Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking family to come with them on terrace, she wants to show a mock incident to know the truth of that night. Vasundara and Dhruv ask Thapki not to waste time and defend Bihaan. Thapki says I want to get real culprit punished, even if its Bihaan. She tells Vasundara that you told me to recall all the day events to find the lost keys. Suman thinks what will Thapki do now. Thapki says I want to find the key to happiness, Maa don’t refuse, come with me, please.

Thapki and Bihaan take everyone to terrace. Bihaan says I stood here and Bau ji was there. Thapki gives the wooden knife to him and asks him to tell what happened, what did you tell Bau ji, assume me as Bau ji. Bihaan says I was playing with knife when Bau ji came, I asked him to go, Bau ji asked me to

leave knife. She holds his hand and says then Bau ji would have asked you to leave knife, you will get hurt. She tells Bau ji’s lines.

Bihaan says Bau ji leave me, and they both try to get the knife. Bihaan and Thapki fall opposite sides and the knife falls down. They get shocked. Bihaan says it means my knife….. Thapki says if your knife fell that side, then which knife did you get that night, you had the knife in your hand, it had Bau ji’s blood. Everyone look on. Thapki asks where is your real knife…. Thapki and Bihaan look around. Thapki shows the knife behind the tree. The knife has P written on it. They all get shocked.

Next day, court hearing begins. Thapki gives that knife to judge and says this knife belongs to Bihaan, it means some third person came there, and stabbed Bau ji. Atal says Thapki changed the knife, this is not tv serial, what rubbish is this. Thapki says its not rubbish, its truth, I can prove this is Bihaan’s truth, I want to call my Maa, I mean Mrs. Vasundara Pandey.

Vasundara goes to witness box. Thapki shows many knives and asks Vasundara which are the knives belonging to their house, can she say. Vasundara shows the knives and says Pandey Nivaas knives has P written on it. Thapki says the knife you have is our knife, Bihaan had it, I want to show the knife police got that night. She shows the ordinary knife. She says you can see, P is not written on it, it means this knife does not belong to Pandey Nivaas, some outsider got it and tried to kill Bau ji.

Judge asks Atal does he want to say something. Atal says nothing. Dhruv and Vasundara get thinking. Judge says we can’t believe Bihaan is culprit, police should investigate and find real culprit, all restrictions on Bihaan will get removed. The burqa clad person looks on.

Everyone come home. Suman tells Preeti that she knows real culprit. Suman gets Ram pyaari. Preeti says Ram pyaari is goat. Suman says she can tell us what happened, she always supports Thapki and Bihaan. Preeti asks goat who is the real culprit. The goat sounds Mai…. They think goat is the real culprit. They tell this to Sanjay and Ashwin. Sanjay and Ashwin to stop this nonsense, there is enough tension already.

Bihaan cries and talks to Bau ji’s pic. He says Thapki proved I did not injure you, else I was dying thinking I have stabbed you. Thapki comes and looks on.

Thapki and Bihaan cry. She says Bau ji will get fine and come home soon, if Lord wills, then you can talk to him directly. He cries and realizes his anger and arrogance towards Thapki. He thinks how much he has hurt Thapki. She asks what happened. He says Thapki, I have treated you so badly, even then you….. He cries and hugs her…… Tu mera hamdard hai……plays………………. She gets taken aback. They have an eyelock. He folds hands and apologizes to her. She also folds hands and apologizes to him. They see each other.

Thapki gets a letter and checks it. She reads that someone is asking her to meet if she wants to save Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ranaji

    superb thapki u saved bihaan..vasundra i liked u today becoz u supported thapki in such a superb situation

  2. anu

    thahaan hug awesome ????
    now the burkha man try to kill thapki and our hero will save her

    thapki i have been scolded by mom bcoz of u
    as she say that see thapki is a so talented she can do everything for her family & u cant study properly
    & she said:”kuch seeko beta thapki se”‘
    what to do guys
    mamma scold me bcoz of the directors.

    • Lucy

      Lol, that’s so funny, it’s bad enough when mums compare us to other girls but a perfect tv bahu, no chance

      • anu

        actually lucy i m big fan of thahaan so thats why my mom said this
        she thought may i Become a good girl by watching my star in such look or i admit it my life that i become like thapki

        but what will happen no one knows ???

