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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan thinking of the temple on the way and rushes to that place. He hears Thapki’s voice and gets inside the place. He sees the tape recorder and throws it. He gets her necklace and sees blood marks on glass pieces. He says Dhruv, I won’t leave you. Dhruv and Thapki are the way. She says police is there, no one can save you now. Dhruv stops her and says be silent, if you want Bihaan safe. She shouts for help. Dhruv shuts her mouth with a tape and ties her hands. He says you know I did not wish to do all this. He puts her in backseat. He says I will kill Bihaan, just be quiet. She cries.

Dhruv asks a man about checking. The man gives him india’s flag paper and says a media guy has run away, that’s why police is checking. Dhruv says fine, and takes the flag.

He drives car ahead and shows his face colored. He wishes inspector happy independence day. Inspector says I have to check your car. Dhruv takes gun out. Inspector goes to check message from control room and asks Dhruv to go. Dhruv sees Bihaan in his car mirror. He tells inspector that the bike guy was talking about bomb blast etc, just check him.

Bihaan shouts to Dhruv to stop. Police stops him and checks him. Bihaan says I have to go after that car. Thapki sees Bihaan and cries.

Dhruv gets Thapki to some new place, an old deserted mill. She says leave him and cries. He says we are going to get married here, go and get ready, I want my bride to look best, don’t try to run away now. She thinks how to get out from here. Dhruv goes. She gets a kite and writes message for Bihaan. She prays that the kite reaches Bihaan. Bihaan says I m Bihaan Pandey, Balwinder Pandey’s son. Inspector says why did you not say before and asks him to go. The kite flies to Bihaan. He reads Thapki’s message, of the place, old mill. He thinks mill is nearby.

Dhruv asks Thapki did she get ready and knocks door. He says don’t make me helpless, I will get angry. Thapki comes to him. He says you did not get ready, anyways you look beautiful, all rituals are done, just one phera is remaining, then you will be mine, its our marriage today. She slaps him and asks what marriage, you became an animal. He says I m animal right, and hurts her by twisting her hand. She screams and cries. He says you have seen my love, now see my madness, I will marry you, come, we will do ghatbandhan now, I m your Dhruv Sir, your first love, come. She does not move. Dhruv holds her hand and forces her. Bihaan reaches there and gets angry seeing Dhruv. Thapki runs to Bihaan and hugs him. Dhruv and Bihaan have a fight.

Dhruv falls down. The family reaches there. Thapki cries and hugs Vasundara. Vasundara says we all are with you. Bau ji asks Bihaan to take everyone and go home, I will send this animal to jail. Dhruv gets a knife and gets up. He stabs Bihaan’s leg. Everyone get shocked. Dhruv holds Thapki and asks everyone to move back. He says either I will die or my enemy, Thapki is mine, she is my first love. Vasundara says we are your family.

Dhruv laughs and asks is family such. He cries and says where was my family, when my mother, brother and wife cheated me, you all ended my life, I will make Thapki mine, even if I have to kill you all. Bihaan shouts Dhruv. Dhruv says move back. Bau ji says Dhruv, we can’t change whatever happened. Dhruv says it can be changed Bau ji, I will take the last round with Thapki.

Dhruv scolds them and asks them to go inside, else he will kill Thapki. He aims gun at Thapki. He asks Shraddha to go fast. She asks why should I go, I m here to help you, I don’t like them, you punish them, they are fools. Dhruv asks Shraddha to stand quiet. He pushes Thapki towards Bihaan. He presses the remote and some poisonous gas starts filling in that room. Bihaan asks what are you doing. Dhruv says I have put everything on stake, everyone will die in 5mins. Everyone start coughing. Bihaan gets shocked.

Bihaan and Thapki take the reverse rounds. Vasundara shouts Dhruv and shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the Bihaan will die.. Thnx to vasundra.. Now I likes her role..

    1. We’ll wake you up after tomorrow’s episode! 😀


      hello sir isko thoda dekhiye na….??

      Thapki Pyaar Ki: Dhruv aka Ankit Bathla exits show and Aakash Talwar enters

      Aug 09 , 2016 | | One Comments

      Thapki Pyaar Ki: Dhruv (Ankit Bathla)’s character ends, Aakash Talwar enters as new villain for Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan (Manish Goplani)
      Colors TV show Thapki Pyaar Ki is gearing up for some massive changes in terms of storyline, time slot as well as some changes in the cast of the show. Very soon, the main villain of the show Dhruv will realize his mistake and will regret all his bad deeds.

