Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Kabir to play fair game and says you will fall in your own eyes and even in my eyes, she asks him to show some honesty. Kabir looks on as he is affected by her words. Bihaan and Suman are batting. Suman asks him not to worry and says she will not out. Vasu comments that Bihaan’s team made 180 runs, lets see which team wins the match. Neha is watching match and clapping. Vasu says this match is ego for someone, self esteem for other, love for someone and hatred for other…She says Bihaan’s team will have to make 9 runs in this last over which is quite difficult. Kabir compromises with the ball and gives it in Thapki’s hand telling her that he is sure she will make him win. He thinks ball will swing now. Thapki looks at Bihaan’s condition as he is in

pain due to shoulder dislocation.

Thapki throws the ball. Suman waste the ball. Bihaan says you have wasted the ball and says this is last over. Suman says don’t know what happened. She wastes one more ball. Bihaan asks her to make 1 run and come to that side. Vasu comments asking Bihaan to focus. Thapki throws the ball. It hits on his shoulder. Bihaan screams in pain. Kabir asks Thapki to play fair game and support him. Vasu says Bihaan have to make two runs now. Bihaan and Suman manage to make 2 runs. Kabir says run out. Umpire says not out. Vasu says 1 ball is left, and 6 runs are needed. She says only 6 runs can save Bihaan now, else Kabir will win. Kabir looks on. Bihaan removes his safety helmet. Everyone see the game anxiously. Thapki throws the ball.

Bihaan recalls Kabir’s challenge that if he wins the match then he can win the house, else he will lose everything. He hits the ball with full on speed. Everyone see the ball flying up in the sky. Kabir gears to catch the ball…..He finally catches it and dances happily celebrates his win. Thapki and others are shocked. Bihaan, Thapki, Vasu and others cry. Preeto says we have lost, we have lost our awesome bungalow. Kabir lifts Thapki in his arms and swirls with her. Bihaan is shattered with the defeat, and collapses on ground. Kabir celebrates his win. Vasu cries hugging her sons. Kabir says excuse me guys and goes. Neha calls Kabir and follows some other man. Announcer announces that Thapki’s team won the team and she proved to be lucky. He asks her to come on stage and get the trophy. Bihaan, Dhruv and others are in tears.

Thapki goes on stage. Kabir also goes on stage and says may I…He tells that it was impossible to win this match without Thapki’s support. He says she was absolutely brilliant in the last over and congratulates her. He asks her to make him win always in every fight in life. Bihaan looks on sad. Kabir says I told you that you can never win this match from me. He asks host to give trophy to their captain Thapki. Bihaan goes on stage and tells host that he wants to give this trophy to Thapki if he is okay with it. Host agrees. Bihaan says you must be very happy today after winning the house and making everyone of us homeless. He says congrats for your win. Thapki cries. Host says one min Bihaan and asks him to make Thapki wear the winning title tag. Kabir stops him and asks him to make him wear this. Sankara smirks happily, as Bihaan is emotionally hurt.

Thapki is ringing the bell in the temple. Neha comes and falls down there shouting for help. Thapki helps her get up and moves her hairs. She is shocked to see Neha and confirms with her if she is Kabir’s sister. Neha says yes. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shehla

    Kabir won, so going by almost all of Thahanian logic, this must some kind of an indication of this shows future and Thabir 😉 😂

    What a bunch of stupid people, why choose to play on the opposite side and try your best when you knew of the consequences? They should’ve supported Bihan and refused to be in Kabir and Thapki’s team. The latter could’ve sorted their own team out.

    The recap seems to be well interesting, I cant wait for tomorrow’s episode!

    • Divya

      Yes @snehla ,you are right.Woah atlast thabir hug moment ,how kabir passionately hugged thapki after the match even thapki seemed ok with kabir gestures .We should now expect more .😁😉😊But there is a new spoiler about Kabir,kabir exposed infront of thapki and thapki to know the real motives of kabir abd his revenge.
      Thank you cvs for such a beautiful episode and specially ( kabir hug to thapki).

      • Aprna puri

        hahhahhaaa what a passonate hug it was.. thapki was crying .. she was in pain … and what a hug.. so today where is female feeling…….. hahhahhahhahaaa what are ur thinking amazing….

    • Samra

      yes we get the indication that by evil kabir won the match and evil people are not hero… if by evil u r going to win and expect that u will become main lead then its ur mental problem…
      today evil wins over goodness but for how much tym… one day goodness of Bihaan will win definately….He is real hero … He is the king of our hearts… Keep it up Bihaan.. Ur acting was superb Manish … as we all cried with u today and always be with u… Stay blessed and happy….
      Kabir is just a cheater…

      • Shehla

        He is one of the main leads though, he’s the only grey character on the show and the story is practically about him, his sister na his revenge at the moment, ergo one of the main leads.

        Evill goodness is a matter of perspective, for some people Vasu is responsible for the entire mess, some people find Bihan evil and a completely butchered up character, you guys will find Bihan messed up, others blame Thapki.

        He is the king of ‘YOUR’ dreams not ‘our’ dont enforce your opinion on the rest of the lot

  2. pooja prabha

    Actually itsnot a unexpecting episode…because all thahaanians already get the news that the cheater kabir won the match.Bihaan…don’t be sad I am not able to see your pain…kabir you are a sadist,go to hell.Thapki this is too much yaar,she isacting like a puppet iin front of kabir which will make Bihaan more hurt…
    I am very sad to say but I am helpless because you has to provoking me to say like this….
    Thapki Nafrath Ki….

  3. Shivani

    Kabir won and it was Thapki who lead the winning, thank you cv’s for giving us ThaBir and showing them having a united front. Kabir winning proves Bihan was in the wrong and he’s reaping all the he sowed. Im looking forward to tomorrow

    • Pari

      totally forced thabir scence… thapki was crying and he was enjoying wow what a great cheater stupid man…hats off to kabir…… he win by cheating… don’t have courage to win by fair….loser man …. jeet k b har gaya…….

