Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying Suman is Sanjay’s wife. She says Suman has a good heart, she can’t speak English, but had great values, she cooked food for you all, though there is servant at home, she learnt modern recipes for you, as guest is like Lord for us, feel comfortable and enjoy the food. She asks Suman to call her if she needs help, I m washing clothes there. She goes. Shraddha says she is nautanki, she gave lecture and went. Sanjay says I m sorry, I was about to introduce, she is my wife Suman. His friends apologize to Suman for misbehaving. She says it happens, its okay. Bau ji and Dadi come. Sanjay introduces them.

Thapki cleans the whitener from the clothes. Suman goes to help Thapki, and says we will wash clothes and finish work soon. Thapki says no, I will manage.

Suman sees the sores on her hand and they wash clothes together. Suman says I kept medicine for your sores, apply it on hands, I kept food in kitchen, I know you did not eat anything since morning. She thanks Thapki and cries. Preeti sees them and gets shocked.

Diwakar gets up and Mishra scolds him for having bhaang. He says you told truth to constable. Diwakar’s mum says Aditi did all this, she added bhaang in Prasad. Aditi comes and says yes, I did this to prove his truth, I succeeded, the constable would be calling police inspector now, pack your bags and leave.

Preeti asks Suman why did she help Thapki. Suman tells her how Thapki supported her when Sanjay’s friends were joking on her, while Shraddha did not do anything, Thapki spoke English and gave them good lecture, I insulted Thapki before his friends came, and she saved my respect. She is not a bad girl. Preeti asks what was that happened on anniversary day. Suman says I don’t know, Thapki can’t stain our respect. Preeti calls her mad and goes.

Vasundara gives first day earnings to Thapki, and asks for cowshed rent. She takes 500rs back. Vasundara asks how will she manage, think this is last day, leave the cowshed tomorrow. Thapki says no, I m not habitual to do much work, so I got tired, I think I will get habitual, I will go and come on time tomorrow. Vasundara gets stunned. She thinks to see till when will Thapki stay here.

Bihaan sees Thapki sleeping and thinks she slept so soon, I will also get peaceful sleep today. He sees she is getting troubled by lamp light, and goes to remove the lamp bulb. Thapki wakes up and sees him removing the bulb. Na na na na …….plays……. she asks what were you doing there. He says I was not getting sleep by this bulb light. She says so you removed it, is this your property. He says I can do my wish anywhere. He asks her to sleep and stop this pravachan, what happened today that you slept so soon. She says just like that. He gets her purse and passes it. Money falls and he looks on.

Bihaan takes money and says two 500rs notes, I gave just one to you to get items, how did you get second one. She gets tensed. He asks her to answer. She says its my notes, I had it, if you want accounts, don’t give me money. He says I did not ask account, fine keep this, you won’t understand. He goes to sleep. She keeps the money and worries.

Dhruv comes to room, and says I can’t believe this, Thapki is working as maid in this house, Dadi told me, what is happening, this is not right, I will talk to Maa. Shraddha stops him and asks will you talk on Thapki’s behalf, who called Vasundara a thief, don’t hurt her. He says nothing is right here. She asks him to trust Vasundara. She gifts him a wallet. He says its nice. She asks him to see it, and shows her pic. He thanks her and says good night.

Its morning, Bihaan talks to Gulabo about Thapki, and asks for some ideas. He gets some idea and smiles. He calls Gulabo his true friend. He says I will make Bau ji talk to Thapki. Bau ji comes and talks to Gulabo. Bihaan goes away and shows he is on phone. Bau ji feeds Gulabo. Gulabo does not eat. Bihaan reminds Bau ji about aam papad. Bau ji asks Bihaan for aam papad for Gulabo. Bihaan says I had just one, Thapki has it, she is there in cowshed, I will get it. He says I got imp call, my friend is in hospital and goes out talking. Bau ji asks Gulabo to eat. Thapki thinks to finish work and then go there. Bau ji comes to her. She asks Bau ji to sit on stool, and says I will make tea. He says no, I don’t want tea… she sees the cow feed and understands. She gives him aam papad. She says you wanted this right, you always called me Thapki betiya, I felt incomplete when you called me just Thapki today. He goes. She cries and says I never missed my Papa, because you were with me, but now…. She touches the ground where he stood.

