Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan trying to stop Thapki and says whatever you said is a lie, I knew it, and asks him not to leave him. Thapki turns her face. Kabir says lets go. He takes Thapki and baby with him. Aditi comes to Bihaan and says Bihaan ji. He stops his bike and tells Aditi that he don’t believe Thapki. Aditi tells her everything that Sankara and Shraddha are behind Thapki’s lie. Bihaan shouts Sankara and gets angry. He asks Aditi to sit on his bike. They follow ambulance. Shraddha says there is only one way and hits Aditi and Bihaan with a truck. They fall unconscious and severely wounded. Shraddha says what they thought that they will stop Thapki and says Thapki have to go from here so that we can rule on Pandey house.

After 7 years…….

Suman and Preeti are

seen decorating the house. Balwinder asks if the decoration is done. Preeti says when thapki left from here, Aditi also died in an accident. Aditi’s pic is shown with garland on it. They call Anu..Anu comes and says she will use rod to hand the balloons. Balwinder says she is very matured grand daughter. Suman says she is Aditi’s daughter, and that Shraddha’s son Veer is mischievous. Veer comes and breaks something. Suman tells that she couldn’t understand how clever Shraddha’s son can be so innocent, while Aditi’s daughter is so clever. Balwinder asks where is the birthday girl. Sankara and Shraddha scares Tina (Thapki’s other daughter) and asks where is she? Tina is hiding under the bed. They leave. Tina comes out seeing them leaving, but to her horror, they return and look angrily at her. Shraddha holds her hand tightly and asks her to come out. She asks why you are scared, you should be happy. Tina cries and says I am very happy.

Sanakra says she is like her mum…Her mum used to get Thapki and she will get Thapki from us. She pats on her shoulder and asks her to get ready in the birthday dress. Sankara asks her to get ready so that she don’t forget her birthday. Shraddha eyes her evilly. She makes Tina get ready and hurts her while combing her hairs. Shraddha tortures her a lot and asks her not to shout else she will pull all her hairs. Veer and Anu come to Tina and asks her to come and says Dadu is calling you. Veer says Mamma will not refuse and asks her to come. Shraddha says of course. They take Tina. Shraddha tells Sankara that Tina used to talk nonstop, but she is stammering now because of their tortures. Sankara says she is enjoying this moment. She says what if Thapki returns. Shraddha says if she comes then nobody will recognize you. Sankara says you have killed Aditi 7 years back, and but thankfully Bihaan was saved. Shraddha says he died also, as he is changed now and B is not for Bihaan…but B for Badla.

Pankaj comes to take cake for Tina. Some goon take the cake and says it is my birthday too. Pankaj asks him to return the cake. Goon asks what you will do? Bihaan says I will tell you..he asks him to return the cake else. Other goon says Bihaan Pandey is a dangerous vasooli goon. Bihaan says I am asking you to return the cake for last time. Bihaan takes the cake and goes. The goons run after Bihaan to beat him. Pankaj calls Balwinder. Bihaan makes the goons slip and comes home, but goons follow him and come there. Bihaan asks them to leave from there. Goon asks him to make him have cake with his hand…Bihaan looks on.

Thapki comes home and sees darkness in the house. Her daughter hits the balloon and says Ghajab….Thapki smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I thot aftr leap story vl very boring…. Bt todays episode ws superb…….. Its nyc… Very interesting except shradda n gobar ka scene

  2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    oh my god : bani say : gajaaaab

  3. i love Bani the way she said ghajab l really like it.? becoz of Bani she act like my bihan for this I will watch thapki .bihaan is also good it is interesting to see bihan apart from his character but I miss my old bihan ?