      Dhruv will think of leaving his family and settling abroad as a means of repentance. This will also bring about the exit of Dhruv’s character from the show for the time being. Reports suggest that Dhruv aka Ankit Bathla’s exit form Thapki Pyaar Ki will be for a long time and it is still not clear whether eh will make a comeback on the show or not. The upcoming track will not feature Dhruv in the plot at all and the makers may bring him back at a later stage depending upon the requirements of the track.

      After Dhruv’s exit, a new character is all set to make an entry on the show and may take Dhruv’s place as the new villain. News is that actor Aakash Talwar will soon enter Thapki Pyaar Ki playing the role of a rich NRI who cares only for himself and is not bothered about his family’s happiness. This will bring about the introduction of a new family on the show and Thapki and Bihaan’s lives will get entwined with this family.

      The makers of the show may introduce a new love angle between Thapki and Aakash’s character in the future episodes. Aakash was earlier seen in Channel V’s how Mastaangi where he essayed the lead role. Besides Aakash , another actor Afzaal Khan will also make an entry in TPK and he too will play an important character. Let’s wait and see whether this new change in plot for Thapki Pyaar Ki is able to grab the attention of the ardent fans of the show. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Thapki Pyaar Ki.

      1. Truelove

        Thanks Santosh. 🙂

      2. Lightsabre

        I told u na tht they wil copy laksh track from swaragini??!!!
        I feel bad for ankit.. that he has to exit as a psychola. Such a bad career choice…. i dont think the writers wud hav told him theyl ultimately turn him negative to create more drag. WRITERS …. STOP COPYIN SWARAGINI!!

  2. Thanks for fast update..:)

  3. dhruv died
    i saw in sbs that
    show se dhruv ka pack up ho gaya hai and he is going on long holiday
    thahaanians always true love win

  4. Dhruv,you are really a devil how can you behave like this….Bihaan,superb entry.eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode.writerji…pls don’t drag this track.Manish…What a outstanding performance.

  5. Who is going to shot by vasu bihan or Dhruv…..if someone know share with us …?

  6. I hate dhruv

  7. what if vasu shoot dhruv but bihaan takes the bullet for him? coulb be a good reason to make dhruv realize his madness…

  8. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update

    Tpk in September will b 4 1hour dey changed tym ☺???? after an hour it will back 2 30 mins n dhruv will leave n myt com back n der will b a new entry?????????????

    1. They don’t have anything for a 30 mins episode, what are they going to show for an hour? An alien in love with thapki?

      1. Lol, well they already showed a Gorilla… Honestly are men THAT turned on by Thapki? She’s like a flower with no scent….

      2. Lightsabre

        Lol… dont under estimate them anjana. They cud show tht another bee hive has been disturbed and tht mahaan atma thapki is countin 1 million bees to make sure the bee family is united.

  9. Luvleen

    It’s been ages since I’ve seen any serials just finally caught up with TPK…hmmmm I read Alot of comments on previous posts…a few mentioned a leap after Vasu shoots either Bihaan or Dhruv…seriously I hope that doesn’t happen. Don’t you guys feel the serial is ending soon? Like everything is coming to an end? After Dhruv’s physco track is over what can they do? Cause r writhing leads to this end that Thapki n Bihaan live happily ever after.

    1. Luvleen


      1. Ii. Am sure Vasu will shoot Druv as seen thapki on promotional show on Aastha that she got her love back and support the lead actor.

    2. Lightsabre

      I think theyl copy swaragini. Bihaan wil risk his lyf for druv and druvs mara hua love 4 his brother will return and he wil realise tht thahaan luv eachother …and they do love him but in a different light . So finally lyk tht laksh character … druv 2 wil bcom gud. Bottom line- writers made a fool outa evey1 with a useless inconsequential track ofdruv turnin psycho 4 no logical reason – they created a 2 month DRRRRAAAAAGGGGGG succesfuly with trp 1.3 … shipping in druv fans ,hu got fooled waiting 2 c tharuv weddin / revenge !!!! Sick writers!

