Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying she has made Thapki fall in Vasundara’s eyes. She goes and sits like a bride. Dhruv comes to his room. Dhruv recalls his promise and asks Shraddha to sleep as she is tired. He turns away and sleeps. Its morning, Shraddha greets everyone. Vasundara asks Shraddha to cook food today as per the ritual. Dadi praises the kheer Thapki made in first rasoi rasam. Vasundara says see how Shraddha cooks, she will make better. Shraddha says yes, I will try by heart. Vasundara and Dadi leave.

Shraddha tries to make puri and does not do it well. She gives money to the maid and asks her to cook food, then lie to everyone that Shraddha made food. Thapki takes the money and stops Shraddha. She sends the maid and asks Shraddha to cook food to fulfill rasam. She

says I will help you. Shraddha refuses to take her help. Shraddha scolds her for acting and then telling everyone that I don’t know cooking. Thapki says there is no use to tell truth now. Shraddha says I know you hate me. Thapki says I don’t hate you, I have problem with your bad intentions, I could not bring your truth out, but other truth is you are Dhruv’s wife now, don’t hurt anyone. Shraddha thinks to take her help and get name. Thapki cooks.

Vasundara praises Shraddha infront of everyone and says she will make food better than everyone, keep nek ready. Dadi says we have to do puja too and tells everyone about sindoor applied to idol and then all suhagan apply the sindoor. She asks for Prasad beetel leaves and laddoos.

Shraddha and Thapki bring the food. Preeti praises the food made by Thapki. Dadi says lets see the taste. Dadi likes the food. Shraddha smiles. They all like the food. Vasundara asks Dhruv how did he like food made by Shraddha. Dhruv eats food and looks at Thapki. Dhruv says you know, I don’t lie, its same food like Thapki makes. Vasundara gets shocked. Bihaan says yes, even spices are same, I think Thapki made this food.

Vasundara praises Shraddha and gives her a diamond ring as Nek. Suman and Preeti stare at the ring. Shraddha thanks Vasundara. Dadi asks Shraddha about garam masala. Shraddha says she has heated the spice and added in it. They all smile. Vasundara says garam masala is not heated before adding. Preeti asks Shraddha did she cook the food. Shraddha says yes, I made all the food. Suman asks why is she tensed, Vasundara says those who stammer, their heart has a thief.

Shraddha says you all are right, I did not make this food, I don’t know cooking. Thapki made the food. Dadi says don’t worry. Thapki will teach you, as she is Sarvagunn samparn, she makes good food and also keeps relations, she would have made fun of your weakness but she did not do this, she supported you and covered your weakness. She says you did complete rasam, so Thapki deserves this ring. Thapki says no. Dadi asks her to keep it and gives the ring.

Vasundara adds sindoor in betel to make Thapki lose her voice. Thapki comes and asks why are you doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb precap nice nose cut for vasundra thapki deserves diamond necklace pls vasundra go to hell

  2. variga

    i read somewhere that thapki will loose her voice and doctor will say to try hard to talk and then bihaan will help her getting her voice.

    • Ally

      Really.. ?? .Then he will try to provoke her by telling something she don’t like to raise her voice. Means nok- jok again.. waiting for that episode ??.

  3. lallu

    Wow!!!after a long gap …….awsome episode!!!!!!dadi maa ware wa !!!!! Shraddha, u gave a great nosecut for vasu ha ha ha haaaaaa

  4. Finally got to see a good episode today but still not up to mark. Wanted that Vasundhara to scold Shraddha instead of blindly trusting her. Am getting impatient.Want some thahaan scenes.
    This week Thapki got very good trps. But the track is not right.

  5. puppy

    Arae ya……..end the track… Unite either tharuv or thahaan ya pl…
    Now both will (Dhruv and bihaan) suffer…….
    If u unite (my wish) thahaan(lovely) , it…..
    And don’t make Dhruv negative….
    Thank God !!!!today thapki smiled happily bcoz of dadi maaaa….
    Thank u so much dadi maaa…..

    • I somewhat understand ur comment Tedd, I also think the makers r trying to make TPK a saas Bahu saga, from the precap and spoilers I think that the upcoming episodes of TPK is gonna be good

      • tedd

        I just hope they are good..i wud luv to watch more…but by saas bahu saga i mean is that typical saas bahu saga…in which there are no new ideas after a certain point….like now in most of the serials, we have bhoot, naagin, plastic surgery, memory loss…..

        Like MATSH..itz the worst serial i ve ever seen…itna leaps kar diya itz not worth a watch…I movie ka plot daal diya usme…ishani ..ranvir to kavi mil hi nahin paate…

      • Ya Tedd I m also fed up of saas Bahu sagas, like I used to watch SSK a lot but after the ghost track bye bye SSK
        and MATSH , leaps and leaps . And in none of them Ishveer is together . MATSH is now merely a show with good actors but no storyline. I mean seriously

  6. Ally

    Shraddha failed today…… Loved that scene where everyone feels Thapki made food. And Dadi gifted ring to Thapki I like shraddha ‘s expression that time… ☺☺☺ Hate vasu..
    Now vasu also trying to trap Thapki along with Shraddha. Hmm Now pandey house will be a battle field for Thapki ??

  7. Paul

    TPK beat swaragini, MATSH, udaan, IKRS, Balika vadhu, Ashoka in last week trp…
    Plz reveal vasu’s truth soon..

      • Ya, IKRS has one of the lowest trp in colors and wheras it should be the opposite. But it’s trp is very good in terms of its time slot. Hopefully, it will beat at least MATSH next week. As MATSH AND IKRS has almost the same trp

  8. riya

    Actually I like shradha….. Yes she is bad but don’t u guys think dat will bring out d truth of vasu…. And she will realise her mistake when thapki will really do sth good……..

  9. Deepu

    Vasu deserve this how she praise shraddha but all wasted .dadi very well said…
    even more like bihaans smile
    luv u thahaan.

  10. Arun

    This crap need to be stopped from being telecast any further. Show us some light, good, funny shows. But, in the name of funny shows, please don’t produce shows which are cheap and ugly. By making distraught faces you don’t generate fun. You look UGLY, like this serial.

  11. tharuvluvr

    Pls unite Dhruv andThapki don’t make fun of true love…they are still loving each other but hiding it becoz of their stupid forced marriages…
    Bihaan has to realize their love and try to unite them

  12. Swathi

    Nice episode.After so many sufferings today Thapki smiles,it’s nice to see.Bihaan’s smile is also superb.I think Thapki lose her voice&after treatment her stammering problem may reduce.But it take much time at least 1month.Today both Dhruv&thapki are in white very super,cute,adorable…….vakkukal kittunnilla………..

  13. Sumu

    No thahaan scenes…
    happy to see trp increase because earlier week shows thahaan quicksand scene,they get together for expose shraddha….

  14. Swathi

    Even Shraddha is an evil she has the courage to reveal the truth,she don’t know cooking.But she become too dangerous bcoz of this incident &make troubles.Waiting for good moments.???

    • I also like the actress who is acting as Shraddha hope she turns positive and I think only thapki can make her positive. I saw her other shows like housewife and Pyaar ka dard hai there her character was positive .

  15. puppy

    Yaa! I too liked the way bihaan smiled….lovely !!!! Natural acting……hats off bihaan aka manish …..keep it up…..

  16. Naksha

    Expose the truth of shradda to vasu .vasu’s truth to family members especially druv. And unite tharuv. I love their pair

  17. I just remembered the show I saw Ankit Bathla. If I m not wrong it was a star plus show? But I m confused in which show he was?
    And is it true that Manish Goplani and Jigyasa Singh act in a show together before?

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