  4. Bye aditi…
    so bihaan had known the truth before the accident happened
    Evil shrakar, how could they torturing tina like that..
    Bihaan with split personality…interesting…Manish acting is really count this time…go Manish, you can do it
    Bani gajaab…!!
    I’m really exciting

  5. m not hapy wd this again bihan have to suffer a lot….again thapki gain another succesful avtar….after leaving bihan…she makes him into a sad man….if thapki wants to save bihan in this way sory to say but you snatch ur husband life from him ….his daughter..and take him to the grave…poor bihan….he always grown as a orphange and always beg for love but now his daughters are also suffring the same…they dont knw abt their father….very sad….bihan was in a guilt after losing his frst child but these babies were the hope for him but again…thapki and its so called mahanta….spoil everything….jb se thapki se piyar kya bihan ko kch nh mila swae nafrat or ansowo tears k…

  6. Vinolin.d

    very cute kids.I am so happy bani is like bihaan.but tani is very pity.I hope bani will save her sister.I don’t like Sankara now.because she is wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor.she married with bihaan.I hate this.but I doesnt know how many months they will drag this Track.always evil is winning.bihaan…you are so cute in that…you are looking so cute.but I so sad about this track.Its not interesting for me.because of I hate memory loss track.I throught bihaan won’t marry Sankara and he won’t care about her.but they are showing bihaan and Sankara living together in same I am very disappointed.

  7. They didn’t show what happened to dhruv. Shraddha again got her way and sankara.

  8. I just feel happy after seeing this episode…But tobe very Frank really miss our old Bihaan…I think Tina’s care and love will make him happy I don’t want to see the stupid sankar with our Bihaan.precap is gajab…Tina also have the stammering problem like Thapki…she is mummas girl…but our Bani is completely a Pappas girl.

    Manish absolutely wonderful not only in a new look but also the new personality…as a newcomer god has to give him a best platform and he will always tried to give his best…awaiting to see the new Bihaan at the same time hopefully expecting to get our B for Bihaan back…
    Hi…reshal,garima,vino,sruti,navami,dandy,santhosh Bhai,rinka…Do you Like Bihaans new appearance?share your views…
    I feel loneliness here miss you friends…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Hello Pooja i really like Bihu new look is amazing I like his this look very much.Mani performed it very too miss old bihaan .
      Don’t feel lonely yaar I am there with u and others will also come.may b they r busy .tc

    2. hi pooja… don’t feel alone.. I always stalk here but don’t comment.. I always read all of your comments… Bani has completely become like bihaan and Tina like thapki.. I am looking forward when Bani will come and irritate shraddha and sankar for torturing her sister.. I want Bani to teach them some lessons …

  9. I don’t usually swear but pardon my French those 2 f****** b****** are lower than low taking their revenge out on a little girl. Sankar got her revenge on Thapki, she separated Thahaan why torture an innocent.
    Bihaan made me laugh out loud it seems the accident has kind of made him a bit special. The pulling of the jeans as his running was so funny.
    Also with bani and Tina it’s a bit like Sita and Gita and them types of film where one is weak and tortured and the other strong

  10. Manish ki deewani

    So Bihu know the truth before accident .two witches torture Tina poor Tina . thank god she know that gd is not her mom .also she stammer be oz of these two witches hate them . what type of women’s these r .shradha u r also mother he u can do to others.I hate u shradha but love u Monica .
    In last I was laughing so much .bihu this look is awesome.Manish I am sure u give ur 100 percent to both roles I am exited to see his acting in both roles but this one is amazing other one we see bihu sad face but Tina is there with her .today this look is really gajaaaaab .hope sankri didn’t claim his wife .may b bihu scare too infront of her
    Precap wow B phor Bani is same as his dad B phor Bihaan .he she say gajab also she use gullel like his father.

  11. Candiva007

    Aditi died??? I knew she didn’t want to be in the leap but they could have at least hired someone to play the role. Sad. I heard Dhurv left too does that mean he left the family or did he get replaced?

    Why do the bad people always get away with stuff and the good people always dies or get heart broken? I’m sad. 🙁

  12. Bihaan is not look like 6 yr old daughters papa. He looks so handsome.I like bihaan like bani with thapki and thapki like Tina with bihaan. So nice . preethi correctly found that shradhha son is not like shradha .Shankar actually what u want???? u torture this innocent child. Y r u living in this world .Shankar ….but one disappointing that they make thapki a journalist but bihaan again goon. What ever it is I love thahaan and banit(bani&Tina) so cute na

  13. Thank you my dear friend rehal for your love,care,concern to me…I feel really happy to get a good friend like you…
    You are right…our buddies will rejoin soon…take care…keep smiling:)

  14. Vinolin.d

    hai dear pooja… how are you dear??

