Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj asking goons to go. Balwinder comes and asks Suman to bring his gun. The goons get afraid and runs away. He asks Bihaan if he is fine? Bihaan says yes and walks inside. Preeti says he was once a lion and now he has become a coward. Suman says he has become like a cat now and feels bad. Bihaan comes inside. Sankara scolds him. Bihaan tells that he brought cake for his daughter Tina. Tina gets happy and emotional. Sankara asks him not to shower love on an orphan child. Bihaan says she is my daughter, and even Bau ji said that I found her on road and brought home. She can’t be orphan when I am with her. Sankara gets irked. Bihaan hugs Tina. Tina gets emotional.

Balwinder says Bihaan and Tina’s always will be for forever. Sankara asks Bihaan to come with

him and wear colorless clothes. She scolds him. Bihaan says I can’t wear tight clothes. Sankara cuts his tshirt and asks him to change his clothes. Bihaan asks her why she is getting angry as he listens to her sayings.

Thapki became a reporter after 7 years, and tells that a bomb is found in the bus and no terrorist group have taken responsibility of the bomb. Just then they see a boy inside the bus crying for help. Thapki runs and gets inside the bus. She takes the boy and runs out asking everyone to sit as the bomb will explode. Bomb blasts just then. Everyone applaud for her bravery. The woman thanks Thapki for saving her son. Thapki’s colleague asks her to come and says your daughter might be waiting for you. Thapki comes home and calls Bani. She thinks why electricity is not here? Bani hits the balloon with gulel and makes flowers fall on her. Bani says ghajab and hugs her. She says lets cut the cake. Tina waits for Bihaan comes. Balwinder says we shall wait for Dhruv to come. Shraddha says my husband will come late even today and taunts them saying that her husband works to feed them.

Tina cuts the cake and is about to make Bihaan have it. Sankara coughs. Tina makes her have the first bike and gives second bite to Shraddha. Sankara and Shraddha secretly scare her. Bani cuts the cake and makes Thapki have it. Thapki gets emotional. Bani tells her that her tears are precious. Thapki recalls Bihaan saying similar lines. One of Bani’s friend laugh on Thapki. Bani asks them to leave and says party is over. Thapki asks Bani to apologize to her friends, and nicely teaches the kids that one should not laugh on others’ weakness. Kids agree. Thapki thinks Bani is just like Bihaan and that’s why she is living her life. She thinks she had sent Kabir and Neha to US. She has become both father and mother to Bani.

Thapki and Bihaan request radio jockey to play some song. RJ asks them to wish each other daughter’s first. Bihaan says hello. Thapki looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. manish you prove what a super actor you are? . I like innocent bihan very much ?one think I would say in a simple look but still you looking smart ?today epi I really enjoyed specially the Bani scence .ghazab.

  2. Gajab wala episode…feeling happy to see Pappa daughter bonding.B for Bani…chotti Bihaan.Shankar and shraddha…these two devils will treat Tina badly.Shankar how dare you to scold our Bihaan…the idiotic worstful character in this drama.
    Precap is interesting I hope Thapki will realize his voice but Bihaan!!!anyway excitedly looking forward to see Thahaans meeting after 7 years.
    I feel after leap it will be going on a crack track but today I feel it will moving on a good track…
    What do you feel…reshal,garima,anu,navami,sruti,sandy,santhosh Bhai,rinks,vino…happy weekend:)

    1. Vajra-SG29

      but, sirry pooja …??i don’t like bihaan current character… he behaving like a kid…..???
      hare ho CVS ji, track jaisa bhi ho,please mera poorane bihaan vaaps kardo …

      1. Vajra-SG29


    2. Manish ki deewani

      Hiiii pooja I really like it even more tihaan scene love their bonding
      Santhosh Bhai don’t worry our B phor Bindas B phor Bihaan came cill Bhai .Bhai if u miss Old bihu u watch old scenes of thahaan on insta .a cool bihu.

  3. Vajra-SG29

    CVS ki jai ho…???
    CVS ki jai ho…???
    CVS ki jai ho..???
    hare raam raam satyanaash hogaya..???aaj maine badi muskil se serial dekha …. mujhe toh thapki par gussa karna hai ya bihaan ko dekhar rona hai ya toh naye track par hasna hai patha hi nahi chal raha hai…???

