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The Episode starts with Thapki asking family to come with them on terrace, she wants to show a mock incident to know the truth of that night. Vasundara and Dhruv ask Thapki not to waste time and defend Bihaan. Thapki says I want to get real culprit punished, even if its Bihaan. She tells Vasundara that you told me to recall all the day events to find the lost keys. Suman thinks what will Thapki do now. Thapki says I want to find the key to happiness, Maa don’t refuse, come with me, please.

Thapki and Bihaan take everyone to terrace. Bihaan says I stood here and Bau ji was there. Thapki gives the wooden knife to him and asks him to tell what happened, what did you tell Bau ji, assume me as Bau ji. Bihaan says I was playing with knife when Bau ji came, I asked him to go, Bau ji asked me to

leave knife. She holds his hand and says then Bau ji would have asked you to leave knife, you will get hurt. She tells Bau ji’s lines.

Bihaan says Bau ji leave me, and they both try to get the knife. Bihaan and Thapki fall opposite sides and the knife falls down. They get shocked. Bihaan says it means my knife….. Thapki says if your knife fell that side, then which knife did you get that night, you had the knife in your hand, it had Bau ji’s blood. Everyone look on. Thapki asks where is your real knife…. Thapki and Bihaan look around. Thapki shows the knife behind the tree. The knife has P written on it. They all get shocked.

Next day, court hearing begins. Thapki gives that knife to judge and says this knife belongs to Bihaan, it means some third person came there, and stabbed Bau ji. Atal says Thapki changed the knife, this is not tv serial, what rubbish is this. Thapki says its not rubbish, its truth, I can prove this is Bihaan’s truth, I want to call my Maa, I mean Mrs. Vasundara Pandey.

Vasundara goes to witness box. Thapki shows many knives and asks Vasundara which are the knives belonging to their house, can she say. Vasundara shows the knives and says Pandey Nivaas knives has P written on it. Thapki says the knife you have is our knife, Bihaan had it, I want to show the knife police got that night. She shows the ordinary knife. She says you can see, P is not written on it, it means this knife does not belong to Pandey Nivaas, some outsider got it and tried to kill Bau ji.

Judge asks Atal does he want to say something. Atal says nothing. Dhruv and Vasundara get thinking. Judge says we can’t believe Bihaan is culprit, police should investigate and find real culprit, all restrictions on Bihaan will get removed. The burqa clad person looks on.

Everyone come home. Suman tells Preeti that she knows real culprit. Suman gets Ram pyaari. Preeti says Ram pyaari is goat. Suman says she can tell us what happened, she always supports Thapki and Bihaan. Preeti asks goat who is the real culprit. The goat sounds Mai…. They think goat is the real culprit. They tell this to Sanjay and Ashwin. Sanjay and Ashwin to stop this nonsense, there is enough tension already.

Bihaan cries and talks to Bau ji’s pic. He says Thapki proved I did not injure you, else I was dying thinking I have stabbed you. Thapki comes and looks on.

Thapki and Bihaan cry. She says Bau ji will get fine and come home soon, if Lord wills, then you can talk to him directly. He cries and realizes his anger and arrogance towards Thapki. He thinks how much he has hurt Thapki. She asks what happened. He says Thapki, I have treated you so badly, even then you….. He cries and hugs her…… Tu mera hamdard hai……plays………………. She gets taken aback. They have an eyelock. He folds hands and apologizes to her. She also folds hands and apologizes to him. They see each other.

Thapki gets a letter and checks it. She reads that someone is asking her to meet if she wants to save Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Seriously guys, if you watched this olv, either you died
    with laguhter or shock thapki ,takes killer 7
    num ki chapal with and. She called that chapal is proof
    Cvs seriously yani kuch bhi..
    You think of you viewers brain less.?
    I can’t stop laughing..
    And bihaan reaction was like.
    Hy my wife Got MadMad

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My best serials ikrs n tapki kasam dehleez n kaala tokka…
    we dnt get lots of the others mentioned here so sad…so we dnt hv much of a choice.kkb etretr yvr msm all gone bakwaasly boring n tooo much copying…my fav cpuples dha/vip tap/bih n rishi n gang.dehleez is getting ugly now Suhasni eishman…

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