      1. Luvleen

        Yes dragging…hmmmm poor Ankit…hopefully he gets better roles in the future. But honestly he got lots of screen time n showcase his a better villian than hero…so I guess it might be beneficial for him for his career.

  10. Truelove

    Dhruv go in and old mill…there is everything working. Wow…. I read that they are going to start a new love story??? Means no thahaan???? Don’t make this serial like Meri aashiqui tum se hi….we already tolerated that torcher.

    1. if the new character is the less psycho version of dhruv who’s after someone else wife, i’m done with the show. At least show me thahaan marriage and thats how the show ended for me if the rest of the story is going to be boring like this track.

  11. Luvleen

    Ohh by the way happy belated friendship day to all. Hope all have been well and happily watching your fav serials. ?

  12. Can please someone tell who is going to get shot Dhruv or bihaan?

    1. Luvleen

      Well with spoilers stating Dhruv will be shot but he will survive…move to live on his own and may return one day to the show…

  13. I think ? that ya to druv ko goli lag jaigi ya bihaan ko kyuki thapki tho dur ha vasa jaha tak bat ha cvs ki vo kuch bhi kar sakta hai ? vasa preacap ka hisab sa tho lag raha ha bihaan ko. ??? I like today fighting with bihaan and druv and I like druv ki jamka dhulai hui???

  14. I think she will shot dhruv n bihaan will come in between ….n this will be d good ending of dhruv’s evil track….according to me ?

  15. Vasu shoot Dhruv but Bihaan saves Dhruv and takes the bullet. ..then Dhruv realise his mistake and apologies everyone and unite thahaan. ..and then takes a break and leave Pandey nivas. …????????????

    1. Sherry

      is it true…??


      hai dhost tum phir se log out hogayi.. ❗❓
      kya tum bhi AB ke tharah chodne ka iraada hai kya..❓❓

  16. shani….i think Dhruv,because he wanted to get a short break from this,Dhruv will die.

    1. Thanks for the reply pooja

  17. I just read the written updates at the end part!! I hate bihan!! Because he destroyed his brother!! I hate cud undead who never let druve to get thapki!! She destroyed a nice person!! Thapki who has changed her love! Curse at her! Very flop drama!

  18. dhurv ur such a good character pls ankit u quit this useless show and start any new program.

    1. I get that u like ankit but how can u call his charavter as good? His character was already useless even before hes turned into a psycho.

  19. Sherry

    Dhruv has really turned into a psycho i mean how can he say that he loves Thapki when he is torturing her a lot…..Thapki did a right thing by slapping Sapola……phir bhi uska akal tikaane mein nahi aya…..and by taking reverse pheres can a couple be separated…?? very illogical thinking of that brainless Sapola…..anyways it is nice that Vasu had shot Dhruv and has ended all evilness in her family…..please unite Thahaan soon before introducing the new entry…..Dhruv shocks…..Thahaan rocks forever…..

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Today dhruv tried to marry her, so thapki slapped him. When bihaan cheatedly married her, y she didnt slap him… on that day? She cried, cried, cried for a whole day, but today her hands are working bcoz she knows dhruv very well, if she slap him he wont hurt her, but at the same time she knows bijaan also, if she shows hima single finger itself he will definitely break it. So ofcourse dhruv is a very bad, psycho fellow.

      1. Lol. U r one mad lover of druv!!!?. 1st of al… bak then thapki was unaware of bihaan being on the mandap with her. Latr wen she found out..the gr8 druv was also part of hiding it from her! Then she ws devastated! This time shes wiser besides, bihaan didnt kidnap, blackmail and torture her mentally and then take her to some blo*dy jungle and take pheras at gun point! SO DRUV DESERVES MORE THAN JUST ONE TIGHT SLAP! Perhaps elecric shock in an asylum too .FINALLY THAPKI… U DID WAT V AL WANTED TO DO!

      2. Yr back ishwarya! Peopl were waiting for ur reply in yesterdays page!?.
        Druv bcam psycho becoz hes had such an easy life. One trouble. He collapsed!

      3. At that time she was Ms,Thapki not Mrs.Thapki Dhruv panday and she never love Dhruv, that’s why she didn’t slap Bihaan when she cheated her…
        But now she was Mrs.Thapki Bihaan panday and she loves Bihaan so she slapped Dhruv, it’s very simple.