      • Shivani

        Intolerant rabid fan, you express your opinion, ill express mine. Im not here to argue with every vela person on the internet and frankly I have a life and a job beyond the internet to really care about you trying to defend a gunda mawali

  4. Avanti

    Life’s a full circle, this is Bihan and the Pandey’s Karma coming to bit him back. He didnt believe Thapki and kicked her out of the house whilst everyone just stood there taking the scene in not bothering to do anything and today Thapki was the one responsible for him and others leaving the house.

    I am curious to know what Kabir has planned now, with Thapki finding Neha tomorrow, I hope Thapki confronts Kabir and asks him again why he’s doing so.

    The story seems to be moving on finally!!

  5. Anjali

    Bihan and the Pandeys deserved that… no one can do wrong and get away with it. I am glad Bihan and the Pandeys lost. I wish they would reflect back and think on the role reversal how two years ago a similar thing happened and it was Thapki who was on the roads. Please cv’s show the Pandey’s realising that what they did to Thapki was wrong, let there by some remorse, guilt and regret from them. Loved the Thapki-Kabir twirl.

    • Albeera

      okay jaise kabir fans chahte hai let’s rewind two years back.. Ye wahi time tha jab bihaan ki asli maa aayi thi wapas, ye wahi time tha jab bihaan ko pata chala k jise wo bachpan se bhagwan mana unhone uske papa ka khoon kiya hai..ab ye mat bolna ki bihaan bina saboot ka yakin kiya kyu ki ye bolna tum sabki aadat hai…bihaan ne maa bauji ko mauka diya tha bolne k liye…uske maa bauji khud bhagwan k aage kasam kha kar bole thei unhone mara hai but galti se..bihaan unse naraz hua kyu ki wo sachhai bihaan se chupa kar rakhe thei….bihaan kosi k side gaya janam dene wali maa k side…but ye batao tab thapki ne kya kiya tha? apne husband ka sath diya tha?? wo toh apne husband k khilaf khadi ho gayi thi…mana ki dusre parivaar k sath but usko parivaar ko ek karne ki koshish karni chahiye thi but wo toh chup thi aur bihaan se ladhti thi…toh jab kosi ne prove kiya dadi k through ki thapki usse marna chahti hai toh bihaan kis pe bharosa karta ye batao… apne zindagi ka disaster k wajah se gusse me usne thapki ko thappar lagaya toh ye abuse kaise ho gaya? acha dhruv ko thapki ne thappar lagaya tha toh thapki usse abuse kar rahi thi kya? vasu ne thapki ko thappar lagaya tha, dadi ne v thapki ko thappar laga k ghar se bahar nikala tha tab bihaan sirf thapki k side tha, uss waqt v thapki innocent thi but proofs uske khilaf..toh dadi and vasu thappar mar k nikale toh abuse nhi aur bihaan mare toh abuse, bihaan ne mara kyu ki thapki pehle se uske khilaf hi thi toh believe karna aasan ho gaya tha…bihaan ko thapki ne thappar mara tha ek bar jab wo dhruv thapki ko milana chahta tha.. aur recently aditi ne v bihaan ko thappar mara tha molestation k liye but bihaan toh innocent tha toh phir aditi v abusive hai. so mera hats off to such viewers who view without solid points.. ye log toh show dekh rahe hai kisi ek actor k liye but show ka inner meaning nhi samajhte…aise viewers par gussa nhi, hume taras aata hai…kabir sabse bada abusive hai dekha jaye toh kyu ki ek ladki ko uske marzi k khilaf use kar raha hai apne fayda k liye jo k abuse hi hai…
      P.S. Narazgi apno se hoti hai, gairo se nhi…jo bihaan thapki and apna family se naraz tha…aur aaj toh bihaan hi real hero prove huya, cheating kar k jitne wala nhi… himmat hota toh itna second hand kaam bina kiye bihaan ko confront karta… bihaan samne confront karta hai…revenge lene k liye chori chipe war.. bihaan sahi bola tha, “hamari khuddari bikao nhi hai”… aaj toh sahi maino me jeet bihaan ki huyi hai, sab kho kar v… “Har k jitne walon ko BAAZIGAR kehte hai”…

  6. harsha

    thabir forever, they won against the pandeys today because they were together…..this means thapki is kabirs lady luck and even cvs want thabit to happen. pls cvs give us more thabir scenes tomorrow

    • Samra

      Thahaan for ever…
      Thabir scene it was aginst thapki will what a man kabir is… what he is doing always gives pain to thapki… he is cheater and win by wrong ways… so today we are happy that Bihaan played a fair game by his side he is real hero… his home was at stake but he played fair love u Bihaan Pandey .. keep it up we thahaan fans are always with u… hope so shankar and kabir track is now on end… as Neha truth gonna be revelved soon

      • harsha

        All I see whenever I see a Bihan fans comment is Blah blah blah Bihan is god, I worship the ground Nihan walks on, I’m so blind as a fan that I cant see the characters shortcomings blah blah blah

        Have concrete point and then come back to argue on my post.

  7. hansa

    sachai ki jeet hui, bhagwan ko bhi pata hai ki kabir apne revenge mein sahi hai isliye aaj uski jeet hui hai. thank u cvs for giving us thabir

      • Pari

        r jab aurten mardo pe hath uuthe to kia wo real woman hoti ha… what a hypocrasy…
        just one sided rule man can not slap woman but woman can slap many men… wow grat… hats off to u guys

      • Albeera

        @pari ye toh tpk ki futi kismat hai ki kuch aise handful of new viewers mile hai… inko lead aur villain me farq karna nhi aata…chor do…let them bark as much as they want.. aaj toh bihaan har k jeeta hai sabka dil phir se…cheater kabir nhi..