    “Dabaang” SALMAN KHAN turn to “main aisa hi hoo” AJAY DEVGAN hogya…???

    please any one clear my doubt who is child in TPK Bihaan ya others 4 ….please. please…. please… ??
    Hii pooja & Reshal ✋✋✋

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hello Santhosh Bhai hw r u . u came back miss u Bhai . .Bhai u do one thing just enjoy Manish acting he perform so well .he is behind this new bihu .bhai I really like father daughter bonding .I hope our dabaang Bihaan come again .miss old bihu .this CVS butcher her character beyond the limit not only her also sharadha character so much .
      Bhai one thing yeh thahaan ton kudhi bachay laghtay hai unko mama papa bana dia
      Bhai one thing CVS ki jai ho

      1. Vajra-SG29

        hii reshal.?…
        maine samjaatha leap ke baadh bihaan ko cvs ne thoda white hair mein dikhayega .lekin, cvs always logic aur magic ….??

        B for Bihaan B for Budda nahi B for Bachcha hai ..???

  4. So Bihaan has a brain injury and his whole behaviour/attitude has changed he isn’t the same person he was before.

    Thapki sent Kabir to the US once she used him as usual wow what a woman.

    So thapki and Bihaan have spent 7 years apart and then 3 years apart previously so altogether they been apart from one another for 10 years they definetly the best couple ever. Spend more time apart than together.

    And Dhruv was Balwinders son long before he was Shraddhas husband so he can work hard and feed his family Shraddhas dialogue has no meaning.

    I like how within 1 or 2 episodes they gonna slowly re-connect could have waited longer.

    1. I suppose it’s better then Kabir hanging around near her pining for her in secret and can move on in his own life, but the wording could have been better he had the resources to do anything himself she didn’t need to send him, he could just have easily been living his own life nearby

      1. She shouldn’t have turned to Kabir full stop, she should have gone to “her” Bihaan and she always says or Vasu who has been helping her recently.

        From what I seen the show is struggling god knows how long this show will last, they lost 2 characters even tho Aditi was small Dhruv was the main star at 1 point.

        They just have Thapki and Bihaan left and Bihaan scenes are just comical like a cartoon the whole trousers stuff was stupid but I guess they trying to make him act like Rain Man,.

      2. Aditi was useless, Dhruv didn’t have the charisma that’s why people took to Thahaan quickly and accepted Thahaan because the chemistry was there also I personally liked Kabir but not with Thapki. I would rather have him in the show over Dhruv.
        Also you say she shouldn’t have asked Kabir over Bihaan but wasn’t that her whole point as flawed as it was for his protection and also Kabir could have said no to her but he went with it even though he wasn’t fully on board. He also could have got revenge on Sankar for ruining Nehas life but he didn’t do anything and before anyone says that’s his script well everything Bihaan does is scripted as well but people still have a go at Bihaan. It’s like Sankar and Shraddha both are vile characters but people hate Sankar but don’t mind Shraddha. It’s whether or not you take to the actors playing the characters. I personally don’t think Manish Goplani is conventionally handsome but I personally thing he has something about him that makes him stand out I can’t explain it and put it into words but I feel it when I watch him and that is what draws me to him. Obviously everyone has their own views and opinions and how they interpret things and I don’t expect people to agree with me but just accept that each persons views or interpretations are just as valid

      3. There were alot of Dhruv and Thapki fans but they gone now once Thapki and Bihaan got together I remember seeing all the comments. Aditi was useless but once again that was the writers fault not the actress they always made her a whimp against Shraddha.

        Yes she did it to protect BIhaan but she always done that in the past and how did it help her?? Oh yeah it didn’t instead it just seperates them Thapkis whole character is flawed.

        The only bad thing about Kabir is he listens to Thapki he shouldn’t she just uses him and sends him away.

