Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani talking to Samar on mobile and asks why is he interfering. Samar says you are interfering, when I have decided on the choreographer and my choice is better than you. Bani asks him to keep his choice in his pocket. Bani says she will make her sister’s sangeet memorable. Samar says this is my sangeet today and I am her to be husband. Bani says don’t know how can my sister spend rest of her with boring man like you. Samar gets irked and ends then call. Bani is about to call again. Kos comes and asks her to do one more drama and shows the sandal. She says when Tina dances wearing this saree then she will be hurt and we will get chance to think. Bani twists her hand and asks her not to do anything wrong. She says my Papa has returned and all bad things ended now. She says

if you try to do anything then I will ask Papa to kick you out. Thapki prays to God and tells that she is doing wrong to make a stranger as her husband, and tells that she is helpless for Tina and Bani and asks God to help her. Bani comes and says I know you will do such thing.

Thapki asks what? Bani says you said thanks to God as he sent Papa. Thapki says and he sent… Bani pats on her shoulders as she stammers. Thapki asks Bani if she gave Thapki to her. Bani tells yes and asks her to become her Thapki and she will become her naughty daughter Bani. She tells sheer that she will become her good daughter now. Bani asks her to get up and hugs her crying. She says you are always good Bani. Bani says now I believe that you will not hurt me. Kosi hears them and thinks to do more big drama.

Suman takes Thapki and Aryan to room. They are shocked to see the decorated bed. She says this is surprise for you and asks them to stay together. She goes. Aryan says there are so many relations which are never ending. Thapki tells that he will not understand the relations and says don’t know why God gave you my Bihaan’s face. He asks her to sleep on the floor. Thapki imagines Bihaan. Aryan asks her to sleep on bed if she wants. Thapki is shocked. She kisses Bihaan’s pic and sleeps. In the morning, Vasu knocks on the door. Thapki gets up and hides the bedsheet and pillow. Vasu comes inside, and asks Thapki to move as she came to meet him. She tells that she was waiting for morning and meet him. She gives him kurta and asks him to come. Once she goes, Aryan throws the kurta and tells that they are sentimental.

Thapki asks him not to make fun of their sentiments. Aryan says even your husband used to make fun of yours and used to call you chuk chuk gaadi. Thapki tells that he used to make her laugh by calling that. Thapki comes to Vasu. Vasu gets happy seeing him wearing kurta. Thapki thanks him. He asks Vasu if she made any namkeen thing. Vasu reminds him of the incident. Aryan is tensed. Thapki tells what he did. Tina and Bani ask them to eat in one plate and also make each other have a bite. Munna asks can I eat now. Bani asks him to eat. Kosi gets doubtful regarding Bihaan seeing him having food with fork and spoon and questions him.

Kosi tells Thapki and Aryan that she has decided to get them married tomorrow. Thapki and Aryan are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So glad to see Bani’s apologizing to Thapki.., nice scene… ?
    Hate to see Kosi’s face.., always do evil thing…

    “Aryan” & Thapki’s moment reminds me of cute Thapki & Bihan.., when they have to share room for the first time..

    It’s ok if Bani will be paired with Samar., & Tina with Muna.., or opposite..

  2. Aryan-thapki.. Samar-bani.. Muna-tina.

  3. I want ur blessing..
    bcoz today my semester exam..
    love u all…

    1. Good luck I know you will do great ??

  4. Onceagain Aryan proved that he is Bihaan…their nok jhok had started again.the way he calling Chuck Chuck gadi is superb.I wish very soon Thapki will realize his identity that is he is not munnas Bhai he is her Bihaan…upcoming episode will be showing sangeet ceremony function.we have to get a cute dance moments of Thahaan.Samar Banis part was irritating!!!!
    My friends…where are youuuu.
    Navami,santhosh Bhai,kudrat,rinka…miss you guys

    1. Holaaa I miss u tooo ? The episode really reminds me of old days of thahaan ? Am hoping that Aryan be Bihaan not his lookalike ?

  5. I wish you all the very best dear kudrat…do well….

  6. I know aryan is bihaan only…thahaan forever..??

  7. Colours need to give ARyan a memory loss episode where he later realises that he is bihaan otherwise this story is stupid.

  8. how he knows all about bihaan and chuk chuk gaari but how he acting like he is not bihaan pandey and how he become munna brother wat the hel is going on plz make easer

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