at both the things. But then how is kabir better than bihaan? I have never denied kabir came to take revenge, his brotherly love all are bad but bihaan also has strong affections with his mother and father, his family.. I can hear many say that kabir and neha’s bonding is the only thing good but I must say I have witnessed bihaan bauji and dadi bihaan’s , thapki and her father bonding and bihaan’s blind love for vasu even better… ok but why is he punishing the full family and spoiling thapki’s life for no reason? what did they do? thapki’s happiness lies in her family and kabir caused her pain why? kabir is throwing out pregnant aditi and shraddha. and the fact is that kabir knows they are pregnant.. If anything happens to them as like Thapki’s situation, what will he do? Don’t become so blind in your revenge. what he wants to prove that he is more intelligent than the law makers of the country that one’s punishment will be given to others? Then what is the use of “Habeas Corpus” writ Article 32 in our Constitution where it demands for the accused himself to be present in the court, it nowhere says that the culprit’s family should come up.. Even greater criminals of our country get punished at the hands of law and not his family.. So nowhere is that kabir has an upper hand over bihaan to get thapki because he is even worse.. Okay if he gives temporary shelter to bihaan’s family I would appreciate him…For that I will wait…But then yes thapki loves bihaan and separating two lovers is a sin, it is a person’s wish whom they want to love..
    #bashers refrain from replying me.. I am free to do my own discussions and you yours..

    1. abosl*tely right Rinks… only by saying that i will do this or by threatening it is not proved that bihaan did it….

      1. Bihan SAID so what if I burnt her house and yet you need proof. I’m disgusted by you and the level you Bihan fans have stooped too.

      2. He didn’t admit to killing anyone, also I don’t think he heard the part about the brother in law and nephew dying in a fire. He said it more generally like the most I would have done is empty the house or burnt it, that doesn’t excuse his behaviour because that sort of behaviour is unacceptable and because obviously you can’t predict fires you may end up killing someone even if the intention was just to burn and not kill but if Bihaan knew he’d killed someone especially a child he would break, he does feel remorse that’s why I still can’t believe he would kill someone and walk around as if he hasn’t and if he was responsible he himself would take his punishment. Also what makes no sense to me if the house was burnt down and bodies are found that is arson and murder obviously there would be a police Investigation, I understand in programmes there is a need for artistic licence but these writers take it to a whole new level

      3. If they do further down the road show he is responsible yes he should be punished,

    2. Manish ki deewani

      Ritz do absolutely right dear still Bihaan didn’t know about the death of kabir’s nephew and brother in law but now it up to writer what they should do next but I believe that Bihaan never stoop soooo low to kill someone

  13. Absolutely a frustrating episode…I am 101%sure Bihaan is innocent there is something is mistaken.Thapki pls pls pls believe him and find the real truth.
    Respected writers pls shows some mercy on Thahaanians.
    Precap is heart felting….

  14. l don’t think bihan does this i know he except his guilt but still I believe there is some else

  15. I’m disgusted by Bihan and this episode and I’m shocked to see people still defending him. I want Neha to get justice, I don’t care anymore for Thabir or Thahaan but Bihan should not be allowed to get away with such a blasé attitude after destroying people’s lives and homes. He deserves if every bit of whatever’s happening to him.

    1. True but like I said this is an indian drama even if Bihaan gets arrested Thapki and his family will get him out because he is a huge character.

      Lets see how the writers get Bihaan out of this probably by the most illogical way ever.

  16. Thabir rock! After yesterday’s fiasco itabevodent for everyone to see who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. I don’t have any sympathy for that useless Bihan or his family anymore. He’s getting what he deserves.

    Vasu and her dialogues make me laugh, Kabir’s family is better than the hypocritical and 2 faced Pandey’s any day. Come what may Kabir has stood by his sister and is still only trying to get justice for her. The bond between them is heartbreaking.

    I hate Bihan’s character and the way he’s been written to be a shameless monster. He deserves every bit of punishment that he’s getting. Pls cvs unite Thabir, it’s the ultimate way to hurt Bihan, let Thapki be happy with Kabir and fall in love with him too.