        The actor who plays Bihaan is good the character isn’t he has 2 emotions which he always uses either very angry or crying lol

      4. Thapki asked Kabir as a friend to help and he obliged, it was no point him hanging around after because he knows she will never love anyone else. Like I said the wording was very poorly constructed.
        Also if Bihaan only has 2 emotions then again that is the writers fault but on that point we will have to agree to disagree because I feel he has shown a range of emotions and he can do the angry man, the comic, the action bits, the emotional bits etc as well as this current simpleton that they’ve made him into.
        When they used to show Dhruv run it just felt all wrong and a bit awkward even a bit wimpish but when Bihaan and even when Kabir did it it looked strong and macho

  5. wow, Bihaans head injury has obviously changed him but all credit to Manish who has made it believable. I’m assuming even if Thapki speaks over the phone he won’t recognise her. They have made Shraddha into a proper wicked queen type esp with her high cheekbones she’s blo*dy scary

  6. love biHan and tina bonding I get tears kamini gd ruling on biHaAn and poor biHu I think he hadn’t recall thapki gajaB bAni u r like my biHu daughter excited for tomorrow epi

  7. Also credit to Manish and Jigyasa for taking on the role as parents and they seem so natural esp as they are so young themselves, they could have quit but they didn’t. Just hope if the show survives they don’t do any more leaps. I guess they did have to show Bihaan has an altered personality otherwise Bihaan as he was would have been a mess and completely destroyed. This has actually protected him from the pain he otherwise would have been living with

    1. Had been reading tweets and was pleasantly surprised by how a lot of people like me are really impressed with Manish and Jigyasa for embracing the parental role

  8. Manyasa are this generation couple so cv should make some romantic love story with them. This is not match with manyasa.

  9. First Shankar I want to give punch very strong punch on ur face. very irritating to ur face. U scold bihaan .I can’t tolerate as bihaan fan. U don’t get any punishment for ur mistakes but always thahaan get punishment.y I don’t know .I think if we good in the world the world will treat as very bad. Writers u do one good thing that Shankar and bihaan don’t have child. Thank god

  10. Though This track is interesting. bt miss old thahaan a lot lot lot lot lot. #THAHAAN FOREVER.# Pls unite them very soon

  11. Wow even in memory loss bihaan show His love to his daughter Tina. Tina will support him as thapki. Bani u so lovely . u looks like bihaan . u support ur mom like bihaan.bani please come save ur sister and papa from the evils.thapki u leave bihaan but now he become so innocent and looks like toy in hand of Shankar.for this u just send him to jail.

  12. I feel sorry for Bihan’s state.., but
    nice to see the bonding of Bihan & Thapki with their daughter.. ?
    How come Shrada’s taking the role of Pandey’s…, where is Vasundra..??
    waiting for new look of Druv..
    really hate Sankar.., even more.. ?

  13. Vinolin.d

    I am so sad about bihaan.I hate devil Sankara.I know bihaan acting Is soo nice in current track.I admires his acting.but I like that brave bihaan.
    so I love his acting in current track. but I am not satisfied his character.
    I want to see bihaan to slap Sankara hardly.I am expecting that awesome movement.I wants to see tina have to slap Sankara and shraddha.Sankara and shraddha dones so many mistake.but still there is no police to give punishment for them.I am not understanding this illogical story sometimes.because of if devil character does any big mistake means no one is there to punish them.police are doesn’t care about them.but when hero or heroin foes some small mistake unknowingly means suddenly police are rushes there and giving punishment for then shraddha and Sankara did accident intentially before 7 years.aditi dies and bihaan lost his memory.but still police doesn’t care about them.Sankara and shraddha was being like free birds
    but if CVS shows like this same to bihaan or thapki means suddenly police will come and arrests them.
    what nonsense???illogical story…
    before leaps they shows Sankara is criminal.police runs to catches her.but she escapes from police.then she comes na… why police didn’t arrest her?police forgot her mistake?? so they leaves Sankara??
    if there is case on anyone,police should search them and whenever sees that criminal they should arrest .
    I am so worry…police station,punishment,court,judgement are common for everyone na…so cvd please realize this.write nice story…

    hai pooja,garima, anu,Jo,sruthi,Leena,sri watta,kudrat,Ritz,naitan,navami,rifa,juveria and all my tpk friends…
    happy weekends…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Answer is that u watch illogical drama .can’t expect any logic here yaar .
      As santhosh Bhai always write CVS ki jai ho. jai ho.

    2. Garima

      hy santhosh off this cvs I also agree with you and I like it because of b for bihaan and b for his daughter bani. gazab.