      • hansa

        Let rabid fans be out on the loose and bark on every post Divya, why boil you blood and raise your blood pressure for them?

        Aurat mard pe haath utahye woh bhi assault hua. But as far as I can recall, Thapki ki shadi toh Bihan se hui thi na? So agar woh assault charge during the marriage toh usse domestic violence he bolenge but I cant recall in the past month where and when Thapki slapped Bihan. Oh wait, she didnt. Trying to defend your your characterless favourite by barking any rubbish wont make it true

  8. puja

    thabir won united thapki and kabir can do anything…thapki knows kabir is her husband accepts it which is why she helped Kabir win today. Thabir rocked today!!!! pls cvs give us more shabbier scenes, maybe kabir realising his love for thapki too and thapki developing a soft corner

    • Samra

      Unite thabir hahhahahhaaa…. Forced scences…. thabir is not a couple and neve be a couple

      Thahaan Forever…

      Love u thapki and Bihaan

    • Din768

      Actually Thabir were fake married couple.
      Thapki still Bihaan’s wife.
      Kabir maybe developing his feeling for Thapki but Thapki didn’t..

  9. shalini

    thabir won this means even cvs know what the audience want, they didnt let bihan win bcoz they knw bihan was wrong and egoistic plus he humiliated thapki which was wrong…. it was ironic how it was thapki to bring him down…..thabir are the best thank u cvs for the shabbier win today, pls show thapki falling in love with Kabir….maybe when she sees nwha she will developign feelings for kabir

    • Albeera

      Aaj to cvs ne bihaan ko glorify kiya hai, ek insaan ko apne parivaar ko bachane k liye struggle karte huye dikhaya hai, apna ghar jitne k liye backstabbing nhi kiya hai dusre ki tarah.. aur jo jeeta hai wo janta tha wo harega bihaan se, isliye toh cheating kiya…sankar v toh galat kar hi rahi thi and thapki ko hurt ki bar bar isliye bihaan ne thapki ko slow ball diya.. bihaan ne cheating nhi kiya.. but kabir toh thapki ko khelne bol raha tha waisi halat me great….woh toh vasu maa ne force kiya k wo rest li….yeh alag ki wo phir apna imandari dikhane aayi.. aur ha shabbier fans?? shabbier means dirty right…. tum log khud hi shabbier bol rahe ho….lol great…

  10. Meli

    Go to hell Thapki you’re not deserve to get a good man. You got Kabir and he is the same evil like you.

    • Pari

      yes u r right dear.. she didn’t even stand for Bihaan.. just crying and crying…. what she is doing she didn’t know by herself… But loved the Bihaan performance… true superstar….Har k b jeet gaya…

      Thahaan Forever

  11. kalli

    congo Thabir fans!!!!!! WE WON!!!!!! even cvs and god knows who’s right and wrong thats why kabir won today!!!!!!!! just want thapki to start falling in love with kabir too……pls cvs show thabir

    • Alice

      Congratulations thabir fans u wons by doing wrong to Bihaan. u won the match by giving pain to thapki , bihaan and whole family. So for a while i accept that according to kabir Bihaan threatens his brother in law but why he is giving pain to All pandey peoples. He is not only targeting Bihaan but also thapki and all pandey zoo peoples, so what is the godness in him. what proof he had that Bihaan set fire on house without proof u people are barking . kabir is a side character only and will be a villan as told by jigs IV all vilans are gang up.So hope so by revealing naina truth CV soon bring sankara truth and linked both and unite our thahaan back.

  12. thapkifan

    Pandeys too never stopped Bihan from his gundagiri, this is Karma. All those who’s life Bihan has destroyed and the people he has betrayed, their ill wishes have lead to Pandeys and Bihan losing today. Kabir deserved every bit of that win after what has happened to his sister and it was ironic to see it was Thapki who facilitated that. Its Bihan and the Pandeys time to get their punishment for never believing Thapki. So happy thapki won, she deserves better than bihan, be it kabir or someone else

  13. Shahid

    WTH did Bihaan wanna give the trophy to Thapki for?? Is he a sucker for punishment?

    He stands there crying for a good 5 mins and instead of walking away he wants to go and present her the trophy what an absolute idiot. Just so he could say his little monologue 😀

    At least Dhruv is a better husband than Bihaan can ever be, he has Aditi’s back whenever Shraddha starts and he supports her. I didn’t ever thin I could prefer Dhruv over Bihaan but the writers managed to somehow do it.

    And how does Thapki know who Neha is? Im sure she hasn’t ever heard her name before.

    • shehla

      I think by the pictures, when Bihan went through Kabir’s belongings initially and tried to imply he was cheating on Vani

      • Shahid

        Oh yeah I forgot when they saw the pics thanks for clearing it up.

        Yeah Dhruv used her but after he found out he was gonna be a dad him and Vasu had their moment about being a parent and he was ok till he found out his whole family Bihaan, Thapki and Vasu betrayed him.

        He likes Aditi and she likes him too and so far he hasn’t done anything bad to her apart from the baby with Shraddha but he was drugged so not his fault.

        I think Shraddha went mental long before he treated her bad, she was always gonna go full loopy even when she first came into the show regardless if Dhruv treated her well or not.