    • Afnaz

      Anu amma se bolo ye situation handle karna aasaan he lekin ithne choti vakth pe ithna lambi syllabus pura karna thoda mushkil he …haha…

  3. sag


    Third hug of thahaan…

    Akhir khatm ho hi gya bihaan ka G 4 gussaa or G 4 gam….

    Today’s episode is Number 1 episode out of 300+ episodes…

    I don’t want to miss any retelecast…

    Aaj to Cv’s ne kamaal hi kar diya…

  4. Maira

    Emotional episode!:-(, thank god ke aj wale episode main koi dragging nahi hui.waiting for next episode:-)kia hone wala hai bihaan ke saath

    • sag

      hone wala to thapki sath Hai….
      burkha person try to kill tpki but don’t worry bhihaan hai na…..

  5. meena

    Then what was that promo where everyone of the family accusing bihaan that he stabbed bauji??? Here vasu and dhruv is confused now…
    Please somebody explain!!!
    I missed some epis….

  6. dev

    A cha episode but thapki taken aback still she has not left that formality Km very bad 🙂 waiting bihan to save thapki lol love u thahaan at last gussa chodkarbihan bi melted gajjab

  7. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

    wow… wat a written episode.. Thank u ameena.. u r always prefect..

    But i missed today episode. bcse im in travel by train.. How can i see full episode.. pls.. somebody help mlove e…

    kana and reji where are you guys….

    Hereafter thahaan scenes is going to be awesome…
    im going to missed.. hereafter i cant watch colors tv…

    • Kana

      Haiyoooo!!! Why nasreen? What happenend? Any cable connection problem? Watever happened you have to read telly updates and u have to leave ur comments and keep in touch with us,this is our order 🙂
      I think hereafter u can try this link to watch tpk

      Ippa than thahaan track start panra mathiri arikuri ellam theriyuthu naama ungala thalaivar aaki team form pannalamnu irukom ippidi pathila ellam athuvidu pogapadathu so plz nasreen trt to watch through internet and be a friend of our tamilian thahaan fans group always 🙂

      • Yah roshni u r write but with pulse we can notice pregnancy in normal female we can feel one heart beat frm pulse but in pregnant women we can feel 2heart beat frm pulse (In sanke case if there is no any wound in our mouth then we can suck blood nd we can diagest it doesnt effect but if there is woundin mouth then effect bcoz pass from blood to whole body…(it think u r also right if any person shot by any gun he should take2 to 3 week rest…

      • Roshni

        Hey trisha. No u cant feel 2 heart beats from pulse but in pregnancy the heart rate increases compared to non pregnant state. But u cant declare a woman to be pregnant just by that since many conditions can cause an increase i heart rate. To hear the babys heart beating u shud either use a stethoscope or a device calld doppler

  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    WOw what an episode loved the way Thapki used her brains the way she narrated this incident was so good n clear cut. I wonder why she didn’t use her brain in these days 😛 btw loved thahaan hug in the last part nowadays TPK is going quite good I m loving it I hope makers do so and a request pleaseeeee don’t drag this track

      • Roshni

        Hey guys. Hmmm… i.wudnt agree with the brains part. I mean bihaan was caught with circumstantial evidenz.. that in common language means tht there was no eye witnes.. but the circumstances (him being angry…last one to be seen with bau ji …had knif in his hand). So even though theres no “P” on the knife…it has somethin thats a stronger evidence : bihaans finger print! Tht keeps him as prime suspect. Smarter thing to do was to find out other fingerprints n their owners.else like atal said… that cud hav been another knife planted their by thapki.bihaan cud hav brought an outsid knife. Anywy….. i thnk v hv all establishd that the writer is way too lazy to “think”. Btw… i thot i saw bihaan fall onthr floor with the knife stil in his hand so it cudnt hav flown off the balcony.
        Yeah… hug was gud .???
        One last comment on the stabbin incident… u guys may alredy know this… but still… felt like i shud say it… Never do wat bihaan did… removing any foreign object (knife… iron rod or watevr) that has penetrated the body wil only make the injury worse and cause more bleedin n thereby risk the persons life. If such an accident occurs… keep the object as immobile as posibl and ….well.. ofcourse.. go to a doctor. I find thse indian serials r alwys misleadin… who knws… wen bau ji wakes up he may say “bihaan saved me by removin the knife”.so thot of sharin a life savin piece of advice☺

