Thapki Bihaan TS – I want to live (Part 1)

Hello everyone. Me almas back to irritate you guys. I am writing this TS for you Kudrat. Hope u guys like it.
This TS is about JOTI qasam scene.
Thapki: bihaan tum asa kese kar sakhty ho. Apny saar pe mera hath rakwa ke joti qasam kahny se.
Bihaan: hum maar he jahy ge na. or to kuch nah ho g na.
By saying the heart pricking words bihaan left the room. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She sat on bed bihaan words hum maar he jahy ge na was echoing in her mind.
On road bihaan was dragging his body and especially soul ,burden with vasu maa baised bahaivor , thapki’s hatred and her cheating.He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice tree on road side and he bumped with it.he rubbed his head and started talking to a tree.
Bihaan: U know me? I am B for Bihaan Pandey. The goon. Everyone in Noida fears from my name.(He laughs) but sadly always cheated by females. expecting too much can hurt you so much.I hurt once…then again…again and again.. countless time. Most of the time by maa and now there is an addition in cheaters and betrayers list.ummm u wanna know thapkiiii. The two ladies whom I love the most. Who mean world to me but for them I am always meant to be used not to be loved. Bihaan Pandey the unluckiest soul on earth. The useless creature. YOU know God has not made word LOVE for me but tell me one thing that being a human am I not able to demand and deserve respect. I know thapki cannot love me but cannot be she able to give respect to me. To respect my feelings and my emotion. Poor Bihaan Pandey worthless for everyone. neither deserve trust nor love and not even respect.
Tears rolled down his cheeks. He immediately wipes his tears. man never cries. He said to himself. He saw a couple walking on road. Man was holding a little boy in his arms and his mother was continually caressing his cheeks. Bihaan passed a smile to couple then he looked towards sky and laughed with teary eyes.
Bihaan: how lucky this child is, born in a right home having so lovely mother, enjoying his childhood. Everything is just perfect. and me created with a bad luck.blo*dy orphan.. why God why. Why you have created me with such a bad fate . Galat ghar me paida ho gay, galat kaam karny ke adat dal le, Galat shaadi kar baity. (He clenhed his fist and starts hitting the tree) Maa ke galat, bauji ke ly galat, bahi ke ly galat. Th..(he stops )thapki ke ly galat.sab ke ly galat.(he sat on ground and cries louder)B fir Bihaan Bikar insaan. B for bematlab insan.Bewaje insane.
After a crying session he looked at his swollen blood stained fingers and hand back. Suddenly he closed his eyes and tightened his grip on left side of chest. He sreams ahhhh. He felt a sharp pain in his heart as if someone has stabbed him right in his heart. He felt that his heart is bleeding.
Bihaan: (with tears)thapki tum ne meriya dil dukhya nah balky toor dia hai.
( again looks towards sky)

People say that only thing could separate is death. Please God separate me from this hatred. Separate me from betrayal and these worldly worries. Give me relief from my pains. I don’t want to live more. I don’t want. (he joined his hands together and lowered his head) please God I have never asked you something but this time I want . I want death. I want a peaceful sleep free from love, hatred, trust, betrayal, cheating and pain. I want……
Strong Wind start blowing signaling itself a monster of destruction ,gulping all pains of bihaan , showing God will that from now on bihaan ll be free from all worries, now all wishes ll be fulfilled.
Bihaan was still in the same posture so lost in his pain that he was not able to notice the truck approaching from opposite side. The driver was drunk he didn’t notice him. Horn of truck brought bihaan back in real world he covered his eyes because of sharp lights of truck. Before he could sense anything the truck hit him right on his face, his head landed on the ground with pressure and his legs was crushed underneath the big tires. The truck driver because of his state could not get that he has not only hit a person so badly but also leaving him in a pool of blood with a lot of internal and external injuries.
Thapki lost in bihaan thoughts was flipping the pages of a magazine. Some one knocked at the door. Thapki rushed to door thinking that its bihaan but she found dhruv
Thapki: Dhruv Sir. Everything ok. I mean u are here at this time.
Dhruv(controlling his tears) thapki u have to come with me.
Thapki: Now??. I mean why?? Where?
Dhruv: Actually hos.. hospital.don’t ask more questions just come. I ll tell you everything on the way.

