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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Shraddha did she do this. She scolds Shraddha for falling so low. Shraddha says I did not do anything, snacks were faulty, and I did not add anything in hair oil and face pack, everyone was present, even Vasundara, both of you want to say Vasundara did not stop me in doing this, and she is also involved in this. Bihaan says what nonsense. Vasundara comes and asks whats happening. Shraddha says they are blaming me for spoiling Preeti and Suman’s face and hair, I can bear my insult, not yours.

She lies to Vasundara and says they blamed you. Vasundara asks Bihaan did he let this happen, fine, yes I have seen Shraddha mixing something and did not stop her, this Thapki is my enemy, I wanted everyone to hate Thapki, fine I accepted my crime, are you happy.

Thapki cries and says no, we did not say anything. Bihaan says yes, Shraddha…. Vasundara says we all are wrong, just Thapki is right, she is Lord, maybe she made face pack and oil wrong, Thapki can’t be wrong, you have to make Shraddha and me wrong. Bihaan says Thapki respects you Maa, you know this. Vasundara says I can see, I did not wish bad for Thapki, I care for Shraddha more as she is new here, I trusted Thapki a lot, but see the result. Bihaan says but Maa… Thapki says Bihaan, Maa is saying right, I m not Lord, maybe I did mistake in making face pack and hair oil, we did big mistake that we have hurt your heart, forgive us.

Vasundara says I m mum, I will forgive you, apologize to Shraddha, you have hurt her hand. Bihaan says but.. Thapki says I will apologize. Shraddha gets peace. Thapki folds hands and apologizes to Shraddha. She says its all my mistake, I m sorry. Thapki cries, which Bihaan can’t see. He fumes seeing Shraddha and says forgive me too. Shraddha acts great and says no need to fold hands infront of me, you are like my younger sister, everyone does mistake, don’t repeat this mistake with me and Vasundara. Shraddha and Vasundara leave.

Suman and Preeti see the cakes. Dadi and Kiran asks them to smile to cut the cake. Suman says how to cut cake, our husbands did not come. Sanjay and Ashwin come and say we are here. They come in joker clothes. They all get shocked. Shraddha plays a song. The guests laugh seeing them. Kiran asks them why did they wear these strange costumes. Ashwin says Thapki gave these clothes to us. Sanjay says we felt its theme party here. Shraddha says no. Vasundara asks Thapki why did she give these strange clothes. Thapki says no, I did not. She recalls Vasundara’s words and says maybe I did a mistake.

Bihaan asks what are you saying, how can you do such big mistake, maybe shopkeeper did mistake. Thapki says maybe I placed wrong order. Dadi says no, you don’t get sad, no need to feel sorry, cut the cake now. Ashwin asks Preeti about her hair. Sanjay asks Suman about her face. Ashwin says you both look from any horror movie, who did this. Vasundara says because of Thapki…. Don’t know what happened to her, she did wrong with all of you. Bau ji says leave it, celebrate happiness, cut the cake.

Suman says we got insulted. Preeti says we will leave, we won’t cut cake. Vasundara says end this now, cut the cake. They cut the cake. Everyone clap.

Later, Shraddha goes to Suman and Preeti. She gives them the cake and sits provoking them against Thapki. She says you both trusted Thapki, why did she joke with you both, and even Sanjay and Ashwin, guests laughed on them calling them useless fellows. Suman and Preeti get shocked. Shraddha says you both did not say anything after all this, great, if this happened with me, I would have not bear it, if someone did this with Dhruv, I would have replied well, it would be good if you both do something, my dad says if bad happens with someone, they should take a stand, its okay, we are different. She asks them to have cake, and goes.

Thapki comes downstairs and apologizes to Suman and Preeti. She cries and says she did not mean to hurt them. Suman and Preeti get angry. Suman says I will get cake for you, have this. Thapki says it means you both are not annoyed with me. Suman says no. Thapki smiles. Suman spoils Thapki’s face with the cake and shocks Thapki. Suman scolds her. Preeti says have cake from my side too, and applies cake to her face. Thapki cries.

Vasundara tells Shraddha that they will end all relations with Thapki, they have make Bau ji and Dadi against Thapki, its tough, but trust is big thing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very bad episod of tpk

  2. Stop being a mahaan Thapki….else u r gone….Stupid hw cn u say dat maybe i made a mistake,,,wt dis ‘may be’ means…do u hn alzhimers or anything dat u dnt knw wat u did,,,wen will this shraddha shw her true colours to Vasundara,,,There are so many truths to be revealed in this story…dnt hv any hope since it din’t happen tiil now

  3. Okay, today’s episode was quite average, so sad feel bad for Thapki she should have understand that Vasu is not mahaan she herself is mahaan. Oh , so sweet of Bihaan he really cares for Thapki, I think he is falling for her 🙂 which is a good news for thahaan fans. I read somewhere that Vasu is gonna influence Bihaan that Thapki is bad, now this will be actual test of Bihaan’s love for Thapki let’s see if he gets influenced . If he does, than I must say people r not wrong in supporting Dhruvki at all, but still will be thahaan fan and if he doesn’t thahaan rocks, sorry in tht case Dhruvki fans 😛

  4. wat an idiotic episode feeling bad for thapki

  5. no one will break relations with thapki this venom vasundara and stupid shraddha will be broken from the relations

    B for brilliant Bihaan
    V for venom vasundara
    S for stupid shraddha
    T for tears for thapki
    D dor dumb dhuruv (sometimes good) in starting good

    1. Hi varshu u also watch Thapki? 🙂 I thought all the IKRS fans are Dhruvki fans that’s why 😛 btw u r Dhruvki or thahaan fan? 😛

      1. yeah joyee i also watck thapki pyaar ki and i am thahaan fan

      2. Hi 5 varsha 🙂 I thought I was the only IKRS fan who is a thahaan fan 😛

    2. Nice shortforms for all.

  6. So sad.. .How stupid Thapki is…she is not suspecting vasu and shraddha. Simply taking all guilty, blame on her. Now I too feel she is thinking she is the mesiha to take other’s sins on her.
    I wish Bihaan is really Bauji ‘s own son. Like shraddha vasu entered in Bauji’s life breaking his real love with someone in past. And Bihaan is with Bauji’s real son in that relationship.And this should known by vasundara… then only she learn the feeling of pain, cheated, lost….