      • sag

        @santosh : 1 month omg… realy u think they drag this up to 1 month.I hate such dragging… :O

        @roshni: genuinely I don’t have idea about removing any foreign object (knife… iron rod or watevr) that has penetrated the body wil only make the injury worse. apart from it there was one more disadvantage and it’s if u remove knife like bhihaan then ur fingerprints put u in trouble 😛 😛 😛

    • Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      If colors again have trishakti n this time if IKRS is one of the show it will be epic to see Viplav vs Thapki in the court 😛
      (PS: both are my one of fav colors actors)

    • Thapki

      Thapki didnt use her brain. The evidence and justifications she gave are baseless and can be plotted easily a real life court will not accept such proofs…but yeah we are watching thapki pyaar ki and every thing is possible here ??
      And roshini is right about i have read it some where that removing any thing like knife/rods from body will cause more infections and blood loss..its better to consult a doctor.

      • Roshni

        Hey thapki.
        @sag.. if u wr suprised to hear tht info then ur in for a ride buddy. Our hindi serials r a treasury of blunders. I do beliv tht movies and tv serials hav a role in educating ppl…they affect the subconscious mind . For eg…i hav seen in movies how a rape victim quite melodramatically pours buckts of water over hersrlf while cryin ( i thnk it ws hamara dil apke pass kai)… this is a grave mistake coz it wil wash off crucial forensic evidenz . Victims need to report to police/hosp immediately if they want culprit to be caught.
        ?im a science fan.. i hate it wen thse ppl show senseless stuffs in the era of google.?il giv a few more xampls of crap they show on tv.

      • Roshni

        Here… for all of u guys hre in tpk … u ppl can tel me whch ones u knew n whch ones u didnt. I knw a lota ppl wont see this commnt sinz its tym for nxt update
        ?lets take a few xampls of medical tv blundrs:
        1) old as cinema itslf- lady faints…dr comes
        .. holds her wrist.. then puff “gud news” . nope… ur dr wont ‘diagnos ‘pregnancy by holdin the wrist (chekin pulse). Minimum theyl do a urine pregnancy test.
        2) snake bite heroics : suckin out blood frm site isnt some herioc deed… itz jus protein and ur gona digest it unles it enters blood stream thru a wound. Btw… tyin a clothe over the bitten limb… suckin it out etc etc r rubbish
        3) bihaan saves thapki in an episode by applyin shock (defibrillatr ) himslf. Datz utter rubbish on so many levels. I wondr if ppl think their dead relatives wil come bak to life by applyin some shock randomly.
        4)hmm… wat else…oh yeh… blood transfusion scene… vasu to bihaan…. it was like how u put a hose from a tap to a bucket. If u hav donated blood evr…ul knw how hilariouz tht is.
        Hmmm… they do show on mvies n serials tht hero gets beaten up to death (almost) and then last min comes bak with full vigour. This jus takes common sense to figur out how ridiculous it is.thre r many more… ryt nw i dont recal bt wil point out wen i see one.
        ?one legal stuff… this evrybdy knws : dnt walk arnd a crime site… ul destroy evidenz n ul leave ur trail al ovr the place. Also… evidence colectd by acused n his frens tht 2 in absenz of police wudnt be considered with much weightage in court(lik hw thapki presents the knife).
        Ok wel… dats enof of serious stuf. Hey sag…meena…nimisha..thapki.. fatarajo ..sivangini (hmm i thnk only u guys read my spoofs??) n others .. i ws thinkin of a parady on how vasu wil greet bauji wen he gets bak home from hosp. U guys hav ny inputs? Il send my version with the next update.

    • Thapki

      Roshni nice points ?
      Hmm Will share my idea about parody if ill get any (i think ur sense of humor is better than mine ):p

  9. pooja prabha

    Another delightful episode of THAHAAN,recreating part is also nice.i think they would like to express their fidelity to each other….somuch of excitement to watch tomorrows episode.Anu…dont worry yaar…i had get lot of scolding from my parents for this…be cool….

  10. Anisha

    The attacker may be the man who put bomb on the day they were playing dandiya as he vows to take revenge on pandey family. Enjoyed the epi

  11. tanvi

    I want bihaan to save thapki from the burka man and be the hero and then they stay together forever.thanks so much for the fanfiction amena

    • Sam

      Today episode was just superb. Even i had tears in my eyes watching bihaan acting. I just feel so happy. Although its a drama but i dont know why i feel so bad when bohaan gets hurts. Maybe i work with children who either have single parents or they orphen..its just superb to find someone who loves u alot. Welldone tapki good job. Also guys its true some high fyi family does have initisl on their stuff. I also have seen it. Love u thahaaan. All the very best.

