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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi aiming gulel to break Thapki and Bihaan’s matki. Preeti and Ashwin think to keep their matki somewhere else and come in between. Naman says its good everyone went out to dry matki, I will take the Charkha/wheel and do my work. Vasundara asks him why is he looking tensed. He says everything is fine. Thapki comes and tells Vasundara about lighting diyas. Vasundara asks her to come. She says I always put this dry grass in backyard, before lighting diyas. Thapki says you light diya, I will go and put this.

Kosi worries that Thapki may see Dadi. She stops Thapki. She says you go, I will put this grass. She sends Thapki. The goat sees the grass and follows Kosi. Kosi puts the grass in the storeroom temple near the idol. She tells Dadi that no one will know you

are here, when my work ends, I will kill you, till then be here. She goes and does not see the goat. The goat eats the grass.

Bihaan asks Sankara why is she doing this pot making ritual alone, where is your husband. She says he is infront of me. He looks around and says I m here, I m asking about your husband. She says he is in my heart, I can see him by heart eyes and making this pot. He says good. She asks him can he help her in making the pot. He agrees and sits to help her. Vasundara comes and asks whats happening.

Vasundara says just husband and wife make the pot, if you want help, don’t touch this soil, Bihaan will make it alone. Kosi looks on and thinks Vasundara will not let Sankara make the pot. Vasundara gets pandit’s call and says all pots are made and dried. Kosi pushes Sankara on Bihaan. Sankara holds Bihaan’s hand and smiles. He makes the pot and tells her that its done. He goes. Sankara tells Kosi that I made matka with his help. Kosi says I helped you, now you have to help me, you have to break Bihaan and Thapki’s pot, I want puja to be done with your pot, you want your husband or not, think, else Thapki will be his wife and you will be just maid.

Dadi sees the goat and tries to call her. She makes sound and shows roti to the goat. The goat comes to Dadi. Kosi says I have to break matka in temple. Naman asks her to come and make pot with him, as its ritual of husband and wife, afterall I m your husband. She smiles and makes pot with him. She says I m doing all this for my son John, I gave him birth, I m unlucky as I can’t call my husband as husband, and son as son, I will get peace when John gets fine and calls me Maa. Thapki goes to call Kosi. Naman says everything will get fine, we killed Bihaan’s father and blamed Vasundara, same way we will get Bihaan’s kidney transplanted to John.

She says when Bihaan calls me Maa, I recall his father, who used to ill treat and beat me, he was devil. Naman says but I love you. She says that’s why I married you. She says I had to see devil’s son’s face just to save John. He says everything will be fine, we will make matka for John’s long life. Thapki comes to them, and till then Naman and Kosi make the pot and hide the wheel.

Kosi asks what are you doing here. Thapki says I came to call you, we have to go temple. Kosi says we will come. Thapki asks why do they look worried. Naman asks what will you do if we are worried. Kosi calms down Naman and tells Thapki that Naman is worried for some village matter, we will come.

Thapki’s phone falls down. Naman and Kosi stand infront of the wheel, hiding it. Thapki picks her phone and leaves. Pandey family, Kosi, Naman and Sankara reach the temple. Pandit welcomes them and says we will go to do matka rituals in some time. Vasundara asks them to keep matka safe, its inauspicious if a couple’s matka breaks. Kosi asks Sankara to break the matki to get Thapki, smile now. Thapki stumbles and Bihaan holds her. They see each other and hold the matki together. Ranjhana………plays…………. The goat frees Dadi. Dadi blesses goat Ram pyari and says you saved me, and also Bihaan and Thapki’s lives, I will expose Kosi now. She goes home and calls out everyone. Naman is watching tv and says how is Dadi’s sound coming. He says it can’t be Dadi. Dadi shouts Kosi is cheater, Bihaan’s life is in danger. Naman hears her and says Dadi has run away again.

Kosi tells Sankara that time has come, you break the bell rope and make it fall on Thapki’s matki, I m doing this for you, you want to marry Bihaan, you have come for him, go and burn the rope, their matki should break. Naman says you are here Mata ji, how did you come here. Dadi gets shocked. Naman asks her to stop and runs to catch her. She sees the switch box and switches off the power. He says she is playing hide and seek with me. Dadi hides. Naman asks her to come infront and switches on the lights. Dadi goes upstairs. He does not see her.

Kosi sees Preeti and Ashwin standing under the bell, and says why are you standing here, Thapki and Bihaan are newly weds and they should stand infront of Mata Rani. Vasundara asks Preeti to go back. Thapki and Bihaan come infront. They all pray. Sankara takes incense sticks and burns the rope. She recalls Thapki always supporting her. The rope breaks and bell falls. Kosi comes in between and moves Thapki. Sankara’s matki breaks. Thapki asks her is she fine, did she get hurt. Bihaan asks how did bell fall. Sankara says abshagun happened with me, my matki broke, its fine, my husband is not with me, you all do puja.