  14. Manish ki deewani

    The first part is soooooo hear touching father and daughter bonding is amazing tihaan bonding I like it very much .so cutee .Bihaan forget every thing also thapki .Bihu and Tina suffered so much becoz of sankri shradha and thapki ..when Tina call bihu papa and bihaan Tina as her daughter so cute he much Tina care 4 bihaan .I loved this.Bani is same as her father wow .
    Kk is not there thank god he is not here.
    Sankri h u scared ordering bihaan .hate u soooooooooooooo much .my hater 4 u never end gobri devi.u torture bihaan and Tina poor tihaan .
    Precap is interesting
    Hello pooja garima vino santhosh Bhai Ritz di kudrat shruti vinni Lee-na anu sandy nawami hw r u guys
    Happy promise day guys
    Yr ajkl toh roj hi koi name koi day hota hai

    1. Vajra-SG29

      bonding teek hai lekin bachche ki saath badla kyoun…!!!??? cvs??? logonko kya dikhana chatha hain…???

      jab Sankar akeli thi tab bhi Tapki kuch nahi kar saki. lekin, ab toh 2 hai ek evil ??aur ek devil ??(SHASHA) ab toh 3 – 4 months tak kuch nahi kar sakthi …!!????uske baadh bhi TRP mein depend kartha hai aye track……serial mein dragging common hain lekin itni negativity kyon…!!??
      [2 chudail 4 khoon aur aur ek half murder(Bihaan) kardiya hai aur phir bhi PN ghar par raaj kar rahi hai ???]
      i wish CHANDRAKAANTH show jaldi aaye aur TPK ka band bajaye..???

      1. Manish ki deewani

        donn’t know k ye 2 churail tina sai badla q lai rahi hai shradha ko konsi bimari lag ghai is ko kya masla hai tina sai usay toh druve mil gaya hai toh sakoon karay magr us ki haddi mai toh chainn hi nahi hai khud aik bachi ki mama ho kr yeh sb kr rahi hai.
        sankara raap alapti rehti mera bihaan g or ab usay b torture hi kr rahi hai pata nahi kya chahti hai yeh b .poor bihaan and tina.
        bhai in dono churailon ko toh jail mai daal dena chaiye . umar khaidho jaye which both these deserve magr aisa nahi ho gha.
        magr bhai Manish ki acting dekh kr mai ab Mani ki or b badhi fan bn ghai hoo.
        cvs b soch rahay thay k 24 Manish ko father kaisay dikaye is liay unho nai aisa kia hai bacha wala look. ml he look more young .magr bihan ki age ka toh mujay kuch pata hi nahi

  15. Pls give back old thahaan. I can’t digest this track anymore. Can we see them again like before?Very much sad with this.

  16. Garima

    oh today b for bani and b for bihaan are gazab bihaan you are awesome wala acter and fabulous and thapki you go away from bihaan and think that you do Wright it’s not right thapki without his gazab daughter how he became happy without his daughter how he imagine to live it is rally a rubbish story line in actual but I like it because of b for bihaan and b for his daughter bani they two are brilliant hello pooja santhosh die for manayasa Anu vino trupti Lee na Sri rink navami devi how are you all.

    1. Vajra-SG29

      hiii ✋✋
      hw r u…?

      1. Garima

        hy welcome .

  17. oh but wht happend to bihan exctly …they did nt mention it…..i hate thapki….u are the reason behind this….u become a successful lady now but wht about bihan dont you think about him ….how can he live without u or his .daughter

  18. SW always make Thapki has no choices.., but ‘made another mistake’.. ?
    It doesn’t make sense if Thapki din’t get news about Aditi’s death..
    eventhough just soap opera.., sw should consider good plot & logical story..
    Hope the best for TPK..

  19. Hello pooja, reshal, Santosh, garima, sadia, vino, anu, kudrat and all my thahaan friends… how are you all? Happy hug day to you all… tc

  20. Hello…santhosh Bhai how are you???hi rinka,reshal,garima,vino,any,sruti,navami,sandy happy hug day and happy wala Sunday to you friends and all thahaanians.

  21. Manish ki deewani

    hello friends HAPPY HUG DAY TO ALL OF U .

  22. Garima

    hy happy hug day.

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