Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone praying. Thapki’s dress’ back zip starts opening. Shraddha smiles. Bihaan sees the zip opening and covers Thapki with her dupatta. He holds her and Thapki signs what to him. Shraddha gets shocked seeing them. Bihaan and Thapki take Prasad together from Vasundara. Dadi smiles and asks Bihaan why did he hold Thapki like this. Suman teases Bihaan for loving his wife so much. She asks Sanjay to learn something from Bihaan. They all go. Thapki looks at Bihaan. They have an eyelock. Bihaan takes Thapki. Vasundara prays. Shraddha comes to her and says I have to tell you something, Dhruv and I have consummated our marriage. Vasundara blesses her and says see, I have said true, you have won, its good. She says but Shraddha, I regret that you are so smart and nice, why are you losing to Thapki, you know my victory is in your victory, you work hard from heart and then see. Shraddha says I will win.

Thapki sees the zip part opening and covers her back with the shawl. He says sorry, I had to hold you this way. She says I understood, I wanted to thank you. He goes out of the room.

The senior govt officer of archeology department sends everyone and says this house is of govt now, we got to know there is something under this house. Diwakar asks how much will we get. The man says nothing, I will show prove that there is something under the soil. The machine beeps and he tells everyone that there is something here. He digs and gets a gold idol there. Diwakar, Aditi and family get shocked. The man asks them to give house to govt. Diwakar says we can’t do this, this house is of crores. The man says if you give this house to govt, you will get few lakhs, think and tell me.

Shraddha says just this much work, to weight the grains, I will do it soon, see….. Vasundara smiles and says this is not easy, its hardwork and smartness test, I have mixed special grains in these grains, special grains have Jai Mata Di written on it, you both have to choose that special grains and weigh half kg for it, Shraddha will do this first in one hour. Shraddha says its very simple. Vasundara asks Thapki to come and they leave. Shraddha thinks how to find that grains with Jai Mata Di written, it will be so tough to find it. she takes magnifier glass and does not see. She says maybe mobile camera will be easier if I zoom and see. She says there are no such grains, Vasundara is fooling me, she will make me work hard, then she will say this is test, I will fool you now, wait. She weighs half kg of grains and says I have done this in half an hour. She goes out and says I passed in this test.

Vasundara says great, Thapki now its your turn, you have one hour, go. Thapki goes. Vasundara gets a call and tells Shradhha that she has to go out for some work, she will come back before Thapki’s one hour ends. Shraddha says oversmart Thapki, if I did not get those special grains, Thapki won’t get, but her luck is good, if Thapki gets special grains, then, I have to make some backup plan to win. She calls someone. Thapki looks at the grains and uses magnifier glass. She thinks how to find special grains from this, I don’t understand.

Thapki sees the paint kept there. She says it was not here before, these are colorful paints, did Jai Mata Di written on grains by this paint. She sees the paint by holding it in her palm, and says this is radium paint which just shines in darkness, my doubt was right, so Maa has got this painted by this radium paint. She closes the light and grains shine. Thapki chooses the special grains and sees Jai Mata Di written on it. Shraddha looks from the door and gets shocked seeing Thapki. She says what did Thapki eat when she was born, she solved the riddle. She gets the call and asks the man did he arrange, great, come soon. She says its good I had prepared backup plan. Thapki will be shocked seeing it, your Jai Mata grains will be mine. She smiles.

Thapki has picked nearly half kg of grains. Shraddha locks the door. Thapki hears soun d and says what was this sound. She switches on the lights and gets shocked seeing so many rats over the grains. There are plenty of rats in the room, and they mix grains again. She gets shocked.

Shraddha tells Thapki that the rats will eat your special grains with this laddoo, all the best, enjy. Thapki says what will I do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Way to go !! What a quick update !

  2. Thank u amena for updating the serial thapki

  3. Why cant tht dumbass shraddha understand tht dhruv is going far away frm her coz of her annoying antiques and not becoz of thapki ! She gets on my nerves ! She is being successful in potraying the role of a vamp!

  4. thank u Amena for updating soon
    what a rubbish track is it

  5. Today episode. …..
    Horrible precap but cool ending
    This serial day by day boring. …………..
    Again Tomorrow episode beggar wala drama …… that is the task
    saasu bahu drama kab tak chalega HULLU KE PATTE writer saab…..????????
    A serial dekh na Totally time waste …….

  6. Thanx for the update where have preeti nd kiran gone

    1. Todays epi was k….bt lvd thahan scenes…i knw it d bihaan wil save thapkis

  7. radium illuminates in dark so thapki got the special grains…. Dis is understandable. But when shraddha left the rats in the room she had to open any window or anything to make the rats enter the room. Ab aisa to nahi hai pandey nivaas ke darwaze sahi se band nahi hote… So thapki ko doubt v to hona chaiye tha na ki something is wrong

  8. Bihaan rocked.. i hope thapki falls for him soon

  9. today bihan was better than than the previous episodes,or else nowadays i am feeling like thapki should win ideal bahu contest,then she should reject both bihaan and druv and leave the house.then bihan comes to know the value of thapki and should beg her for forgiveness and go after her like a puppy

    1. Thapki will only do that after shes done with making them happy lmaooo

  10. What they showed today was totally unrealistic… I mean how can anyone write jai mata di with radium paint on a wheat grain and that too so clearly? And those rats, how and from where did they enter the room? And even thapki, she was just staring the rats, couldn’t she just pick up the cloth with those almost half kg grains before those rats attacked them? Just fake, the glowing grains in the dark were looking like computer graphics….