Kosi takes Sankara away and says you did not do small work, why did you not break Thapki’s matki. Sankara says sorry, I did not like doing so. Kosi says you will like when you get burnt. She holds Sankara’s hand near the burning coal. Bihaan comes there and says Maa. Kosi starts acting and says I have come to pray. She tells Sankara that her fate is good, she got saved. He tells Kosi that grains charity is over, come.

Dadi rushes to room, and sees the landline phone. She calls Thapki. Thapki answers call. Dadi asks them to come home fast, I have to talk imp thing. Thapki asks what happened. Dadi says there is going to be big disaster in this house. Naman comes and pulls the phone wire. Thapki tells everyone that Dadi has come home and called from landline. They all get glad that Dadi has returned. Thapki says Dadi looked very tensed, she was asking all of us to come home. Kosi gets tensed. They all rush. Kosi says how did this old woman reach home. Vasundara asks Kosi to come.

Naman says Mata ji, you have tried a lot. Dadi pushes him and locks the door. She goes to other room and locks door. Naman pulls and opens the door. He comes out and looks for her. He says Mata ji, I know you are hiding here, come out else you will have to die in this age. Everyone is on the way. Thapki says Dadi was much scared, Bihaan drive fast. Kosi starts acting of vomit and says stop car. Thapki says open window. Bihaan asks Kosi to wait for some time. Kosi thinks to message Naman that everyone is coming home.

Dadi runs downstairs. Naman sees her and gets worried. Dadi smiles seeing everyone. Everyone come home and see Dadi. Naman throws the wheel and asks Dadi to be careful. Dadi gets hit by the wheel and falls over the table. She faints. Everyone get relieved. Naman gets relieved. Vasundara sees him and slaps him hard. She asks what did Dadi do, she is eldest member. Naman says I did not do anything. Vasundara slaps him again and says I have seen you throwing the wheel, don’t lie. Naman says I did not do this intentionally, it slipped from my hand.

Kosi also slaps Naman and scolds him, to fool everyone. She asks why did he take wheel. He says I took it to make matka by missing my dead wife. Vasundara says we will know truth and lie soon, let Dadi get conscious once, then see what we do to you. Ashwin says Bau ji, doctor is coming.

Vasundara asks Dadi is she fine, how did she get hurt. Dadi says they both tried to kill me, they both are very bad, they want to get Bihaan’s kidney and get it transplated to John. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Absolutely loved today’s episode it was so interesting.Loved the thahaan scene also Naman u did an excellent job in today’s episode just loved ur acting.Can’t just wait for the next episode.

  2. Finally the relationship between Naman and Kosi and truth behind the death of Bihaans father will revealed.but…the precap is interesting,i think kosi will be manipulate dadimas words in her own much of eagerness at the same time I am solo excited for to watch Thahaans scenes…Manish….!!!!

  3. Loved today’s episode it was so interesting just can’t wait for the next episode.Naman wat an excellent performance.

  4. Finally the truth is out!! Great!! Was waiting for this moment since long………………and i don’t know how will Bihaan be able to forgive himself after knowing the truth!!

  5. oh my god…………………..
    everyone shocked………………..
    i also shocked

    telly updates, can you put updates of tarrak mehta ka ooltha chasmah

  6. What a high tensed episode

  7. wau…. excited for next ep..

  8. The preview better come true~! It can’t be a dream sequence, It has to come true, Bihaan needs to see the true faces of Kosi and Naman… I feel bad for Sankar, but seeing as she’s not technically married to Bihaan she shouldn’t get hurt… But really though, get rid of Kosi and Naman…

  9. Pls stop this kosi track & brings some more scenes. Kisi & Naman killed bihan’s dad…..?….

  10. Sorry typing mistake …..pls bring some more thahaan scenes…..?

  11. Garima

    Hello guys and special hello to pooja ya I am little busy when I free I check the comment of tomorrow episode and then comment and really I am very happy that when I don’t comment anyone notice it mean I have a good friend thanks for being my friend.

  12. The drama gone boring now I have no interest in this drama

  13. once upon a time …thapki pyaar ki s my fav serial…manish s my fav actor…but now turned worst…i hate to the core ds serial…stop watching 3 month before….feel pity for manish…he got popularity for ds it spoil for ds serial

  14. Yesterday’s episode was so interesting.Could’nt wait for the next episode.Naman I just loved ur acting.

  15. They should show bihan’s father background….his father was an business man or what…how koshi killed him like that….they could show bihan managing dhruv’s channel well…thapki supports him in his work….writer ji ?….. pls change the current track soon & bring some interesting track as I mention above

  16. Is he (dhruv) comeback to tpk again ?
    Answer please.

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