Dhruv tells Thapki that I did not imagine to see you in this state. His wallet and Shraddha’s pic falls. Thapki picks wallet. Shraddha sees her pic in junk and says how dare Thapki put my pic in junk, I will ruin her respect.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thahaan scene was so romantic and I just love bihaan performance he looks so cute in white t shirt in a moon light…I hate precap bcz I don’t want thapki dhruv scenes

  2. Now shraddha will mix fevi quick in d milk to make thapki drink it…as she misstook thapki to take revenge from her…..thapki will drink dat milk and her lips will stick together n she will be unable to talk…bihaan will return home very happily n try to share it wid thapki…but seeing her in dis state he will ask her how she not talking again…n gets irritated as he could not understand her what she is trying to say….she again writes sumthin on paper n dan bihaan tries to help her by taking a knife on his hand n opening her mouth with dat…thapki being scared tries to run but bihaan succesfully open’s her mouth….its going to be a romantic n verry funny scene….so get happy all thahaan fans as again a thahaan scenes is coming up…..all thanks to dat stupid shraddha….feel like sticking her mouth with permanent glue….n druv a bigg looser….thahaan keep going…

  3. Shraddha’s photo along with waste. Nice…Her worth only with that. Suman is supporting Thapki now. Slowly all will be with Thahaan. Interesting…. ☺☺☺

  4. The couple are made for each other – they always think of the family they always support each other without revealing it to each other……both miss their bauji a lot…that day Bihaan and today thapki….
    And we got new dress for Bihaan today also…what a shirt yaar….B for Bihaan was looking too handsome in that B for Black and blue combo….bahuth sundar laghtha tha….

    And guys from this week TPK is aired on all 7 days of the week….. I will enjoy seeing bihaan all the days……..(including Sundays)…..
    Waiting for thahaan scenes……I have to wait till Saturday to know our Bihaan reactions when he comes to know that thapki is working as maid in that zoo…….if possible Bihaan pl…slap her yaar……on behalf of me…..but oh no!!!! how can i….after all she is doing & accepting all these for u only…..

    1. What tpk 7 days of the week. I can t understand. They told udan is maha episode. Then how

      1. Udaan monday night 8 r 8.30

      2. Thank you MPS

    2. Hello puppy, me too ‘moti buddhi’ like your bihaan. Pls. Explain briefly.

      1. Hey ash puppy means that TPK will now air everyday all 7 days mon-sun 7pm right puppy?

      2. Fatarajo, Puppy told,’ Bihaan all the days.’ It happends v v good. But think, makers show the evils face again and again OMG. Anyways, think good……happens good (its for me) because Puppy s is always positive mind.

  5. When is vasundara and shraddha true face going 2 be shown…i feel sorri 4 thapki

  6. thank god atleast suman comes in right track n believes thapki can’t do bad things
    but thapki plz… don’t talk with bihaan like that
    I feel so bad he always cares for thapki n trying to make thapki back in house but u never understand him

