Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Shraddha to go fast. She asks why should I go, I m here to help you, I don’t like them, you punish them, they are fools. Dhruv asks Shraddha to stand quiet. He pushes Thapki towards Bihaan. He presses the remote and some poisonous gas starts filling in that room. Bihaan asks what are you doing. Dhruv says I have put everything on stake, everyone will die in 5mins. Everyone start coughing. Bihaan gets shocked. Dhruv says I can stop the poison gas by this remote, I will do this if you agree to me, else they all will die. Bihaan says kill me, leave them.

Dhruv says I don’t have to kill you, but you have to kill your and Thapki’s relation, you cheated and took rounds with Thapki, you have to take reverse rounds, then Thapki and your relation will end,

she will be just mine. He says there is less time, just 3 mins are remaining. He asks Shraddha to read mantra. She says I don’t know anything else than Swaha. Dhruv says then say Swaha, anyways we have to make their marriage relation Swaha. He asks Bihaan to hurry up, its just 2 mins left. Bihaan and Thapki cry and take reverse rounds. Shraddha says Swaha. Dhruv aims gun at them and smiles. Dhruv says four rounds are over, Thapki you walk ahead now. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Bihaan nods. They cry. Thapki goes ahead.

Family members are still locked. Dhruv says now the last round, then your relation will break forever. Shraddha looks at Dhruv and throws that powder in his eyes. The remote falls. Bihaan takes remote and frees family members. Shraddha takes Thapki to her side. Dhruv aims at Bihaan and says you are the root of all this, its happening because of you, I will kill you, then Thapki will be mine. Everyone ask Dhruv to stop. Dhruv says Shraddha, you cheated me again, I will see you.

Vasundara cries seeing Dhruv, and recalls Dhruv. She recalls the gun Bau ji took from her. She takes the gun from Bau ji’s pocket. She shouts Dhruv and everyone look at her. She walks to the front and aims gun at him. Dhruv and everyone get shocked. She says you are my first child, I became a mother after your birth, I taught you to walk on right path and you walked, but today….. you did wrong, I have done wrong by letting you go to Bihaan’s room, I have let you sit in mandap and saw everything silently, I did wrong, but what I m going to do now, it won’t be wrong, I will make everything right now, put gun down, else I will shoot. Bau ji asks Vasundara what is she doing. She shouts put the gun down Dhruv Pandey.

Dhruv says I won’t, Maa I m your son, I know you won’t shoot me, you love me a lot, you can’t shoot me, see how your hands are shaking, I will shoot Bihaan and show you, I will kill Bihaan Pandey. Thapki says no and cries. Vasundara loads the gun and everyone look on. Vasundara shoots. Everyone get a big shock. The blood drops fall over Thapki’s face. Dhruv, Bihaan and Thapki see the blood. Bihaan gets shot. They all get shocked. Vasundara sits in shock. Bihaan looks at Dhruv. Vasundara sits crying. Dhruv cries and moves away from everyone. Dhruv recalls Bihaan and his childhood. Bihaan told him that he will give his life for him. Dhruv recalls how Vasundara shot at Dhruv and Bihaan came infront of him to save him.

Everyone cry. Bau ji calls ambulance. They all rush Bihaan to hospital. Dhruv looks on from far. Doctor takes Bihaan to OT. Thapki leaves Bihaan’s hand and cries. Dhruv recalls childhood moment. Bihaan was hurt and tells doctor that he fell from stairs. Dhruv says no, he got hurt because of me, he fell while getting kite for me. Doctor says I did not see such brother’s love, Balwinder is lucky to get such sons. Fb ends. Dhruv cries.

Bihaan’s operation is done. Thapki cries and recalls Bihaan, their moments and love. Ranjha mera ranjha………….plays…………. doctor removes the bullet from his body. Bihaan’s heartbeat sinks. The machine beeps.

Doctor comes out and tells everyone about Bihaan. They all cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Narendran

    Sooo.. Bihaan will also die?? Dhruv also quit this show?Then this show will be bad..

    1. Truelove

      Don’t worry nothing will happen like that. But dhruv leave show for some time time that’s confirm. 🙂

    2. Bihaan will survive. Druvs mental issues will get cured

  2. Renuverma

    Thanks a lot for the update

  3. Thnkz for update

  4. Thnkz 4 update

  5. Anubhuti

    how much kind heart u my hero u endangered ur life for that sapola who can kill u for himself. Ankit will take a short break and will leave tpk and than return is anyone watch thapki suhagan pic on insta and tpk trp increase 1.5 bihan will save i know tpk will come 1 hour after 28 aug

      1. Luvleen

        Looks like a leap had happened…#Newstart could mean that…I like her look though! I’m hoping to cut my hair that short as well. ?