      • Roshni

        Thts a nice occupation. In my opinion… whthr intentional or not.. bihaan is one of the most soul stirring characters on tv. The fact tht hes an orphan.. poorly educated by foster family… cravin for mothers love. He knws his step mom is biased and yet takes the pain with a pinch of salt…. neva shws externally tht hes well aware tht vasu is heavily biased against him. He fals prey to vasus emotional blakmailin n does a crime n ends up ruinin his image b4 the person he luvs the most (bau ji). But his selfless act wins him the luv of his life… thapki whos more educated .. inspirin and n wel..wil luv hm more sincerely than even his step mom. So even though vasu wanted the best
        for just druv ( remmbr hw she givs all the nice stufs to just druv)… bihaan
        ends up getin it at the end. Its a gud story line onz u take away the brainless rubbish created to drag the story

      • Roshni

        The beauty of the story is how the step mom ( whos luv bihaan craves for so badly) ends up doing the best thing for bihaan( insted of druv)even though itz unintentional .bihaan wud hav neva appreciated thapki unles he hd goten married to her. Even otherwis… bihaans reputation is tht of a motti budhi short tempered rowdy (though hes jus the opposite).. n thapki is educated seedi saadi soft spoken girl. He wudnt hav goten her if he wasnt selfless enof to listen to his mom

  12. Tintu mon

    Earlier Druv was crying baby but nowdayas he is serious
    & now Bihaan is crying baby!!!??

  13. Syed Hussain

    The couple which we had never seen proposing each other or romantically involved or sharing the bed or hugging except in very rare situation, this jodi is one of the best jodi in television even though absence of those element above. But still we love them & considered them as a favourite couple. If those element start happening in their relationship, then just assume how much we will love
    them. Thahaan rocks as always.

    • Kana

      Exactly syed 🙂 well said 🙂 this is wat i’m always thinking,y i’m loving this couple?? still they do not share a proper romantic moment,but we all r loving them unconditionally,i think they are having some magical or magnetic thing inside them.our love for them is increasing day by day and the amount of fans also increasing ♡
      They are speaking their emotions without
      words,such a wonderfull couples ♡
      really they are made for each other,
      Both of u r killing us,keep rocking
      We always love u thahaan 🙂

  14. Munna

    OMG!! I love watching thapki!!! Especially the “Thahaan” scenes!!!!

    I just want them to get together for a steamy Scene- Yaar!!!! ?

  15. Nimisha

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Loved the hug scene.

    Thapki did well in court!

    Who is the burka clad goon.

    Thapki better not go alone to meet whoever wherever. Hope she gets dhruv to help her and he gets his camera crew to capture the evidence.

    Love the hamdard song. Perfect for the hug. Did I say awwwwwwwwwwwwww? ?

    Actually Manish is brilliant at the emotional scenes. ??? love the way Bihan and Thapki ‘read’ each other’s eyes.

    • Roshni

      Manish rocks @ doin emotional scenes ,infact better than his plain anger scenes . He brings the sorrows of an orphan alive n i thnk hes the beatin heart of bihaan -role.nydy else…we wudnt feel so sorry for. even aftr all the rude dialogues that the writers made him say against thapki… his sorry-face gives us amnesia.thumbs up! ?Usually serials mein b for Bahoo/biwi/beti roti hai…. yaha par b for bihaan ko itna rulaya… i think he compensated for the lack of rainfall this yr. I hope he gets a best actor award this yr . I dnt see ny othr serial fully…im assumin manish is the best amongst the lot (atlest frm the bitz n pieces of othr shws tht i hv seen)

      • Nimisha

        hi there

        He is very good. And he has tears which he said he didn’t really get before so he has changed a lot, b for Bihaan I mean.

        Your ‘compensated for rainfall’ comment made me laugh oh loud. Hilarious.

        You should be a writer!