  7. Thapki pyaar Ki serial is good.But sometimes is seems so much boring.
    According to me India Ki koi bhi girl itni fool nehi hain.India Keya full world Mein koi bhi girl khudko aase sabke samne insult hone nehi deta.All girls Mein self respect hain.2016 aa chuki hain.Girls apni right Ki liye ladna shikh gayi hain.Girls aab aakh bhand kar k saas Ki baakwaas nehi sunta.Ya pher saas Ki unnecessary torture nehi sehen karta.Girls aagar khud Ki jagah par sahi hain toh saas Ki nani remind dila deti hain.Sabko sikha deti hain Ki girls r not weak.
    But now,sab serial Mein girls ko itna accha dikha rahi hain Ki all girls sab torture be Baja sehen kar leti hain.Sab kuch Mein girls tortured hoti hain.Or girls sab ko sab Ki liye forgive kar deti hain.As a girl i know that girls r soft hearted.But itni soft hearted nehi hain Ki sab Ki samne insult hone Ki baad bhi sab ko maaf kar deti hain.
    Thapki serial Mein thapki janti hain vasu Ki sab galti hain.But phir bhi voh sabko kuch nehi batana chahti hain.Why….
    Plz all story writer of all indian serial i want to request u as a viewer that plz girls ko itni bhi accha maat dekhao Ki real life Mein bhi sab girls ko weak samajh ne laag jati hain.Sometimes girls ko kuch mu tod jawab Dena dekhao Ki sab samajh ne laage Ki girls r not weak & serial Mein kuch real dekhao Ki hamari inn sabko dekh kar kuch inspiration mile.All time kalpanik story dikha kar viewers ko irritate maat karo.

    Sorry,all indian audience.Aagar sab ko meri comment pe bura laga toh sorry.Mera intention wrong nehi Tha.Yah meri manna hain.Or aagar meri koi spelling mistake hain toh plz again sorry.Because i m not indian.But i m trying to learn hindhi.

  8. Thahaan scene was so cute.

  9. Only happy in today episode is bihaan cute smile n music…thapki s worst…dhruv s dumb..
    .shraddha s stupid… Vasu s Buffalo….

  10. I didn’t watch this serial …..after a long break today I read written.there is no progress in the story line.Thapki live in that Zoo without understanding what had happen around her.
    This serial superb only upto the initial 3 months.i like thapki
    Apart from Tharuv&thahaan .pray 4 her sake. Writerji plz stop this worst drama… reality there is no girl like thapki????????

  11. […] Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update […]

  12. bihaan duologue is too good.. not bad than other serial.. it is first time I m commenting the post.. so far I ve been silent reader here.. once I was too much possession to ikrs serial.. now the plot s rising my bp .. so decided to stop watching then jumped here..

  13. The only thing I liked about today’s episode is Suman having a soft corner for Thapki, I think next is Preeti. And nowadays they are dragging this show a lot and worse is less or almost no thahaan scenes this week only reason why I watch TPK , nowadays I watch Kaala Teeka over TPK annoyed over vasu drama.

    1. O dear, where is your loving pat? Today is 10th. Your picture releasing today or not.

      1. Yaar I have submitted already but they still haven’t publish it either you will get it tonight maybe most probably tomorrow

  14. Thahaan sn ws only good..thnks to god now suman knws thapkiz happy at least one family member of pnday niws came to knw bout dt. Plz dont dragg too much..try to be understand what viewers want.pls try to chnge the current track. Fed up of this vasuz n shraddhaz drama..

  15. There is no progress in Thahaans relation,really feel bad about Thapki….i hope coming episodes willbe interesting.Manish……..stunning performance.

  16. Good but ……. not satisfied

  17. Cn we hope will there be any special thahaan sn on this sunday..I mnt on Valentine’s day epi. Hp it will..

  18. not bad…

  19. There is no progress in TPK
    TPK—TRP in COLOURS channel

  20. Hi sam nice to know your comments which are 100%correct even i believe the same i was stunned to know that you are not from india trust me your hindi is perfect flawless by the way where are u from

  21. Only 3 characters in this serial have any sense: Bihaan, Ram pyaari and Gullabo!

  22. Happy to see suman with thapki

  23. Very happy to see Suman with Thapki ; vasu and shraddha both rubbish and Thapki stupid precap worst shraddha should not trouble thapki

  24. In this serial all the so called educated people are not using it well such as thapki,dhruv,aditi…but non educated like bihan,diwakar use their sad.???

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