    • Lucy

      He was a terible husband to Shraddha, he married her to hurt Thapki and that didn’t work. Shraddha maybe crazy but when Dhruv married her before prople realised she was nuts he never gave her a chance he used her. If he treated her better she wouldn’t have gone on full psycho to get her due

      • Albeera

        hahaha kabir fans are dhruv fans actually…they came back after 1.5 years and shouting like mad people… dhruv a better husband?? dhruv married shraddha intentionally though bihaan thapki tried to stop, he never gave shraddha the place of wife in his life so she turned evil… if your husband constantly eyes some other woman what will she do? so she did evil things to hurt thapki and bihaan stood by thapki… dhruv then did evil things to get thapki back and showed that he is accepting shraddha.. he fooled her again.. Had he been on shraddha’s side, she wouldn’t become what she is now.. aditi was in just as a forced character and nothing else… we all loved the dhruv shraddha pair though negative.. but since shraddha is negative now, we have no offence but she is also the only one who speaks the correct thing….

      • Shahid

        And isnt Bihaan now saying he will marry Shankar just to move on and get away from Thapki even when he doesn’t want to? All it will do is cause more pain for himself and Thapki?

        He doesn’t love Sankar and pines for Thapki wait a minute I heard this story before hmmmmmmmm was it Dhruv maybe?? But to you Bihaan fans when Dhruv did it then it was un acceptable and now Bihaan does it then its fine

        Maybe Sankar would have been nice and fine and not evil if Bihaan gave her love and affection too so we can blame Bihaan for Sankar being bad right??

    • Albeera

      So you accept dhruv losing cool when he knew his family betrayed him…so why can’t bihaan lose cool when his family also betrayed him?? dhruv went to the extent of killing his own family, doing evil things with thapki but then he repented and mistakes were forgotten easily…yes dhruv is changed loves aditi we have accepted…. but bihaan slapped thapki once for her wrong doings and it was called abuse?? what a viewership by you all… you all deserve a clap… when you justify, tell about all the characters.. here I see you all are typical dhruv fans who changed to kabir fans and nothing else… you all also do support evil things….

      • Shahid

        Didn’t Bihaan marry Thapki without her knowledge what do you call that? SHe wanted to and was going to marry Dhruv but Bihaan being a doormat and an idiot married her and listened to Vasu so he is just as bad as Dhruv and I never once condoned so I dont know where you got that from.

        Maybe if you about to marry someone like Dhruv and the guy keeps looking at other women it should be a sign to leave it and back off it isnt going to be a good marriage but then again the women in these dramas have no logic.

        Do people really think Shraddha would be good and nice if Dhruv and Thapki never caused her problems?? She hurts everyone Kosi, Bihaan, Vasu, Preeti, Suman she is an evil chaaracter no matter what happens she will do bad.

        You mean when Thapki saves BIhaan from going jail or when she tries to save his life on several occasions while Kosi tyied to kill him, he always says he knows Thapki better than everyone and when it comes down to the crunch he doesn’t know anything about her he doubts her pretty much straight away.,

        And once again when did I say it was understandable or OK?? All I said was he was hurt when BIhaan married Thapki and then once Shraddha became pregnant he finally got over it and he was going to be a dad. That isnt an excuse for Dhruvs behaviour I have never condoned it.

        Dhruv was an idiot for doing it all I said was he is a good and better husband to Aditi which isn’t an opinion its a fact and when Shraddha hurts her he supports her, same when everyone thought Bihaan attacked her he even told Bihaan she is my wife he had her back.

        The difference is when Thapki needs his back he believes a mum he hasn’t seen in over 20 years and pictures who were dropped randomly at the house.

        All the Bihaan fans on here are crazy jumping to conclusions and putting words into peoples mouth, to be honest there is only one or 2 Bihaan fans who are normal on here the rest are crazy.

      • Lucy

        Your missing the point shahid, when Shraddha married Dhruv she was unaware of his love for Thapki she didn’t get the chance to make up her own mind. Sankar knows Bihaan loves Thapki and only married her in anger but she doesn’t care she still wants to be married to him. He’s not deceived her she’s gone into it with her eyes wide open

  14. Die for manyasa

    Hey thahaanians me shruti kaise ho guys pata h bihaan ki haar se dukhi i am very upset guys maine 8 jan ko comment kia but comment post nahi hua thahaan romantic dance sequel was awesome rinka pooja manish ki divani i also want manyasa to become a real life couple rinka ur ff is awesome sorry i didnt comment on it but i read it and guys cvs butchered thahaan but plz my frnds pooja anu manish ki divani vino lucy santhosh rinka and all comment plz

  15. Die for manyasa

    And haan manish ki divani i am ur sister not bhai apko koi confusion hui hogi anyways thahaan will always rock

    • Manish ki deewani

      Hello shruti dear hw r u .I know u r girl dear u r my younger sis dear .I write Bhai for Santhosh Bhai not for u yr sorry if I hurt u but Bhai I didn’t write for u .best of luck for ur studies

  16. jiya

    Manish Goplani you are fabulous😍 amazing, 😇king of expressions .😍😎
    Keep it up.😀
    God bless you a lot with lots of happiness😍
    Today you make me cry with your acting .😭😭😭
    Manish Goplani king of expressions
    ☕ Cheer Up 🍵
    🍂 ✨ )) ✨ 🍂
    🍂┃ (( * ┣┓ 🍂
    🍂┃*💗 ┣┛ 🍂
    🍂┗━━┛ 🍂
    🎂 For YOU 🍰

    • Anu

      King of expressions, you must be joking, he’s mediocre at best. In fact him and the other lead Sehban are both mediocre and have limited acting skills. They are nowhere near the ‘king of expressions’, they dont even match up to some of the best TV actors like Hiten Tejwaani, Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor etc

      • jiya

        Dear I am not thahaan fan or neither thabir fan
        I am only Manish Goplani fan please don’t fight with me if you want thabir it’s your problem. But I am only Manish Goplani fan
        So take a chill phill. Just relax and take care of you

      • Anu

        I dont care about Thahaan or Thabir, i just watch the show for Jaya and i find it insulting that you actually are comparing him to people who are good actors