      2. Luvleen

        Oh her hair isn’t short! The pic is so deceiving lol

  6. pls god save bihaan
    if bihaan died then i will definitely stop watching this and all thahaanians also i think will leave this show
    pls jion thahaan

  7. Thnkz 4 update

  8. Poor thahaan.always have to suffer.

  9. Luvleen

    Ok so I stayed up 11.30pm to watch the show my time…and I am glad I did. I cried like a baby! I don’t think I’ve ever cried for any TPK episodes before! ? I didn’t like the surgery scene eeew ? N the beginning the family acted sooo fake in the gas chamber…other than that I can’t wait to see tomorrow! I’m sure Bihaan will survive…no Bihaan means no TPK yeah?!

  10. Very emotional episode……..

    1. Nasreen-Thalaivi

      Hai nisi…. how are you? ya.. very emotional episode

  11. Bihaannnnnnnnnnn,iam sure you mustbe all right very soon.Bihaan,actually i have no words to convey my feelings….i never imagine to see you in this condition.Manish you are a spectacular actor.eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.BIHAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

  12. Well in my opinion bihaan won’t die. And I’m glad that dhruv will come to his scenes now.

  13. Renuverma

    So finally suspense out. Bihan gets shot yo save dhtuv

  14. I think bihaan won’t die.he with be back again

  15. Renuverma

    Entire episode was dragged.

  16. Renuverma

    Shraddha did an awesome job today by saving every one☝☝☝☝

  17. Thanks for the update.

    I think bihaan will survive because I saw on “zoom” that bihaan will survive and thahaans marriage will happen.Dhruv will realize his mistakes.

    1. They’re finally married? Finally?

  18. Truelove

    Bihaan will survive. I m glad finally sapola realized his mistake. I’m eagerly waiting to see is dhruv leave than what will happen to shradhaa bhabiji??? Honestly i don’t want Monika to leave show. She is really a great actor. Next kya hoga CVs ko hi pata hoga.

    1. Correctly said truelove I too don’t want shradda aka Monica to leave the show.she is a perfect actress.

      But I think she will not leave the show.

  19. Any news about thapki please tell…….

  20. Na epavum serials ah pathu emotional anathe illa. Yean ithuku munnadi kuda Bihaan ah shoot pannirukaga, appakuda it’s just a serial nu easy ah eduthukitten, but ippa ennala apdi eduthuka mudiyala, Bihaan oda face expression avan Dhruv ah patha Parva, childhood voice Elam sethu en kannula kanner vara vachuduchu……… Thapki ah pathale pavama irunthuchu……,

  21. Vinlora

    From so Many days Dhruv lovers were ranting that Dhruv’s is TRUE LOVE. …..So today we got the live example of TRUE LOVE. ..But difference is we got to see NOT Dhruv’s TRUE LOVE instead we got to see BIHAAN’s TRUE LOVE towards his dhokebaaz bhai Dhruv pandey truely a
    sapola ?how much bad Dhruv did to bihaan even he tried to kill him but our UNPAD GAWAR SELFISH B phor Bihaan Pandey today saved his well Educated intelligent Ram jaisa bhai Dhruv….?
    Ab muje batayiye kaun sachcha hai aur kaun achcha hai aur kiska Dil Saaf hai? ????Bihaan ya Dhruv? ?????

  22. Hiii guys
    please save bihaan and reunite thahaan
    lf bihaan died l will stop watching this serial.? ? ? ?

  23. this act of bihan shows that how much he loves his femily and he is such a great guy with very big heart even he sacrifices a lot for his family and now he again proves that he is the real hero having no degrees at all bt a lot of sense and education about relations .great job bihaan u will never die InshALLAH….

  24. Thank you Santhosh…for sharing such a beautiful picture.I am sooooo happy,finally Thahaans Marriage.Once again thank you friend.

  25. Today episode is blossom and awesome bihaan is a real hero manish you are best and I know nothing happen to bihaan becouse he is to strong I know ?????

  26. Vinora officially bihaan become he didn’t think about him like druv ?

  27. I really cried today while watching the episode.. Even my dad and mom had sad faced and they both are Manish fans like me… what an emotional thing it was today…. but Manish will survive otherwise tpk ka band baj jayega…trp will drop to zero..

  28. Hamara hero bihaan hamein aise thode chodkar jayega thaan will be independent and enjoy their married life ??????????????

