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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking she has to dance now and goes to drink water. Dhruv holds her hand and pulls her. They have an eyelock. He asks her to think, she can confess love now instead infront of others, he will stop this competition, just say once, say I love you. She says anyone will come. He says let them. She runs and he smiles saying I love you. Thapki goes to the hall. Suman and Preeti think Thapki is looking scared, will she be able to dance, we will go there and encourage her. They wish her all the best and asks her not to be scared, she does not have to lose, else it will be problem. Thapki asks what. Suman says she means they won’t feel good if bride’s team loses.

Thapki says she is waiting for her song DVD, Aditi will get it. Varun sees Shubh eating many burgers.

He asks him not to eat so many. Kiran comes and Varun asks Kiran to take from Shubh’s plate, it will get waste. She asks shall I eat if it will waste, don’t worry, its food and money done form our side, and asks Shubh to have food as much as he wants. Varun asks Shubh to eat another one after finishing first.

Aditi asks Shubh not to eat much and gives the song CD to Kiran. Shubh misses the CD. Suman and Preeti ask Dadi to give full number to Thapki. Shub asks Bihaan did he see CD. Bihaan bites the burger and the CD comes in it. He bites the CD and asks which one, this? Thapki comes to take DVD and Shubh says Bihaan has eaten it. She looks at the broken CD and gets angry. Bihaan says it was inside the burger, it was not his mistake. Thapki says it means I will lose before dance.

Kiran tells about groom’s team leading by 19 marks, and girl’s team has to get 20 marks to win. They all cheer for Thapki. Thapki shows the broken CD to Kiran. Kiran says sorry, but Thapki can’t perform, as the DVD broke, it was made by mixing 4-5 songs, so its not possible to make that special song now.

Kiran says shall we think guy’s team has won. Dhruv plays the music and Thapki starts dancing. Krishnakant says this is Thapki’s fav song. Poonam says yes, she always dances well on it. Aditi says we stopped her from dancing on this song. Poonam says she dances losing senses, what will people think. Thapki starts dancing with full on energy. They all smile and Dhruv gets surprised. Thapki dances on the song London Thumakda. Dhruv signs Shubh and smiles. Dadi gives her full points. They all praise Thapki. Shubh asks Thapki to thank Dhruv, as he has played her fav song. FB shows Shubh saying Dhruv that Thapki will lose, the CD has broken. Dhruv asks her fav song. Shubh says there is one song.

Thapki thanks him. He says he has lost today to make her win. She says sorry. He says he got to see her new avatar today and he can lose many times. Vasundara says they look good together. Bau ji says when you are with them, nothing wrong can happen with her, did you give the gift to Thapki. Vasundara says no, I will get it. Kiran says Thapki has won and now Dhruv has to confess her feelings on stage now. Suman and Preeti are happy that Vasundara won’t know about Thapki’s stammering.

Dhruv says he can’t express what he feels for Thapki, he has no words. He says like Sita ji’s name comes before Ram, Thapki’s name will come before Dhruv. He wants Thapki to tell her feelings before me. Suman and Preeti get shocked. Dhruv asks Thapki to confess her feelings. Thapki comes on the stage and says she used to see his show in Agra. Vasundara hears her stammering and gets shocked. Thapki says she is marrying him now.

Vasundara is shocked hearing Thapki’s stammering. Thapki says she will keep everyone happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The truth will come infront of druv’s mom.. what is next ???

  2. Episode was ok.We all know that Dhruv is not marrying Thapki so,it’s really sad to see them together.I hope that they will get married.Because Dhruv had a strong felling for Thapki,Bihaan doesn’t.Thapki was rock today.Guyz today’s update was little late.

  3. Finally the story moves forward. Has been stuck here for more than a week.

  4. very nice epi…thapki dance so cute ..bole to ek dm bindas….both were good together…nd waiting for next

  5. Finally vasundra will know about thapki stammering

  6. seriously now a days i am not at all enjoying the show bcoz of spoilers. right from the beginning i am watching this show only for dhruv. moreover it is an inspirational show but they are ruining the show showing bihaan and thapki together. bihaan will be marrying thapki only bcoz he promised vasu then what abt the feelings of the girl? but i am still having a hope that aditi will never agree to marry dhruv bcoz she knew how much her sis loves dhruv.but if they are going to make thapki and dhruv a couple i will quit watching this show. this dirty spoiler is making me hate bihaan day by day.i cant see dhruv as second lead.but waiting for something good.

    1. Hey can u tell me y dose two bhabhis of dhruv are supporting thapki?? Dey planned so mich against thpki wt hpnd suddenly?

      1. vasu used to scold and punish them for their every mistake and used to love thapki very much in the starting eps. so they used to feel jealous and planned against her.but now they want to teach vasu a lesson bcoz she hates stammering so they are supporting thapki.

    2. Thnk u da 🙂

  7. I too still hope that Dhruv and Thapki will get married.

  8. These comments show that there are people with many opinions and feelings I see this serial as a fictional one and not as reality and I don’t want to comment on it I will accept whatever happens next that’s all matters to me??☺☺☺???

  9. i am so happy to show are farrward next step. i think think thapki and dhurv get 2 episode. may allah bless all

  10. what an episode…. loved the starting… waiting for today’s epi…

  11. does anyone from this serial cast (including writer) regularly follow the reviews written by fans in this site or any other site like india foums, facebook? They should knw then they will lose followers if spoilers are true. why r they showing intimate scenes for dhruvki like in todays’ episode if marriage is to another? We are indians, we do not have the western culture of changing partners at the drop of a hat. if the writer is not creative enough to keep the story interesting with dhruvki, it is writer problem, the viewers are much more sensible and practical. We will stop watching the show. This should teach the writer and colors a lesson.

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