      • Lucy

        Each person is entitled to have their own favorite actors. Just because you don’t think Manish Goplani has range i personally think Ram kapoor is overrated. Each to their own

      • RINKA_RITZ


        |Registered Member

        @anu jiya nowhere compared manish with any other actor… she just said king of expressions she is a manish fan… if you like someone else you are free to say about the actor… and whoever other people will like, they will say… no offence.. you are exaggerating the matter.. nobody compared any actor to any other actor.. we defend only the characters here….and yes if they are actors, they definitely have some qualities in them to reach there… to me all actors have equal space…

  17. Cyrilraj

    I hate the story because evil wins always and good is failing thapki is very very very very very very worst lady in the world and kabir is very very very very very very bad and coward fellow in the world to take revenge is not correct and if that person is innocent their revenge is not valid I have many bad words in my mouth but I do not want to say once it go out it hurt others. So kabir and tapki katyal go to hell both of you you son and daughter of so on so on.

  18. Divya

    Hip hip hurray🍾,Congrats to Thabir and Thabirians.They won the match🏆.LOL,Bihaan loser👎good for nothing.Go cry baby Go,cry behind your wife’s pallu and have some energy drink.
    And for those especially who calling kabir a cheater and coward.Let me remind some past incidents to them,
    *When Thapki pretended to marry kabir in temple,Illiterate goon bihaan and his men beat kabir black and blue infront of god in temple premise.
    *In false molestation case,Thabir freed bihaan from all charges but Instead of thanking kabir ,bihaan showed his ungratefullness by holding his collar .
    *In basketball game,bihaan pushes kabir to win the game.
    *Aam papad competition ,(U all know) who played fair in that??
    From match beginning when sankar started her dirty tricks to win the match,no thahaanians objected on her foul play.Even though they are on hope that bihaan gonna win the match. But How??CROOK .By dirty tricks sankar tried so many things .Kabir didnt push bihaan intentionally it was just an accident .Bihaan got hurt so kabir was like (yeah its good he injured).If kabir (push) was intentional than he could have been easily bribe the umpire rather than waiting so long.Afterall he was the sponsor of the match,he had the power to fix the match to be game in one sided but NO HE CHOSE TO PLAY FAIR GAME.
    Bihaans injury was due to his own carelessness,kabir is not responsible for that.
    So from now on The house is not “pandey niwas”.It is “KATYAL NIWAS”🏘 with the new owner Mr. Kabir Katyal🤵.
    So its proved the biggest cheater,timid and liar is none other than “Bihaan Pandey” and the ultimate loser award goes to one and only Bihaan Pandey.The fact is Thahaanians couldnot digest the victory of kabir thatswhy screaming like a mad everywhere and calling kabir coward and cheater.
    But all Thabirians and Kabirians know who is the master of cheating and lying????What say kabirians???

    • shehla

      Divya Thahanians her hypocrites, they cry foul whenever Kabir does something wrong and overlook everything Bihan does wrong. I havent come across a worse fandom who’s even tried to justify domestic violence.

      • Lucy

        The same can be said for Kabir fans, they also justify his behaviour. He is also an abuser maybe not physically but emotionally and psychologically. As a proud Thahaanian im glad they lost the match i actually want Bihaan and Thapki to have space from one another.

    • Divya

      @lucy -No no kabir is nothing infront of bihaan in bad deeds.It was bihaan who married sankar to prove that he has moved on But in real we all know what is he doing with sankar and thapki.He didnt even listen to vasu,so definitely it was bihaan who mentally harass thapki.And about kabir we all know he is here to take revenge.Bihaan was thapki’s husband(now ex) but kabir is nothing to thapki(as to your pov).so how could you justify bihaan with kabir???


      • Albeera

        @divya But your co friend said all thahaanians are hypocrites and worst fandom so why we should not comment to you people now??? first explain your friend to behave properly…if we are hypocrites, you all are more than that…we go by the show’s inner meaning but you go by only one character… so look before you leap….

      • Lucy

        You can’t say that Kabir is nothing in front of Bihaan because he’s not been there as long so there isn’t enough scope to compare bad behaviour, I have my point of view as do you but just because you prefer Kabir that doesn’t make you right and give you superiority it’s all a matter of opinions and points of view and how each person analyse things that doesn’t make me right but neither you right. I don’t deny Bihaans faults but don’t make it out that Kabirs actions are justifiable

      • Lucy

        It’s a public forum if I think your being a hypocrite I will call you up on it, don’t tell me who I can and cannot respond to. feel free to disagree with me that’s your right but I as well am entitled to an alternative view point but if you only want people who agree with you to respond I suggest you start a Kabir fans only forum so therefore you don’t have to deal with anyone who has opinions that don’t suit your views

      • Divya

        What shehla said was under my comment and the convo. is between us.why u guys(thahaanians )poking your nose in our matter.Shehla is 100 times better than u guys and she behaved properly.coz she respected other comments too ,jahan mana kia gaya hai wahan woh comment nahi karti.Not only shehla but also other thabirians bhi comment nahi karte jahan unko mana kiya jata hai.

        Mere mana karne ke baad bhi paglon ke tarah comment kar rahe ho tum log(thahaanians) mere comment ke niche.pehle tum log to kuch acha behaviour seekh jao fir jake kisi thabir fan ko gyan dena.thahaanians always need a chance to argue to every thabirians.DONT POKE YOUR NOSE IN THABIRIANS karna hai apne beech discuss karo chahe open forum ya close forum ho.