  29. RANdomfANCreationz

    Such a sad episode. Oh no Bihaan got shot 🙁 i dont think bihaan will die as in insta I saw thapki taking selfie donning a mangalsutra and sindoor finally so I dont think this is the case and finally dhruv realizrd his mistake he is no sapola he is dhruv today’s episode is an answer to all tharuv fans only those who r bashing bihaan for no reason. And yeah one thing is proved really thahaan means opposites attract and in actual bihaan is mahaan atma and thapki is moti buddhi

    1. Hes the male lead. Obviously he wont die

    2. Last line is correct. Bihaan has proved to be the lead afterall?

  30. RANdomfANCreationz

    And they should have ended this show on a happy note like showing thahaan remarriage and bihaan helping thapki in her career and then they have a family instead of adding new not making any sense tracks and dragging it because I want to love this show not hate it when it ends n good they didnt make ankit’s character worse

    1. yeahh, i dunno why they cant explore after marriage issue. i mean thapki and bihaan has some kind of gap and its more interesting to see how they navigate their marriage life with their diff instead of appearence of another man lusting after thapki. sigh.

    2. Lightsabre

      Yeh.As u said.. thapkis motti budhi. N bihaan is the real mahaan atma. In a way the story is abt bihaan – neglected adopted child n vasu – selfish devious mom.
      Vasu nevr considrd bihaan as even a ste-son n alwys gav away watevr ws best 2 druv n the leftovers to bihaan & druv nevr complained.
      1 day she did xactly the same as she considrd thapki as imperfect . bihaan riskd al his relations n freedom of marryin sum1 he lyks… jus 2 save “her ” life!Karma hit her bak …. fate gav bihaan the “best” girl , sum1 hu wud truely luv him…. druv , hu neva objectd against vasus partiality n unfairness, turnd against Maa 4 tht same mistak whch ws onz his favorit
      aspect of maa- her selfish mad maternal luv. She got wat she deserved. In a procez 2 mak druvs lyf bettr…n potentially ruin bihaans lyf, vasu (by hands of destiny) unintentionally brought thahaan 2gthr!

  31. kisi ko patha hai new character ka kya role hai… ❗❓
    shraddha character show mai rahegi ya nahi..❗❓

  32. Shradha ur SWAHA acting was really very nice. Gud job

  33. Thapki and bihaan : Today ur acting make us more and more emotional;-(;-(;-(. For a second, i totally forget that, this is just a serial:-O. Especially for the scenes while the song plays. Really awesome guys :-*.

  34. Thanks for the update

  35. Bihaan.dead isn’t enough for are a bad man .you had taken from your brother’s life.go to hill directly and never come back.aha.take thapki with yourself.

    1. ?
      Dead isnt enough?? thats funny… what more could happen. U r taking the show too seriously.

    2. Lightsabre

      “Dead isnt enuf”…. yes …. lets punish with…. “ALIVEEEEEE ” ???! Ur comments r so amusin tht i cant resist replyin.sorry

    3. Lightsabre

      Il ignore ” go 2 hill”

      1. Lightsabre

        Il ignore “go 2 hill”… coz i think u meant “go to hill station with thapki 4 honeymoon”?

      2. @lightsabre lol i swear u and clara had some of the best comments here.

      3. Vinlora

        Roshniiiiiiiiii ? ? ? ???

    4. Bihaan is the male protogonist zohreh. You will end up getting disappointed if u think he will die. So keep and open mind and hopefully…. dont take the serial to your heart.

      1. Luvleen

        Yes exactly he can’t die…

  36. Lightsabre

    Hey evrybdy. So finally psychola trak is cumin 2 an end. Gud… nw atleast the debates wil b ovr. I ddnt get tym to go thru much of the comments ystdy… but im sure its the same deal.
    I know druv fans r over emotional abt his pain over losin thapki. But u guys hv to see the bigger picture here. Though show is
    titled “thapki” bla bla bla… shes not a trophie n shes nt the ultimate relation in nybys lyf.
    Today u get to see the broken bond of 2 brothers…hu r not relatd by blood but by love. Yes… hav u considerd anothr dimention of love.. tht it neednt b b/w bf and gf! N b4 u say bihaan cheatd druv… he NEVER WANTED TO DO IT .HE WAS FORCED BY VASU .N HE FELL IN LUV WITH THAPKI ONLY AFTR DRUV GAVE THE IMPRESSION HE MOVED ON. so dont getside trackd by tharuv luv trak here.
    Also… heres vasu hu is ready to shoot druv. Yes.. shes always preferred druv over bihaan. But 2day to save the whole family this woman had to try to kill the one person she loved the most -druv. She had forced bihaan to do groom swap coz she cudnt c druv with a “defective wife” .. today ironically she says shes alwys taught druv to walk thru the ryt path- really??? This woman hu cheated her 2 sons… though of blakmailin her adoptd son into marryin “defective ruk ruk ke bolne vali” thapki…. and torturd thapki simply coz she stammers…. and today aftr brekin the bond b/w 2 brothers… turnin her son psychotic .. n now shes preaching abt “right path”.tht ws ironic and she got wat she deserved- havin 2 shoot her precious son. Karma again!
    I hope u guyz wil see beyond “just” druv… c him 2… but remmbr tht thapki is just a girl ( n she hs the ryt to chose her lover fr her own reasons )…there r so many other relations 2 : mother-son, non blood relatd brothers. Al this hungama 4 jus a girl? Kil entire family 4 her?!