      4. * when she cheated by him

      5. @ishwa thats one benefit of having a gunda husband i guess, current thapki character isnt the old passive thapki like when shes with dhruv, shes is now mrs thapki bihaan pandey of course slapping psycho isnt big deal for her

        And hows thapki thinks dhruv isnt capable of hurting her, hes literally put a knife on her neck

      6. Lightsabre

        Lol jann… i lyk ur point of view???

      7. Lightsabre

        Btw ishwara.. i had sent u a reply ystrdy as wel

    2. Sherry

      I agree that what Bihaan did was wrong and he is an angry man but he was with Thapki through thick and thin and always supported her even when he was angry with her …..usne apni aur Thapki ka dhokey se rishtey bekhubi nibhayi hai…..but what did Dhruv do…?? he listened to what all others said and did not trust Thapki even when he knew that Thapki can never do any wrong…..also Bihaan has a clean and pure heart and he keeps his good values…..

  20. What a stupid show, they destroy Dhruvs love, respect and his life, just to make to Bihan and thapki partners.

    1. You totally right. They ruined dhruv life and future. They made him crazy and they call him crazyyyyy. Any one remember why dhruv become mad and crazy just because of his crazy mom and now his mom said dhruv you wrong. You are wrong hag. Thaapki has not deserve to married to dhruv

      1. Sandra… i hv a qns 4 u. U said “they” made him crazy. Dont u remmbr tht the whol family suportd druv n ws against bihaan on knowin abt groom swap?! If druv married shradda n aceptd bein a father..naturally tht wud hv givn them the idea tht hes movd on wid his life.then y blame them

      2. Druv has definitely suffered. But tht ws a result of his moms blind crazy luv 4 him .fact is..hes neithr a loyal son/lover. He did wat he did 4 thapki comfortably in his workplaz wr hes the boss!

        1)druv found out abt groom swap… thot it ws bihaan… ddnt take revenge bak then.
        2) he found out abt Maa blakmaild bihaan. So he got furious. Wantd maa to get outa house n even suicide. In a persons lifetym im sure a mother forgvs each n evry mistak.
        Hre even though vasu did somethn wrong.. she dd it 4 his sake. Wrs his LUV 4 MOM now?! Luk at adoptd bihaan… zindagi bhar maa ka pyaar nahi mila.lekin usko bhagvan mantha hai. To ye sach mein sapola hi hai.
        2) if he luvd thapki mre than maa n hence reactd so…. then y ws waitin 3 months 2 hard 4 him? Y dd he choose an action tht “cud” hv made “his” lyf betr than thapkis. Hwz it tht u ppl think its “crime 4 bihaan 2 do sumthn on bein blakmaild” bt “maa said so so druv hd 2 mary shrada”.
        Druv juz seems jealous thts all. Tht he married shradda…bt she turnd out 2 b a liar. Hes sufferd coz of vasu… bt now its al repercussions of his own choices!

    2. Hi Ifka
      I must be one of the few who agrees with you. What a stupid story line. Turning a person who has always done the right thing, even was against his own father for his wrong deeds, supported Thapki through everything. What did they do, swapped the groom. Why does Thapki things that he betrayed her trust?? What could he do when his own brother hits him in the head and make him unconscious!!! If anyone says that he is evil, then it is his own family who has turned him evil, ruined his career and ultimately ruined his entire life. There was one scene when he realised that Thapki has married Bihaan, he says to his mum, I have never even wished anything bad to anyone how could this big damage happen to me??? That is his character not what he is now. He has been pushed to become a Psyco by his family and I wished he turned like this when the first betrayal happened to him and stood up for his rights then. It’s too late now. I really admired his character at the beginning of the show and looked up to him as an ideal man but the show had made his character into this Psyco.

      1. Sh123…. y do u say “family”? Sure… his mom had plotted the groom swap. Bt hs family consistz of bauji dadi 2 cousins n their wives too! As far as shradda is concernd… tht w druvs choice 2 mary or nt! N r u sayin bihaan “wantd ” to mary thapki???

  21. ,please daruv Sr leaves this bad family and will find someone else .God is merciful and
    ,I am sure you will take the peace in your heart.and every body will punish very very very bad.