        @shehla- you are right dear what kind fans they are ???always need a chance to argue with kabir fans.hey remember your signature word for them(😉).Look below every thabir fan comments ,there is a must thahaan replies.ENGLISH MEIN BHI SAMJHA DI MAINE FIR BHI NAHI SAMAJH RAHE HAI.AB TO MAINE HINDI MEIN BHI SAMJHA DIA UNKO.DEKHTE HAIN KYA HOTA HAI.WHAT SAY???ABOUT THEM .ab ek thabir fans ke beech discussions main bhi inko problem hai , blind fans of thahaan..


      • Shehla

        Chill Divya, there’s no point arguing over a show and a character when people won’t see their characters faults, you could just as well bang your head against a wall and the wall may just break. I for one have finally got a holiday so I’ll have limited access to internet and won’t be replying to these people for a week. Ciaoo

        Btw try watching Pardes mein hai meta dil, I just got hooked on last night, very similar main lead characters, Bihan and Raghav, both orphans, but I devoted to the families etc but you can clearly see how well and human Raghav’s character has been shaped.

        Anyway have a good well and ciao! x 😘

      • Lucy

        sorry divya looks like I missed the memo telling us who we can and cannot reply to oh dear!!!

        So according to divya because she doesn’t comment on thaahaanians post she can actually dictate to others where they can post.

  19. Goy

    Guys and Gals
    I suggest
    – instead of Thabir (Thapki + Kabir) use Kabki (Kabir + Thapki)
    – and instead of Thahaan (Thapki + Bihaan), use Behaki
    This serial has gone in a crazy universe several months ago. Now such silly names can only keep it entertaining for all of us.

  20. Pooja2109

    Today kabir proved that he is a coward and how much he can stoop low
    First he intetionally pushed bihaan and today he used the ball in a wrong way
    This proves that kabir was not confident about himself that he can win the match by playing fair and he was not a little bit guilty after doing this shame on kabir
    Eventhough kabir won the match of course no doubt by cheating but the ultimate winner is our bihaan who played fair the whole match
    This is the difference between bihaan and kabir
    Thahaan forever
    Thahaan rocks

      • Shehla

        Just like bihan has been in the past? far as i can remember he’s cheated in the past too and you would like a reminder then I suggest you read Divya’s post above

  21. Garima

    Oh bihaan i am so sad for you
    Thapki how can you do that.
    But bihaan thapki not win in really you win.
    The cricket match name is not right not thapki pyar ki it is bihaan pyar ka becouse she doesnot deserve it only you deserve it you are brilliant actor and hello of the match.
    Really i am crazy for you you are awessome and i am your fan and crazy for you.
    Congrats 👍.
    Bihaan you win not match but my heart.

    And hello pooja manish ki divani and manayasa anu sri.
    Hy how are you.

  22. sania

    todays episode was heart breaking. it was again proved that evil wins over goodness. Cheater win the match by cheating and does all wrong things. Forced hug yakky

  23. Sanzee

    Only a villain can win like that. Thank you creatives for clearly giving the message that whose is the hero and who is the villain.
    And also thank you for showing that Kabir’s so-called feelings for Thapki are not genuine. Had he been in love with Thapki, then her words would have affected him, he would have acted on her words and tried to win the game honestly. But no, he stooped to the lowest level, after bribing and intentionally injuring Bihaan, he even tampered with the ball to win the match. That shows how much Thapki matters to him.
    The one and only hero won even after losing the match.

    • Kabirfan

      His priority in life isn’t Thapki and ‘just behaviour’, he’s not a brainless puppet like Bihan who will wag his tail if Thapki commanded so. His sister comes above all and thats what he did today. And nowhere has he been show to be loving Thapki, he has feelings for her but he doesnt love her per se and loving someone doesnt mean you do everything and anything that person says.

  24. Manish ki deewani

    Today episode is soooooo sad Bihaan not only me my mother also feel ur pain today u didn’t won the match but Bihaan by playing fair game and ur sportsmanship u won our heart u r the real hero love u Bihaan
    Manish what I say about u r the one who show so much pain which we feel mind blowing performance.u r superstar.expression king .no one like u u played like a cricketer
    Aditi why r u crying now I can’t understand u .and thapki u always a statue I don’t like or crocodile tears u also go to hell
    Go to hell kabir and Shankar
    CVS plz end these character irritating
    CBS u proved again that always evilness win over goodness
    Go to



    |Registered Member

    Bihaan lost today but cvs has glorified the male lead, his efforts and struggle to save his family from losing their own house, the viewers know it very well who actually won by cheating… so “bihaan haar k v aaj jeet gaya hai”… his scenes today was so well executed, hats off to you manish… your expressions were really worth watching real life emotions…the show had only you as the dominant though you lost it because your own family didn’t stand beside you for whom you risked your life.. Those who think it is the kabir who will be with thapki are mistaken because a lead can never cheat to win a match.. he tampered with the ball too… he believed he is going to lose from bihaan.. he played foul..but the way bihaan was executed in the entire match and the episode,it was obviously bihaan as the dominant today…Love Manish Goplani for his acting today..he has a deep heart winning performances…..anyways I am looking forward to neha track and I wish Thapki too believes that bihaan burnt the house in real so that bihaan gets a chance to hate and punish thapki more…he don’t deserve to be hurt always…When kabir said thapki to play fair, I thought who is it saying a cheater?? I hate thapki from today because she is not the innocent thapki now..she allows anybody to touch her when atleast you don’t love the person and you know he is using you for his own motive..atleast a girl can’t be like this.. she becames mahan aatma always..she followed honesty principle but in vaani’s track she wasn’t honest..why does she keep changing being a FL..and pandey family, I hate you more…you stood against your son who risked himself to get you the house…you all also deserve to be punished.. why are you all crying now?? crocodile tears….No more thahaan for me now until thapki does something good to regain back her respect in our eyes…Till then I am a manish fan….Time will give the answer

    #A true Manishian..
    #bashers refrain from replying me because I didn’t reply to your posts… you are free to do your own discussions and me my own….