    1. 100 percent fully agree

      We think alike LOL

      1. Lolmlefs look at Vasu’s family shall we:

        Bihan- abusive gunda, vasooli bhai, possible murderer, responsibile for destroying families.

        2 Bhabhi’s- took money to go against their own family, don’t have an ounce of unity.

        Shradha- psycho I’ve lost count of how many times she’s tried to kill people.

        Dhruv- another psycho, tried to kill Bihan countless times. Got 2 women pregnant and can’t own up or take responsibilities.

        Babuji- useless at best

        Other sons- filler extras

        Vasu herself- abusive, tried to harm Thapki countless times, humiliâtes her bahu’s frequently.

        What a family and family unity indeed ????????

        I choose a Kabir’ family over Vasu’s great Pandey parivar any day

  17. LMAO the lengths people go to defend their favourites, even know they’d rather support a gunda mawali and overlook his wrongdoings by passing the blame onto Kabir ???????? I’m disgusted by the comments and the blind love of Bihan fans. It’s good to love and support you actor but there comes a point where you have to draw a line and admit what’s wrong is wrong. Most people haven’t replied because they know their character is in the wrong but I’m appalled to see the comments defending Bihan here and on IF.

    1. I know what you mean, they won’t come here because they know the majority of fans on here are ThaBir, yesterday their were a few Thabir fans on IF and it was basically them hanging up on them and against them. Typical herd mentality. It was sickening to see how they were still not ready to admit Bihan’s wrongdoings. I used to think KabirMs character was coming between Thahaan and I really wanted them to be back together, I don’t care anymore. Bihan doesn’t deserve Thapki, he deserves all the Kabir is doing, he’ll its not even enough of a punishment for someone like Bihan.

  18. Bihan’s excuses were hilarious. He justified destroying families because Thapki wasn’t with him. Well I’m a doctor by profession so if my husband leaves me tomorrow (out of no fault of his, thats me being a b*t*h and tellimg him to leave the house because I don’t have the basic sense of responsibility or a spine to stand by him )somehow I’m justified to destroy my patients lives then? Because you know, my husband isn’t with me any longer so I don’t have any humanity left, got no one to keep me in check.

    The truth is Bihan is a sorry excuse for a human being. I know there’s no such thing as a legal system in India so I fully support whatever Kabir is doing to get justice for his sister.

  19. Thabir forever Bihan showed his true face today, he doesn’t deserve Thapki

  20. Thabir the only reason I watch this show and now I want to see Bihan suffering and paying for his sins, Neha getting better and Thapki falling in love with her husband Kabir Katyal

  21. Thabir rock!

  22. Manish ki deewani

    This idiot Sankara do whatever she wants to do .I think all the people who were present in ground all r really blind plz all people consult some eye specialist.Bihaan I think in match only shradha wants u won from the beginning.
    Bihaan I still believe that u didn’t do this intentionally becoz u never kill someone only for money .I think kosi is behind all this but its all up to CVS what they want .nobody saw who burn the house even neha didn’t know this.
    Hope neha fine soon if kabir do something for her mean to say some treatment for her kabir I think now or revenge is fulfilled u snatch everything so plz now keep ur sis with u not in any dark room becoz she needs love and care

  23. Kabirs priority should have been his sister before revenge. His rich yet keeps her chained instead of hiring nurses, or if revenge was his first priority then Neha should have been in a safe and secure facility.

  24. Really sad how people supporting Kabir..It’s not right to torture Bihaan and say it as revenge..Instead he can choose to kill him directly..Using his wife as a knife against his husband???For people who started to watch the serial just 2 weeks.Just stop ur assumptions.If you have seen Bihaan from start you would have understood him more..And moreover his love for thapki proves it all..That how his heart is..Thapki took revenge from Bihaan,broken his heart but still he loves her..Just coz his work is different,don’t assume that Bihaan is a bad guy.He has a heart of gold,any Bihaanian would say that..We support him .Whatever Kabir fans say Bihaan is the hero and he will remain in our hearts forever.

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