    1. Lightsabre

      God? This is a serial. Theres only CVs

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Its funny ya….. Ur reply….. About cvs…. I laughed a lot….. Still im laughing….. Nothing zohreh get emotionally attached to this serial.. Thats why she told like that…

      2. Iswarya_santhosh

        I just now saw ur reply guys….
        Im speaking in my point of u…. Decisions and opinions will vary from person to person…. And due to their character…..
        Im speaking for dhruv… Its my opinion…. Im not saying dhruv is correct but we should consider his situation. Being cheated by every single person in our own family, we wont moveon from that point but dhruv tried his best. We will turn very very dangerous than dhruv…..

        Actually what u guys want? I cant understand ur mindset… Uffff…. Now dhruv wants to take revenge from everyone. For that u people r saying he bece psycho… But the same time u people r asking y dhruv didnt take revenge immediately after marriage?
        Whenever he wants he can take revenge. Whats the point in argue about that?
        Dhtuv didnt told the groom changeover for the whole night. U people r saying that is wrong. K il come to ur point, if it is considered as betrayal then y thapki didnt told the truth of The groom swap_vasus blackmail….. when she tried to know the truth bihaan gets anger and hurts her by words. He didnt stand for thapki on that time y il say u bcoz he wants to save his so called mom.. But when dhruv came to know the truth about his own mom, he didnt accept her crime, betrayal. This shows his honesty…
        Bihaan i know he sacrifies for his mom who always shows him partiality…. But once we do mistake means we must get sufferfor that sin..
        Whatever i support dhruv bcoz he got hurted by everyone inhis so called family….
        Vasu- she is the worst mom in the world. She ruined dhruvs happiness. Everyone have rights to speak about their r thoughts, expectations, and wishes. Bur we cant do anything. Its cvs who ruined the story and characters…..


  22. Finally dhruv chapter close waiting for next drama


    big question in my mind , if anyone know please answer me correctly…

    ok AB (dhruv)quitting this show it’s rite decision, but what about MONICA KHANNA(shraddha)….❗❗❓❓

    (AB show chodne ka faisla kiya hai, yeh teek hai ….???
    lekin abb SHRADDHA character ka kya hoga❓❓❓)

    1. Shes a gud actress

      1. Luvleen

        She is! I would hope done other serial takes her On she is too good. ??

      2. Luvleen


  24. Winnifred

    I have 2 questions; where is sharddra in all of this I mean after dhruv dies and all. And also what is the possibility of vasu losing her mind after dhruv’s death.

    1. I dont think hes dead, the spoilers said he will leave the family for some time and in real life ankit goes into vacation or something. I guess thats evil acting absorped a lot of energy and sanity so he needs a break.

      maybe shradda will stay since there is no diff for her if dhruv exists or not and shes quite comedic relief when shes not in her murderer mode.

  25. This track has dragged too long

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Y what is special in yesterday episode…. As we predicted before only the story is running nothing special….. not one trouble he lofe is full of trouble, Thapki, vasu, bihaan, shraddha…..

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hello rach pls dont say him as a psycho he pushed on to this stage by those people who betrayed him

  26. Sherry

    Vasu has shot Sapola on his hand for tortuing Thahaan…..

    Check at :

  27. Dezine

    goli bihaan ko lago hai.. woh hospital mein hai… dhruv will realise now……

  28. why there is no new character thats chasing bihaan for a change? if a new giy appears to chase after thapki, isnt it just a repeat of the current track?

  29. nelly rocks23*

    i think this is the stupidest tv show ever
    guys iam saying you watch the tv show Ishqbaaz
    it is awesome and way cool than this stupid tv show

    1. Luvleen

      Ok thanks santosh! So looks like Bihaan took the bullet instead of Dhruv…or he tried saving Dhruv n got shot instead.

  30. They will start now memory loss drama….of. Bihan or coma…drama for dragging…oh god how many years we have to wait for the unite of thahaan…? bihan will loss his memory & will become unable to recognise thapki. & again 6 month dragging for their happy marriage…oh god pls save us?…..

  31. Haha… Reading the update after so long… Finally this stupid track coming to end…
    Haha… Btw i think this thapki is not blessed to get happily married… ??…
    All her three weddings always have unbelievable problem??

  32. Iswarya_santhosh

    Everyone is saying this’ il move on i wont get stuck in that same situation. Il move on and find some other guy for me’…
    Giving suggestions to someothers problem is really easy but if it comes to us seriously, wr cant do anything…. Wel behave like dhruv only….

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