  15. Bt as bihaan knew everythng befre accidnt,r wht he wants to tk revnge?tht shrddha said b 4 badla?

  16. I will understand why my post won’t posted because these Indian serials are getting ridiculous I thought after watching thapki got married to Bihaan the story would come to end how wrong I was more Drama for the next 20 years we have stop watching Thapki Saathiya Suhaani ek Ladki Total rubbish

    1. silent reader 2

      Hi Mr BParekh*I agree wit u* after nearly 2 years watching Indian soaps on rishtey channel* I found them* boring* predicable * full of nonsense * torturing none stop crying* promoting slavery* violence nd* GIVING POWER 2 DEVIL*BUT MAKING D GOODNESS LOOSER *nd*DESPERATE * all d heroins being naive nd mute when they have to defend themselves or saying the truth*
      dra……………………………………………………………………………..gging nd dra……………………………………………………………………………..gging nd
      dra……………………………………………………………………………..gging *
      Indians are used to it * but I couldn’t figure it out* why these shows are sending to Europe * where the people are shocked by these kind of life.

  17. Hello everyone
    how r u all?
    pooja prabha reshal, anu, garima, fataroj, ritu(ritz), vino, vinni,sandy,navmi, juvi, ratanmala, sulbi, leena,(nany)NaiTan, rifa, sakshi, kiran, alia and all thahaanians…
    pooja di don’t feel alone..
    v all thahaan fans always with u..
    love u all..
    and all thahaan writers plz continue ffs
    juvi di v miss u plz post ur ff..
    take care..

    one confusion bihaan ban gya kya?

  18. very nice and I much excited guysnitanshi our cute bAni had act so well
    and so tina
    both were amazing
    excited to know why bihu had two looks

    and how madam thapki wil react when she will saw him
    and get to know about tina

  19. happy promise day guys
    I promise I will be with u all
    I was busy previous days
    so I hadn’t come but I promise I will be with u all
    and support our thahaan
    hi poOja santy bhai garima ritz vinlo naiTan
    kudrat vinlo reshal
    and all my dearies

  20. Garima

    oh so change in bihaan I like bihaan acting and miss old bihaan but he is superb in any persanity and wow Papa daughter are amazing and gazab line oh I am crazy for it I am fan of bihaan and thin that early I am also become a fan of bani father’s daughter. hy pooja anu Manish ki divani and die for manayasa joylin vino trupti and santhosh navami Lee na Sri rink how are you.

  21. Navami

    Hai all dear thahaniens……iam missing the reaal show ….updates are giving me info about the story line now a days…thats why iam not commenting….sorry friends..miss you all…dear POOJA. Darl…….dont feel alone….we all are with you…..hai,vino ,garima,kudrat,leena,sadia,anu….and all dear friends…how are you all?

  22. I m promise too that
    I kudrat always with u all thahaanians..
    and keep trying 2 console suhana di
    I m sure that she come again..
    Nd request 2 all keep trying..
    love u all

  23. Happy Promise day dear friends…I promise you ,my support and love is always with you dear friends and Thahaan….
    Thank you rinka,anu,vino,navami,kudrat for your support…I realized the reality that is, I am not alone…my dearest friends are always with me…happy weekend to you lovely garima,reshal,anu,vino,kudrat,sandy,sruti,navami,santhosh Bhai ,rinks and all thahaanians

  24. Garima

    hy I promise you that you are my friend always if tpk is about to end so any another show.

  25. Vinolin.d

    hai friends…happy promise day dear…I will promise you…I am always with you my dear thaanians…
    hello pooja, garima,Anu,reshal,joylin,rifa,sruthi,naitan,kudrat,sri watta,Ritz,juveria,navami,
    sadia,anchel,sandy, sadia and all my friends…how are you?

  26. Navami

    Friends eventhough i cant comment or update regularly….in within all my limitations…i promise you all that i will be with you all ………thahaniens…… u all frndzzz

  27. love u all my dear frnds

  28. Total carp always making good people suffer or killing them always evil winning stupid moron director

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