    • palvi

      Rinks u r absolutely right… Bihaan played very well… he rocked todays episode….thapki got his love kabir yakky… today kabir win by cheating ….

  26. pooja prabha

    Hello garima dear you are right…the match name is not right the apt name is Bihaan pyaar ka…Thapki you never deserve his unconditional love…do you have any memory about that day, i mean your fake marriage with kabir,at that day Bihaan shattered completely and he says that you can never get a lovable husband like him.his sayings are absolutely right she is never get a husband like Bihaan.she is a looser.
    Hi vino,reshal,sruti,anu,santhosh Bhai…

  27. Nandini

    Didnt think much of the episode, i am however looking forward to to,borrow when the story will actually move forward.

    Bihan giving Thapki trophy- so pointless and overdramatic

  28. Kajal

    Thapki belives and accepts Kabir as her husband, had that not been the case then she would’ve not supported him today. Kabir-Thapki were great today. Pls cvs give us more Thabir!!

  29. adhi

    kabir ur not a man .to be open wear thapki bangle u r fit for that only .don’t ever try to hurt bihaan

    • Hansa

      neither is bihan, usko hi choodiyan pehenni chahiye Thapki ki or rather Sankara ki kyunki Thapki ab uski biwi nahi hai

  30. sanju

    I think all tharuv fans become thabir fans ..
    To take out their frustration out why CVS listen to thahaan fans .. Make thapki bihaan as husband and wife..
    Guys it is just a drama nothing else..
    We all knows who is wrong and who is right..
    Today again CVS show evil wins..
    I hope this time bihaan find out Kk truth then thahaan work together and on that sankar truth also reveal ..
    Hope for best

  31. sid

    Thahaan forever
    Kabir is villian and it is conformed by jigyasa and Manish in 30th December 2016,iv..
    I hope this time thahaan work together
    Hope best .
    Thahaan forever
    Today manish rock he is the kind of expressions.

  32. Kabir

    Bihan fought for his family and Kabir fought for his, call it whatever you may like but Kabir won and he deserved every bit of it.

    • Lucy

      Bihaan fought for his home that was fraudantly taken away from him, kabir thinks Bihaan is responsible for his family but he doesnt know for sure. All kabir fans are like yeah he is doing it for his sister but in real life if someone when after you because they thought you may have done something then tell me where you would stand.

      • Lena

        Isn’t Kabir going after Bihaan sort of fulfilling the purpose of the serial though? Its a dramatized version of realistic possibilities…And whats wrong with Kabir going after Bhihaan like that (in the serial)? The Fb already showed Bhihaan threatening Neha and her family to unjustly vacate their house…so there’s every possibility that he could have done it.
        I still see nothing wrong with what Kabir is doing, other than the fact that he’s living up to his role as an elder brother.

      • charu

        In real life Bihan wouldnt be in a plush home with the Pandey’s, in real life either he’d be paying for his sins which he committed as a gunda or he would be on the streets,no respectable family would take him in.

  33. Charu

    Today CV showed that who is right and wrong. Bihan was in the wrong and he’s getting the sentence for his past mistakes. Kabir is doing whatever he did for his sistter, family comes above all and I support Kabir fully.

    • Lucy

      So if you wronged someone you are happy for your whole family to be punished instead of yourself the wrongdoer

      • charu

        Revenge is a dish best served cold, if the person didnt care of the boundaries and attacked my family then yes i’d punish their whole family too. Its easy funda, what you do to me, ill do to you but ill make it 5 times worse.

        Thapki may take Bihan and Pandey’s abuse lying down and give them multiple chances but Kabir is under no obligation or compulsion to do so. I dont feel bad for the Pandey’s at all, they got what they deserved, some of them were collateral damage in the process but thats life for you.

      • Lucy

        Charu you misread what I wrote I didn’t ask if you would punish a whole family for 1 persons crime. I asked if you wronged someone are you happy for your family to be a
        So punished???

  34. xxsmaragdine

    for sehban and thabir fans… Kabir is best character and thabir is the best couple CVs should give them chances.

    hilarious. so what if Kabir is better blah blah blah than bihaan? if CVs want thapki to end up with bihaan, what will you do? what can you do? nothing. we’re just a helpless viewers.. who can only hope for story to move according to our wishes.

    Chill guys, this is just a FICTION written by CVs not real life love story… no need to hell bent bash, insult, mock one character you don’t like and praise, whorship one character you love, like no other. at the end of the day, it’s CVs AND NOT YOU who will decide with whom thapki will end up with.

    Spread love and peace. fanwar is not good for our health. ^^

    • Shehla

      Perhaps you should preach the same to ThaHaan fans . Who knos whether the end game will be even Thahaan, like typpical Ekta show Bihan or Thapki may even be killed off

      • xxsmaragdine

        who knows if it’s Kabir who will get killed off by Cvs later on…
        who knows if they bring a new man in thapki’s life some time in the near future..
        who knows if at the end of story thapki will somehow end up with superman…

        who knows…….. 🙂


    Now please stop thapki. Its just dragging n lost its good charm. I have atopped seeing after entryof kabir..just serial people r adding people n making it worat then before