At hospital
Thapki: dhruv sir why we are here. You said u ll tell me on the way but all time you were quiet. Sir please tell me your silence is killing me.
Dhruv gathered all the courage to speak the harsh truth to thapki. He closed his eyes.
Dhruv: Thapki. Wo. Bi.. bihaan met with an accident. So.
Thapki legs trembled due to shock. She holds the wall for support with one hand and covered her mouth with other.
She was unable to utter a single word. She could not keep back her tears.
Dhruv: thapki..thapki. be strong. Come.
Thapki: (gathered some courage)nothing can happen to bihaan. Probably he is making us fool you know he has a habit of playing pranks.
Dhruv shakes thapki.. thapki this is not a prank.
THapki: (controlling her tears)not prank. but I think accident is not that much serious. he had some minor injuries I know. He never pay attention to my words. Thousands of times I have asked him to drive slowly but this person is always a motti buddhi. Come dhruv Sir. Me is ke kabar leti hoon.
She wiped her tears and gestured dhruv to show her the path.
Dhruv with heavy heart started walking through the hospital corridor and thapki in her mind was praying for bihaan betterment. She brushed off all the negative thought. She had a firm belief that bihaan is fine. God please save bihaan.
Thapki and dhruv passed through the OPD section. Thapki moved ahead to enter but dhruv nodded his head in no. thapki smiles a bit.
Thapki: o I thought bihaan has bruises or hand fracture.
Dhruv: come thapki.
they crossed normal wards, EW and then accidents and emergency and thapki was hell shocked that bihaan is not even in emergency section.
Thapki: sir where are we going. Where is bihaan. No section is left.
Dhruv remained silent and continued his walk. On way they met Doctor.
Dhruv: Dr.Singh..
DR: O dhruv. Come with me.
Thapki was not getting anything but she remained quiet because she wanted to meet bihaan asap.
DR: here we are dhruv. I am so sorry. U know when I found bihaan in this condition I was too shocked. What happened to my smiling boy.
Thapki gave the confused look to dhruv.
Dhruv: come thapki. We have to take bihaan. He showed him the section
On seeing the name of section thapki world turned upside down.. she started shouting.

to be continued…

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  1. api wow u r back .abhi tk nahi padha time miltay padhoo ghi u know na k yeh month kiyna busy hota hai .mujhay pata hai acha he likha ho gha aap ne .tc

  2. OMG is bihaan really die ☹??
    Hey Alm.Abi miss you dear and welcome back amazing writer missing your OS but is this ff will be like episodes or just short story with parts ??
    Love ur ff dear and u more keep rocking waiting for next part ?❤

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot for ur lovely comment dear.. I hve uploaded second part.. kindly do read nd leave ur valuable comments there…

      1. Hey Alm.Abi sure I will read it ❤?

  3. Api yeh kya itna dard Bihu ko .why why why why api .konsi dhusmni nikhaal rahi hai aap .aisa q kr rahay ho aap .next part jldi sai post karo .meray bihu ko khuch mt kerna.yeah kitnay shots hai 2 yeah 3

  4. Navami

    Hai it was awesome…what happend to bihan…update soon my dr…tc

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot navami dear… Yes i have uploaded the second part..

  5. Anubhuti

    omg too heart touching update soon
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  6. Oh really poor bihaan it seems interesting in always support you continue dear.

  7. Simrank

    Amazing m speechless its hrt tchng bihaan’s dlgs were superb plz do update cant wait plz plz update soon lu tc nd hi ?????

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    No no no no no no Bihaan cannot die plzz don’t do this..but all through the episode was amazing I loved each part of it pain,heart bleeding,love for his mother,love for his wife,accident was very unexpected I hope Bihaan is fine..I trust u plzz bring back our thahaan together.

  9. So beautiful story ? and the dialogues I ssly loved those dialogues when bihaan was encouraged by thapki ? a very good one ??? try to update soon ? luv u ❤

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot vinni dear.. i have uploaded second part…kindly do read it when u hve time..luv u tooooo

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    Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrrr…….YIEEE!
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    Thanku so much for writing MINDBLOWING TS…
    Eagrly wating for next one..
    So plz try to update soon…

    Tame care..
    Be Happy…
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    Good night…..

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot noor dear.. kindly give ur valuable comment after reading second part..

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