    1. I concur totally Vani, but most of the things that happen in most of these serials are unrealistic and quite annoying. It’s even more upsetting to know that good actors agree to portray such dumb characters. Oh well, it’s just for want of entertainment. What can we do?!

  11. haaa .i told na yesterday that bihaan will save thapki.. today its happened… super bihaan …

    1. Ya even i said that he will save her

  12. Loved today’s first segment…Bihaan thapki se abhi bhi bahuth pyaar karta hai ….agar nafrath karta hota uski izzat kyun bachata???? Aur ab shayad thapki bhi apne feelings samajne lagi hai. …love thahaan. ..


  14. Cant wait to watch golden petal awards 2day

  15. Stop dragging………………………….limit eh ilama mokka podatheega writter ji

  16. When will all tests will end. I’m waiting for that day it’s so ridiculous track. And why pandey Bahus going through these tests to prove best Bahu.
    why should they have to prove it … is there entrance test frequently taking place in pandey Nivas to hold 1st rank rank or 1st position. ??

  17. Better episode than earlier ones.Plz unite Thahaan soon.
    Writer ji please don’t drag too much you are like a slow train ….

    1. Chuk chuk gaadi……

  18. Liked Thahaan moments today

  19. shradha is right what is this wheat, beans, radium, competition i think they loose their mind and thapki she is a human or an alien but thahaan scene was nice

    1. i mean its grains

  20. writters are streching it like chewgum in any direction they want. really fed up from this totally unrealistic drama. only thaans scence was nice rest of d part was crap only…… they had start navratras eariler than the actual navratras but i think
    they will celebrate it upto 30april…..

    1. you are so correct.. they drag one day for two to three episodes.., come on!!!. i have not seen the episode and don’t plan on it. Since the summary states that Bhiaan and Thapki only have a very quick interaction. Can not stand looking at Sharrada she is too scary looking, please no more close up’s of her..

      I miss the cowshed days, even though it was stupid at times atleast Bhiaan and Thapki was on their own. and taking care of eachother.

      Read some other summary on various serial’s and i guess the norm with writers are to wait until a year or two to bring a couple together, unless the show get cancelled.

  21. i mean its grains

  22. thahaan scene was good rest of the part is nonsense

  23. thahaan scene was just sweet and short

  24. Why did vasu leave the house does she know that shraddha can make evil plans

  25. Bihaan is such a gentleman when he’s not being a spoilt brat. Hopefully he realises that he does still care for Thapki despite the fact that she lied to him.

    Not sure what’s going on with Dhruv… Did shraddha drug him with the juice? Poor Dhruv, he,s a tormented soul isn’t he.

    Still don’t know why this super Bahu contest is relevant or necessary. It’s a bit silly really.

    And, where is Preethi? Her hubby is there but she is very obviously missing from all the family scenes.

    Divaker and his family… Seriously are there people like that in the world? So greedy and corrupt with not a single ounce of any sort of humanity. And poor thapki’s family just quietly take it all. Aaarrrggghhh!

  26. New trailer guys…all celebrations for thahaan fans….saw it today during colors golden petal awards…thapki started to love bihaan n expresses her love to him…but bihaan will be in his angry man look n twists thapki hand and turns her towards him n holds her tight saying ab tum meri nafrat dekhogi…it was so love passionate scene…will be gr8 now to watch d show…i m super excited…love thahaan

    1. no yaar! woh pyaar kar rahi hai toh its good! but i dont want to see bihan’s nafrat towards thapki.i just cant bear that!

      1. They want to drag another 1 or 2 months. Some news, shradha asked bhihaan s hand to teach a lesson to thapki. Thapki try to get back bhihaan. Ok, this story is enough for another 2 months. We expect some good thahaan scenes between.

  27. well well whats gonna be next? will Shraddha claim to be pregnant?

    1. I don’t think so……. It’s true that Druv shared juice with Shraddha. She is only convinced Druv that they consummated their marriage. She is lying to get Druv’s attention and trying to distract away from Thapki.

      1. Ally I will not be too surprise to what extent that girl will be willing to go for attention, (sad though) faking a pregnancy and then loosing the baby should be easy for her.( btw how could Dhruv not know ? just a thought for humor).

      2. Btw isn’t Navratri shouldn’t Sharaddha be abstaining why is the mother in law not correcting her?.

  28. Horror serial coming soon in colours Chanel. …..KAVACH too interesting promo…
    Another serial SHAKTHI…..
    I think NAAGIN and BALIKA VADHU ending in MAY…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    1. but sources say that balika vadhu is heading towards a leap and maahi viz will be playing the role of grown up nimboli.anybody please guess which show is going to end other than naagin

  29. i love bihaan…so only i tolerate ds serial…otherwise i will stop watching…how long they keep test…2 month test n 1 month pooja celebration ,again 2 month test 1 month pooja…….keep on ggoing ds track…never end…writer ji done know the story so only he make the same idea….when the thapki realise her love..long time we are waiting for thahaan love story n romance…still now they keep behave stranger n fight…wr s love?wr s romance….two best actor in ds serial ds…Bihaan n shraddha..sometimes i tolerate shraddha also..not ds dumb thapki…she keep on ready to give test…why she prove?who to prove…she dont want bihaan..y she stay pandey nivas..n to becum ideal bahu…so much confusion…WE WANT LOVE N ROMANCE FROM THAHAAN>>NOT DS SAAS BAHU DRAA>>PLS STOP DS>>>>>>>>WRITER JI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BIHAAN ONLY ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  30. I dont understand what juz hapd to the serial?i hate baihaan and thapki love scenes..thapki is only for dhruv..plss..plss

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