  16. Hey guys anyone willing to become my friend online ??☺
    I watch these dramas mainly all the time.
    I watch
    Thapki pyar ki
    Silsila pyar ka
    Mere angne mein
    Yeh hai mohabotein
    Na jana dil se door
    Diya aur baati hum
    Ek duje ke vaste

    Im happy to inform u about any thing if u want or could ve friends

    Note- live in uk

    • Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      I watch
      1) Kuch Rang Pyaar Ka Aisa Bhi
      2) Ek duje ke vaaste
      3) Dehleez
      4) Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant
      5) Thapki Pyaar Ki
      6) Tashan-e-Ishq
      7) Kaala Teeka
      8) Ishq Ka Rang Safed
      9) Udaan
      10) Kasam
      11) Tamannah
      12) Yeh Vaada Raha
      (Actually I watch 1-4 regularly, 5-8 I read updates n then watch 9-12 when I really really have nothing to watch :P)
      Actually due to my classes and also IPL I can only watch 4 shows other 8 are recorded I watch it in weekend
      N m from singapore

      • santhosh

        I watch ……. TPK
        And weekend show NAAGIN. …

        I am big big fan of THAHAAN. …..
        2nd favourite ARADYAN

  17. Princess

    Actions speak louder than words….It was true in case of bihaan when he hugged thapki…..He thanked her for supporting and believing him in his tough time and at the same time he apologised for his misbehaviour and all the things which he said about her…..He poured all his emotions in that one hug beautifully….and thapki…..she wanted him to hug her…..bihaan took first step and thapki completed it…..she completed the hug….awesome scene of awesome jodi.

    • Kana

      Yah princess,that issss thahaan they can speak without words 🙂
      I don’t knw hindi,normally i watch some hindi dramas after some time i quit bcz i started to hate story or hero/herogein,but from the beginning onwards i’m big fan of thahaan from the beginning i never hate them. They are real actors,that’s why most of their fans are from different language.
      Bcz their acting speaks beyound language

    • Kana

      Yah princess that isss thahaan they can speak without wordd 🙂
      I don’t know hindi i normally watch hindi drams and after some time i quit the shows bcz i started to hate story or hero/herogein,but from the beginning onwards i love thahaan from the beginning i never hate them 🙂
      They are real actors that’s why most of their fans are from different languages,bcz their acting speaks beyound language
      We always love u thahaan 🙂

    • Tharu

      Of course thahaan rocks.I don’t know Hindi but watch tpk daily with English subtitles.sometimes l can understand their conversation with their facial expressions.

  18. santhosh

    Tpk segment news. ……WU

    Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) gets stuck in burka man tarp in Thapki Pyar Ki

    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will show that Bihaan and Thapki reunited after resolving Bauji’s attack case.

    Thapki gets a letter as if she wants to save Bihaan then meet to him in store room.

    Thapiki goes there without telling Bihaan while Bihaan dream about Thapki life in danger and wake up.

    Bihaan is tensed not seeing Thapki and finds letter.

    On the other hand, a burka man tries to stab Thapki but Bihaan comes there on time and saves Thapki.

    Bihaan (Manish Goplani) saves Thapki on time

    Bihaan asks Thapki about why she came here alone.

    Thapki thinks about why that person wants to kill her.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    After MANYASA iv…
    It shows thapki searching that burqah man and suddenly burqah aadmi attacks on thapki but bihan babu as usual saves her and asks her whether she is okay? Then he follows that man but he escaped.

    A small iv of manyasa in which they explaines the whole scene in a funny way and says hum location nahi batayeinge. Then jiggs says thapki got a letter that if u want to prove bihan’s innocence just come and meet meat midnight. And she goes there alone. Bihan somehow got that letter and also reaches there to save her.

    They show trps ka khel segment also in which they shows that sns is ruling over kt and tpk with 3.1 trps

  19. sag

    Seriously guys, if you watched this olv, either you died
    with laguhter or shock thapki ,takes killer 7
    num ki chapal with and. She called that chapal is proof
    Cvs seriously yani kuch bhi..
    You think of you viewers brain less.?
    I can’t stop laughing..
    And bihaan reaction was like.
    Hy my wife Got MadMad

  20. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My best serials ikrs n tapki kasam dehleez n kaala tokka…
    we dnt get lots of the others mentioned here so sad…so we dnt hv much of a choice.kkb etretr yvr msm all gone bakwaasly boring n tooo much copying…my fav cpuples dha/vip tap/bih n rishi n gang.dehleez is getting ugly now Suhasni eishman…

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