  7. Thapki and bihaan deserve this whenever they got evidence agonist shradha they never tell to anyone….still bihaan trust and love so called maa…I hate both d evils…but this track lead to separation of bihaan and thapki…..also Nw bihaan only supporting thapki so this will make her to know abt bihaan very well….there is no thahaan scenes so I hate this episode…

  8. Not good .. feeling bad for thapki

  9. Just skip todays eisode only wu full of mahantma show saas bahu intensions no interested scenes today.annoying with like this type of saas bahu drama..
    definitely they loose there trp sure beacause majority viewers are youngster they wont accept sucha foolish drama??
    hate cvs noww??

  10. Soo sad epi.thapki is always in pain.please send her to her home and stop her sadness because her mom dad sister will take care of her.

  11. Oh!!thapki idiot tomorrow morning u should leave the house,else I will come and kick u out……3 months over on dec14 itself,but now it is Jan 14, at least now u should pack up….who asked u for a makeup…..
    U need this !!!! As u always care for all……now it is their turn to take care of u but in a bad way……
    Have a good saint life in future….
    U are not fit for this world….and their house is not fit for u…….
    U itself leave the house which will keep ur respect at least in bauji and dadi maaa……hearts….
    Bihaan pl..expose ur mum to thapki…at least through paan………….
    U couldn’t see thapki crying but u r the reason.. I am very sorry saying this to u being a thahaan fan….
    Pl….. Thahaan must always rock….pl………………….
    Anybody help thapki suspecting vasu……..

    1. Now I think thapki will go out and then shraddha will start ruling the house……vasu getting annoyed will say that they both only framed thapki bad……but then also she will not tell marriage truth as it is for thapki’s talent…
      I think thapki soap must be named as” chudail pyaar ki” as always chudail wins……

      1. Cool down Puppy I think show’s name should be Thapki Mahaan Ki 😛

      2. When will ur ff updated fatarajo…???waiting for urs……

    2. I also think same.. wanted to kicked out Thapki from this serial….

  12. I m happy to see very positive response in my ff Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat , it’s way above my expectations 🙂 so I have decided to pre pone the first episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat tomorrow, 12 Jan , and as for those who r yet to read my ff introduction u can read using this link:
    Please do comment there if u can. I have decided to make this ff an infinite one and the no. Of episodes depends on the no. of comments from different people. I have also made some changes to the days this ff episodes being published which I will mention the ff which I will publish tomorrow.

  13. Thapki should be bold and she had to solve all problems not that she accept the blame that’s not the reason the people are watching it… She is brave and achieves admist her challenges but now the story portrayed like she is having inferiority complex…. For saving relations she should infact be bold and raise against odd… This in no way helping in improving relations… Writers wake up… Please

  14. I wrote a story at
    Hope you all read it.

  15. Thapki is useless nd should die nd same for writers

  16. Bad&sad episode. Ethana negativity in tpk sachme. I dont like this way.

  17. A very very bad episode ??

  18. BaaD ePiii… poor Tapkii… 🙁
    stupid shradha and vasuuu ….
    no thahaan seen…
    writer… unite thaHaaaan….

  19. I think Thapki is the first female lead in the show is getting even more scolded than the poor and that too for being maahan. Poor Thapki 😛

  20. varshaaa..!!! hiii hw u? u waching tapki pyr kii… ?? but im not see ur cmts ?
    ur thaHaan fan??
    woow me2
    am thahaan fans…

    1. LifNa u also? 🙂

  21. I really wish this story would take a turn where Vasu will be doing all these just to send Sharddha away from Dhruv by breaking everyone’s trust on Thapki first and then exposing Sharddha at last..,after realizing that Dhruv is not happy with Sharddha and that he still loves Thapki the same way he did before. Afterall, she is seeing the good side of Thapki by being with Evil Sharddha.. The director could also introduce a track where Vasu would be planning to reunite Dhruv and Thapki after realizing her grave mistake, while Thapki and Bihaan struggle for their newly found love.. That would be more interesting to watch than these upcoming sad episodes..

  22. Thapki is not mahaan atma……. She is mahaan stupid? bad epi!!??


  24. They are not showing good trackabout this serial. The serial should have been encourging to all other people who cannot speak properly but they are discourging all of them by showing this cruelty. How the makers can fall to this level? Mean people

  25. Yaar is saas bahu ka sach kisi ko to pata chalney do plz

    Poor thapki

    Hate vasu n shardu itna bad ….uff koi kaise ho sakta hai

    Niklo thapki ko waha se

    Idiot dhruv … U r hope less

    Bihan still better … Par not made for thapki

  26. Hey guys latest news from sbs…dat thapki will make khichdi on makar sakranti n while cooking as usual i dnt know why dis chuk chuk gadi will leave d kitchen n just dan vasu d vamp will enter n mix sumthin in khichdi to ruin thapki’s dish….dis thapki is really a dumbo…really fed up of her..

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