  36. xxsmaragdine

    what’s the difference between Kabir and Bihaan?
    BOTH handsome
    BOTH are jobless but rich af
    BOTH can go to ANY extent and can do anything for their loved one. Bihaan slapped thapki, the love of his life, asked to get out from house and his life, because HE THOUGHT thapki did wrong by harming her biological mother. Kabir now doing whatever he can, even by cheating, hurting not only his enemy (bihaan) but also an innocent girl (thapki) and pandey zoo people who have nothing to do with his revenge, that;s all because HE THOUGHT bihaan was responsible for his sister’s current condition. MISSUNDERSTAND….MISSUNDERSTAND…

    again, what’s the difference between kabir and bihaan? don’t tell me about bihaan’s abusive behaviour. the slap tragedy that night was bihaan’s FIRST and hopefully last time he ever showed that kind of behaviour toward woman (a good one. he’s rude to shankar because she’s annoying and irritating af) that too because an OBVIOUS REASON that i have stated above.
    oh, i forgot bihaan’s haters used to call him brainless, idiot gunda blah blah blah. oh come on. thats not his fault (it’s actually CVs fault :p) but going with the storyline, it’s just he has this bad luck, being a son of an evil witch called Kosi devi who abandoned him since childhood.
    main reason why he has trust issues since then. he didnt even want to go to school when he’s a kid, bcs he’s afraid, he would lose his new father and family again, if he wasnt with them.

    just be grateful, CVs has made your favorite character, Kabir as a guy born and raised in a good and rich family.

    again, what’s the difference between bihaan and kabir?

    • Albeera

      I agree to all your points…. but what to do when dhruv fans become kabir fans suddenly after 1 year?? sapola has kept his identities everywhere… coming to the point, there is still one difference between Kabir and bihaan.. kabir uses others to backstab other people for his own benefit whereas bihaan doesn’t use anyone, he is straightforward.. whatever comes to his heart is always on his mind…he doesn’t have that evil nature to keep things inside his heart whether he does a good thing or by mistake a wrong thing.. so that’s make bihaan a male lead and the other one a villain…

      • Lena

        I dint think all dhruv fans are now Kabir fans… I was a huge supporter if Bihaan for ages…but one must admit that Kabir’s character is quite interesting.

        How is Kabir benefiting from any of this? He wants only one thing; justice for his sister. He’s said that time and time again. As for the backstabbing, he said that he has no other choice…its the only way he can fight for his sister. So he’s not being selfish and doing it for his own game.
        Bihaan loves Thapki right? But he married Sanker because he was angry (which he admitted to Sanker the very next moment). On the outside he shows how much he hates her, but he loves her inside, so isnt that keeping things in his heart?

  37. Cyrilraj

    You justify Thapki by saying others do wrong also. But it brings me to some arguments:

    1. When others do wrong and they realize it, they apologize from all their heart. They repent. Whereas Thapki, after wronging dismisses all her deeds as mere misunderstanding and never apologizes. Repent is a far off thing for her, not even a single sorry comes out from her mouth.

    2. Nobody pats their own back like thapki. Thapki is always self praising, self patting, declaring herself Mahaan aatma. I haven’t seen anybody else doing that as well.

    3. She took her entire revenge beigg under the veil, having a fake identity. Her whole revenge was based on her betraying Bihaan. She swapped herself with Sankara without telling anyone. When Bihaan did it, he was under his mother’s pressure (I’m not saying that was right), but Thapki did it solely for her revenge, to massage her ego. And suddenly, now she decides she will be honest and fair in the game. Even but this stupid logic, has she forgotten her real husband is bihaan and not Kabir. What is with this convenient timing of honesty. Mann marzi se decide karti has jab honest hona hai, jab nahi.

    4. Lastly, if we dismiss all the above points by saying others do the same, then also others are not Female Leads. They are not the stammering girl for whom that disclaimer use to be there. Should not that be the exact difference between her and other people. And if there is no difference in her character and others, her being FL fails.

  38. TUFFY

    Both kabir and shankara played game by cheating. No one inspected the balls that were played as that’s how they won. It wasn’t a fair game at all. Hoping now this track is brought to an end soon. Kabir should at least find out the truth if bihaan is really responsible for his sisters state.

  39. Lucy

    I didn’t have time to watch the show at its usual time so decided to read the written episode and the comments first today and I thought wow people getting excited about Kabir/Thapki scene, I thought that doesn’t sound like Thapki so now I’ve finally watched it it’s actually made me laugh that Kabir fans got happy with such a one sided pick up spin where both teams apart from Kabir are devastated by the enormity of their loss he picks her up she doesn’t respond, she’s too worried about Bihaan. If he did it for Bihaans benefit he was in too much physical pain to even register the spinning turn. I’m glad that Bihaan gave her the trophy cos that would have stung her more

  40. Debie

    I”m the fan’s of thahan..but at this point i truely dissapointed with thapki who didnt have a guts to fight back kabir the man who obviously deceived her…hate u thapki!!!

  41. Nithya

    THABIR fans don’t be excited tooooo much,because in TPK jodi’s life time is very short
    THARILLA-3 episodes
    Likewise THABIR also will be 3 or 6 months
    Very soon cvs will introduce new jodi THA………. (A-Z) there are 26 letters in english,till now cvs utilised only few letters with THA….,so let’s wait and see 🙂

  42. Trupti

    Thapki has won the cricket match. Kabir reminds Thapki the bet, that Bihaan and Pandey family have to leave the house after losing the match. He asks Thapki to make them leave.
    Thapki cries and prays to Lord to help her. Kabir dances on dhol and celebrates. Kabir’s sister Neha runs to save herself from a dog. Thapki saves Neha and shoos away the dog. Thapki gets Neha home. Kabir gets shocked. Kabir’s truth will come out. Thapki will know Kabir has come to take Neha’s revenge.

  43. Lee_na

    Come on guys, it’s just a serial, no need to arguing so much, they’re just fictional characters.
    Or maybe you do need to arguing much, so the show still going on air…
    Thahaanians and kabirian (i could not say thabirian, because you guys only at kabir side not thapki, because thapki love bihaan only) are both needed to make the show goes on.
    So keep arguing and enjoy the senseless show

  44. Kala

    This comment is deleted.

    Msg from Team: Kindly do not use multiple names else ALL your comments will be deleted.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.