    1. Lightsabre


      Few stuffs i noted sinz i hvnt been seein
      much of the episodes.

      1) REMOTE controlled gas chamber????? wat???????? Is druv reincarnation of Hitler ( i hope evry rembrs hes famous 4 it)! Hu the hel uses gas chamber!
      2) i thot druv thot hel complete the groom swap. So hu arangd al thse stuffs at tht old factory. Who got the poisonous gas? Hu made a air tight chambr( othrws even druv wil snif n die) with tht (dvd player’s) remote control. LOL.
      3) y wud druv wana kil dadi n 2 babhis m cousins etc? Thse ppl onz kickd thahaan out … n into the thabela n wr so enthusiastic to blame bihaan for stabbin bauji.???????
      4) if bauji had the ph 2 cal ambulanz then y hadnt he cald police? Ths same ppl cudnt prevnt.druv frm runnin off frm mandap b4!???
      5) actually ??? i dnt knw hw the rest of the family reachd this factory. Did bihaan cal them aftr seein the kite? Then y ddnt he cal police ?
      6) ystrdy.. police stoppd bihaan whos on a bike (whos obviously nt havin thapki hidden nywr.) Yet with mre than 1 police ..they didnt chek druvs car.
      Also.. if they belivd tht bihaan is bihaan…then y cudnt he jus say “thts my brothr druv …chase him!”

      6) vasus solution is 2 shoot druv on his body?????? If she wud throw the gun 2 one of the men inthe family…they wud hav shot druvs arm so tht his gun fals off n others can wrestle him down.

      7) y cudnt bihaan push druv away rather than stand infront of him as a shield.

      8) druv wantd 2 tak revenge n kil WHOLE fanily n spare shradda ( hu lied abt the baby) 2 say SWAHA. Cudnt he pick poor old crippled daddy 4 tht???? or did he hate jus his blood relatvs.
      9) thapkis ” magnetic ” kite got attracted to bihaan. South n north poles i guess!
      10) sum1 goes crazy n wats 2 do pheras with fake shradda pandit… il say “yeh…go ahead….wtevr tht makes u happy”.????. Itz nt legal. Y bothr shootin ur son 4 tht. Aftr hes calmd down… say “we’l go hom”… insted tak to psychiatrist. Simple. Thts how psychotic episodes r handled.????

      Tonns of bloopers. Bt 10 is mre than enof Execution of the story was crap.lota senselessness!
      4gv typos. Gnyt.

      1. Lightsabre

        Dadi**not daddy


      kite scene tho iss track ka bada blooper hai….

      kite in the rite place… ???

      wo bhi 1 minute mai❗ aur bina rukavat ke saath❗, muje hus scene ko dekh kar laga ki saare tree’s kite(thpaki) ko help kiya hoga…?????

      1. SANTHOSH

        poona, sanjay scene mai nahi…???

      2. SANTHOSH


    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah that kite thingy was so unrealistic

    4. Heey roshni blooper girl is back with a bang.
      i watched whole episode laughing like crazy with my 10 yr brother who was sitting next to me and to be honest he was the one making troll of every other scene…specially that kite scene:p
      He has more sense then tpks writer i dont know why we watch such crap???

  37. Hello ishwara_santosh. I read yr reply and like always my opinion differs from yrs.
    i saw one striking line “bihaan always sacrifices everything for his mom who always shows him partiality “.

    I dont know how many others read this. But it made me realise that im wasting my time explaining things to a person who has probably only seen selective druv scenes only from the show !!! Noone who has SEEN the show will say vasu showed partiality to bihaan over druv! So finally i understand y u (& some others) prefer druv and i shall not waste my time with counter arguments which you wont understand with such minimal understanding of the show. The writers themselves will show you what they have meant… like todays episode were u see bihaan saving his brother druv, who has only bothered to be a brother only in terms of sweet talk and no action.

    1. so right clara, unless it was a new remark/issue, i’ve given up replying dhruv fans because the keep on saying the same thing. even if you give them reasoning they still wont accept that dhruv charac isnt as great as they imgined to be. its like talking to a wall, really.

  38. i read that there is a spoiler vid/image for thahaan marriage. can anyone give the link?

  39. TPK trp has increased to 1.5 ….? is it true…. Pls reply if someone knows….?…


    new olv’s….. ????

    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    1. from this one thing is clear that now they will show thapji fighting for hos channel
      no thahaan scenes again

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